Accidental Anarchist - What is the Rojava Revolution?

so this is a map of Syria and where I'm going to go is into Raja which is basically this area here under Kurdish control and they control a band of territory so going along like this all the way to about here an hour but I'll be floating around here visiting the various kind of towns Isis are up here they come across here basically in a line up here more or less including Mosul so I'll be keeping in this bit it's dangerous a bit dicey I'm more than a little bit nervous but it sounds like everything I've been thinking about is happening here anarchism in practice I want to go and see it for myself over there a Java our goal lots of curs trying to get across in this corner of Syria something extraordinary going on and whether it really is extraordinary whether it is replicable whether there are things that we can learn for the rest of the world is what we're crossing the river for in the united nations where the future of syria is being negotiated rajamma doesn't even get discussed the Syrian Kurds don't have a place at the table but something is happening here I intend to find out what it is here we are in Syria hi how are you I'm calm nice to meet you hi tell us it's boss oh thank you we've been met by the YPG which is the Kurdish militia the Kurdish people's army which has been fighting Isis here in Syria I wonder what would be funny why not was one dinner worth it the democratic experiment in rojava came to life in 2012 when large parts of the Assad regime collapsed in Syria can the principles of anarchism no hierarchy decisions made by the people no state really be operating here Cory Jim G Gaelic the ability could wasn't as the Regina was rebuking we Ghaleb era have given me an erection of we feel mess have you darken fish Shibuya kasyacit Akuma V Missouri dimension through joggers Janna Herron Martinez Derrida Sherita affiliation Acadia Sharon avoid fish Nikita Harry Newman O'Hara me millennia Yaya retire me say hey hey Cortana gyaku her cos the caribou tada miss Gladys a beta Kushina Marcia simmering fish avenged niggers and Yoruba have a correctly this is a common all assembly where the villagers meet to decide their local affairs determine the maharani's occurred i'm dr jennifer gear for south korea well I even have some neighbors come on Haruka Kanata me these are de l'argent testing treatment survey we do all the villages take part men and women there are Arabs and Assyrians and they're allowed to speak first to make sure that non Kurdish minorities are given a voice and women separately the practice that is part of Kurdish society but women have a strong voice in the discussions so this is self-government in action and here is the level that matters in my Java decisions for here are taken for here decisions that affect here as much as possible are made here and if decisions need to go to a higher level then they'll go up to the next level of the Legislative Assembly but as far as possible decisions about things that matter here are made in that room right there decisions that can't be made locally are made here at the after watching a debate I met some of the representatives as division as we shaken but we don't do you feel as a young person that your ideas are taken seriously in the assembly it was hard on us yeah this young age in the parliament yeah and everybody was especially I say young woman they see how we work in the parallel they give take so this the engine we believe here we are trying to build system for the whole world to think I just promised I've been in a lot of crappy chambers where you see people sitting like this Security Council Parliament blah blah blah this one although it's a bit shabby it's kind of the best you could almost make a kind of inverse paradigm the the shabbier the collective chamber the better the democracy the more ornate and gilded the more the more jaded the democracy their less representative some age-old local practices of reconciliation fit well with anarchist philosophy in rojava and it doesn't involve the state where we're heading is to reconciliation lunch between two families this is an example of the the way that the justice system here works because rather than going to court these two families have been encouraged to have consultations and negotiations between each other the reason for this event was that a man had been accidentally shot and killed both families have already come together to settle the matter and agree compensation now the perpetrators family is hosting a meal to show that they're sorry there's an obvious tension here between the established culture and more egalitarian political ideals the women are nowhere to be seen is what happened to a satisfactory for the family a minute first cosmonaut Vasquez namazi militia personified started a first mini version of Tempe namasango top Argos technology either am Colonel Union our three members would come there's a real sense of having arrived somewhere that's very special for me did you do oops it's like you know forever kiss this is like Republican Spain in during the Civil War this is this is our if occur anarchism in Spain was crushed by Stalin today it faces another deadly threat – yellow is YPG and this is where colorblindness doesn't remain gonna stay together control together salon city is where we are yeah tambourine is akima we're eight kilometers from the dice from Isis frontlines nobody has a rank in the YPG they just have teams there's being a non hierarchical society based on anarchist philosophy the for a non hierarchical army they seem to have done pretty well hello mate Oh a messenger of good this Jurek administrative directive mislead our teacher a very common totally flattened shooting from up here obviously what surprised civilians haven't wanted to come back here the YPG is the most effective ground force in the war against Isis it controls about 30,000 square kilometers of territory an area the size of Belgium with some support from American airstrikes I don't ok shake hands yes bye greetings spaz spaz spice nice to meet you nice to meet you so this is the tip of the spear of the fight against Isis and also young so is Isis in those houses there you know what they could they come out in the evening yes like rabbits so are they on that hill over there as well.those did Endicott is much better en just like anybody isn't it the same for us so I mean then they if you appear at the parapet here then they take a potshot video bougie be the steel highway garage are you thought wasn't bein Merritt embers mr. Jeeves about what I know – come the fighters told me that Isis don't like attacking their part of the front line because they think they won't go to paradise if they're killed by a woman I know what you're fighting against but what do you think you're fighting for East Asian Anika Roger Silla hey Adama let incur a parsnip avocado perjurer massages at agility maharaja pandu station encourage the silla hey yo Avril cFFO Donna Peggy Peggy daddy our crimp o energy it has series he netted Astoria station and garage to see La Jolla de maleta enter Paris Nevada get yo afro cFFO Donna Peggy Peggy daddy our crimp Oh Armand tamer Paris knowalot amazement boom boom Ajo Ajo Mayor Gary can we also shorten SPG rakesh nozzle is beverage an EMG services village yeah now GTA series netted Astoria hi Bethenny Varia pages are solid heart initiative the Java commodity rose garden both the female and male fighting units have taken heavy losses in this Cemetery many of the graves are freshly dug like all well in Spain in the 1930s I'm witnessing something extraordinary the anarchist ideals I believe in are being put into practice here and it works we're Java shows the world there is a better way of doing things these people have built democracy they have built the largest area of Syria that is stable and democratic it's an inclusive democracy where as Syrians Arabs and Kurds alike a given our fair crack of the whip you know what's not to support they are fighting Isis they are sacrificing hundreds of lives they are the people fighting the world's war against these this this horror the problem is nobody's listening to them and countries even like America which is war here is not talking to them at a political level the military have contacts with the YPG but at a political level they're not talking and there's a hell of a battle and it's a battle you know I'm glad to take on I have rarely felt more solidarity with their cause than I feel with these people here it's sounds romantic you know I'm not Lawrence of Arabia I'm just a guy in an NGO struggling doing what I know how to do but this is what I'd like to do this is for me that why I do what I do and I am really really really I'm pretty sad to me really sad you

  1. Federalismo y colectivismo anarquista organizado de abajo hacia arriiba junto con el pueblo. viva la revolucion de rojava! (A)

  2. 11:30 "Anarchism in Spain was crushed by Stalin"…
    Would you kindly prove this point? Based on what reasoning? How can you claim this, and move on, with no effort to demonstrate how you came to this conclusion?

    Make a case.

  3. The biggest threat, at the time of writing with ISIS suppressed for now and Assad still weak, is the threat of Turkish invasion.

  4. "Anarchism"?? ..Well?,..Maybe some Kurds follow ANTIFA! That's fine by me. But, others follow Marx=PKK! Many others just want a Free Democratic Kurdistan, Those are the brave women & guys in Peshmerga! My friends are very complex! But, Together, they will liberate Kurdistan in a mighty Coalition effort! Just as Jan Sobieski and his European Coalition saved Europe from the Ottomans in 1683 at the very gates of Vienna!, so shall Barzani & Ocalan save Kurdistan! Biji Kurdistan!! Bravo!!

  5. Great work!
    For a long time FREEDOM was just a DREAM for the KURDS
    But with this REVOLUTION in ROJAVA it has become a real CHANCE
    Not just for Assyrians, Arabs and Kurds but FOR ALL OF US

  6. The Rojava Revolution is doomed to failure unless the atrocity of the massive civilian death toll in the Raqqa operation in 2017 at the hands of the u.s. military & the SDF as well as daesh is properly addressed instead of ignored by YPJ/G, TEV-DEM, & PYD

  7. kurd people in roj ava deserve to have own govermant and own forces to protact them frome isis and turky islamic terrorist country ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  8. What can I say ANARCHY works. Peace love freedom for all. Oh but sometimes you have to take up the gun and shoot fachist scum not a problem for me.

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