Accepting Responsibility

hey guys Emma posted on me CNN / contact asked me what she should do about a situation where she keeps repeating the same behavior and she feels like she can't do anything about it um I know this may not be the most helpful with information but it's something that I applies my own life on a regular basis if I am doing something and I want to change what I'm doing if I want to change my path I do it you know and this is probably gonna piss a lot of you guys off it's just that you have control of yourself okay no one else has controllably you control yourself you can lift your arm you can drop your arm you can blink your eyes you can breathe into all these things you're the master and commander of your own ship so why do you need help changing your own behavior when you're in control you may have cravings you may have addictions but the bottom line is is you decide whether or not you get up in the morning so the first person you should go to to help you is you when it comes to your own behaviors if you say you can't change what you're doing then who's in control of you because obviously it's not you thanks for watching guys hopefully that helped by

  1. I came across this video a year or two ago binge watching YouTube in order to find a video to help me stop cutting, this video was the most helpful. I relapsed twice but thanks to this video I've been clean for 6 months, thank you Greg, stay amazing. ☺️

  2. I realize that onision is only expressing his opinions, however it bothers me when he expresses opinions on something he clearly has no understanding of. this is because there are so many hard-core idiot fans out there who believe every word he says and don't think for themselves,so now that he's said that everyone has control over their own actions, he is creating more ignorance rather than letting people understand the reality. If you have an addiction, it is almost impossible to control it.

  3. Not everyone is so simple-minded. You see things like they are or they aren't. You don't seem to have a middle ground. But a lot of people can't shake the middle ground. The fact that you can change your veiws in a snap isn't what everyone else can do. Yes, you have the choice to make your own decisions, but habits are like addictions and addictions can sometimes be pyhsically hard to shake off, it's not just a mental thing.

  4. @lilmizzscatterbrain welllllll im not trying to step on ur toes or anything, but im pretty sure Greg wasn't trying to apply this to people with illnesses. im pretty sure he was thinkin more about average people breaking habits and such.

  5. @RawrYF maybe its because Onision has changed a lot recently? even so they should base their likes on the current video, not others. Thats just my silly opinion though 🙂

  6. True, behavioural tendencies vacilate entirely with initiative.
    Addictions and various mental afflictions don't pertain to the concept , or hardly so.
    I've been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa; I'm fifteen.
    I'm also an excelled spectral artist, well above my years.

    Unfortunately….(although I attempt to practice resilience) it's immensely spasmodic, and nearly impossible to maneuver alone.

  7. Perhaps, Onision, you don't understand the definition of the word addiction.
    ad·dic·tion   [uh-dik-shuhn]
    the state of being ENSLANVED to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes SEVERE TRAUMA.

    Sooo yeah.

  8. @bexxibee if its annoying to adult viewers maybe adult viewers should open their minds. Really, its horrible when a teenager has more of an open mind about this kind of stuff People ask him for his opinio its his opinion if you don't agree with it you don't have to sit and post hate comments or agree to hate comments that have been posted. Seriously, grow up and consider the feelings of others, were you the person who asked for his help? I don't think you were so stop hating. have a blessed day

  9. @johnhimura1000 I get what you mean and agree with it.. exept about the in a snap part… some things take time to work on. Its not an over the night thing (most of the time).

  10. @LottiLucid greg is actually right. if you want to change yourself, you can simply change it in a snap its just the illusion that makes you think you cant do it. except for people who have mental illness ofcourse.. and about eating disorder, no i dont think its a mental illness.. idk if this makes sense

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