Abolish The Family FOR FEMINISM!

hey guys just a quick little reminder this channel was completely demonetised so if you want to support me at all it's gonna have to be through PayPal or patreon also linked down below is my bit shoot and D live cuz we all know how YouTube is about sensorial shit thank you you know one of my favorite arguments I've been seeing on to the left is two plus two equals 47 meaning well it makes about as much sense as the headline of the story take a look want to dismantle capitalism abolish the family feminist theorist Sophie Lewis's new book about how rethinking pregnancy and the idea of family as forms of labor is central to emancipatory politics so far were barely out of the title and it's just fuckin word salad and what kind of job is a feminist theorist anyway is that just basically being a is that what you get from your Gender Studies degree you get a degree in feminist theory wow I can't imagine this degree is worth much more than this and second off you cannot consider family labor that seems more capitalistic than anything arguably the most infamous demand of the Communist Manifesto is the quote abolition of the family and quote the family Marx and Engels noted was where patriarchy and capitalism worked together in tandem to produce willing a lien aided workers where women became little more than instruments of production and that's an interesting way to think about it for the men who lorded over them radical queer politics in the 60s and 70s added their critique of the bourgeois family when these activists challenge to heteronormativity of family relations that demand however is since almost completely vanished from the leftist imaginary I think I really think this is one of the most word salad II articles we've ever looked at on this channel that includes GPP that includes other videos that includes my one-off streams this is ridiculous amount this is a lot to say about absolutely nothing god this is for regular people right you're trying to reach housewife America to leave their husbands I assume why else would you advocate for the destruction of the family if you don't want that to happen but why would you say it like this where no one can understand it Sophie Lewis a feminist theorists and geographer whoa takes up this forgotten struggle in her work her book for full surrogacy now feminism against family verso 2019 specifically leaks family abolition to radical reconsent of pregnancy itself what the act of carrying a child to terms she insists is work labor that has long been exploited and overlooked by the Academy and so is mothering well surrogacy isn't pregnancy surrogacy is something you work out with a third party woman to carry a child for you and your man if you can't have kids that's what surrogacy is so surrogacy and motherhood are not necessarily the same thing second off that against the family never take sides against a family against the family specifically leaks abolition to the radical reconsent xual ISM what is the reconceptualization of pregnancy you get knocked up you have a kid it kind of sounds like you're trying to turn this into a market labor product that sounds specifically capitalistic also what are you pushing for here a degree in motherhood what the hell by thinking through the logic of commercial surrogacy arrangements lewis lays bare the way the motherhood has been weaponized as an ideological construct yeah what do you know something we had no idea leftist hate motherhood she gives us an account of material conditions that material conditions the biological and societal violence is that even a sentence that Jess taters what Jess taters in it's not a women you're just called Jess status from now on jes taters are people who are carrying fetuses have to bear her book shows us that on stents ibly feminists objection to surrogacy arrangements under Rights the ossified and alienated family relations that make capitalism possible last month I sat down with her over a cup of tea at the Nations offices in the nation and talked about why rethinking gestation is central to the emancipatory policies now we can use surrogacy to subvert oppression subvert what and what kinship beyond possession it beyond capitalism beyond patriarchy could look like our conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity oh boy this is just the intro to the conversation that is insane can you imagine if right-wingers or all writers just started calling women Jess taters women you're now all you are is Jess taters you're literally just broodmares you see that's another thing a projection that we keep seeing from these people it all really does come down to project projection doesn't it well they dehumanizing us they're making us less than human they're advocating for blablabla meanwhile they're the ones who refer to women as Jess taters and broodmares it's it's all all of its projection I love how they use to line people who are carrying fetuses like that's not just exclusively women – gotta love those little idiosyncrasies they slip in Sophie then goes on to say insane things like every miscarriage is a work accident the whole article pretty much goes like this I found myself stating the obvious gestation was work already before it got commodified into commercial surrogacy that is not motherhood that is pretty much selling your uterus do you think you get to keep the baby after you're pregnant that follows-up thing like sex has become alienated and also for sale that's cuz of feminism that's pretty much the only reason sex is for sale but then she continues to say it's the central idea of feminism anyway that mothers are natural entities they're making choices to look after this other person it's not some sort of mechanical automated process it's a practice of grounding Society mother's nature but they also kill and abuse their wards that's why it's so valuable to denaturalize the mother-child bond to do anything otherwise is to devalue that work that's the horizon that I think opens up a space for revolutionary politics I know I have a lot of female viewers and with a lot of female viewers I know I have a lot of mothers as well so how do you guys feel about this I want to hear your opinion so leave a comment down below how do you feel about having this lady saying what you do is work and that you shouldn't have a bond with your child motherhood is unnatural because every biological female thing on this entire planet doesn't have kids so according to Sophie Lewis it's definitely unnatural it literally goes on for I think ten more paragraphs after this it out link the article in the description so you could take a look at it because to me it is nothing but pure anti family propaganda and insanity this this kind of thinking is kind of a problem and I highly suggest you at least skim through the article so you can tell what I'm saying is not taken out of context but I think this is a really an issue because we know and we have known for a while that these people want to attack the nuclear family the father mother is sexist and racist the children are a product of rape it's all just propaganda and it's all blatantly false I don't know but to me this just seems like propaganda if someone on the right wrote an article like this it would be immediately deemed sexist and anti woman woman phobic whatever they call it immediately without a second thought referring to mothers as Jess taters saying mothers shouldn't be part of their children it's just absolutely terrifying and wrong children absolutely need their mothers how is this even a question I guess the point I'm trying to make here is this is nothing but propaganda and if it was coming from the other side this article would be front page news everywhere talking about how the evil far right is trying to destroy families for their own gain but it's okay when you do it huh another case of rules for thee but not for me I guess I will take this chance to thank all of the lovely patrons listed on the screen you guys make all this possible

  1. So, as I understand this, bitch is arguing that all childbirth should be thought of as surrogacy, and pregnancy should be considered a service that females provide to men, and that they should pay for it.


    The cunt's not a feminist,…SHE'S A PROSTITUTE!!!

    Also a baby seller.
    Which is probably even worse.

  2. I don't bitch-slap life-disrupting hormones every single month just to be told it is all a patriarcal ploy to force me into procreating. If feminists really want to encourage the power of women, they wouldn't give men this much credit. I get where they are coming from though. I don't want bio kids but it is like my body tries to convince me otherwise when I am ovulating. It is so annoying. I wonder if these women just want someone to blame when they, for one day each month, want to believe they actually like children and want to be a mother.

  3. They want to make children a commodity separated from the mother in order to build a population of robots for the leftist agenda.

  4. So pregnancy is labor, and raising a child is labor, but the bit in between, is labor labor? Or is labor something else now?

  5. Women raise babies. Men raise children. Simple as that. That’s the whole problem with today. Govt has incentivized women to trade husband for them. This is what happens when only women raise children. A weak, pathetic society of non-men.

  6. I had a messed up family but it was only because alchohol was involved. Having a messed up family is like not having a family causing decades of damage. This is why when I see a normal family I know how important families are and why I believe the family is a GREAT THING. And to make things worse these people say a normal family is a bad thing. They are completely insane. Dont worry I'm fine now but when I hear brain dead people say a family is not a good thing I will have to disagree with them. THANKYOU SINATRA FOR BEING A VOICE OF REASON IN A DESTROYED CULTURE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND GODBLESS!!!!!!!

  7. At 4:50. So you're saying capitalism is only possible if people have children. Is she really that ignorant?

  8. At 3:00. "pregnancy" and "mothering" is work. Well, obviously. Or do you mean it is a nuisance. It is amazing how these people hate existence (their own actually).

  9. She's a Marxist theorist… she exists & is a hypocrite. She should pay her family for all the labor she exploited from them

  10. Communists relabeled themselves as feminists. They want to destroy the family and end capitalism, because they want communism. Communists often hijack any movement that claims to be about equality.

  11. Feminism is hurting real women, not men.. women need men for kids and protection and support.. feminist is ruining the woman not the man sorry cuz men can go to massage parlor or anything else

  12. all the dislikes are dumb "feminazi", feminists fought for equality, we already got it, no one is oppressing us, we get more opportunities at work, salaries equal to our male colleagues and even maternity leave and a lot more privileges… we already won, and there is no such thing as patriarchy, a woman can be prime minister, president, lawyer, whatever she works hard to accomplish (just like everyone else in a high place) she got it, these articles trying to dissolve the family because no one is dumb enough to marry her… smells of jealousy.

    we decide when and with who we would get married, we get to decide if we want children, we get to decide if we keep working and hire some help to take care of the children at the time we are not home, we only are workers while being part of the workforce, forming and being part of a family is something you enjoy because you wanna be with your partner… and you can keep working until there is a month left to deliver… (I know I would work until then, you need money to feed yourself and the family and enjoy life, what's the excuse of everyone else who takes the whole year on a maternity leave?)

  13. I gotta remember the Feminist Theory degree every time I think my Criminal Justice & Technology certificate is worthless.

  14. It is work ….very hard work, the stress lone is insane as a mother you are responsible for making sure a tiny human makes it to adult hood without becoming at worst a complete psycho and at best living with you their whole life … The rest is the biggest load of horsehockey I've ever heard

  15. Feminists are jealous of people who managed to find love and making it work and being happy, and just because they are sad and alone they dont want others to have a good time

  16. Hmm… Maybe when families was producing goods for sale and consumption. She has a point, no more child support!

  17. Thus isn't new if you consider that feminism is based on Marxism. Even Marx wrote that the abolition of the family was the door to communism.

  18. I look at animals in the wild were there are family units and they are very important. Elephants, Meerkats, Bottlenose Porpoise, birds and more have involvment of parents.

  19. Excellent exposure of how hateful the left is. You see. This is all about the left taking away people's rights. They know a good strong family unit is more likely to benefit conservatism. Liberals see something they don't like? Destroy it. See a statue they don't like? Tear it down. They are not builders they are wreckers. One does not advance a good cause by tearing people down and taking their rights. Instead these people make everyone miserable like they are.

  20. Not trolling, not snapping back, not being an A-hole, but honestly femanism has become Sooooo overtly distorted and weird, that almost nobody can relate. Number 2. Why do they hate white people SO MUCH 😠??? I've approached it with an open mind, and I just don't understand any of it

  21. 8:54 made me jump outta my fucking chair ha was way too honed in and had it loud, thought someone was pounding on my door.

  22. I'm starting to think feminism is a mental disorder xD well extreme feminism the crazy ones my gf considers herself feminist and she hates the extreme

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