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Our main story
takes place in Sweden. It’s the Scandinavian country
best known for meatballs, democratic socialism and the
sexiest cars on the planet. Goddamn, look at that safety,
huh? Ah, safety is so sexy,
safety sexy– so safe, you’ll crash
your car and you’ll survive. Yeah. You’ll never get
an STD, ’cause no one
will get in your car. Yeah. Mm-mmm,
that’s sexy to me. But now, there’s something else that’s putting Sweden
on the map, and this time, it’s not good. TV REPORTER: A$AP Rocky,
a rapper from Harlem, in prison in Sweden
for more than two weeks after an altercation
on the street. TV REPORTER: The artist,
maintaining he acted in self-defense, posting this
footage on his Instagram, allegedly showing the moments
leading up to that fight. Two men appearing
to follow the group even throwing headphones
at the rapper’s bodyguard. A$AP, whose real name
is Rakim Mayers, now into his third week
in a Swedish jail, while prosecutors
investigate this fight caught on camera on the streets
of Stockholm. That’s right,
American rapper A$AP Rocky has been detained
by Swedish police for his involvement
in a suspected assault. And now, he’s spent almost
three weeks in jail. Yeah. At this rate, if Sweden
keeps him locked up any longer, he’ll have to change the dollar
sign in his name to a Euro. And I’ve seen… I’ve seen
some people online saying, “Oh, three weeks in Swedish jail
isn’t that bad because their jails
are really nice.” Yeah, but you know
what else is nice? Not being in jail. ‘Cause Swedish jail still means
that you’re locked up, you don’t have your freedom,
and on top of that, they make you assemble
all your own furniture. It’s heartless. You got to make your own bed,
and your own f… counter, and there’s no instructions. (cheers and applause) And from the beginning,
from the beginning, A$AP Rocky has been protesting, protesting,
saying that he is innocent, saying that he was provoked
and acted in self-defense. And to back it up, his team
released cell phone footage of how the whole thing
went down. TV REPORTER:
TMZ obtaining this video of the June 30 altercation that landed
the Grammy-nominated artist and two backup performers
behind bars but without criminal charges. You see, this is what happens when you live in a country
with free health care. A giant bodyguard is telling you
to walk away and you’re like, “Do your worst, buddy,
I don’t have the doctor bills. Do it, let’s see.” Now, luckily for A$AP, he has some powerful friends
lobbying for his release. And this is not like
the usual hashtag stuff. No. These friends have gone
straight to the top. A host of celebrities have been
calling for his release, including Kanye West
and Kim Kardashian, who have been lobbying
the White House, and now President Trump is
using the weight of his office to get A$AP Rocky out of jail. I personally
don’t know A$AP Rocky, but I can tell you that he has
tremendous support from the African-American
community in this country. And, when I say
African American, I think I can really say from
everybody in this country, because we’re all one. (laughter) (mimics Trump): “That’s right,
folks, we’re all one, “and anyone who doesn’t agree
with that “can go back
to their shithole country! -“Send her back!
-(cheering) Send her back. No.” (applause) (normal voice): You know,
this is one of those moments where I genuinely cannot believe that we’re living in real life. No, because, just-just, like,
listen to the story. Donald Trump, who is the
president of the United States, got a call
from his friend Kanye West to save a rapper
from a Swedish prison. This sounds like a headline
written by a newspaper on LSD. It’s just, like,
the craziest shit ever. What’s also insane,
just, by the way, is how, like, powerful
Kanye West is in this situation. It’s almost like he uses
his MAGA hat like a magic lamp. He just, like, rubs it,
and then Trump comes out. He’s like, “What do you need?” “Got another problem.
I need your help.” So, when Trump got involved,
that was a part of the story where I thought things would
take a turn for the better. You know? Because the leader
of the free world asking for an ally
to-to give them a favor, that seems like
things are gonna work out. But, just like Melania, it turns out Sweden appears
to be immune to Trump’s charms. NEWSWOMAN: On Saturday,
the American president tweeted that he had been in touch with the Swedish
prime minister, saying that… (reading): But that is not how things work
in Sweden. The former Swedish
prime minister Carl Bildt also tweeted that Donald Trump
needs to understand that Sweden
has an independent judiciary with any political meddling
distinctly off-limits. Yeah, uh… So, Sweden is saying
that in their country, a president can’t interfere
with an ongoing investigation. Imagine how hard
it must have been to try and explain that
to Donald Trump. ‘Cause he calls in. He’s like,
“Hey, guys. I need you to let my friend
ASAP Rocky go ASAP.” It’s like,
“I’m sorry, Mr. Trump. I can’t interfere
in a criminal matter.” He’s like, “Oh, come on. Don’t you have a Comey
you can fire?” It’s like, “We don’t
do that here, Mr. Trump.” “Okay, can I fire you?” It’s like,
“No, I’m the prime minister.” Like, “Okay. Well, this sucks. Can you send me
some of your meatballs?” (laughter) So, we’re now on week three
of ASAP being locked up abroad. And right now it doesn’t seem
like there’s any end in sight because Swedish authorities say that they’re
still investigating. And they don’t have bail
in Sweden, right? So they’re not gonna let ASAP go
because they say that they consider him
a flight risk, which, I’m sorry,
I think is crazy. You’re afraid
that he’s gonna get out? He’s a black man in Sweden. (laughter) Even if he tries to escape,
how far can he get? (laughter and applause) Come on, Sweden! Let the guy go. Take away his passport
and let him live. You wouldn’t even need
to put his picture up on the wanted poster. You could just write
“the black guy,” and he would be found. (laughter) So, Sweden, come on, man. This case is not making
you guys look good. Plus, let’s say
that ASAP does escape. President Trump has offered you
his personal guarantee. So, worst-case scenario,
if ASAP’s gone, you can put Donald Trump
in Swedish jail, and then we all win.

  1. 🤔ever chew gum in the Philippines
    Funny you say that🤔
    Entering America illegally is a crime. So abide by our law😏

    DEMONIC🐀🐀 have never had leadership. They only know how to rule over We the People, they seek nothing less the ultimate power😡

    🍄 the left😂
    Oh i think that's the problem🤔
    No wonder why they are idiots!

    Open racists have a hard time hiding that fact. Leftist Liberal Lunatic DEMONIC🐀🐀 have a hard time hiding their idiocies🤔
    Does that tell you anything😏

  2. Oh Trevor. There's a guy who has likely beaten someone up and ended up in custody, and you think they should let him go because he's black? WTF is wrong with you now?

    He fucked up in a foreign country, he will be judged by the laws of that country. This is how the world works. And you know this because you've lived in another country before. Grow up…

  3. Also, I love how Trevor tries to make this about race. Rocky is black, his bodyguard too, but the alleged attackers are not white. They're Afghans, in fact. So when black Americans and dark-skinned Afghan people get into a fight in Sweden – how are you going to make this fit into your American idea of racism? You can't turn this into an issue, because it's not. The truth is, a bunch of asshats got into a fight and that's it.

  4. Soooo the so called biggest racist(Trump)is the only one trying to get this man out of jail?
    Where are the Democrats video?
    Donald Trump is right.
    We are one!
    Man!…you are not funny…

  5. Mr. Noah, you are welcome to visit Sweden. This commentary was a dissapointment, to be honest. This coming from a person that has lived in the states for many years, but I seem to know more about the states and Sweden then you do. I will personally show you your misconception of our culture. You did not do your research, and that is coming straight from a journalist for many years, who have seen alot of shit in this world. And this was shit.

  6. Lägg ner, inget i detta fall är som det ska. När systemet skyddar brottslingar som spelar offer bör man se över systemet. Polisen, åklagare och politiker är inte objektiva. Men visst, om ni inte tror mig, testa och gör samma saker mot en polis, åklagare eller politiker som dessa afghaner gjorde mot ASAP och framför allt mot hans livvakt.

  7. In Sweden are it fear but ya idk if he what’s doing something rong he’s in jail but if he has not idk why he is in jail

  8. Sweden has been taking in everybody they chould to save them from the wars! And Trump dnt care a shit! Sweden is really small but has still been doing most good! So stop saying that is no black people in Sweden beacuse its 50% So shut up and make a better show

  9. Both sides of the American political spectrum are beyond fucking retarded. Highlighted by both trump and now Trevor Noah. Jesus

  10. Im not a fan, but the truth is that its not his fault, like wtf? 2 fucking pigs just wanted a fight, they made the first move and they got It. SO WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP LAWS ARE THESE?

  11. Dear Treva you must know there are too many coloured young men in Sweden nowadays.
    Many of them look similar to that American celebrity.
    In appearance and manner.
    So …..your argument does not stand.
    Swedish police is really nice and judicial system is much better than that of other western countries.
    If that guy as a foreigner on tour can dare to thrash ppl in their own country, he needs to be punished according to the local law. Plain n simple.

  12. Don’t Need to be a judge to see that the guy was set up!
    All can see that He came in a “guarded neighbhourhood’ of a diferent culture, Wich is totaly shit given its Sweden.
    Most of these so called highly developed countries are nothing but a bee hive problem of cultural niches wich they are now hostage of the shit they created for wanting to be an humanitary country!
    “We need to be tolerable and respectfull towards other cultures in our country..”in the mean time fuck the natives….”
    The whole europe is filled with these cultural groups and amidst manny problems over it!
    So Sweden, cut the shit and set the guy free, use your energy to solve the problem you created in these first place and that entraped Asap.
    Thank you enlightened ones…

  13. LOL take his passport and he is not a flight risk…this ignorance. You are aware that Sweden as part of the EU is also part of the Schengen Area? You can literally cross the borders of over 20 countries without showing your passport once.

  14. Bruh why everyone taking this vid so seriously? He's making fun of the idea that Trump would vouch for bail. He's making fun of A$AP's name with the euro joke because most people don't know Sweden has its own currency. There are WAY less black people in Sweden that the USA regardless of true demographics (the population is like 80% white). No comedy show segments are 100% factual so stfu and enjoy how hilarious this was 🙂

  15. 1) A muslin girl in the footage complains that the two guys harassed her and beat her along with her girlfriend. –> hence, this is these guys hobbies.

    2) They should bring these girls to file a complaint to court
    3) Sorry but these laws are one-sided and lack of common sense. They need to burn the books they're reading for law.
    Thanks to napoleon some countries have law that makes sense. "The common law is a system of law that is based on court precedent. Laws and statutes are interpreted, and the ruling of one judge may influence or even control the ruling of another judge. The Code Napoleon takes the civilian law approach."

  16. Sorry to say I have lived in Norway for 6 years plus and I have lived in Sweden 5 years plus now! in Sweden, they don't care what are you a rapper or you are rich don't just break the law bc you will go to prison. Even d prime minister of Sweden will go to prison if d law is breaking. I loved my African brothers and sisters (1 ❤ 4 D brown skin girls n boys) please stay out of trouble don't just break the law in Sweden I'm a Nigeria and I have lived in this two country for a very long time and I know the law. They put their hands on those guys first so they broke the law and you have to face the consequence.

  17. This is so pathatic. The fact is that the rapper resorted to violence is reason enough to have him in jail. He may have been taunted but still kicked his ass as a gang.

  18. the comment he made in the end about all swedish people being white is wrong, we got 2,4 million people in our country with a backround, outside of sweden. Check the facts before speaking and yes, i am swedish

  19. There is a lot of blacks in Sweden I am one of them so come on now!!! Giva a correct information!!

  20. well the jail system in sweden are a little bit fucked, fair but fucked. A few years ago a woman that was released and was deemed innocent had been locked up in jail waiting for her court date was detained for 9 years. But laws are changing soon but not ever in chance that we introduce bail

  21. Du gamla, du fria, du fjällhöga nord, du tysta, du glädjerika sköna … This clip does not make Trevor Noah look good (or Kanye and Kim or Donald Trump).

  22. All this could've been avoided if ASAP called the police and explained the problem, but coming from Harlem and America in general i suppose that's a little to much to ask. In the end being violent with other human beings is going to land you in jail. Trying to down play that just because someone is famous, is elevating them higher than the law, the one thing supposed to keep us in check when morals and ethics won't work.

  23. democratic socialism leftist shill alert 🚨
    Sweden is known for being fucking idiots and letting Muslim refugees in. The video is proof of the refugee problem in Sweden and most of Europe.

  24. Aaaaah i love to see these 2 cultures clash, the most stereotypical european country vs the self proclaimed "best country in the world". I completely agree with how sweden handled this case and its pretty amazing how americans cant understand a functional justice system.

  25. 6:05 just so everyone knows, a fourth of Stockholm’s population are immigrants, and a lot of them are African. This is the case in most other big cities in Sweden as well like Gothenburg and Malmö.

  26. It's sad that there were people in Sweden that were part of stirring up shit, on behalf of the swedes with brains, we are sorry

  27. The first time I've been disappointed with Trevor's input… 😐😐😐 It really didn't seem as if anyone on the show had done any research what so ever, but instead had completely bought the "Free A$AP"-discourse.
    The point of a fair justice system is that no matter who you are – rich, poor, famous or homeless – you get the same treatment.
    So just because you're a famous rapper, doesn't mean you get special-treatment. That's how a justice-system should work.

    – also, there were quite a few other factual inaccuracies as well, which just proves that the research-level was horrible low in this segment, unfortunately.

  28. I’m Swedish, but I find this sort of strange.

    (I live in the United States though and I’m also Dutch so you guys might have different opinions.)
    Anyways, have a great day if anyone reads this.
    Edit: I just now realized that there is literally no crime in Sweden so they take this stuff seriously. So I see what Sweden is trying to do.

  29. Its not a man but a teenager, and we all know that this group of rappers dont have a good reputation even before the time of biggie ans tupac. And to act like victim im their fone camera doesnt show their intention. The fact that the teenager got hospitalized and asap looks very fine not even a scratch, plus the sweeden street camera capture everything. There is no valid point to make him a victim. He assaulting those teens. 2 teens vs. 3 black gangster? Duh?

  30. The comments here are indicative of the intolerable left. Not one person here pointed out that the people who followed a$ap rocky and his crew were Muslim.


    Wake up asshats and realize this world has an Islamic infestation

  31. Such a shame… An american citizen does wrong in others country n the whole nation goes into protesting sweden?
    Shameless.. Trevor.. Your such a nuisance ….
    Asap should be behind bars..
    Lucky you people could manipulate the sweden government.. Shame #sweden

  32. Waoh. I saw the other videos, and I supported Acap. …But watching the other part off the clip here(deliberately omitted by the celeb mafia) , ..I now support Sweden. You can't use excessive force, and then belittle the child because of your financial wealth. look how you'll threw him, his whole back, neck alignment altered. This is dangerous. This is uncalled for. This is hate.
    …And I'm a real African. Meaning I support Africans and Justice…

  33. Aaaand the drama is over. Two years jail (sentence suspended and put on probation) and a ~$1300 fine for Rocky and his bodyguards for battery. Case closed.

  34. Its not looking bad on sweeden, its looking bad on the US trying to interfere on other countries judicial system!!

  35. Its. Not. A. Race. Thing. Its. Procedure. Plus sweden is not as uptight evil about immigration as the US, soo.. Surprise! A lot of none blonde People live there

  36. I kind of hate it by now when Americans say that Scandinavians are Democratic Socialists. None of the Scandinavian countries are Democratic Socialist. They are more commonly Social Democrats and/or Market Liberals. Neither of the two are any form of Socialist. We don't actually like Socialism and instead believe in heavily regulated capitalism, not the abolition of capitalism.

  37. I find your videos to be funny as hell and you make a lot of good points. Here comes the but… We have a system that states, NO matter who you are, you wont get a "get out of jail free card" just by stating your name and the balance of your bank account. It´s a system that shows that we are all equal under law no matter who you are. And also a big FU to the so called "Free world" aka big North Korea, the pot of dirt we call USA 😉

  38. ehhhhhm. u dont now shit dude. like almost half o fucking sweden is black males and females. are u dumb 4real???

  39. Is he the one beating up the guy?! Yeah I mean that’s a proper justice system! Doesn’t matter who you are, you can’t beat people up!

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