A Vision for Education Through the Eyes of an 11 Year Old | Hazen Jasey | TEDxWindsor

millions of people have seen the videos the ones that show how the education system hasn't changed in over 150 years and doesn't honor our individual strengths not to mention Sir Ken Robinson's video about how every country on earth is reforming education and seriously we are still using standardized tests Hey the inventor of these tests himself Frederick J Kelly said and I quote these tests are too crude to be used and still be abandoned but who is listening well did you know Finland is one of the best educational systems in the world with interdisciplinary projects which help us understand our academics in real world applications and Australia has become the leader in positive education focusing on well-being luckily – schools on board of both philosophies hello parents teachers and all caring adults my name is Hazen JC and I wish to help innovate the education system by asking our educational leaders for two things please help us to understand how each of us runs best so that our education can be tailored to our own strengths weaknesses please help us to monitor and understand our own emotional well-being deep down we all know that our success is in the long run depend on more than just our grades in school my first idea is to give schools teachers and parents a useful assessment tool to evaluate how every student learns best so that the strengths can be recognized this could also provide feedback and personalized strategies to help them thrive in their academics my second idea is to also have this online assessment tool evaluate the emotional health of students this could also provide feedback and personalized strategies in self care I can tell you from personal experience when you don't understand your strengths and there's focus on your weaknesses you are pretty discouraged and depressed which affects your academics I know my school uses assessment tools to learn about me but I'm thinking on a bigger scale for everybody that's free now I don't necessarily know what the tool is exactly but I imagine a website used globally you simply log on and get the report on your academic and emotional strategies help in understanding yourself better not be a good thing how can understanding your students better not create a stronger student-teacher relationship how can creating a better learning environment not help us achieve the goals of our education system because the outcomes aren't just just about getting straight A's in fact it's about the bees being healthy and prepared with the skills to create our own joyful life so please teach us how to process our emotions please teach us how to not feel shame about our mistakes because it because it is proof you're trying growing please teach us through your response able to handle the situations we face day to day and create our own path in life please teach us so here innately good people with gifts to share with the world if we're taught this I imagine that the outcomes include compassion for all students with different mental and emotional states we feel comfortable and supported to attend school and free to focus on our academics we'd be lost effected by sadness so we could enjoy learning create valuable connections with teachers and friends and improve our emotional and social intelligence ultimately these outcomes would help with all areas of our life so why do I personally care because at my young age I've had quaint exposure to school just wait I know what you're thinking but let me tell you I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum when I was 1 and a half years old the doctors told my parents that I'd be very limited and that school for me would be at best a struggle most kids start school at age 4 or 5 well for me school began at age 2 I attended the Hope Center at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit every single day for 6 months after that I had speech pathology classes I attended Montessori School for a few years and then attended a traditional academic grade school I was retested around age 7 and told that I no longer had autism but like all goods at different strengths a weaknesses amount learning abilities I was now more or less in normal category for a kid despite what no boards in math and scoring him in 95th percentile on standardized cat testing I felt like a failure I did very poorly in other areas of my education including executive functioning and organizational skills to name a few my mark started going not as my deficiencies grew more and more apparent I thought no way to improve I began to hate school I was also diagnosed with depression I was lucky my parents changed me to a different school where they recognized that each kid is unique where they assess their learning strengths weaknesses and also recognize through a ship between emotional wellness and academic achievement let me tell you about my improvements I have an ability to speak in public I now feel accepted for who I am I'm not afraid to speak in public because I'm comfortable to take risks and share my thoughts without fear of criticism I also know every student is working on some aspect of the world being at school so I'm free to make mistakes ik everyone else I made even make one during this presentation and that would be okay because it might allow you to be more comfortable to speak in public to my next success is that I no longer feel depressed I was being judged getting into trouble being disciplined and redirected for what I felt wasn't always fair now hey I am no saint but I always felt attacked row week this is it no hope and understanding how to work on them or utilize my strengths I also saw other students phone conflict or comfortable yet they didn't ask for help I used to ignore my feelings too and thoughts would build up in my mind so it couldn't focus at all do you know what happens when you don't allow yourself to feel emotions and delete the sad ones you – of all the feelings back down and eventually you're a coke bottle with a Mentos dropped in I have learned how to identify my emotions and how to ask for support whining feeling sad or frustrated to avoid being off-track for too long my next improvement is that I have a newfound confidence I used to believe wasn't very good at anything because all used to focus on were my weaknesses in a strengths-based educational setting my confidence has notably sky rock notionally skyrocketed helping my grades improve immensely because I now know my strengths are and can use in a makeup for Isis finally I've learned how to set my own personal goals this month I chose to focus on going one step further self-love which is a lot of names to enjoy new friendships even more and I'm excited to see my progress as I work on appreciating my skills so that's me I'm ecstatic to report that I am exceptionally happier way more focused and comfortable learning oh is this for all students worldwide because the benefits are always changing I've progressed and I want to see every student everywhere have that same opportunity it's time for change because I improve if this really works and remember change begins with an idea thank you [Applause]

  1. Wonderful TEDx Talk Hazen! Grateful to have seen you LIVE on the TEDx Windsor stage on June 8th. I will definitely be sharing your empowering message with my fellow teachers and B.Ed teachers in training at the university!

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