A Super Hero on Social Media? | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Marcy, and watch
Marvel Make Me a Hero. I’m a toy designer
and also a cosplayer. It all kind of works
together I basically taught myself to sew clothing. I also come from an
illustration background. I got into 3D modeling. I just sort of start
picking up a lot of skills. And at some point
I realize, that all of those individual skills
come together in cosplay in a way that’s really fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you cosplay, you
definitely see other people either cosplaying the same
thing as you or something else that you love from Marvel. And you’re like, we
love the same thing. We should maybe talk about that. I feel like I know friends
from all over the place now, which is really cool. I love knowing all those people. I think the way that I
really got into Marvel was actually back when
X-Men First Class came out. So I was like, all right,
I want to get into comics. You kind of just
have to jump in. People kept
recommending House of M. So I read all of
house of them and was like, OK, X-Men is great. Let’s do this [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] So when I started
imagining my character, I started thinking of
a male character, kind of slim, athletic, American,
very fashionable, a lot of high fashion streetwear,
definitely cool sunglasses, cool shoes, big wardrobe, I bet. I was kind of feeling a
cool maybe fade undercut. I kind of joke around a
lot about people having an everyday superpower
that’s totally useless for fighting crime,
but it’s kind of entertaining. You know, like always
knowing what time it is or always plugging in a USB
the right way the first time. And so I was kind
of imagining maybe he can change his hair
color whenever he wants to, but it’s totally
useless to fight crime. It’s just entertaining. He’s very confident, maybe
a little egotistical. And he’s totally fine with
people knowing who he is. Maybe he even has,
like, an Instagram. I feel like he probably
takes a lot of selfies. I bet he stories a lot. Well, I thought it would
be really cool and really versatile if my character
could manipulate any material around him. It’s flexible because it’s
really limited by what you can imagine. And I think maybe that’s a
little inspired by the fact that I love making things. And I love being able to look at
a raw material and being like, well, you know, but what
could I make out of that? Because of his ability, anything
he touches could be a weapon. Anything he wants to
create, it’s really only limited by his imagination. He’s always had these
powers, and so it has informed the industry
that he’s gotten into. And it makes sense
for him to maybe work in fashion, costume
design, something like that. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, what? That’s so cool. The weapon, especially, with
the sort of clear translucency of it, is so interesting. It’s sort of a hammer, but
it’s got a sharper edge to it. I wonder what he’s
made it out of. Maybe glass? Which sounds fragile, but if
you had a giant hammer made out of glass, I think
you could really screw someone up a little bit. [LAUGHS] Got all these cool
layers, cool accessories. The glasses are awesome. He’s got a long jacket for
that cool, Super Hero swish. I feel like he probably
changes his wardrobe a lot. I wonder if he has
sponsors, like fashion brands that kind of sponsor his
Super Hero look of the month. That would be a
very social media influencer kind of way to be. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Thanks, Marvel, for
making me a hero. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  2. How about instead of Marvel focusing on cosplayers, they get back to telling STORIES for the audience that actually BUYS their books. That is while you still have an audience.

  3. "A hero on social media" so basically not a hero but just someone who cries out about injustice on a digital platform that has no real weight on the actual world… Cool. One hundred copies of the next exciting comicbook where Captain America doesn´t fight Hydra but rather just post very angry reviews of their products online, NOW THAT´S EXCITEMENT TRUE BELIEVERS!!!

  4. Was part of the reason Thor was fat in endgame because of his meeting with Starlord during infinity war rocket joked with quill about being fat when comparing him to Thor?

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