A SOCIALIST NEW WORLD ORDER BY 2024: Eric Gajewski’s Dire Warning About The Future Of Humanity

hello everyone and welcome in to crush the street calm I got a new guests on the line now I've actually been fortunate to be on his show in the past a number of times Erica juice key is his name he runs the website the podcast you know very popular amongst those very interested in what's going on with the New World Order the economy finances and how it all plays together his website is trad cat night dot org and we'll have the link in the description area track at night is one of one of a kind website focused focusing in on the latest church and end time news and he brings on many special guests from around the world to expose this covering again finance economy current events and wo you name it he's covering it Eric let's get into it thanks for coming on crush the street with me today appreciated Kenneth and looking forward to our next talk in July for your listening audience there Kenneth does come on the program every month and brings an awful lot to the table I always value with Kenneth brings to the table our next interview will probably be a video interview so you won't want to miss that over at trad cat night org and as you mentioned I do cover as one of the subtopics within you know the realm or sphere of the New World Order you know economics we have to cover this because from the new world order perspective that's where they they put economics as numero uno and again from a Christian perspective it should be more based upon Christ's teaching right divine law as opposed to economics economics would be a little bit down the ladder so to speak so I have on all the time guests you know Kenneth Celente Zang Hoffman Ron Kirby DeMartino Gaunt's modal Mannarino just came out recently v the guerrilla mix we're I mean you name it I've got them all coming on the podcast and I'll probably take a look at to see who you're bringing on Kenneth and hopefully I can get some of your guests that you've had on onto my show and vice-versa so today I was hoping we could get into socialism the dangers thereof and what we kind of for see in the traditional Catholic community and I must warn everyone take take of pepto-bismol before I get into this thought because it's not it's not as how do I put this it's not as positive as I believe some of the Conservatives I have on you know my program and and and again feel free to disagree with me but this is how we say see things kind of fitting into you know not only the prophetic timeline with scripture has to say and things along those lines but Kenneth wherever you would like me to begin or if there's something else you want me to get into before we start please do let me know well no let's definitely start there I mean something we've talked about in the past when I've been on your show is is kind of how the socialism is is a consequence of what we're seeing in the economy I mean it's coming because we have all of this all these problems right you know the manipulation of the system unsustainable debt and you know it's a control of the people I mean all of these different things and we have guys like Bernie Sanders now who are being welcomed you know their their self-proclaimed socialists and you know they're welcomed by and receive the support of the Democratic Party so it's being spoon-fed to us more and more and more widely accepted so you know I'll let you take it from there you know where are we and how is socialism playing out and then you know well comment from there sure absolutely well you know start with you know obviously socialism you know theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of ownership and control of the means of production of distribution by capital and in the community as a whole that was very interesting you have you know Lenin and these Marxist which ultimately say the end game of socialism is actually the next step which is communism this is why I've always argued in my own articles Kenneth I believe we're going to go from where we are today with capitalism to socialism that all communism during the Krait tribulation so again a lot of people when you start flinging around words like that to get a little weary as this guy nutjob is a conspiratorial type no there's a lot of pieces of puzzle that are converging all at once that are outside of the economic system so in the traditional Catholic community and I can't speak for everyone Kenneth but we are expecting a complete economic social and political collapse which ultimately will give birth to the solidified New World Order now you've come on the program with me we've discussed agenda 2030 correct whether they're kind of thrown the data out at you right there of when they would like to have everything solidified that's not you know two three four decades away that's sort of right around the corner so you know and I've asked you the same question what will we see in 2020 here will we see a potential scenario where you know we get involved with the war with Iran which I'm sure is a hot topic even on your own website things are kind of heating up geopolitically many of us are expecting the economy to either reset or completely tanked it just depends on who you're talking to Trump could be the fall guy what I'm saying for capitalism and just the system as is and then could arise onto the scene you know these these people have changed you know we need something else we need something new that way wasn't working and that's where I'm saying we could fall into either Twenty twenty or twenty four twenty four into socialism and then again it's transitionary but that's what we have to understand is that this is what Lenin and Marx taught that's basically the middle ground or the next revolutionary stage by the economic timeline that there and we fall into all-out great tribulation communism where we have this kind of central figure who heads the UN who's telling people left and right you know what to do with their money they're gonna come for our land you know what's the Communist Manifesto I mean it's it's rather dire so I think at least putting this onto the table today can is for people to at least you know think about these things and get out there and act now you know what I mean this is why I enjoy having you on the show is I'm all about action myself as well I allow you to interject there so Eric what exactly is the Catholic Church stamps on this and where is this kind of heading and you know I'm just curious you know as things are playing out what does the Catholic Church see happening or is it is it a reaction to what's happening is it is it a for it has it been told you know and this is like hey you know this is coming you know down the road we knew it's coming because of this and this in the Bible or whatever events have taken place like what are your thoughts on this I'm just curious yeah okay so as Catholics as you know we've we believe that what the Church teaches on the matters of faith and morals is infallible I mean we as Christians we can't deviate from that pushing aside the whole argument of papal infallibility which I think most people misunderstand it doesn't mean that when a pope speaks everything he says you know is the Word of God that's that's not what that means at all I think a lot of people who identify themselves as Christians outside of the Catholic Church misunderstand that but in any case the church has infallibly condemned the notion that you can be a socialist or a communist and remain a Christian and we don't have time because this is a 30-minute show but previous popes Pius the ninth in 1846 leo xiii 1878 Pope st. Pius the tenth 1903 who not only learned about socialism being the end result of this kind of one-world ecumenical movement that we're now seeing through in Rome right where they get to all the religions together and you're okay I'm okay Buddhists are okay as Catholics you know and vice-versa and all this stuff well there's one such pope Pope Saint Pius the tenth literally warned that this movement it was called the silly honest movement way back in the early 1900s in France would flourish and bud and would give rise to a one-world Church of apostasy which I think most Christians that's just how we identify both Catholics and Protestants but he said the end result of this silly on movement this ecumenical movement brings socialism in its Train he said so I encourage all of your readers to go out today and read his apostolic letter it's called note for a charge apostolic now that's back in 1910 look that up and read it you're gonna say oh my goodness was this Pope not prophetic we've had other popes of pius xi warned of socialism Pius the 12th Pope after Pope after Pope after Pope repeated Kenneth you cannot be a socialist in the communist if we have time I'll throw in some of the actual quotes again we only got thirty minutes I have to be as brief as possible now the problem is is this is you're probably scratching your head personally and maybe some of your listeners well I thought Francis is supporting socialism bingo what I'm saying is Francis is not a Catholic Francis is a hazing but a Catholic I mean I guess here do a whole two hour show on all his heresies but Kenneth this is coming from someone who I believe was a high-ranking freemason personally given his doctrine and all the gang signs he's given the hidden Han and 666 I and all that stuff but he leader he has come out and said over the past few years that communists make the best Christians I'm not sure if you're aware of that he said that he says some of his best friends are Marxists then he's out there talking about legitimate redistribution of wealth which ties him to whole agenda 2030 garbage what what's coming out of the Vatican for the past 50 years isn't Catholicism folks please do not be deceived by that we're a few and far between I'll allow you now to interject before I get into some actual quotes Kenneth I know you're it probably chanda jump in here yeah I'm just it's it's mind-blowing to see what is happening yeah I know you want to get into some quotes I was you know wanting to kind of get your thoughts on what we're seeing now with like the green New Deal and guys like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio cortes sure maybe just could comment on you know what we're seeing from them if you think this is gonna be part of you know the socialist plan or if it's gonna be something else if this is gonna you know resonate with the current population what sort of triggers might it need does it need an economic collapse to be completely repackaged with this you know beautifully sounding socialism or or what-have-you so I'll pass back to you with that yeah I think overall it's going to tie what the New World Order is basically trying to do is to try to get everyone on a one path highway so to speak in my personal opinion socialism will tie in with a digital economy eventually again I'm not saying the digital economy in and of itself and crypto and of itself is evil I'm saying that's the path that they will eventually use because I'm sure most Christians have heard about the mark of the beast and you know we see in recent headlines all of the the novelty of various businesses now wanting a microchip their employees or whatnot what I think will happen yes will be a massive to me resets not strong enough where it's going to be a complete collapse in conjunction with this we have to understand that via all these natural disasters the agricultural industry is tanking Illinois Ohio and recently he said the farmers they can't even plant corns were expecting a widespread famine the eventually Antichrist knows Canada that he can get to the people through their stomach if he can control the resources and the money flow it's all about control manipulation then he knows that he'll be able to get a decent amount of people marked because in the end you and I have goodwill and other people of goodwill they'll know this character to be a quack job but at the end of the day in human nature will they go the way of the world because they're starving because they don't have water you see that I mean so this is why they have to have the control of the resources or what not and again socialism is kind of that middle ground to the next step we already see what's happening in Venezuela in Greece and some of these other countries that have completely tanked I don't know how some of these candidates can think and propose to the public that would be otherwise here in the United States and not only would it follow what has happened in Venezuela it'll be far worse because we're a much larger company so we have all these various programs popping up which you and I talked about on our podcast like ubi right universal basic income happening in Stockton happening in Chicago recently my home state of New Jersey Newark New Jersey you know this whole idea and promotion of Robin Hood economics to take from someone who let's say to use an example Kenneth's out there working hard he's working 80 hours we need to provide for his family or this or that and it this is a very loose example here at the end of the day you know he makes you know I don't know a hundred thousand or whatnot just throw numbers out here and you know I'm sitting around maybe I'm not as lucky I work as hard I'll put in you know ten twenty hours you know I make ten to twenty thousand does it seem fair to you that that we should have some person at the top so to speak a central figure kind of disseminate down through the nation's and tell people specifically we've got to redistribute kennis wealth over to me because it's just unfair I'm not making it well that's what we call Robin Hood economics folks and that literally takes out free will out of the equation so from a Catholic perspective it's a no-go but then it's also creating more reliance on the state right more of a welfare state we're also rewarding laziness as you know scripture says the man who shouldn't work shouldn't eat and again I'm assuming most of your listeners are not socialists so you know I remember when Obama was going to get reelected turn his campaign I think he was handing out like Obama phones or something like he was just handing out stuff left and right this is why I always joke with you with with I called Colonel Sanders you know what are you gonna hand out you know chicken legs or something it's just all free handouts tough to get people to rely more upon the state ultimately as opposed to God ultimately but see how I see you God you know I these they always point to these Nordic countries right you know in Europe as this banner this this this example for how socialism could work and you know of course you look at Venezuela Venezuela used to be a great place to live and to you know had a great economic power but now it's a complete disaster but you know what are your thoughts on that you know as as it's so hard to control the narrative because it's so nuanced and multifaceted and you know the people make arguments that aren't always so directly connected with the actual outcome so it's so difficult to explain what works and what does it so I mean what are your thoughts on that yeah I mean like you said as you know the mainstream media narrative is being controlled so sometimes it's very very difficult to get out what is really happening in various countries especially when we go back history with a lot of revisionist history that we do not have now unfortunately as you know in my humble opinion I believe that they're using an awful lot of you know celebrity types athletes you know people in the media who may be socialists or support the whole agenda 2030 garbage or environmentalism real issue that or any that the different aspects that tie in with socialism today and they're using them as puppets basically to the to the youngsters to the Millennials this is why you see a rise of popularity of socialism amongst amongst Millennials and this is what's pretty frightening because that's kind of what's coming in behind us Canada as you know and if a lot of those individuals were on board with it you can only imagine what the future of America would look like and it's creating animosity here obviously I'm sure you talked about you know differences between capitalism socialism and all that stuff on your show the big thing for me is this one of the the hallmark signs that we are close to the arrival of the Antichrist looks for the big a word out you at you is this revolution in the church there has been taken place a revolution in the church now where so where socialism is now being normalized as something that we need to do we need to get with the times we have to you know under the banner by the way of human dignity this is a key verbiage that Pope st. Pius the tenth warned about that these kind of socialist types these one-world order types would use this turn over and over again it's all about equality you know human dignity and so on and so forth but the the reality is this and I'm not sure if you're aware this it wasn't just Francis who supported the New World Order we had benedict xvi and john paul ii who actually formally supported the New World Order as well I mean they came out in speeches and said that you know mankind is you know on the brink of a new world order it's you know it's needed for our times and so on and so forth but as I mentioned if I could just a few quotes just to give you an idea what some of the Pope so had to say Pope Pius the ninth back in 1846 he reigned from 1846 to 1878 said this you are aware indeed that the goal of the most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of socialism and communism by confusing them with perverted teaching so that was back in 1849 leo xiii in 1881 called it a hideous monster communism socialism hideous deformities of the civil society of men and almost ruined he also talks about later in 1878 that's a sect that threatens civil society with destruction and then again I can't stress this enough get over and read pope st. Pius the tenth because the one-world religious aspect ties in with socialism in this silly honest one-world ecumenical movement which ultimately as you know and I'm not sure if you've seen any of my media appearances or whatnot but I try to spread the message of Fatima wherein our lady was basically warning people of this one world system becoming biblical false prophet and Antichrist who are going to try to get every every person marked to try to have this microchip implanted as you know given the way the surveillance state is growing the police state is growing they want to track everyone they obviously want to control how do we put this the people out there they want to control the population actually want to reduce the Earth's population by significant amounts in order to control the populace more what's left of it and again this is why we have a more dire outlook in general not just on the economic sphere but just in general so I'm sorry I digress a little bit what we see as being the what we should do now ultimately I believe is start preparing I mean do things like Kenan said make sure you're prudent and balanced in your economic portfolio portfolio if you will don't put all your eggs in one basket now I've had some people come to me and say you know that they've got all their eggs you know stashed in gold or similar I don't personally think that's smart I mean personally I said you can't you can't Gold eventually you know have some gold but make sure you know you're preparing with with food make sure your communities are prepared grow gardens I mean look at how people survive socialist communist regime so there was a documentary out and I saw a few years ago and I hand this back over to you after this comment we're and people in Cuba were actually growing gardens on the rooftops like anywhere they could grow gardens so they could basically make it through that time period I suggest to you that here in America around the verge of that and and hopefully and again I'm not necessarily the biggest Trump fan pushing aside politics but maybe we can get another four years to stave off the next step it's either going to be in 20 2020 or 2024 in my humble opinion but we'll see how it plays out Kenneth I'll hand it back to you Eric yeah very interesting comment so I'd be interested in knowing what your thoughts are maybe on behalf of what the catholic church thinks of what's going on with the economy at the moment with ultra-low interest rates you know what the Fed is doing what we saw in 2008 you know the bailout of the banks you know all of these different things is there any sort of correlation or prophecy or anything that's going on with maybe some of these specific times that we're seeing that the the church is commenting on or or assessing or is it just kind of more macro kind of what's going on you know take a look at this this is kind of starting to play into right where we see this going you know a very very good question I can't add you know on the macro level as a whole the church again doesn't necessarily have a policy per se outside of what I've already demonstrated to you with Francis again he's demonstrated himself not to be a Catholic I mean he's an uber socialist so with us it kind of just goes in one ear out the other I don't you know we don't follow him real Catholics aren't following what he's teaching and saying these days unfortunately most people identify as Catholic are not doing that but in general yeah just it's dependent upon what Catholic you talk about you know just like I bring out an individual such as yourself and I'll bring out Lee or I'll bring on Daniel DiMartino there's always kind like varying opinions as to what is specifically going on in the economy I would be more or less along the lines I think most of these numbers that we see are just propped up Ponzi numbers like John Williams suggest over at shadow stats I'm not sure if you're familiar with his work I just recently had John on the podcast I was about a week or so ago and he basically foresees the same thing I don't know if he's Catholic or not but he basically sees a big collapse coming as well I want to necessary put words in his mouth but that's what I was kind of feeling from him but nevertheless you know the economics plays a huge role in in all of our lives you know whether you're Catholic whether you're Protestant whatever your background is I mean we all have to live right but what I'm saying is with these New World Order socialists and eventually it will go full-blown communism because that's the transition the tribulation when we're going through all kinds of the beginning periods of all kinds of calamities they'll be an economic collapse they'll be revolutions and civil wars far worse than what we see now in France have been his way I mean it's gonna be everywhere there's going to be a World War three most people don't realize this I'm sorry to break the news to you but it is in Catholic prophecy that we get attacked by Russia I know a lot of people want to file that under Russia Gate news but Russia it does attack us they actually do overrun Europe and we've seen various European countries by the way preparing for that event I mean there's been numerous countries over the past year telling their own people to prepare not only for war but just prepare long term I think the the the leader of the Ukraine although he's a puppet you know indicated that he was aware of plans of Russia soon invading again I don't to make it sound like Russia gate news I'm just saying don't don't sleep on Russia that there's still a problem and a threat in any case it just depends who you talk to Kenneth I mean my opinion is not going to be the same as someone like an e Michael Jones or some other you know analyst that you might bring on the show in terms of economics but you know I can tell you this I just I try to take the money that I do make make the most work for me as I can get like you I try to be very balanced I think most of my economists have that comment of pain just be balanced or kind of across the board but that ultimately we will be funneled into this one-world totalitarian surveillance state that's going to have a digital economy where we'll be hooked up to some giant supercomputer right I mean there's actually this thing called the beast out in Switzerland I don't know if that's what the hook is up to or whatnot but you know just be I wanted to get this position an opinion out there for people who may have not have heard it so that bake and potentially take action at times ahead now again I'm not saying run around like a chicken without a head or you know Kenneth but at the same time be aware at least from the Catholic perspective that you know perhaps Trump can stave things off a little bit longer but that ultimately we are going to fall into socialism and then all-out communism under the Antichrist in which you know the bloodshed that will occur under that regime and he's not willing to kill just Christians is going to be anyone who doesn't take this eventual mark that pledges allegiance to this one-world Luciferian state and against it ties in with state worship ultimately people having to go to the state to look for the answer as opposed to well first and foremost God and having those Christian principles in place God can if I says you wanted to jump in there so what are your thoughts then on crypto I know we've talked about it from my perspective you know I haven't tied it really so much from the Catholic Church I mean that's not my my thread but I'm definitely very interested in you know what people who you know are smart understand what's going on believe in what what is uh what crypto is bringing you know what Bitcoin is what some of the different block chains are and how that ties into the future on what is to come ya know very well said I'm glad you mentioned that there's one of my longtime followers I'll keep his name anonymous a very great guy always helps out and you know via donations and stuff and he's a significant contributor and I asked him at one point Kenneth I'm like you know thank you so much for your financial support like how are you how are you pulling this off and you know what his answer was at well at least I had a certain point crypto I mean he made a ton of money at the get-go with crypto so what I'm saying is I'm saying don't class conversation saying Eric saying crypto I was evil I'm just saying the New World Order it seems like they're gonna go down the digital economy path you know ties in with privacy and trying to get everyone marked and kind of hooked up to some supercomputer or whatnot who knows how that plays out with you know artificial intelligence and blockchain and all that but if you can I mean you could legitimately legitimately make a decent amount of money and he was doing that for a living I mean that's all he was doing was crypto like he wasn't doing anything else and he was I forget what his background was but I I know he had an advanced degree in nuclear fission or sometime he had some really great job before that and he literally stopped that focused in on crypto capitalized on it and I think he still does it a little bit as you know it's kind of dropped off a little bit so I would ask you you know kind of in return what do you think for crypto is going forward I mean you think that that's a good and stable market where you think people can be resting more of their eggs in that basket or do you think like that is I don't want to say coming to a screeching halt but but maybe we should be considering other areas well I mean I you know from an economic perspective I think crypto has been a very positive thing I mean we we were obviously in it very very early so similar to you know your source I mean $9,000 Bitcoin has been very good to us here at crush the street you know even getting back in in the three to four thousand dollar range when it was largely disregarded I mean was a pretty big deal but I mean my question for you and maybe you don't have an answer for this is is blockchain something that is being welcomed in your opinion is it is it some sort of a lot of people have very negative opinions on what blockchain means for you know control NWO monitoring you know yeah facilitating some sort of surveillance on people you know one more currency I mean all these things that you know the bible does talk about and so anyways i you know i'm not sure if you have an opinion on that or not but i'd be curious to just throw it out there if you do it's not no no big deal yeah i mean i don't necessarily consider myself an expert in the area of blockchain I would say more or less its were like what we discussed with crypto or just let's say the computer in general I mean the computer as a computer itself the Internet itself can be used either for evil purposes or for purposes of good it really just depends you know how you're viewing it what I'm saying is we've got really evil psychopaths in the world that will take existing technologies formats you know economic platforms and and turn it towards what how they want things to go and the ultimate ends of this New World Order as I mentioned a transition through socialism into communism is all about control manipulation this is why they're targeting people with censorship now I haven't talked to you in a little bit kind of I'm on two strikes now again on YouTube I had to privatize 99% of my videos over and I got over 2,000 videos I've been around for seven years now they're now banning WordPress websites I run a WordPress website so I don't know do even we get one month and you don't hear from me that's why I'm not around anymore and so they're banning those types of websites so that's what's another concern you know it ties in slightly with our talk today about socialism communism is the control aspect you know these control freaks they want to control everything the economics the the social aspect of it they want to control your children and indoctrinate them and look at what's being taught the school system I bring on dr. Duke Pesta every month Alex Newman some of these prolific speakers on a topic and it just blows it just blows my mind some of the things that the indoctrinating our children with and they're being pushed socialism ultimately to as a part of the propaganda so again with with blockchain I believe it's just who's who's the man behind the curtain you know I mean pulling the strings it's all you know dependent upon the person that we're speaking about but you know again I didn't want a necessary point paint a bleak picture for you here but you know it's it's to get people to think for their own communities their own homes maybe I should be preparing a little bit more for some type of collapse situation maybe I should be getting into you know homesteading gardening looking into various areas like I bring on some of the top survivalists onto my show captain Michael Hawke who's considered a number one survivalist I mean EJ Snyder from various shows like naked and afraid' Nollan and we just discussed this stuff not not you know like a crazy run around without your head you know run around without a head type of attitude but to get really thinking on all these topics because what I'm saying is what's happening in Venezuela is going to come here at a certain point I just don't know you know it's really kind of a crapshoot right now as to whether that's 2020 is it 2024 but ultimately I don't hold the same opinion as some conservatives who say well the new world order is defeated you know Trump's got it defeated I mean it's just gonna go away well that's not what scripture says I mean it's certainly not what it says from a Catholic prophetic standpoint – so when you have those kind of areas and you sort of already know what the end is and you see where we're at currently we know it's it can be saved on perhaps and buy some more time but it's not ultimately just gonna go away you know what I mean so that's what I think is so important but I'm trying to think was I brought on my show for black Janet I think I brought on Steven Williams have you ever had on Steven Williams on your show I believe yeah we need someone I could pass along to you Steven Williams I think does a pretty good job with blockchain cuz he has a he has a positive opinion about blockchain I'll put you in contact when we might might find that talk very interesting but reshape that yeah all right Eric well yeah we're right at the the 30 minute mark um you know I think the people has have had a really great introduction to you really well-rounded I mean focused on you know one topic today but it it really is a topic that you know extends itself to so many things right we touched precious models we touched crypto we touched the economy and just kind of where things are headed and you know we'll definitely have to do another interview here I think in short order because you know there's just there's a lot more to talk about right you know we can focus a little more on the economy next time or focus a little more on just being prepared you know survival is I'm you know you know we–you even have done a lot of research on you know geoengineering you know what's kind of going on and to control the weather so and that's kind of something that I'm not very familiar with it all and I'd be interested in seeing you know what sort of facts and statistics and things that you've pulled out that you know really paints a clear picture for people who aren't plugged in so if people want to learn more about you the website what you do please let them know where they can go and what they can expect to find no doubt about again appreciate your time Kenneth again look for Kenneth on next month we'll probably doing a video interview for that one will probably as a matter of fact once we finish here we can even pen down the date because I don't think we have a date if we do I'll take a quick look but any case I get over to Tran catenate dot org according to feed spot I'm the number one ranked Catholic Channel a top 15 Christian Channel you don't have to be Catholic to join my website I invite people of all persuasions most people come just to join my podcast I do podcast two to three times a day with special guests today I've got three I've got a will Benny bill Benny the ex NSA guy that totally unmasked the surveillance state I've got Patrick wood from technocracy dot news I also have Charlie Robinson for the octopus of global control that's all in one day so Monday through Saturday I'm doing that and actually do cover it all folks I mean listen you know the coming one-world religion the coming Antichrist I cover various endtime subjects I cover health I cover earth changes prepper survivalism geopolitics economics geoengineering as as you mentioned you know HAARP scalar weapon or a because we do believe World War threes right around the corner chemtrails vaccine globe will be population all that good stuff and I appreciate your support I appreciate you having me on the program Kenneth and I look forward to getting you back on my show I'm gonna be doing David Modell a show later too by the way so look you can also check out his YouTube later I should be doing a similar presentation today on his channel alright Eric well I appreciate your time thank you so much for the the time here cross the street the collaboration and just sharing your wisdom with us so we'll definitely have this out in short order here and for everyone that wants to visit Eric's work visit the link in the description area thank you so much for supporting crush the street com give us a like give us a comment and look for our upcoming interviews appreciate it thank you

  1. Facebook Libra will be centralized ….any of the privacy oriented decentralized cryptos will be a tool against the machine ….Monero ,Dash etc EOS BTC get educated they are taking off right now as fear climbs

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  3. I am 68 ex Marine from 1969 era I remember the WeatherMen Underground and the Reece commission Dodd report on the Rockefeller Carnegie foundations goals…. communism is the stated goal for the UN world gov NWO

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PjtV0RA8hE sosialism has been a goal forever of the elite go back to the Reece Commission the Dodd report on foundation goals in America

  5. Good. I'd love to see conservatives be put in their own concentration camps they set up at the border for brown people. Let's see how they like it. I'm tired of them hoarding everything and taking everything they can from people and saying if you don't like America leave. Conservatives are the true clown world and they need to shut the fuck up and go away.

  6. The Zombie Apocalypse is now already! 7 billions are zombies! They are killing each-other and the Planet! Capitalism = satanism! Religions that support capitalism and do not fight with it are a part of it – a part of the satanism! All the capitalist governments are satanists! All the businessmen are satanists! All the modern pop stars are satanists! The armies of the countries – are just satan's killers! Just like the police wolves! They do not fight the root of the evil – they are a part of the evil! They serve the evil and protect the evil! Bankers are satanists! Sellers and resellers are satanists! Those who buy and sell in credit are satanists! Consumers are satanists! All of the morons & degenerates are satanists! Capitalism = satanism! Serving money and wealth = satanism! Religion = satanism! The third temple that they are going to build in Israel is satanic! The false mashiach that they will bring to power is a satanist (capitalist). Israel is not the land of the holy – it's a capitalist satanic regime! Vatican is satanic! USA is satanic! The Saudi Arabia is satanic! Russia is satanic! The Eurovision is a satanist show! All this world is already living in satanism! 7 billions of zombies that accept the capitalism = satanism! They are already dead! They've sold their souls! And it doesn't matter how they pray and what they call themselves – Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists or Jewish! If they are capitalists – they are satanists! If they do not fight the satanic system – they are a part of it! The mainstream news lie almost in every word – the ISIS wouldn't exist if not supported by the international capitalist elites… If you want to destroy ISIS – destroy the capitalism. Capitalism = satanism. All of the terrorist activity around the globe is staged with a purpose. And this purpose was clearly described by Albert Pike and even in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And it doesn't matter if people know it or not, or if they believe it or not – it does happen without the permission of 7 billions of pet goats who enjoy the satanism and do already hold the mark of the beast (the printed idols – the U.S. Dollar or any other currency based on the U.S. Dollar, the international monetary and debt system and bank rates) in their hands… Searching for the roots of Al Qaeda and ISIS you risk to find CIA, USA & international satanic elites that plan to unite all of the religions and nations under a new satanic cult, the false temple and the false mashiach… ISIS is not a free player in this game. It's a part of the plan. The game is double – it's a double standard fiction. Terrorists serve the interests of the capitalist elites – they are nothing but soldiers of fortune – the mercenaries. It has got nothing to do with the Islam or anything else that is pushed as a false flag by the media. All fake! The game is clear to those who know the Tanakh – it's all about the Gog & Magog war. They are using the ISIS as a shield to keep the Magog (Russia) & Muslim coalition (Syria&Iran&Iraq&Turkey) as far as possible from striking Israel… It's a staged war. But they will not succeed. Yes, they may build a false temple, as they have already burned a false sacrifice on the false altar in Jerusalem on this Hanukkah. They can even elect the false mashiach. But they cannot stop the Gog&Magog war and the Judgment Day of all nations. The Babel (USA) will burn together with its whore of Babel (the Gekata – the so-called Statue of Liberty), the Magog (Russia) and the Arab countries will burn also, the same will be with Israel, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Africa, Australia & Europe. It cannot be stopped. The satanists think they can control the World War Three scenario for their needs, just as Albert Pike has planed, but they will also burn – because there is another force above us. The real masters are coming back soon & our civilization will be RESET. Just like it had already happened before (and we don't even know for how many times).

  7. There is no understanding of the Torah and Nevi'im in any of the abrahamic religions – because they all accept the capitalism and do not fight it back, but the capitalism is indeed satanism! All of the capitalist countries are satanic. All of the capitalist governments and politicians are satanists. All of the corporations and the business methods are satanic. This world is enslaved! It is time to leave the slavery again. And for this we must be HEBREWS – we must do the same what Avraham had done – we must leave the lawlessness! Walk away from it! But for this we must first understand what the real roots of the lawlessness are. The real Tanakh prohibits the capitalism, because it prohibits selling money, credits & loans & mortgages for growth in percents, bribery, gifts & mixture of the capital & authorities & political power! The real Law says that it is illegal to make someone work in the Shabbat, but it is what the capitalism does – it enslaves people and makes them work every day just not to starve – and the same in the Land of Israel – poor people are made to work in the Shabbat to earn for living… Capitalists cannot fulfill the commandment of the Shabbat because: 1. they do not do any labor by themselves for 6 days (they do not work – do not create), 2. they do not let those who work to rest – because the capitalist system is based on breaking the Law of Adonai. The satanic elites are in one step of starting the global war, building the false temple on blood and electing the false Mashiach – capitalist & satanist – not the one from the scriptures. The Zionist Judaism is accepting this scenario – they accept the Babel (USA), and they accept the candidate of the Babel. They expect the false Mashiach to be rich, famous, to bring false peace, to tell honey-sweet lies that everyone will like… But it’s not what the Tanakh says! The real Mashiach will be from the simple poor men and will come to beat the lawlessness of the People of Israel with his words! And he will not bring peace, because there cannot be any peace among the Adonai and those who reject the Law. The real Mashiach will bring not peace, but Tzedek! And then – the last will become the first, because the only legal system of the authorities by the Torah is the one created from the people: 1. capable (clever, wise, good specialists), 2. Elohim fearing (the righteous who respect the Law and live by the Law), 3. truth only speakers (no politicians allowed), 4. greed haters (silver/gold haters/profit/bribery haters). This is the REAL TORAH OF ADONAI – these are the principles that are being hidden from the people. Everyone will pay! There will be no rapture of the church and no salvation for sectants. There is nothing strange in what's happening! The religions of the world serve satan – and they will be collapsed. This world is satanic because it is capitalist! The faith does not matter if the man serves money. The western civilizations have robbed the entire globe. And Israel is a part of it. Of course they will pay. And no "Jesus" will come to save those whose richness came from other peoples' poorness and pain! The time is now – this world is going to burn – together with its sects – the Islam, the Judaism, the Christianity – all of the capitalists will pay because they rejected the truth and the real Torah of YHWH.

  8. Stop supporting Catholicism & attributing prophecy to them that the Bible already teaches itself…sheesh
    And quit your Mary/ISIS/Diana/Columbia worship…

  9. The capitalist deserve the blame for the break down in the economy since it is their fault that the economy is in the shape it is anyway. The hoarding of wealth that capitalism creates is why the US is on its last leg and the one percent has all of the wealth.

  10. Well lets be real here, it WAS "agenda 21" and now it's been bumped up 10 years because those assholes couldn't make it happen in 30 years of planning. Trying to enforce that agenda BS is like trying to contain a nest of ants after you've kicked the ant hill. Humans are extremely unpredictable in much the same way, look at all the large creators on Y tube lashing back at Y tube right now. Revolutions have always started with a small spark.

  11. Uh ,
    Putting Natural Law , Christ's teaching first and putting Economics first are not mutually exclusive .
    Christ used sound currency and only sound currency , if you're not using only sound currency you are not following the word of Christ , obeying the Will of God .

  12. How bout you do some research and look at the numbers actually. These guys think SOCIALISM is the same thing as DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM. They don’t even know the basic definitions. These are 2 completely different things. Jesus these guys made idiots of themselves. There’s tons of democratic socialist countries in the world. Guess what? They have some of the highest reported happiness. They say they love life. They actually take polls on this shit if anyone bothered to actually do any research here.

  13. MMT And Helicopter Money Are Monetary Socialism!

    The Paris Commune: A Blueprint for Western Cultural Collapse both on YT

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