A Socialist (English)

This is Ruth Armfield with Classy Liberal Media. A socialist… Awww… he is soooo cool looking… hm!…
maybe I should be one… no-way, José!
and such good talker… sweet honey flow through his lips, wow! He can really get us going! Great motivators! Like we say in South América… he leaves
us feeling like a “dog with two tails”! or, “like a breeze of breath of fresh air…”
ahhhh…… And so loving! He is the healer of the world… with love,
peace, and equality for all! He is just like a “Savior,” right? He will part the seas and un-clinch people’s
hands… yeah… yeah… yeahhhhhh Equality and justice for all! Redistribution of wealth, the lie of the Robin
Hood story: those evil capitalist who built wealth on the backs of others, using our public
infrastructure to their own advantage. He promises that, if you take from the rich
and give to the poor… all will be better… now… now… my sweet baby … “I” will
take care of you… And Healthcare! Yeah! Everybody deserves to be taken care of … everybody
is worthy of that piece of the pie, right?… and it is yours and you should take it!… right?… yeah… right. Well, let me tell you what the socialist actually
do: Increase government expending. Remember? “stimulus”
Increase minimum wage and social programs (start promising ‘freebees for everybody’! YEY!) Remember? “Social Justice”
Increase the salaries and benefits of their political allies or friends, using them a
bait for NOBLE CAUSES as “clean energy” and oh… let’s not forget! “Investing in the future” It’s all for the children! Oh, who would be so evil as to argue against that, right?! Socialism makes the common person, like you and me, feel so hopeful…yeah… at the beginning… “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst!”…
Soon, the world starts crumbling down! Government over spending, the economy left
in rugs, crime increases, education and healthcare goes down. Who are the real winners with socialism? The politician, his family, and political
friends. Who helps them? The Media
Academia elites, and… Hollywood Stars
Who are the losers with socialism? You! What a surprise, right! In America, thanks to what we still have some
left of … called, “CAPITALISM”… if you are born poor, you still have the chance
to do well and be pretty well off, you and your family. You can change your circumstances! Now in other countries, consumed with socialism,
like Brazil and Argentina, among others… well, you are not just that lucky! How do we fix it? Bringing back CAPITALISM supported with Classical
Liberal ideas, which are: Limited government
Power in the individual… that’s YOU! Nobody will care of you better than YOURSELF! Government’s core responsibility is to protect
your LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY. Please like my video, subscribe to my chanel,
and follow me on Facebook and Twitter… You and I will overcome and spread the message
into all those places where people live misguided… and remember, the power rests in YOU!

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