A Socialist Agenda

and with jeremy corbyn's approval ratings at a new low there's also playful in next week's by elections now here we go again labor in crisis this is the news Jeremy Corbyn continues to look like a hungover draw graffiti Chur and we don't like it what about to resume half the time she looks like she's just rolled out a fucking bed that gave you a little stubby that Sims in it to resume rolling out there why do people hate Jeremy Corbyn so much could either what it's a commie little socialist really Tim that is such a crap insult you're so bad at insult let me tell you what's wrong with that insult okay one socialism to me isn't a fucking insult to me that's like when people say bloody do-gooder bloody people doing good socialism isn't just another word for someone who doesn't wash and looks like they playing a shit pub folk band Tim most people a socialist in one way or another even you Tim and I'll prove it to you alright but wait wait right to that insult to when you say call me little socialist you sound like Trump when he called Sanders a socialist-slash-communist they're not the same thing that's like saying dog slash pigeon communism is the opposite of capitalism whereas socialism recognizes that capitalism results in inequality so sometimes the state has to step in that's all socialism is it's not fucking communism its compromise yet you still get to do business make money have ambitions but when there are people making billions while others literally starve the state is there to curb those excesses okay yes yes it's an ideology Tim what an austerity isn't socialism thinks that everyone has a right to a roof over their head whereas austerity thinks of four hundred and fifty thousand pound house is affordable I suppose it is affordable if like to resume you can afford to spend a grand on white clean leather trousers so socialism is the NHS if the welfare state it's helping poor and vulnerable people it's less people living on our streets it's legal aid a socialist ideal that means everyone has affordable access to our justice system who in their right fucking mind thinks that's a bad idea that's that's what this governments idealism believes what sort of bastard would cut disability benefits who really believes that's a good thing that's the point we are a socialist country but we just don't know Tim Corbin says he wants a proper living wage better housing Rhee nationalized the Train gives the NHS what it needs poll after poll says the public overwhelmingly love all that shit if Labour embraced socialism and championed its principles they'd win that's why people that like Corbin like Corbin not because he looks like the sort of person you'd see rambling on the moors wearing a rucksack and nothing else it's because he's a socialist but if his MPs want rid of him fine but they have to find a decent socialist alternative first because their membership has spoken twice and that's what they want they don't want another Blair right Labour Party because one Tory party is quite enough thank you very much I've met very few people who aren't socialists and even you Tim all right okay all right do you believe that everyone rich and poor should have access to the legal system then you're a socialist 'im do you believe that you shouldn't have to worry about going bankrupt because you've just been diagnosed with cancer then you're a socialist Tim even you you posh barely sentient crusty little wank sock of a man you think now that is a decent insult yeah well these by-elections are important for many reasons

  1. The Muricans need to watch this. Perhaps they would then actually understand what socialism is instead of just knee-jerk reacting to what they have been told it is.

  2. The Romans would have similar debates on how society should be run. They also used to do this conga like thing at parties but it would be with men shagging each other, each guy preceding the other would have his cock up an arse in a conga like procession. They use it as lingo in some circles now they call it running a train or something. They have these special VIP and celebrity parties with rap stars and prisoners where they do it.

  3. The problem with "socialism" is that it is about distributing the funds, and it never works because the money inevitably run out and there's nothing left to distribute among all those noble projects..

  4. Gotta agree with the sentiment here, but the definition is off. The policies that Pie is advocating here are very good policies, and demonstrably make life better. But they're not Socialism, they're Social Democracy.

    By definition, Socialism advocates for the means of production and distribution of goods to be controlled by the State. It's a stepping stone on the way to full Communism in most cases, which would ultimately aim to abolish Capitalism entirely.

    Social Democracy, on the other hand, advocates for economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a capitalist economy. It acknowledges the freedom that comes with Capitalism but also sees where it goes awry and seeks to remedy it. And ultimately *that*'s what I reckon most of us would be in favour of, and that's what Pie is talking about.

  5. What is wrong with Corbyn? He supported terrorism, (IRA and PLO), and as far as supporting IRA, at the time when they were active, makes him a traitor

  6. I agree with everything he said about socialism. Unfortunately, these days it seems to mean 'take everything away from our own people and give it to immigrants who openly despise us and want to kill us because we're not the same colour or religion and if anybody thinks deliberately bringing millions of them here might not be the best idea in the world, call them a nazi, a fascist, and a racist because an insult is an easier option than a coherent counter-argument'. And that's why I always vote UKIP.

  7. I love how we continue to believe socialism can work despite utter murderous failure time after time. Let’s give it one more go mate.

  8. Do you believe that ISIS brides should be allowed back into the country? No? Then stick Jeremy Corbyn up your smug arsehiole because he does!

  9. Socialist societies crack down and imprison people for their "crime" of having wealth, even if the reason for their wealth is actually deserved from being more industrious than others. Socialists blindly demonise them as criminals think they are entitled to steal that wealth for themselves, even if they've done nothing to actually earn it. So yes, socialism is sick to the core.

  10. And if they do I would not believe they had unless I used magic to conclude that she couldnt be anyone else!

  11. Lol, because I am an optimist. I dont expect when I talk about my girlfriend I broke up with in tenth grade for people to send me my ex-girlfriend.

  12. What's wrong about a company doing whatever the fuck it wants to? Capitalism is the only system that works, well yeah we might have economic crashes here and there, yes we live off others blood and flesh but at least we ALL have the same opportunities (on having a smartphone and some sexy ass shoes) . Huh? 😀 zehhahaha

  13. Seems like Pie is describing Social Democracy as opposed to a more classical socialism. Socialism in itself refers to collective ownership of the means of production, whereas a social democracy is much more akin to the means of production remaining privately owned, but the state steps in as Pie describes.

  14. https://youtu.be/Z7v7txlDBMU

    Some better managed socialist programs just like our good old NHS yes.
    A more comprehensive approach to those programs like in Denmark, perhaps ?

    But ! There isn't a single example of a socialist country that has improved the equality for ALL yet there are plenty of countries where capitalism has dragged ppl out of poverty. China is a perfect example for starters😎

  15. This could unfortunately lead to an equivocation fallacy, though. It is as bad as the argument saying everyone is actually an atheist towards something, or agnostics are technically atheists, so they're all on the same side. It takes away the utility of those important distinctions. Yes, socialism can be described on more or less of a spectrum, but that doesn't mean we should describe it as everything in between absolute capitalism and communism.


  17. I‘m pretty sure socialism means worker control of the means of production, whereas communism means state control of those means. The things that Pie praises in this video are elements of democratic socialism, if I’m not mistaken.

  18. In Germany, JP's examples would make you a Social Democrat or even Centrist whereas socialism is understood as a step on the path to communism.

  19. Pie mentioned the disability cutting thing, that's generally horrible.
    What they did was sent inspectors round to people's houses and asked them questions, then ranked people's needs and cut the benefits for the more independent. But they didn't care about how you did things, they just care about if you can.
    So they don't care if the way you get to work is by driving the car you used your benefits to own, they'll take that car away because 'hey he got to work, he's not that disabled'. I shit you not one of the criteria was whether or not you can go to the toilet. So say you're a blind man and you have to take five minutes to get around all your furniture, up the stairs, around all the cabinets and sink without face planting into the wall, then you have to sit down on the toilet to piss cos you can't see the seat stood up – all they care about is that you can piss in a bowl so you're pretty much fully able to them now. People were phoning up their friends who had disabled children to warn them 'btw you need to pretend that your child is a carrot, otherwise they're taking everything away' and they fucking did as well. So now loads, most of, the disabled people in this country have to fight for their money for food and shelter nust as everyone else does. The best form of equality is equal opportunity, everyone starts oj the same level. But disabled people need momey to buy a ladder to get on that equal footing, and that ladder costs a fortune which you need to work for; most jobs involve physical labour which limits most of their options, the remaining jobs still require the employer to make adjustments to allow the person to do their job properly, so they'll be lucky to have a job at all, and will be barely scratching by. So the government gives you some money so you can buy that ladder to be on equal footing with everyone else, but now they took hat ladder away, ripped it out from under everyone with no warning and no mercy. You're blind? But you move round your house fine. That's because you lived there for 35 years? No it's because you're basically not disabled.
    It's fucking shit. The benefit money i receive now could get me a burger king once a fortnite, it's pathetic

  20. No…. its not socialism. Its called "social"
    There is a difference between the two as well as there is a difference between communism and socialism.

    And the reason social programs exist in the first place is not because its "nice" or "good".

    The reason for social programs was the revolutions that happened….when the people rose up and decided to kill the nobles.
    The same way workers during the industrial revolutions rose up and beat their boss to death.

    Thats why social programs and workers right to unionize and strike exists, because the alternative is poor fuckers going to drag out the rich fuckers and beat them to death.

    Its a matter of public order.

  21. Perhaps we shouldn't mix up the ideology of socialism with the wonderful idea of capitalism with social programmes run by the state. These two things are unbelievably different and I'd quote a few people on why that's the case, but they've all starved to death or been murdered by the state. I'm all for social programmes (probably the most selfish approach to capitalism if you think about it hard enough), but it is not the same as socialism. Not even close

  22. Forget Venezuela,,Look at a better example of how socialism EVENTUALLY,,fails ,,,Look what happened to Brazil ,,,It started O.k. but after time corruption and greed take over and it falls apart ,,,massive debt.. massive inflation ,,And now they are turning to Capitalism ,,They learned their lesson and they won,t be going back to socialism !

  23. Socialism means the govt. will acquire your property, Pie.

    Socialism always ends in starvation and death.

  24. Nordic countries such a Sweden aren’t socialist, they have adopted what can arguably be called a few good sides of socialism. However their system ONLY works bc Sweden has been a very homogeneous closed off country for a long while. Not participating in the world wars in the same way as other European countries and high taxes resulted in Sweden being able to create a welfare system like it is today. The problem is that Sweden isn’t a rich country by its own making, only by circumstance, and the current overuse of the system is breaking it. The Swedish version of a welfare system doesn’t work in the long run and shouldn’t be seen as a good example of “socialism”.

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