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  2. Sir you’re missing the law of compensation, at the end somebody pays for bigger cake, which are deforestation, pollution, legal slavery etc…
    Disappointed with information in this video, very misleading.

  3. Well it's a positive – sum for humans, but who got his pie sliced out more? The environment.

  4. I think the way that we can cure cancer is to inject cells that specifically target cancer cells and kill them and I think that seems easy but I know that making those kinds of cells is extremely hard and i'm no doctor but I think that we can use genetic engineering to change the cells that already do that to make it stronger or engineer a protein like you said we could do in your malaria video that targets cancer cells and make that gene dominent so that most people are basically immune to cancer


  6. What if the cause of cancer and other illness, is overconsumption of crap in turn caused by tying the idea of human worth to how much you consume and produce, creating waste, environmental destruction and epidemic of meaningless work, and anxiety over the future as you must participate in such destructive system.

  7. And what do you do with the backwards, religiously-obsessed societies that are not even willing to try being better off? This is why people should stop giving money for the organisations that declare they will buy water for the poor boy in Africa. Where are the kid's parents? Why they had a baby if they can't provide water? Perhaps we should start by investing in condoms, education to counter the endemic ignorance spread by religions and give people opportunity, not alms. Don't give a man a fish, teach the man how to fish, and we will prosper.

  8. Whenever I get into any conversation involving economics (not something I start usually, since economics is one of my numerous kryptonites) I always preface it by saying "if anyone tells you they understand economics, they're either lying, generalising, or are delusional." This being because economics as we understand it from a historical perspective is a very new invention which was not actively intentionally created, and is still in the process of development. What we have are general schematics of how such an organic, free-flowing entity works, and no one can fully comprehend it enough to make solid future predictions.
    What we can say though, are things like Kurzgesagt has stated here. Modern economics works off of the basic principle of (seeming) indefinite expansion. The way to get ahead is to expand, and part of that expansion in a global system of trade is to make sure other people are expanding too, thus allowing you to profit from their expansion.

  9. The agricultural revolution brought about by Shennong and Xuanyuan, and later by agriculturalist Jethro Tull, among others in different societies around the world, were the first impetus above the zero sum gain trap

  10. Listen up everyone. It’s not to your benefit if everyone is well off. Only the people you care about being well of is what’s good for you. But if people become better off because you are pursuing your self interest. That’s what’s good for you

  11. Meanwhile, Nature and the rest of the animal kingdom sheds a tear because suddenly their pie is a fraction of what it used to be.

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