A movement of entrepreneurs for the benefit of society

hi I'm Michael Denham president and CEO of BDC the only bank dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs and I want to tell you about a growing movement of entrepreneurs who've been supporting and these entrepreneurs have one defining characteristic they believe that the purpose of a company is to earn a profit but also to create broader benefit for society the new certification that matches this way of doing business is called B Corp and B Corp companies are certified for the broad social purpose they have high standards of accountability and transparency and they have a positive social and environmental impact could this certification be right for you are you proud of how your business makes your hometown a better place to live creates jobs keeps pollution to a minimum or improves people's lives for the products and services you offer then I bet you'll find the B Corp movement interesting visit our website and try a free 30 minute confidential B Corp assessment or even better contact us directly we're smack in the middle of Canada's B Court movement and we'd be happy to help you learn more thank you you

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