A Look At Capitalism (1955)

Bram's has been presented to help all of us understand better our vending our American Way of life for today's topic let's join now a group of young people at the national education program workshop Arkansas at the classroom lectern is dr. Clifton L gayness jr. noted young historian we have discussed socialism and communism in our last two classroom sessions now under an directory national education program says that if each generation of Americans will develop a clear understanding of our American system of capitalism how it works and the comparative advantages it produces for all citizens then neither socialism nor communism ever will become established in America so let's see if we can develop a better understanding of capitalism but first who will define for us the term capital that is in its economic sense all right Joan suppose you define it for us well money capitals money that's right but only partially arrived let me demonstrate here is a dime suppose I take this time and buy some ceramic clay now then my money which is capital has been converted into raw material which it logically follows must also be capital i mole this clay into a child's toy animal you would regard the energy expended by me as capital now when i finish i bake this clay toy in my oven at home this oven or any machine i might use in achieving the final product must also be regarded as capital then i add the final touch and sell this toy for 39 cents or at least I try to and if I should succeed I take the 39 cents reinvest it in clay and start the cycle again employing again all the farms which capital may take as raw materials as energy as machine and so on capital in a few words is money at work producing things and since I am in charge of the cycle I'm a capitalist yes well what if you have to borrow that money like so many businesses do to start that cycle then that makes the lender a capitalist too since it is his money at work producing something and he becomes a part of the cycle capitalism is a system in which emic wealth our capital is used to produce goods for sale or in other words to produce new wealth but Professor gayness are there different kinds of capitalism yes there are and the differences can be vitally important state capitalism is often the first stage of socialism we might say that state capitalism exists when the government achieves a combination of ownership and goal in business and industry large enough to permit it to dominate the nation's economy and there are forms of capitalism which production and distribution are governed by cartels or monopolies fixing prices and permitting no competition this farm existed in many European countries in the time of Karl Marx and during this century before socialism our communism gained control yes John and in part in fact that we must emphasize is that American capitalism is quite unique there never has been a system quite like it in all history so let's examine the structure of American capitalism there are three great pillars the first and foremost of these is who can tell us all right Louise isn't it the principle of private ownership of property yes it is this principle of private ownership is undoubtedly the most fundamental element in the structure of American capitalism consider for instance home ownership which is a bright American goal for most of our key for the desire to own one's own home one's own property provides a real incentive for almost all Americans to bring out their most productive efforts in the American system what's yours is yours what you do with it is your business you can squander it away or you can work harder and produce more and have more the principle of the private ownership of property is the number-one target of the socialists and communists they believe in government ownership and control Carl Marx in the Communist Manifesto wrote the theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single sentence abolition of private property so private property is the foremost pillar supporting the American system and our personal freedom that brings us to the second great pillar who can tell us what it is all right marry the profit motive yes indeed this is the stimulus that brings private ownership to life and expands its usefulness to society as a whole in one sense profit is property when an individual produces more than the basic living requirements for himself and his family the surplus is profit which he can use as he sees fit an automobile is not a basic requirement for survival nor is a television set yet most American families want them and have them because all normal human beings want more than the bare necessities of existence the capitalistic principle of private ownership gives them the privilege of earning and keeping enough wealth beyond their food and shelter requirements to afford to buy the other things they want but professor gayness what about the individual who doesn't produce a product of his own what I mean is what about the employee the worker well you remember we said that energy is capital ability is capital when we as employees work for someone else we're not selling our time we're selling our services our ability but we get paid if we save a little of our income we are property and we can become employers if we wish and if we can develop management capabilities mave America's greatest industrialists were employees who saved and develop their capabilities if we do not develop into employers we still can become producers or capitalists by investing our surplus or savings in some enterprise which is producing something 18 million ordinary Americans own stock in businesses and industries if I borrowed money from you to make my clay toys you would become producers since your capital would help produce my toys the business world is full of actual examples General Motors for instance is just a group of people who with their dimes and dollars are producing products for sale there are more than half a million stockholders with their savings invested in General Motors and why do they invest their dimes and dollars they want to make a profit it is a normal wholesome motivation dr. Janus I once heard a clergyman say that the profit motive is not a good motive do you agree with him I'm sure the clergyman wasn't a socialist or communist but that happens to be what the Socialists and communists say about the profit motive and yet most converse to socialism and communism joined up because of the promise of personal benefit or profit with a clergyman be able to fill his church if he told prospective members that there is no personal reward or profit and giving one's life to God how many of you students study at dinner each evening instead of having the momentary pleasure of some favorite pastime I think you would want to say that study can be work what motivates you then a desire for learning a desire perhaps for good grades but with the belief that in the end you will render a more valuable service and receive more for it if you didn't hope to profit you wouldn't study what I'm trying to say is that the profit motive is active in most human behavior that's important to remember and now to the third of the three great pillars in American capitalism all right Gary the open market yes the open competitive market where anyone can offer his wares for sale at whatever price he can get is a benefit not only to business and industry but to the individual as well let's go back to our toy animal illustration let's suppose that we develop an ability to make attractive little ceramic toys and the children all donation want these toys we expand our enterprise probably on borrowed money and began making profit another toy manufacturer seeing our ceramic toys cutting into his sales and profit does some research and finds that he can make an unbreakable toy very much like ours and sell it for less money than we're getting at the same time making a profit he can do this because we have a free competitive market in America challenging achievement the consumer or a buyer gains when we have this constant competition in the marketplace the best products at the lowest cost emerge have you ever seen one of the early automobiles manufactured in America it was really something to behold when it was manufactured only a few wealthy people go on an automobile and even for them it was likely to break down on any 10-mile trip today there are more automobiles in America than there are families and almost every family one competition the free market brought this about Henry Ford was determined to outstrip other manufacturers he went after the mass-market with his low price model t produced with his remarkable mass production techniques he won the low-priced market but not for long others competed and competed so well but the product continued constantly to improve what competition in the free market is done in the production of automobiles it has done for thousands of other things with private ownership of property the profit motive and the competitive free market American capitalism produces more wealth than the next ten nations all combined you and I benefit tremendously because of our great productive system American capitalism our individual efforts bring us rewards higher than those realized by any people on the earth with one day's wages an American for example can buy this big supply of food an Englishman's daily wage by contrast will buy only this much and a Russians just this much so let's remember these pillars of freedom and progress when we hear or see the socialist or the communist trying openly or secretly to undermine them these factors can be destroyed through subversion or through our own shortsightedness or apathy and defending them surely all of us can feel gratitude and pride toward American capitalism its record of improving human welfare is unmatched in all history next week we should examine American capitalism's widespread distribution of wealth until then class dismissed the American adventure series is a production of the national education program Searcy Arkansas dr. George s Benson directed dr. Clifton Alchemist jr. was our instructor this is a continuing series based on the unique political and economic system which has made America great watch for the next presentation of the American adventure

  1. We've been a socialist country since the 70s at least, if you think your free, your only kidden yourself.

  2. The white world terror dominators "capitalize" on abusing/subjugating non-white/ Black people. Black people should want Black Liberation from under white world terror domination.

  3. Capitalism Kills and is no longer sustainable to support
    all life on the planet. It's heartening that socialism is starting to be embraced by more and more millenials
    and others are waking up to that fact too. ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’œ

  4. Fifty years ago, that may have been a valid point. But nowadays anyone who is willing to educate himself, work hard and exercise self-discipline, has an opportunity to succeed. And I know whereof I speak, coming of age in the 1950's and 60's. Examples: Booker T. Washington, the Hodge Twins, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, Oprah Winfrey, Daymond John, Kanye West, (Big) George Foreman, Wallace (Famous) Amos. And the list goes on. But I'm sure that all you leftists out there will ignore these facts, as they do not resonate with your "feelings" of victimization.

  5. I didnt listen passed 2:00 because my precious people need to know their dealing with witch craft in all its elaborate forms. Most of you fail to understand the spells youve been taught to cast and except as part of your day to day experience. As you speak, accept and practice the spellion or spell union, the biological program can take affect and prepetuate itself by using the host to rely, relay, repeat and regurgitate the recourse into a false yet sustainable reality. "Ism" describes just that, an idea or ideal with an idealistc agenda ed intent. Capital is to stand above, to head or to out rank. So basically you've all accepted a parlor trick program that allows the idols with the ideas to always be above you. But its ok because somewhere there is someone you can be above so oh well. Thats the whole concept of spell casting, removing the subject from their free will and common consciousness.

  6. But what about the roads the cars drive on Dr.? Isnโ€™t that socialism? we the people through taxes built that. Cars needs roads.

  7. And not one word is said about the theft of natural resources from Africa so Americans can have their capitalism !

  8. [Verse 1]
    Begin hyper-communication
    Restore our vision
    Of natural progression
    Rise in groves to reclaim the source
    The Center

    [Verse 2]
    We will be the salvation the Mother seeks
    Traversing in all directions
    Balance finds its place
    Reaching for the Mother Sun
    Rooted to intuition
    You are the language

    Drift with the ebb and flow
    Drift with the ebb and flow
    Ebb and flow
    Ebb and flow
    Ebb and flow
    Ebb and flow
    Intuition sets in
    Branching out from your seed to seek

    [Verse 3]
    Contrived sense of inception
    Intuition speak to meย @me meย  One cant love others without loving self.
    One can't love self until the true self is discovered.
    People love their egoic (false) self. This is the self that puts faith in religions, beliefs, and deities. This self judges self AND others because it plays a persona/act/role. Its a pseudo humility couched in sugar coated words like "love". The egoic self will never innerstand love until it innerstands the true self, so it plays psychology games with "Gods", people and life in general. It tries in every way to validate itself as self but it will never work. The ego must willingly relent to the spirit body and integrate it fully into the 5 based carbon structure to become a 6 sense human/being. This starts a chain reaction…..
    See my channel ๐Ÿ™

  9. This was long ago, taught to white students and it was teaching them how to be capitalist. Question: What did they teach in segregated black schools during this time?

  10. I miss all the original street cars and trolleys that GM went around the country dismantling so peeps would buy cars. I drove cars all my life but finally decided ๐ŸšŽ streetcars & subways are better. Get some exercise๐Ÿฐ, enjoy the city and save money like the guy said!

  11. "Neither socialism or communism will ever become established in America"

    What an idiot, the US has had socialism since it began. The Post Office is Socialism, public education is socialism, government roads is socialism.

    Socialism IS NOT COMMUNISM. The first works and the second does not.

  12. The speaker, Clifton L. Ganus Jr., is 97 years old now. His wife Louise is also 97 years old. They have been married for 76 years.

  13. 90% of the wealth generated (GDP) is own by 1% of the population. If this statistic is true then capitalism is really another name for socialism. Oligarchs has persuaded the masses that all of us with a little capital can fit in the 1%. What if the 1% don't lend or they become loan sharks? Capitalism then becomes an oppressive monetary system that monopolizes it's competition. In my research I've found that the Federal Reserve Bank is Communism for the wealthy. #Americafreedomtofascism

    Funny How The Term Democracy Is Interchangeable With The Term CAPITALISM & When It Suits, SOCIALISM & COMMUNISM Are Both Interchangeable As Well & Are Are ALSO Practiced WITH IN AMERICAN CAPITALISM..

    Property Ownership? Lml, NO SUCH THING!!!
    Skip That Property TAX And Let's See Watchu "OWN"..

    Amazing These Folks WENT TO WAR Over A 1 cent (NOT 1%) Increase In TEA TAX..
    Now We're Being Taxed For The Tax On Top Of Even Mo TAX W/O A Peep.
    Including LUXURY TAX, AMUSEMENT TAX, etc

  15. Just happen to ask the right questions and supply the the right answers for the pillars he already has. Not a good toy maker.

  16. Wow smh thats definitely a read between the lines presentation ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Weak minded won't find it

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