A Light Against The Dark of Communism: Part Six

rabbi Rubin ver Schiff ski story is one of heroism courage faith and resilience in the face of extreme hardship and unrelenting challenges hear him describe how he survived behind the Iron Curtain and emerged with his connection to Hashem and his Torah stronger than ever my mother-in-law when she came she asked try the way she could sent me some food and they said no you cannot send anything so she was trying to smuggle in it was her idea how to smuggle in food at my idea she came there next day she went to guards gave them some money and they took a box carton box with food for me she did it twice two boxes and the first parcel there was some food and there were two cartons of Marlboro I don't know how she got Malware in Russia because it was something that you can't buy in stores and I don't smoke so by the way you figured out this is the currency and I used it I used those packs of Marlboro to bribe guards to France to to to transfer me to take me to another cell when I need it or something else and the second time she sent me a box of food for Pesa I get Matz's I got some flesh Nate I got a bottle with a glass bottle bag little bag with sugar and little back with raisins so I added to an I put the raisins and sugar water in that bottle for the next to either radiator it was under my bed and in two weeks less than two weeks in in a week I had wine for four passer so I had I had several passes in my in myself I had even more for Seder and when I was getting ready when I was pulling my matzah in order and Cara wherever I could I realized the next my next neighbor next bunk neighbor he mentioned that his mother is Jewish the guy was a serial killer he killed four people different different occasions he killed four people and it's night they're sleeping and I'm starting my Saturday sir and I decide I have to wake him up so I start waking it up and he doesn't want to wake up and I'm afraid he's gonna kill me he's not gonna get a bigger term he's already charged with four murders he kills me he's gonna sit same number of years he wakes up I tell him he mentioned that he mother Jewish it says yes okay tonight is the night of Besser you have to wash your hands it piece of matzah and listen to the story how we came out of it's Ryan he washes his hands he eats a piece of matzah and he falls asleep he didn't hear the story of it is me trying he falls asleep he didn't remember that in the morning when he woke up but at least I felt like I did what what I could I was Misaki another Jew a serial killer I was Misaki input with Seder Pesa so that was the story and after pastor day they shipped me they sent me back to Kiev cap listen till the middle of summer I was I was there awaiting trial I was taken to trial from there and after trial until they transferred me to the prison camp in outside of Port au in pashkova when I was in a prison cell I was very depressed and I was constantly governing to a sharp tool to – let me out – to help me – to save me but what time I was in the middle of the cell is a big table the cell lists for 30-40 people sometimes they put 50 people in that cell and there's a big table in the middle bolted into the floor and I was standing there at the head of that table and I was thinking I was asking a Shem that one day I have a family big enough to sit around the table like this that all my all my children should be sitting around the table big like this and today when we gather it's not very often that we could all gather at one table but when we do I remember that thought that Fela that I had when I was looking at the table in a prison prison cell and today part of hashem with ten children can another 19 a new clock we could feel table bigger than that Baruch Hashem after coming to America for a long time I couldn't find anything about my ancestor from I'll gobble by the name King has won its King the only piece of internal and information I got from my grandmother until my friend found a safer that was written by damn husband Itsuki the safer called snake Haim and we find that this is this is the the other side that is the going that my grandmother was referring to when she said she is a granddaughter of a going and now we printed Baruch Hashem the the the safer and my children learning that safer snake I'm was so eager to have from Orion o'clock and from descendants that carry his name I have a sump in hers I have a grandson Pincus and we very proud to to be the continuation so many times have been to Jewish families their apartments they have a picture and a wall of ancestor and grandfather friend grandfather old person with white beard but the yarmulka like this his Rebbetzin sitting next to him and they probably saying this is my grandfather or or a great grandfather and I look at those people they have nothing in common they have no shows – he descried and what what it's so special it is his he is your grandfather and and what's your place in Yiddish Yiddish cried in a Jewish world I think it's very important not only to look at pictures of grandfathers but think how they look at you are they proud of you being their descendants and also even if your mats of looks very bleak even if you're looking at the empty prison table and you know that there is a big chance you're not gonna make it to life of this prison there are many people they want to kill you or or or you could just not survive it and still you you you have done that the binational will save you for a reason that you should continue on telling about a Jewish family being micariff other Jews – he descried helping other people to come closer to provide nationalism it's always a very very important thought how you what's your connection with your ancestors and what's the purpose that Hashem saves you in this world and gives you opportunity to live one


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