A Light Against The Dark of Communism: Part Five

rabbi Rubin ver Schiff ski story is one of heroism courage faith and resilience in the face of extreme hardship and unrelenting challenges hear him describe how he survived behind the Iron Curtain and emerged with his connection to Hashem and his Torah stronger than ever my term began on February 19 8 1985 and on February 19th 1987 first six months I was in Kiev lukianov qey prison the famous the famous key of prison their interrogation and the time of trial six month I spent in different cells of Lukyanova prison than half a year close to half a year in maximum security in Ukraine near Poltava and then for the second year also because of diplomatic efforts other different diplomatic efforts I was transferred from maximum security in Ukraine to a minimum security of in northern northern Russia shuya a first year was very difficult first because I had no experience my background as I was 21 at the time of arrest and I come from intelligent family I never heard of Russian prisons I had no idea what it is the world inside Russian jail all experiences were so new to me I didn't know how to how to deal with all the difficulties in in prison so first year was difficult I didn't have anything I didn't have a nice volume I didn't have to feel and I did anything with the except exception of Pesa I had Matz's and some kosher food for Casa one month after rest but that's a separate story we'll talk about it other than that I had a little notebook where I had written whatever I remembered from cedar starting from my dyani all the way into most of him for Halle mode passer where ever I could remember by heart I would write in that and that school notebook that I had so I had my handwritten sidered that I called minima Hakeem that's it for the whole year I didn't have anything else the second year besides the fact that was a minimum-security i was already big moon ham after 12 years in in the system and different prisons they kept switching me they kept transferring me from one prison to another I spent a lot of prison time in transit in those special railway cars for prisoners or prisons and a way from Ukraine to Russia from from Poltava to hike of two to year as level to resign to Ivanova between those prisons and in those prisons and after a year I was already I only spent 12 months in but I knew probably more than average prisoner days that spent 12 months because of all that had Gaggia and they kept me with worse prisoners they didn't they were afraid that I could influence other prisoners though so legally they had to keep me as a first-time offender they had to according to the rules they had to keep me with first-time offenders instead they kept me with serial killers and and repeat offenders and and drug dealers and and and murderers and all types of worse criminals to scare me or to to to to wherever their plan was at the same time I was learning some tricks from those worst criminals I learned how to get things smuggled into prison how to drive how to exchange favors and how to how to deal with different problems in in in prison so the second year was easier I had some small number of us for him in prison I had Phelan and again the second passer I had Matz's and and kosher food both years suckers I didn't have anything that asuka not aluminum follow Hashem both passive I had I had a Matz's and some kosher food second Rosh Hashanah I had a chauffeur yom kippur was difficult but but borrow hashem it belongin was the other dish meyer that i-i-i was i got sick very sick before Yom Kippur so I had I had excuse not to work on Yom Kippur I had different plans in my head but trubiner Shalom had his plan I had a very high fever and food poisoning before Yom Kippur I have to say that at the time I was arrested my wife was expecting a baby she was nine months pregnant and exactly a month after I was arrested she gave birth to my first son in hers and there was heroic efforts I have my mother-in-law that she came she figured out how to come to that prison and I have to mention that on that day that my wife gave birth to my our first child I was transferred from Fujian offical prison to psychiatric prison other prisoners they this so afraid of the word psychiatric prison they don't want to mention to mention the name to mention that the word because people don't come back from that regular prison at least you have a term you know when your term ends in psychiatric prison there is no term people don't come back they could make you into animal within two weeks with their injections they could make you into animal if not if not a vegetable within two weeks and horror stories ash gotta practice in my case it was a Yeshua imagine what I felt when I was told that I'm being taken to two psychiatric prison prisoners in my cell they they said goodbye to me like like they were partying with with a dead person at the funeral instead it was a change to better first of all in psychiatric prison you have a real bed instead of a bunk with nothing on it you have a few of mattress and a pillow and a blanket instead of a cell without any window you have a window with battle bars and outside the building six meter high wall you can see anything outside but at least you can see skies and clouds and birds it's a lot of it's a big change after one month in in lukianov king in the maximum security work you can't you don't know what time of day it is you lose count of days altogether you're not sure if today is Shabbos or not or you you made a mistake you you don't know what's the weather outside and it's very impressed and depressing the lightest on 24 hours you have to sleep with bright light on all you together with 36 people and forget about that there are worse criminals they smoke and I don't and there is no ventilation so they themselves they suffocate every time they all of them smoke and what about me and psychiatric jail that has linen and pillows and ventilation and windows and besides there was a way to smuggle in it was mama she uttered a smothered dish my that passer pingas was born cosine other so i was transferred there two weeks before before passer and i spent there a month and that psychiatric prison and that's where I started how to bribe how does exchange favors how to how to send letters how the sent little notes how to shoot with little notes outside over that six meter high wall on the same day I was transferred to a psychiatric jail as soon as I settled in in myself and big thing I had opportunity to choose a bed and I chose a bed next to the radiator and by the way they are they have radiators unlike prison cell that has no heating or almost no heating normal radiator healing so I crapped I took a bad next radiator because after that freezer so I had my my knees killing me as soon as I settle in the cell guard comes calls my name and he says your I congratulate you you wife gave birth to a boy when I was informed that I have I have a son I made sure I write my mother-in-law a note and I used a special way of shooting a piece of paper over over that wall and I wrote in that note that I the name is pin cos they should name it in hers they should use a bottle as creb mortal in Moscow for a mile and they did my mother-in-law and my wife they contacted remote level model gave them another name they called leningrad somebody came from leningrad to kiev am oil and he did he made the briefs on pingas i decided on the name even before I got married because one thing I knew about my ancestors with one little piece of information my grandmother she told me then when she was a young girl her mother kept telling her handler you should be proud your granddaughter of a big girl and I asked my grandmother what was your grandfather's first name and she said been–has okay so I decided that my first child movie first son will be linked because so they called person from sans Petersburg was Leningrad to come to Kiev person came they had the priests and again when they were living the apartment when people guests were living the apartment after the priest they were all photographed with the flesh from a building across and when that person oh the moil he was living he slept over by my in-laws in Kiev and he checked on a baby next day morning and he was about to leave for the airport with his back with with the tools all of a sudden he came back into apartment and he said you know what I decide I lived my my my my back here so he came back to leave his briefcase with all the tools and then he he he went to the airport and in a in the airport they were waiting for him with with a search he was stripped searched in the airport they were looking for tools that he is a model and he he has to carry his tools and that would be a big case instead they didn't find he had mama Shia intuition you

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