A History of Firsts — UC Riverside’s LGBT Community

If I could describe UCR in one word it would be revolutionary pioneering UCR is courageous because UCR students are courageous UCR really gave me the courage to be myself I felt like I could find myself here and, and if I felt like changing I could and still be accepted It is intellectual interdisciplinary by nature And it’s a rigorous field of academic exploration that really holds up the highest standards of what the university represents We are nationally or even say internationally recognized as a center for LGBT studies We provide support education advocacy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity for our campus We’ve added a David Bennett cyber center And we’ve grown our library to over 300 DVD films and almost a thousand books. We have an online peer mentoring program It’s one of the first of its kind There are trained peer mentors who will help people work through those issues We created the Ally safe zone program. The sign on the door that says Ally means that lesbian and gay students can find support there. I get so many phone calls about the programs that we do, trans health care benefits, different things And they’re asking because they want to know how to do it on their campus I found more community and more connection more of a sense of belonging here than I had up till the age 18 in San Francisco And that’s something I can carry with me always. And it makes me feel a little happier that I’ve come to an institution that accepts me and it’s not only accepting, but they’re like, Hey, you’re you and you’re awesome, which is great It’s it’s great to be recognized for who you are


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