A conversation with Adam Levy, Manchita, Astronautalis, and Communist Daughter

Good evening and welcome to Finding
Harmony a conversation and song exchange with
artists about mental health. I’m Adam Levy. I’m a singer/songwriter and survivor of an adult/child suicide
three years ago so growing up I dealt with
obsessive-compulsive disorder mild tourettes, an anxiety disorder and on and off again depression since I
was probably three or four few years old I probably I’ve never really been
diagnosed with anything I’m not one that succeeds with having a label put on things I think probably if a doctor were to look at it I probably had a pretty close to a nervous breakdown on tour from what was ultimately touring
too much not taking care of myself both mentally
and physically I struggle with anxiety and and depression and then I married I fell in love with and married a recovering addict and alcoholic and also an undiagnosed bipolar My name’s Johnny I’m an addict and alcoholic (laughing) yeah thanks I’m also bipolar and I’ve been diagnosed with an
anxiety disorder so. What are like five things or just three things that you do
on a daily basis when you struggle with stress and other
other problems? Key and Peele or other funny stuff to make myself laugh There’s nothing like that
chemistry and I know that I need more doses than I
naturally get because I’m kind of just a dark-minded
person so laughter, innocent, quiet non talking back creature friend and I would definitely say movement physical
movement in my body definitely jumping jacks or
just dancing around to Drake or Beyonce well get me in a different space I’m really really lucky in that I have though the rest them my extended
family is a bunch of shit birds and that is really truly put it nicely I hit the lottery with my immediate
family my mother my father my two brothers are amazing and wonderful people and beyond that family though I don’t
have a lot of contact with the aunts and uncles and some have zero
contact with it’s my extended friend/family here and in other places that is the biggest
number one of all because I am lucky enough to have
those people in my life that are connected with me, I can check in
with that I can you get to a point in life once everyone starts you know realizing their problems you
get to the point where you all get real comfortable with each other and like that’s a big thing
for me to have those friends and to have those circles to go to that’s like the number one.
the number two is something it fell into my lap two years ago and that’s motorcycles it’s been great for me especially
because the thing about riding motorcycles is that when you’re on the motorcycle you cannot do anything but ride the motorcycle you
can’t check phone you can’t drink you can’t do anything all you can do is ride the motorcycle because if you do anything other than riding a motorcycle when you’re on the motorcycle then you die and then the last thing is a thing that I found out recently and it sort of came to me because I’ve been
getting into my mid-thirties and I started to not be as
skinny as I used to so I started to work out and I’m not an obsessive exerciser but I just do a
little bit of – I have to do something every day and I
have noticed just by doing a bunch of push ups after I drink my coffee
the rush that I get from that propels me
past that weird gray like 9:30 in the morning where you’ve
had your coffee and you’re tired again and knock out pushups and it’s like I can do things now and it’s a weird sensation those three man save my life. I also have furry creatures that I love and they’re my babies – she really does love them – I really love them. There’s max the cat and tigger the dog and they’re adorable and we talk to each other because I feel like I can
communicate them telepathically We’ll talk about that later I really think
physical activity is huge if you can get outside, get outside if you live in the winter in MN it’s harder but we’ve been doing
yoga and it’s actually been really awesome and meditation – I’m trying to meditate that’s just prayer, journaling whatever is
your thing I like to journal family and friends huge yeah. One of the things
that I try and do is I try not to do something fully 100 percent you know
when I start to obsess about something like when I’m writing songs – I’m like I gotta
write songs ahhhh I wake up at 8am and I’m gonna work on them and it’s like I’m never get anything done so
I try and fill my day with like actual like things I work out now which crazy since, you know seeing the indie rocker dude show up to do yoga that’s my form, yeah I get outside which is crazy because when
you’re drug addict you never think that you like the outside you think you hate it but now I actually get outside it’s kind of nice. I’m social which is also something that I
think I hate but actually when I get out and start talking to people you know
that’s one of the things about being an addict and one of the things you use to stop that is to get out be around
people that suffer from the same things. I think
this whole idea of moving your body anytime you’re
depressed I know when I’m depressed the first
thing I want to do is crawl in a ball and go to sleep right? And I find like even pouring a hot
bath like that act of getting in a space where your endorphins
are stimulated like that’s awesome but movement, blocking, moving, yoga, I have discovered recently I love that I also box and that’s like mind-blowingly cool it’s
like dancing, hitting things really hard cooler than family/friends I have two daughters and they’re like instant endorphin releasees the minute
I see them and I also love cooking so I’d say those three things kind of do it. Thanks again for coming, and thanks to these guys.

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