A Brief History of Socialism

Carl we've run out of grain I told you common ownership wasn't going to work it's antithetical to human nature but we only tried this Vance it wouldn't be fair not to give it a second chance okay so the second time was abortion but did we really get any closer to trying real socialist principles best three out of five okay okay I get it you're upset but here's the thing if we tried it just one more time I really think it could work oh look at that I'm not perfect I make mistakes are you happy I said it now let's just gives this one more try why are you always pointing the finger at me it's hard enough constantly being sabotaged by the CIA the CIA sabotaged our attempt at socialism in Jamestown you're missing the point socialism can work I promise just one more try okay just one more come on what's a couple more dead bodies on the road to utopia okay so it was more than a couple of dead bodies but I'm telling you for getting closer I can feel it man four bunch of people died again who saw that coming man what a mess okay just another stop it's how much longer must we continue to participate in this exercise and masochism you continually promise that things will change and people too ignorant to know better do your bidding until a perfectly serviceable society is brought to ruin at the sacrificial altar of your relentless utopianism oh I'm a monster I'm an animal I'm the worst thing there is I'm responsible for all of this misery and suffering and pain and just one more time okay ah look at that it worked that time I knew it would finally catch on we just had to keep trying for literally all of the remainder of human history oh come on it didn't take that long five minutes until the heat death of the universe it was worth it this video was sponsored by Dollar Shave Club $6 shave club thought shave club is here and we're not gonna preach at you about gender the only toxic masculinity we're concerned about is that smell coming out of your pits for goodness sakes groom yourself man with Dollar Shave Club you can get the shave shower or oral care set for five bucks each and the regular size products will be shipped to you whenever and how often you like get this special offer at dollarshaveclub.com slash freedom tunes that's dollarshaveclub.com slash freedom tunes

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  2. The "death count" of socialism will never, ever, ever compare to the exponentially larger death count of capitalism. Capitalism has killed more people in the last decade than every socialist country combined in the history of the world.

  3. The fundamental problem with Socialism is human nature. Putting that much power in the hands of few does not end well, especially if those few are driven by ideology.

    When humans finally get virtuous enough for Socialism to work, we do not need it anymore.

  4. The problem with pure capitalism is monopoly's, and eventual disparaging in equality. The problem with pure socialism is pretty much everything. That is why when you make a republic, you ensure human rights and property laws. Equality of opportunity.

  5. Not accurate enough. You have 2 people alive at the end. There is still room for inequity. When there is only 1 person left utopia can finally begin.

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