A Brief History of Brazil

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share so you might have heard of the term the BRICS it’s a collection of
countries that are predicted to become the world’s superpowers by the end of
the 21st century it’s an acronym standing for Brazil Russia India China
and South Africa and because of a patreon stretch goal thank you patrons
by the way we’re gonna be doing a sub series of the brief history series on
the BRICS countries starting with Brazil which I was surprised to find out as the
fifth most populous country on Earth so there’s like a Brazilian people there
Brazil holds keys to the fate of the world it’s sitting on top of a massive
oil reserve and the Amazon the rainforest is one of the most important
assets we have to protect against climate change it alone produces
one-quarter of the oxygen produced on earth yeah we really need to learn about
Brazil if they’re gonna be one of the world leaders by the end of the century
we should get an idea of what kind of leader they’ll be so this is a brief
history of Brazil just a disclaimer this is a brief history of Brazil which means
that there are subjects that are very interesting very important and very
awesome that I’m gonna have to skip over for the sake of time this is going to be
just a primer an introduction a appetizer to the history of Brazil
rather than a deep and exhaustive documentation if anything in this video
interests you I highly recommend you check it out or if you don’t want to do
that tell me to make an entire video about it and I’ll put under consideration a
second disclaimer is that I am a English speaker primarily my first language is
English my second language is French and my third is Spanish but I do not speak
Portuguese which is going to make things interesting when it comes to the
pronunciation of words stuff so I want to ask for forgiveness in advance for my
less than good pronunciation of Portuguese now Brazil’s history is one
of the oldest in the Americas with evidence showing that there have been
people living in what is modern-day Brazil for 11,000 years we used to think
that because the Amazon is kind of resource poor that the Amazon did not
have complex societies but as we clear more and more of the Amazon we’re
finding that there’s evidence of a much more sophisticated civilization than we
thought of before there’s even speculation that these societies likely
shaped the flora and fauna of the rainforest to suit their needs
this is huge and we still don’t know the depths of this mystery also at the mouth
of the Amazon River was a society called the Marajoara people who might have
had as many as a hundred thousand people living on the island when the Portuguese
arrived on the shores of Brazil there were as many as two thousand tribes
living there there’s actually some debate over who was the first European
to show up the common idea is that it was a portuguese explorer by the name of
Duarte Pacheco Pareira but there are some people who believe that the first
European to arrive in Brazil was one of the conquistadors who was actually on
Columbus first voyage a Spaniard by the name of Vincent Yáñez Pinzón as
Spain and Portugal started to make claims over the new world they went to
the Pope to find an answer to split it up in some sort of amicable fashion what
resulted out of that was something called the Treaty of Tordesillas which
is a decree that basically made a line straight through a north-south line that
divided the Americas gave everything to the East to the Portuguese and
everything to the west to the Spaniards now I should mention that Portugal and
Spain are the only countries who observed this treaty of tordesillas but
it is a key document in understanding why
South America looks the way it does like with other places where Europeans
arrived in the Americas there was the major issue of European diseases and
disease resistance all told European diseases killed about
a fifth of the human population due to the Columbian Exchange and over the
years Brazil has made its wealth by having different types of resources
become important the first Portuguese settlers as well as many pirates and
traders and other sorts of people came to Brazil because of Brazilwood trees
which could be used to make a red because of the presence of Brazil would
the Portuguese decided that the indigenous people there obviously needed
to become Christians so they tried to convert the population killed a ton of
people so that they could you know make red dye now at the time of the discovery
of Brazil by Portugal Portugal already had a pretty wide spanning and
profitable trade network with the Far East by circumnavigating Africa so they
actually had very little interest in Brazil which made it ripe for poaching
by various private groups from random adventurers to pirates to just you know
regular traders in the 16th century Brazil started to get into the business
of growing sugar there were many places where Europeans
were starting to grow sugar but Brazil became one of the more profitable places
to do it the Portuguese actually invented the
sugar plantation which was brutal had tons of slavery and there goes my
monetization thanks thanks YouTube by the late 1500s sugar production in
Brazil was extensive they were a major sugar exporter which in the 17th century
brought the Dutch who tried to show up and take over productive sugar territory
the Portuguese as well as indigenous and afro-Brazilian history at least in the
colonial ages trying to just repel people just showing up in Brazil and
starting their own colonies after the Dutch got pushed out many of the rivals
in Europe to Portugal in the sugar trade decided to start focusing more on the
Caribbean for their sugar production and this has a lasting mark one of the most
iconic liquors in Brazil that’s actually pretty hard to get outside of
Brazil is called cachaça which is made from sugar in the 18th century gold was
discovered in Brazil which made the Portuguese very happy because they were
very very tapped out from wars with Spain in the Netherlands it led to a
gold rush and in the 18th century gold mining became brazil’s largest industry
there was an area called Minas Gerais which is Portuguese for the general
mines which became one of the most developed areas of Brazil
there were also diamond deposits found so there was a lot of money to be had in
1720 Coffee was introduced to Brazil which
grew immensely by 1850 Brazil was producing half of all of the coffee on
the planet which coffee by the way also involved along with all these other
industries extensive use of black workers the only difference between
coffee the rest of them is that coffee plantations actually could use a mix of
slave and free black workers in the 19th century the coffee trade also brought
immigration waves of Spaniards Italians and Japanese workers it was coffee that
actually developed the Brazilian railways by 1900 coffee represented 16
percent of Brazil’s GDP the last big resource boom in Brazil was rubber from
the 1880s to the 1920s rubber was huge in the Amazon it caused massive
development in the place where there was extensive rubber plantations and it went
really really well until Asian competition brought down the price which
made the entire industry collapse rather dramatically and caused severe
environmental damage to the Amazon I talk about these different stories
because Brazil has always been this place that has been exploited for its
wealth its primary resource wealth and this happens in a lot of countries this
is very similar to the story of the Democratic Republic of Congo and to some
extent it’s also the story of Canada this resource dependent leads to these
really really bad boom and bust cycles which can make entire regions develop
and develop very quickly not to mention if you control a strategic resource
you’re going to be finding powers across the world messing around with your
country in order to make sure that the spice keeps flowing going back to the
beginning the Portuguese kingdom did not really want to be involved in the
day-to-day management of Brazil at the beginning as it was just a small colony
that didn’t really get a lot of attention so the Portuguese King just
gave two portuguese nobles there was some exploration to the interior by like
paramilitary groups called Bandeirantes who were looking for gold and slaves
in the interior of the Amazon but for the most part the colonies kept to the
shores after the Dutch invasions in the 1600s Brazil had a reputation of being
poorly defended so they were fending off invasions from
the French the English and the Dutch who were all trying to start new colonies in
Brazil they were repelled but the Dutch continued to be a common problem usually
with privateers and piracy the Portuguese invasion of indigenous
territory was of course also resisted very early on in the Portuguese invasion
there was a major Confederation of indigenous tribes called the Tamayo
Confederation which bravely stood up against the Portuguese and of course
Portugal beginning like the country obsessed with slavery imported tons and
tons of African slaves who started their own resistance movements one really
interesting example being Palmares now I can’t talk about Palmares without
talking about a leader by the name of Zumbi he was an African man who lived
with the Portuguese with missionaries he escaped and during his life became a
legendary warrior and figure being the leader the King almost of Palmares they
founded a republic called the Quilombo dos palmares but unfortunately his
soldiers were defeated by the Portuguese because of their access to artillery
Zumbi was wounded but he escaped then he was betrayed by one of his compatriots
captured by the Portuguese and beheaded they specifically showed off his head to
show to African slaves that he was counter to the legends about him not
immortal but from all of the stories of Zumbi’s life it sounds like he kind of
rules how modest was just one example of something called a maroon which show up
all over the Americas and I think might be a good topic for their own video
Maroons are Communities made up of people who escaped slavery they were in
Brazil they were all over New Spain and they were also in the United States but
Palmares was actually able to boast a population of about thirty thousands
this was a really huge one also the escaped slaves living in Palmares
developed a martial art by the name of capoeira which if you ever see people
doing it now I think has to be one of the most Brazilian things ever now in the 1790s in the heat of the
French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution there are plans all over
Brazil to lead a revolution to overthrow the Portuguese you know if you want to
learn more about this period of history I did a video on the Bourgeois
revolutions you should watch it because of said revolutions Napoleon at one
point actually conquered Portugal and so in 1808 the Portuguese court had to run
away from Portugal to Brazil to escape Napoleon they then set the new seat of
the Portuguese kingdom in Rio de Janeiro from there the Portuguese king ruled the
Portuguese Empire from Brazil for fifteen years they would have stayed
longer but actually after the liberation of Portugal it was starting to get a
little awkward that he wasn’t coming back in 1815 the Portuguese King made
Brazil its own Kingdom as part of the United Kingdom with Portugal and Algarves and in 1821 the Portuguese King left for Portugal he left behind though
his son Pedro to stay as the regent of Brazil where a year later that same
Pedro announced that he was declaring himself independent as the independent
king of Brazil this set off a three-year long war which led to the independence
of Brazil but also in a small way led to the independence of Uruguay which I mean
if I do a brief history of Uruguay I can get into that the independent Brazil was
led by Emperor Pedro the first who in 1831 then had to abdicate because he was
becoming unpopular by different factions within Brazil and he had to go back to
Portugal himself which then he left his five-year-old son Pedro the second in a
sort of Regency for Brazil during his Regency there was a lot of instability
and as an adult he basically ran Brazil as a parliamentary country in 1889 pedro
ii was outed in a coup and brazil became a republic now in the 20th century
brazil went through a lot of different political changes so we’re gonna have to
go over a bit by bit but the first i’m gonna mention is that during the 20th
century brazil was going through a massive buildup of its agriculture its
industry by basically expanding into the interior and by that of course I
mean chopping down that Amazon rainforest that the entire world depends
upon yeah that’s that’s a that’s a common thread in Brazilian history
foreign relations wise Brazil kept itself relatively isolationist it more
or less kept aligned with Western powers had a tiny role in World War one trying
to counter German submarine warfare and when the League of Nations was the thing
it tried to be a big player in the 1930s they went through a brief cold war with
the nation of Argentina in this power struggle Brazil became a closer Ally
with the United States while Argentina started to become more aligned with the
fascists there was a brief flirtation with Italy and Nazi Germany but there
was a failed fascist coup in Brazil in 1938 which put Brazil more or less in
the orbit of the United States when it came to World War two in World War two
Brazil fought alongside the United States both from the Atlantic Ocean and
in a campaign in Italy in the 1950s it also tried to get heavily involved the
United Nations now Brazil’s political history starting in 1889 is this back
and forth between democracy and military dictatorship in 1889 there was a military
coup and the emperor was deposed for four years of a military dictatorship in
the Constitution that was drawn up shortly after women were banned from
voting and for the most part in this time period the presidency of Brazil was
ruled by coffee Barons from one of two provinces they would hand the presidency
to each other back and forth this was called coffee with milk politics and the
1930s there was a liberal revolution which overthrew the rulership by the
Coffee Barons and put in a more democratic society which was then over
overthrown in 1964 by another military coup the 1964 military coup came from a
fear of a potential communist revolution many of the military leaders in Brazil
wanted to make harsh anti leftist policies and we’re getting frustrated
with what they called speed blocks caused by democracy the military
dictatorship was the fastest way for them to implement economic policies that
benefited a small wealthy elite while also suppressing popular discontent the
Brazilian right would consider this 1964 coup
revolution but in reality the distribution of power moved to a small
elites that was already doing very well it was a way to secure power rather than
grow new power this who was of course supported by the United States they
thought it was a way to counter communism and during the rulership of
the military dictatorships there was a massive growth and wealth inequality a
huge increase in national debt and during this period they deported
imprisoned tortured and killed lots of indigenous people so that they could
build things like farms ranches and hydroelectric dams on top of their
ancestral territory this military rule would continue until 1985 where a
interesting fluke turned the tables the military dictator elected in 1985
actually died before he could be sworn in and his vice-president who was a
civilian actually was the one who took power this took the Brazilian government
out of the hands of the military and into the hands of civilian power in 1989
Brazil had its first popularly elected president and what came from it
neoliberalism after 1989 Brazil implemented free trade they privatized a
lot of the industry and inequality became even worse to the point where now
inequality is some of the worst in the world in Brazil so neoliberalism was the
name of the game until 2002 and a left-wing leader by the name of Luiz
Inacio Lula da Silva often known in Brazil just as Lula and his party Partido dos Trabalhadores or I’m just gonna go with the Workers Party or PT in order
to get elected Lula had to distance himself from his past as a labour
leader and as a leftist after that he was able to get elected because the
hegemonic media was very resistant to his candidacy and this was a way to
ingratiate himself to them part of his softening his edges meant
that Lula kept a lot of the neoliberal policies and austerity alive didn’t also
hurt that the international community basically held the Real which is Brazil’s
currency hostage until they submitted to said harsh austerity
so the Lula government did a lot of things like cut retirement benefits for
public workers but it also put in a lot of
programs to improve the lot in life for a lot of Brazilians there is an increase
in the minimum wage there was a program called Fome Zero or zero hunger which
guaranteed social assistance for food staples for poor people it led to a 46
percent decrease in child malnutrition the PT even made medicine considered an
essential good and focused on getting it to the disadvantaged
Lula’s government even survived a 2005 accusation of corruption and through
this government and equality started to get a little better
in 2010 lula couldn’t run for president again because of term limits so in his
place was put a new leader of the Workers Party Dilma Rousseff who became
in 2010 the first female president of Brazil then things started to take a
dark turn in 2013 and 2014 protests broke out over Brazil due to public
transit fees and the spending on the 2014 FIFA World Cup which took place in
Brazil then in 2015 there was a recession and a
corruption scandal as it was hosting the 2016 Olympics though a Rousseff was
brought up on corruption charges and impeached in 2016 in 2017 a court found
Lula da Silva guilty of accepting a bribe and sentenced him to 10 years in
prison later they increased the sentence to 12
years then in 2018 Brazil elected the far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro when he
voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff he dedicated his vote to the officer who
personally tortured President Rousseff during the military dictatorship he has
gone on the record saying he wants to exploit the ever-living out of brazil’s
remaining natural resources and through all of this we might be watching the end
of another period of Brazilian democracy in favor of another dictatorship period
is this the end now this part might hurt the ever greenness of this video but as
I’m making it very recently leaked documents came out that showed that that
impeachment trial I mentioned for Dilma Rousseff was basically being aided along
by the judge who presided over the impeachment hearings which more or less
exposes that the impeachment hearing was a right-wing coup the judge was telling
the prosecution what arguments to make and how to do it
those same leaks have brought about suspicions that the case against Lula
and 2017 were politically motivated to keep him from winning in the 2018
election many Brazilians and people around the world are calling now for his
release glenn greenwald of edward snowden fame is now in the crosshairs
for leaking this story with all of this chaos going on with the literal fate of
brazilian democracy on the line what is the future for this country that’s going
to become one of the world leaders by the end of the century hey friends I’m
not sure if I conveyed this properly in one of my videos but I just want to let
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what does Brazil do now it seems that the country is on the edge of a knife
it’s relatively young democracy being threatened by a right-wing dictator and
how Brazil handles this crisis is not only important to Brazilians but it will
reflect the way that Brazil interacts with the world as a future world leader
Sofres illa is going to be a future world superpower what does this mean for
all of us I’ll tell you that at the moment I’m worried and that as far as
answers go I don’t really have any sorry hey before you go I actually have an
entire series of videos that do brief histories of countries it’s called a
brief history and if you want to see a brief history of more countries just go
and click in the description or even at the end of this video and you will find
an entire playlist where I cover many interesting countries on top of that
I want to finish off by thanking all of my patrons obrigado

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    -The revolution of 1930 was not a liberal revolution, the dictator Vargas opposed liberal democracy.
    -The guy who was indirectly elected in 1985 was a civilian.
    -Dilma was not charged on corruption but on budget fraud.
    -Judge Moro was involved in Lula’s case not Dilma’s.
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  33. Note that while Glen Greenwald has released good info on Brazil, he should not be idolized or even seen as a leftist ally, he's an awful person and very likely corrupt (I have been speaking to journalists who cover Syria, Iraq and Turkey and they seem fairly confident that The Intercept has indirectly accepted money from the Turkish state and may have accepted money or donations from a US fascist think tank that support the Syrian regime of Assad. More info will likely come soon but I've noticed a lot of people dont know Greenwald outside of the Brazil stuff)

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    I can say that the name of the vídeo should be "history of a beatifull piece of shit" because afeter some good stuff comes the shit (and vice-verse)

  41. So much wrong information from this dude.

    One thing everyone must know about Brazil is that the AMAZON forest DOES NOT cover the entirety of the country, only the northwest part. Put that in your mind when you think of Brazil.

  42. Brazilian here! Great video, one of the best concerning the country I've seen around the anglosphere. The biggest thing I think you missed was Fernando Collor's impeachment, which was a pretty huge event in recent history.

  43. I made a different monster and I did it very differently before watching this. I did everything but the legs with extrusions so the upper body is all one piece. there is some kind of weirdness in the arms if I use a subsurface modifier they appear to separate.

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