A Better Year Pending community video edition – thanks – 2018 – hyphen

Things have been rather busy recently but
now we officially enter a new age of content on this channel. The 2019 age. It’s more like a year than an age but whatever. Yeah it’s not a great start but I will improve
it by arbitrarily getting really sentimental, I am going to drop a few tears now and say
that it’s been a great year for the channel and it was sort of struggling to stay alive
by the start of 2018 but then this little green piece of shit came along and that marked
the table-turning rise of viewer interest. So I want to thank you for being interested
in this bizarre diarrhea of wild bullshit I upload because that’s basically the reason
this channel exists in its current form. As a result, this was going to be a community
video, put togather from bits of pictures and clips you, the audience sent me for this
purpose. It was supposed to be themed originally, sort
of Fortuna-Corpus thing given the last year’s events but I gave up on a theme completely
after receiving this gem: I think this is probably the most appropriate
thing anyone could have submitted for the community video on Better Name Pending. So, all in all, thank you for you patronage
and let’s make 2019 a good one.

  1. so, i started playing around November. and subed to your channel some time after. i got the parts for the rhino frame, and had it building
    came back, and my laptop refused to play warframe. i talked to the support and they told me that my laptop wasnt in specs for the game.
    which, fucking sucked cuz my frame was ready.
    while it will be sometime before i can get a PC, i very much enjoy your channel. even tho i dont get much of the jokes, but its still pretty funny. keep up the good work <3

  2. Damn, I didn't know about this send in pics/vids thing. I assume the announcement was on twitter? I would have sent in my -1k days until complete kubrow. Seems like just the thing you would upload 😀

  3. I came for the cat, but I stayed… mostly for the cat. There was some other good stuff too, though, like, uh, an anime or something. Plus the copious amounts of shit you shoveled into my virgin eye and ear sockets, can't forget that. All-in-all, 2018 happened and you have my deepest condolences.

  4. great work on the end of year video! best for you in 2019 keep loving what you do and making great content for everyone to enjoy

  5. i kinda realised something… cant you just "donate" Cataclysm to lotus? i mean is a win win he either dies or kill all sentients lmao

    btw amasing video o/

  6. Hopefully it's another good year for your channel, glad to see my submission made it in.

    My K-drive skills haven't gotten any better.

  7. I've never seen so many Limbo's in one Video, It brings a tear to my rift. Oh and hope for a Wonderful 2019 to Better Name Pending.

    And more Limbo's.

  8. As you browse the comments section, you find a comment that seems very meta. As you begin reading it, you feel a sudden urge to stand up and go outside. You decide to do this, and you step outside. What a beautiful day. It's nice out, and you feel your skull crunch as you're hit with a large object.
    You wake up some time later, and you see three men in a cart..
    "hey, you. fuck me"
    What do you do?

  9. Always love this channel. Continue the love Sir Better Name Pending.. xD
    And… That's my Umbra right there!!!.. xD xD xD

  10. ok get this, a video about rude zuud but the chatter is always giving inappropriate comments so her new name is lewd zuud

  11. Better comment pending to describe the amount of joy and happiness that u have offered to this community especially when ur void demon has been born , wont forget how u spreaded the word of grofit and the bullshit that is dady d-pad and anal vor, thank u for breathing vayhek air .

  12. Is that a god damn JoJo reference?!? (2:50) but seriously this past year has been awesome with this channel, the wacky discord and enjoyable clan over all, and I'll be here for the rest of 2019 as well!


    I puyp koke yapaykyyy ypoky yoyipp po yy ykik apk eapipp kakp yy popyak yukkky pkoupk… Puyk

  13. I hope one day DE lets the ludoplex launch steam games from it, so we can launch Skyrim from it and finally play a smol space gremlin inhabiting a spacefuture zombieflesh cyberninja playing as the Dragonborn.

  14. Dayum i never expected that my dio bran-
    I mean limbo captura that ive sent months ago would be featured here. Thanks dayren u made my day c: And have a happy new year!

  15. why in the f fortuna dosnt have a singel tree with all those other shit it has water it has grass it has mush room yet no treees

  16. BNP, I have to as per a New Year. How do you feel about Alad V's actions to torture the 'Warframe' known as Valkyr? Do you feel it will effect incoming grofit?

  17. Honestly, I stuck around because most if not all the content being uploaded here never ceased to make me laugh like a hyena. The void demon shaped like a Kavat is just part of it.

    That being said… I tried your 'demon summoning'… and succeeded. Cataclysm Prime is already giving me radiation poisoning, send help.

  18. As long as Simaris is still a massive otaku who wants us to synthesize waifus and collect hentai for him, I will increase my effort with my retention to your content in 2019 👌

  19. I want to thank they filthy fur eh… Space skin… Destructive armour cat (?) for bringing me to this amazing channel and community.
    We all like Cataclysm in some way, many are in the same position as me, we like something about him! We just don't know what

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