1. if anything i would buy the kid a root beer. its sad that they would give him rootbeer for a little change. You should be concerned about children health not a little change and giving a KID beer. to even think of considering giving him beer is very SAD!! ☹😒😐

  2. Humanity is a strange type of species! I would say ABSOLUTELY NO to the boy. And that he should play with his friends and drink good water.

  3. that person is right u shouldn't be giving beer to an under age child on that part concceqencess come that people are so dumb if doing that can get in so much trouble and about lots of deaths do happen because of that sittuatetion.

  4. That's so sad I would have sat the boy down and spoke with him asked him what's going on in his life to make him think it's okay to drink at that age

  5. this is fucking stupid, and you're fucking stupid for thinking you're making any sort of change or helping anyone with this video

  6. "alcohol is linked with an estimated 5000 deaths in people under age 21 each year" yeah but i dont think 1 beer is gonna hurt anything

  7. Haha i'd get him one of those, well uh i forgot what their called but it's called beer but it's fine for everyone to drink, that would be a good prank on the alchaholic 9 year old 😆

  8. I would tell the little boy what about something else like for kid and if they said no then I would said sorry but no 🙂

  9. I get that it’s fucked up when they actually buy beer for the kid but it’s fucked you’re purposely setting people up the world has changed and the dollar rules all hard times have shaped the human into this the first guy clearly says “I could use the money” then the kid said I’ll give you 10 bucks and you keep the change a “good” beer cost 2.99-3.99 depending I’m sure these guys are buying that 1.99 natty light and keep a little over 7 dollars it’s not a lot to you but to other people in areas like the one you depicted it’s a “come up” and they’re gonna do whatever to do so it’s entrapment in my opinion you’re only two guys weren’t your typical outstanding citizen if you catch my drift

  10. Why should we live with all those son of bicth seriously
    OK I know they are human like us but still, I think that's how it works

  11. I’d be one to say “Nah I don’t want either of us to get in trouble. And you need to stay safe. Beer will ruin your life man”

  12. As soon as he walked out he turned around so fast and I just died laughing but you have to be crazy to buy a beer for a child

  13. Depends on the neighborhood you're in. Most areas this shit would not happen. When I was a kid we used to go to the rundown neighborhoods and gas stations and it was really easy to get beer.

  14. sad fact in flint mich, there are some young kids that will do this in front of some party stores and this happens late at night 🙁 a lot of people in this city don't care about the kids its just sad.

  15. Most kids would ask for Vodka… I think. It’s a general thing kids assume, that vodka is stronger.

  16. I would've bought the kid beer then when I came out and saw the adult I would be like: "thanks for the free beer and money bitch!!"

  17. I feel bad for both those guys, They needed the coin, they didn’t burn the kid which is pretty amazing. It’s fucking beer! in holland you can buy beer at 14 and kids commonly drink it much earlier then that.

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