9 Types of People Attracted to Anarchist Groups

  1. NOTE: This video is very obviously not about AnCaps, as I view them as something almost entirely different, and they usually don't hang around the "anarchist scene" much at all, but rather seem to be internet oriented.

  2. Funny how many these self-proclaimed ¨rational free thinkers¨ don't bother themselves in doing some research about the topic they're talking about. That's like the last thing a rational free thinker would do.

  3. Government != state

    The stateless society most anarchists advocate would still have some form of government.

  4. this made me so sad… i want you to be happier prince of queens, start a vegetable farm with your friends this fall please

  5. you are completely ignorant, antifa and bamn are “anarcho” communists and communism cannot exist without a state, so no they are not anarchists. anarchy is based on the nonaggression principle (which you have probably never even heard of) and going around breaking shit and attacking people violates the nonaggression principle. the nonaggression principle states that physical force is only justified in self defense. the main difference between anarchists and statists is that statists (wrongly) think that the government has an exemption from the NAP. the state run media has brainwashed most of the population to think that anarchy means chaos and mayhem to scare people into dependency. name one genocide not committed by a government, and name one war not started by a government. private thugs could NEVER cause as much damage as government does.

  6. You could have made a video titled "the 9 types of people attracted to statism" and used the 9 same stereotypes js

  7. Do you even know what anarchism is bro? It means living without a psychotic ruling class, its really that simple 🙂

    It's probably in your interest to study it a little before you make cringy videos like this

  8. I'm an anarchists and I love Ween. Guess I break that punk rocker anarchist stereotype..
    I like people being able to do whatever they want, I feel the consequences of life compared to the consequences of our actions replace our authoritarian system. Anarchists are actually VERY smart people, people who've seen past that illusion of a "system".

  9. i think people become anarchist because they wake up to the truth and see how corrupt our governments are we dont do it to be rebellious we do it cause we care cause we know we matter and how the governments treats us and lies to us is not right

  10. anarchists know more about politics than you or all of your followers combined. I'd wager to bet you couldn't keep your head above water in a discussion of political science with either an anarchist or communist

  11. 0:30 IRONY!!! Seriously, if you're gonna make a video critiquing an Ideology or something large, take the time to understand it. Anarchism is not lawlessness, Anarchist societies often implement voluntary institutions, which are not governments, because it is not going through a third party. These people you mention don't understand Anarchy and say they do, they just want to be counter-culture, but seriously, claiming all anarchists are like this is idiotic. Either do the research, or don't make a video.

  12. He made whole thing about anarchist lol nibba its just people who open there eyes to the power of our corrupt government that's all

  13. Drug users and people with mental health problems are basically the same…. That says all I need to know about your shitty little channel

  14. You appear to have omitted a 10th type, Prince of Queens, viz. those who have studied Politics and History in secondary school (as, incidentally, did I and many of my fellows during our teenage years) or later, and on the basis of reading broadly beyond the curriculum arrive at a reasoned conclusion that anarchism is the best way, in every sense, that people can organise themselves in the interests of, and to the benefit of, all.

    I've met many of the wannabe types you enumerate, but frankly they rarely last long enough in the movement to do any harm.

  15. So you think the military vet guys are coming to the wrong conclusion?

    They go through the traumatic experience of killing tens or even hundreds of people, and correctly identify the people who cause those atrocities.

  16. "vast majority of self-proclaimed anarchists know very little about politics"

    Please justify this claim.

  17. bahaha you fucking idiot. where is your proof that anarchists dont know anything about politics. actually where is your evidence for any of shit. God the way you say punk rock is so cringy.

  18. To be fair, I should have ignored you entirely. Off with you, go smoke pot or sniff glue, or whatever you're into.

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