83% of S. Koreans proud to be Korean, according to culture ministry’s survey on people’s…

a recent survey results was released a
Monday showing what South Koreans think about their life in their countries a
culture and its society it showed a vast majority were proud to be Korean and
said most of them were content with their life in Korea in general Eamonn
son with the details most of South Koreans feel proud to be Korean and are
generally happy with their life and work according to a recent survey conducted
by cultural ministry 84% of respondents said they are proud to be Korean and
over 80% described Korea as a good place to live sixty four percent of
respondents also said they are generally happy with their life in a follow-up
question over sixty percent said they feel their work is valuable and they
have freedom to make choices in life however some twenty four percent said
they sometimes feel depressed for no specific reason were often feel angry
over minor issues many Koreans also felt proud of their traditional and popular
culture including things like kpop nine out of ten respondents said Korea has
outstanding traditional moral and popular culture the number of
respondents with positive feedback on Korea’s pop culture especially grew in
recent years compared to the most recent survey in 2016 more those who said Korea
has outstanding pop culture rose by 39 percent however many Koreans expressed
concern over conflict in Korean society 92 percent said there is a large
conflict between conservatives and liberals and 90 percent said Korea has a
serious level of economic polarization views on North Korea have also shifted
in the recent years 51 percent said North Korea is South Korea’s cooperative
partner were subject of help while 61 percent said there’s no need to rush
reunification marking the highest since the survey was conducted in 1996 being
the seventh edition of the survey this year it was conducted on 5100 koreans
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