75 Years of the Liberal Party

And we will always remember the forgotten people. We remember Menzies’ warning that the class war is a false war. We remember why we’ve been driven to make Australia stronger. But in our 75th year, we celebrate how far we’ve come. Yes, there is more to do. There is no limit to what Australia can be. individual Australians remains as relevant today as ever. of putting faith in the ambition, resilience and enterprise of But the principle upon which our party was founded The world today is very different to the world of 75 years ago. and a record seven women in Cabinet. with 22 newly elected members and senators on the team – In May, the Coalition Government won re-election, to build our country. but on those quiet Australians whose hard work continues However, Scott Morrison’s focus was not on them, In 2019, pundits wrote off the Liberal Party. “Tonight I announce, that the Budget is back in the black and Australia is back on track.” which is now returning to surplus for the first time since 2008: to fix Australia’s Budget, it fell once again to the Liberal and National Parties And after six record deficits under Labor, and the biggest boost to our defence forces in a generation. record investment in schools, hospitals and medicines We’ve delivered tax relief for families and small businesses, with the rate of welfare dependency now the lowest in over 30 years. among other practical measures to improve our environment. In six years, more than 1.4 million jobs have been created, the largest renewable energy storage project in the southern hemisphere, and a new airport in Western Sydney. And we’re delivering Snowy 2.0 – including congestion busting roads and rail A record $100 billion is being invested in nation building infrastructure – Small businesses are being protected from law-breaking unions. while all children were removed from detention. including with Japan, China, Korea and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The flow of illegal boats was stopped, saving the Budget billions, “More trade, more exports means more Australians jobs” “to scrap the Carbon tax to reduce your cost of living pressures” Labor’s Carbon and Mining Taxes were repealed, the Coalition Government once again put Australia back on track. Under the leadership of Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison, the Coalition won the 2013 election in a landslide. After almost returning to Government in 2010, and ongoing relevance to mainstream Australians. the Liberal Party showed its resilience Yet under the leadership of Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott for the first time. In early 2008, Australia had wall-to-wall Labor Governments but it wasn’t long before they got on the wrong track. After eleven and a half years, Labor returned to power, and insisting on stronger education standards. to health and education, respecting choice and the Bali Bombings, while increasing stability in our region. The Howard Government continued the Liberal Party’s strong commitment to meet the security challenges in the aftermath of September 11 by around two-thirds. They also reinvested in our Defence and security forces Since then, the rate of gun deaths and gun homicides have fallen with national firearm legislation. the Liberal and Nationals Government took action After the tragedy of Port Arthur, repaid Labor’s debt and endowed Australia with the Future Fund. After inheriting a $96 billion dollar debt, like reform of tax, industrial relations, and the waterfront, John Howard and Peter Costello fixed the Budget, Landmark trade agreements were delivered, The Howard government pursued policies in the national interest The benefits of later financial sector reforms also owed their origins to the efforts of the Fraser government through the Campbell report into the Australian financial system. Following the 1983 election defeat, the Federal Liberal Party faced its longest period in opposition. Led by Andrew Peacock, John Howard, John Hewson and Alexander Downer, during which we were reminded that this was a period of debate and renewal In leading the Liberal Party to the 1996 election, John Howard drew upon another lesson from our Party’s formation. so did Howard make a stand for the Australian mainstream. Just as Menzies gave voice to the forgotten people, Against Labor’s backdrop of economic insecurity and wrong priorities. The Liberal Party pledged to govern for the many, not just the few. Australia welcomed large numbers of non-European immigrants the Fraser government re-affirmed the Liberal Party’s commitment to families As well as halting the economic slide of the Whitlam years, Turn on the lights Australia, it’s up to you and me. We can look toward the future and the way things ought to be. We’ve lost a lot of living in the dark of these three years. Brought down to your knees. In 1975 Malcolm Fraser promised to turn on the lights. Australia you’ve been sleeping. the unemployment rate had doubled and the inflation rate tripled. Mortgage rates had risen from 7 to 10 percent Within the space of three years, and elected Gough Whitlam’s Labor Party. But by 1972 Australians decided it was time where he continued the government’s record of economic stability. After being treasurer and Minister for External Affairs, William McMahon became prime minister in 1971 as well as the Australian National Line. initiated the Australian Industry Development Corporation Holt’s successor, John Gorton, Tragically, his time as Prime Minister was cut short. I’m dollar bill. Who are you? on the 14th of February, 1966 and the shillings and the pence. Be prepared folks, when the coins begin to mix, In come the dollars, in come the cents, to replace the pounds Among these was the introduction of decimal currency, that he began as Treasurer. Prime Minister Harold Holt continued the program of economic reform while millions more Australians became home owners. Between 1949 and 1972, Australia’s economy tripled in size confident in the world. Menzies’ legacy was a stable, prosperous and optimistic nation, And the Australia-Japan trade agreement of 1957 was central to our progress as a trading nation. the cornerstone of Australian security for nearly 70 years. during Menzies’ first decade in office. The ANZUS Treaty was signed – Menzies and his government shaped new relationships for Australia. for more than a million migrants who arrived These enabled Australia to hold itself out as a beacon some of the great nation building programs of the last century, Commonwealth scholarships and the establishment of colleges of advanced education. Menzies’ time as Prime Minister was marked by and the extension of funding to Catholic and independent schools while young Australians also gained from the expansion of universities, respected the choice of many parents, Tax relief for school fees and was swept into government where it would remain for 23 years. the centrality of Australian family life through practical measures that included From the outset, the Liberal Party in government sought to promote Improving the education of young Australians through home savings grants for married couples. On December 10 1949 the Liberal Party defeated Chifley’s Labor Party was one of Menzies’ great achievements. to the achievement of progress, development and prosperity. a house truly dedicated to the freedom of the Australian people your safeguard against tyranny, will again become the seat of responsible government, Under Liberal government, the House that you built In the meantime, homes are scarce, living costs extortionate. a house of disruption. The headquarters of irresponsible socialists, What has it become in recent years? a place in which your liberties will be safeguarded. as the parliament of a free nation, you built it in the name of democracy This is the house that you built, you and your father, and take a stand for the forgotten people. strive for an end to the class war, to oppose the Labor Party, to serve all Australians, not sectional interests, So 75 years ago, the Liberal Party of Australia was formed that we could set the essential conditions for Australia’s success. effort, and readiness to serve And it was Menzies who recognised that by encouraging their ambition, To Menzies, they were the forgotten people. taxed and taken for granted. And yet, they were the backbone of the nation. These hard working Australians he said, were envied, nor organised for “pressure politics”. who were neither rich enough to have individual power, farmers and others Menzies observed there were many Australians – salary-earners, shopkeepers, skilled artisans, professional men and women, the class war, as a false war. it was Robert Menzies who denounced another conflict, In the midst of World War 2 who have won a great victory tonight. On December the 10th vote Liberal. And how good are Australians! these are the quiet Australians and tonight we’ve been delivered another one. How good is Australia! I have always believed in miracles

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