6 Steps to Preserve Company Culture During M&A

Culture is integral to business strategy. A company’s culture attracts, retains and
motivates workers. It also helps bolster organizational productivity
and performance. But during a merger or acquisition, the culture
of an organization can change dramatically. Here are some of the best ways to maintain
culture during a merger or acquisition: First, identify the aspects of a company culture
that work well and which should go. The leaders in the companies involved need
to keep a united front for the media and employees. Communicate with employees to discover the
truth of the organization from the employee perspective. This consultation leads to co-creation, where
people feel they’re given a voice in the company’s future. Make a deliberate plan, including measuring
the culture. It’s hard to understand how to adapt during
a merger or acquisition without having a solid definition of the current culture, both for
the company as a whole and across different departments. Be careful not to discourage innovation. Micromanaging an acquired
company quickly kills the innovation for which they likely were acquired. At the end of a merger, it’s critical that
the remaining employees know their updated job descriptions and the skills needed to
occupy their role. This will help people be clear on their roles
and standing in the new organization. To learn more about company culture, read
this and other stories on talenteconomy.io.

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