6 best cafés to get a taste of Vienna’s traditional coffee culture – VIENNA/NOW Top Picks

Vienna is world renowned for its stunning and historical coffee houses. I’m here in Café Jelinek which could almost be considered a landmark. So, on that note, here’s our pick of the most beautiful and traditional coffee houses in the city. This small café has everything that lovers of Viennese coffee tradition need. Sit down on one of Café Jelinek’s velvet sofas, enjoy coffee, and free newspapers. This place is truly special and charming. Café Sperl is like a classic synonym for Viennese coffee house culture. An interior just like on from the 19th century, pool tables, and a large selection of newspapers. At Sperl time stands still. Café Hawelka is a Viennese institution. It’s famous for its Buchteln, yeast buns filled with jam. Its unique charme has made the Hawelka a popular meeting place for artists and an oasis of peace, right in the centre of the city. Café Korb serves breakfast all day, a great schnitzel, and it’s famous for its art lounge. A photo wall shows pictures of the life of the owner, actress and performance artist Susanne Widl. Café Schwarzenberg has been a popular meeting place since it opened in the 19th century. Enjoy conversations over traditional coffee and tea specialties and fine pastries. This legendary Literatencafé has a charm of its own that transforms a visit into an experience. Café Central offers Viennese cuisine, homemade cakes, pastries, and piano music.

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  2. Well done! And there are still the EILES, the MUSEUM, the PRÜCKL, the RITTER, the LANDTMANN, the RATHAUS, … – and many more

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