57: Ask a Democratic Socialist with Keith Rubino

Brian Nichols you're a great man with some great ideas and great podcast do you see why he's my favorite live retirement yes he's full of common sense and wisdom Brian it goes here on the Brian Nichols show welcome to the Brian Nichols show your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians Network today I'm joined by easily one of the best of the best Matt kibbe welcome to the Brian Nichols show hey Brian it's good to be with you by the way let me take a step back and say I love what you're doing I love the conversational style and it's a combination of good fun and serious ideas I love the fact that your shows doing what it does and this is how we win the future the Brian Nichols show is the fastest-growing liberty podcast that brings together people from all means of political thought as we seek to have meaningful conversations about the issues you care about there's so many things that we can do to make America freer and of the world better and safer and more peaceful everybody has the responsibility of trying to help to do that you know what you're doing with your podcast is a perfect example of you know you're doing this as a labor of love and for the cause and that is exactly what we have to have at the Brian Nichols show our goal is to leave the audience educated enlightened and informed and now your host Brian Nichols hey what's up folks it's Brian Nichols here in the Brian Nichols show and what a great episode we have in store for you today as you can guess by the the title of the episode it's definitely gonna be one of the more lively conversations you've heard here in the Brian Nichols show so today I was joined again by Keith Rubino now those of you who have been with a Brian Nichols show for well since the beginning basically um you guys probably are Keith he joined me back last year as a guest on his running for New York State Assembly as a Democratic Socialist up in northern New York State so back when I had him on my show we did discuss his candidacy more than anything and being a Democratic Socialist I was like wow you know I think Keith would be a great guy to had a more in-depth conversation and to really you know push him on a couple of these very controversial issues that Democratic socialists promote so with that I ask you to come back on my show and I said hey let's dig more into these very as topics of conversation where libertarians and Democratic socialists differ and I think you already hear throughout the episode that there's a lot of similar end games between libertarians and Democratic socialists it's just a matter of how we get there you know Keith obviously through the Democratic Socialist lens and libertarians through the the more personal liberty and economic freedom lens so with that guys I hope you enjoyed today's episode and also thank you to all those who submitted questions for the episode today the ask a Democratic Socialist unfortunately I didn't get the chance to get to all the questions but we will be doing this we'll be doing this again uh Keith's a great guy I love having a conversation with him because you know he sticks to the issues there's no you know personal back-and-forth it's really talking about the true fundamental differences between Democratic socialists and libertarians and also at one they I just wanna get out of the way as well there are points in the episode I don't push Keith on some of these democratic socialist policies and principles and really the reason for that is I want him to be able to answer the question to really express and explain what Democratic socialists actually believe I didn't want to strawman him I didn't want to frame what he was uh you know what his values and beliefs were through an inaccurate lens and say hey you know here's the question answer as best you can there are definitely aspects of the show where you can I have a respectful dialogue and it definitely gets a little fiery because you know what it's it's just one of those things we have to ask questions push people on the issues and at the end of the day we could end the conversation as friends really walking away I think feeling like we each learned from each other maybe not agreeing but at least knowing where each other came from so with that guys I hope you enjoyed today's episode please share with family and friends and with that onto the show Keith Rubino join us again to talk about democratic socialism here on the Brian Nichols show alright and with that welcome back yes welcome back to the show he Rubino great to hear from you buddy I know it's been a while since we we connected since our last discussion i you and i have had some fun there on social media a little back and forth and every time it ended with well we'll discuss the in greater detail and you're on my show next time and here we are now you're on my show now here we are that's right and folks Keitha is actually connecting us today via via cell phone so I apologize in advance for a little bit of the the lesser audio quality but this is the best way we can get Keith right now today and we'll see how this goes I this might be a part one who knows we might have a part two down the road because today is actually a special episode with Keith now Keith I don't want to miss identify you but I think it's fair to say you're pretty much in the camp of the Bernie Sanders is of the world in a Democratic Socialist but would that be fair to say absolutely yeah okay perfect so that's exactly what I asked my audience I said hey as libertarians as conservatives as Republicans as independents I don't care what your political affiliations are I want you to feel comfortable today in asking Keith's questions that maybe you either a want to actually know the answer to or B you want to see Keith try to answer the question and actually stick to principle so it's a challenging day for for Keith which is our goal to make Keith's answer tough questions because I'm you know a hard-ass which no I'm not a hard-ass but we're gonna have some and he's a great sport for those of you who are interested in learning more about Keith's past campaign he ran for New York State Assembly I'm gonna include the link to our our previous episode there the Brian Nichols show and he was a candidate so with that today starting off Keith's Rubino welcome back and if you could in just a few words fill us in how did the election go what you've been doing in the meantime so that Keith the floor is yours okay well hello everybody thank you for allowing me the chance to be back on Brian and for everybody listening in I do hope to answer the questions fully and I really hope to maybe sway some people into having a little bit more of an insight into why I think the democratic socialism can be achieved in synchronicity with certain libertarian ideas and you know I hope that we'll go into those a little bit later on throughout the show but for now yes I ran for the New York State Assembly last year I ran against Robert Smolin still has a pending felony charge against him which hilarious seems that people of this district didn't care if he was possibly a criminal people didn't care if he was breaking the law what they decided was I'm going to vote for the Republican ticket because I'm a Republican and I'm not going to let no Democrat in there and then you know cetera Center was you know screw Cuomo blah blah and you know this is funny because you know I am a Democratic Socialist I have a lot of liberal policies but you know I'm fiscally conservative as well which I know sounds ironic because you know the world spends unspent but I think that there's I think this is a lot of weight in New York state government and I ran on the campaign of putting forth new proposals like single-payer health care and whatnot by getting rid of some of the waste that we currently have in the sector of New York state government and so you know I consider myself fiscally responsible I don't want to spend spend spend without reallocating some of the wasteful money that we have and you know I work in Human Services right now I work people with developmental disabilities through the state of New York and I really enjoy everything I can about politics but because I work in a sector that New York state government oversees I see a lot of waste I see a lot of issues with Medicare fraud and a lot of Medicare ear responsibilities that happen so you know I look forward to answering all the questions tonight but I I guess that was more than just a couple of words so I do a Content so that I just want to give everybody a quick rundown I'm 30 years old I live in Herkimer I've been born and raised in Herkimer County my whole life and you know I'm looking forward to my next political venture but for now I'm just involved in the 2020 campaign for Bernie Sanders for hopefully getting him elected as president of the United States and I'm sure a bunch of my audiences heads just explode in here I know but you know who knows who knows maybe maybe maybe he's the maybe he's the the better option out of all the candidates that are currently running I mean there is no libertarian well not yet we're yeah we ever convince you down the road we actually have a couple candidates and I've interviewed a actually two of them on my show already Kimberly ruff and then Adam Koch ash both looking at the nomination and truth be told versus some of the other folks who have tossed their hat in the ring they are looking pretty darn good especially Kim Kim's a great lady and Adams a very smart guy too but uh yeah so let's kind of get get back to Bernie because obviously since since you and I first got this interview set up and originally it's with me last week but I like it right here by the flu um the flu is not fun and I apologize my voice goes out a little bit I'm just now actually being able to feel like myself again so um so to start off let's kind of look at this whole democratic socialism thing and what I did is I reached out to my audience I said hey again send me some questions for Keith and and we're gonna make sure that they're the real questions that's now something like that you know work will try to put you in the spot but truly I want you to see if we can answer this question it actually goes to the point that you you touched on about no Medicare fraud and and now you're advocating for Bernie Sanders so this is from fritz and Fritz says I genuinely want to know why Keith believes having the right people in government power is a good argument against constricting government power okay so I believe that government power can be constricted and consolidated by electing the right people like I currently think that government is bloated and huge just like a lot of other people doing libertarians do and I believe that we currently have people in positions of government power and overseeing certain organizations and sectors of government that literally are not doing the job that they were meant to do I mean you know we have people that are being paid a salary every year and are not taking care of the issues in regards to weight like like Medicare you know Medicare isn't in fact like I said before an incredibly wasteful expenditure on our on our budget and so many people claim for Medicare and try to get reimbursed in Medicare and some of the things that they're claiming this is genuine fraud so I think that there are people in the welfare department you know the conservatives all the time talk about welfare and how welfare is wasteful and people abusing the system and I think that that's completely true but I still don't think that welfare is something that needs to be eliminated I think that what we need to do is get the right people in the government that are overseeing something and say hey you know what Joe claimed that he went to a job interview last week and um I don't see anything that shows any proof of that why don't we crawl up and see you know like I understand that overall for Fritz's answer I think that having the right people in government people like you and me Brian people people that know what it's like to be a middle class representative or to be middle class or working class is a much better option for us going forward then having somebody who's rich out of touch has no idea what it's like to struggle has no idea what like their organization should be about because they just don't have the empathy or the moral you know understanding of what it's like to struggle can I go up on that like I do have a question actually did that kind of goes in line with that naturally so when I was at the gym today I listened to the episode that you and I had there before and one of the points that you you kept bringing up last time was one of the big problems and it kind of goes with what you just mentioned about the fact that it's it's that we don't have the right people in office and right so that I and I agree I think definitely that is a huge issue the fact not we don't have the air-quote right people but then another issue you brought up was there are so many people who are apathetic to the voting process so wouldn't yeah and this is the part that I think a lot of Democratic socialists have trouble with is that you look at the current system we're in now and the people who are in elected office those people were put into office by our electorate like that's just the reality unfortunately and it's that electorate who we acknowledge is in many cases either ill-informed or just simply apathetic to the political process how do you convince those people to number one get educated to know who they're voting for but number two I think is the the bigger question to is what happens if they don't put the right people in place what if they put more of the same feel failed people into these positions of power how does that get fixed in this electoral system where the elections are the quote-unquote free-market way of trying to regulate the elected officials and the government and ultimately the policies that come from said government well you know I mean a great perfect example was my election with Roberts Mullin you know I think we need to get money out of politics you know I raised $25,000 from grassroots people and Roberts Mullins spent over $100,000 of his own money and you know got a couple donations here and there from different people and committees but overall I mean it was a perfect example of how much money has an influence in our elections and how awful it is you know and like regular people can't run you know like I am a regular person I I was only able to run for this position because I had a national following because of all the things I did for Bernie in 2016 and so I had a lot of people from across the country shelling out money to help me try and you know win this race but even so $25,000 later I still have had enough money to flood the market with my name so I think that you know people are apathetic because the same people get put into office because it's the same people running but people who have money the people who have enough money to flood their district or flood their area with their message and that's pretty much the problem that we have right now and I do believe that if we had publicly funded elections which obviously I know that might be a cringe thing too because publicly funded means taxpayer-funded elections but you know I do agree with that concept because it would mean more people should be you know it's that same concept that I think a lot of you know conservatives have work for it put in the money if you're personally invested in something you're going to do something well you're gonna value it a lot more than it shot it for free right like obviously people have that argument against socialism you know people are getting stuff for free then they're not going to value it as much as they would if they were paying for it but you know in my thought process if you're paying taxes on a service then you know you understand what it means we talked about that with health care we talked about that with DPW so socialism with Fire Department police department schools in our educational system with taxes so I know I just think getting money out of politics is the number one issue that we could all agree on that would probably make things easier for all so you actually land right into my next question and I haven't I'm actually just throwing a couple of my own questions I've had in so you mentioned about people having more more of a more skin in the game really in terms of paying their taxes but what somebody doesn't want to pay their taxes to support named the program here what would you do to that person if let's say in 20 years I'll give you an example 20 20 comes around Bernie wins Democrats maintain but even increase their control the House Democrats take control the Senate so it's it's literally a dream scenario for a democratic or democratic socialist campaign and you guys decide to implement universal health care or Medicaid Medicare or what have you right so let's say um you do that and then I as a taxpayer say well I don't want my money going towards that so I'm not gonna pay what happens to me so I know that this question involves like taxation is fast kind of deal like I hear that all the time type of Taxation stuff I don't want to pay taxes for things that I don't agree with and you know I understand all that right so I can to repeat the question one more time I just want to make sure that I'm about to answer this the correct way without you know doing that thing that some people do which is like circumvent the question and pit it to another form really the question is if if you guys as Democratic socialists do you end up getting control the government and you start to nagging these these progressive democratic socialist policies and principles of let's give the example of a universal health care right and you're saying okay we're gonna pass this and now here is the tax that goes on to the American people and I as mr. taxpayer and I'm gonna just assume millions more like me are gonna say I don't want to pay this what happens then what's the what's the repercussions what's the actual action that then Democratic social so it has to have to take well I mean you know honestly like right now um everybody pays their taxes keep certain people can write off their taxes if they have enough money to hire a lawyer that can get through all the LLC's loopholes and all the loopholes that we have in our current tax laws so let's do no loopholes no that's I'm talking like a very fundamental basis of like I as a I don't want to pay that I don't want to pay taxes for this yeah okay well I mean as of right now like our current system says that that's not an option you know you can't you can't just say I'm not going to pay my taxes because the IRS comes back you and you know ends up you know garnishing your work pieces to know that that we will hold up its top of the Society of people taxes for me and for many people who are Democratic socialists are things that you can visibly and and you know a hundred percent confirm are something that is going to benefit you or society as a whole and right now you know the military-industrial complex a lot of people hate that they see their taxes go because most of their federal taxes are gone into the military budget as opposed to actual systems of health care and education on all these things that democratic socialism talks about like you know college tuition universal health care so you know what I would say to you and other people who are asking that question I think that we need to implement the policies for things like universal health care education and let people see the benefit of what's going to occur with that and and quite honestly I mean you know we can't we can't have people be pessimistic about something that hasn't been implemented in the country yet but we can look to other places and you know we look to other places that have implemented universal health care and what those process charge like sixty percent income tax rates on middle-class Americans just in order to make that work but then they're also like homogeneous groups of people who you know it's number why it's like the size of a state in a no-name a state in America and they're all very similar people in terms of their their their their color their skin their race their ethnicity their culture so this homogeneous society it's easier to implement that America were 300 million people from all different walks of life different political persuasions all right folks we're gonna take a timeout in the episode really quick and I need to tell you about butcher box so if you're a listener of the Brian Nichols show you know I like to talk about fitness and such right and yeah I like things up and put things down to get nice and big and strong but the reality is that 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that you're pointing to I'm assuming mostly these Nordic countries yeah they all are these homogeneous societies who are you know number one easier to integrate such a system because they are culturally racially ethnic wise very similar and that's number one number two the reality is though that pretty much everybody in these countries are like 60% income tax rate just to cover the the cost of this so I mean you think basically you know before you even take home your pay over half of it is already gone toward the program so I think too that you were getting ready to respond so I'll let you pick up where we left off right and and not just a program but many programs and and you know I've got a couple friends that live in these Nordic countries one who particularly lives in Sweden and he made a joke about that yesterday we were talking about I was like so you know are you uh are you taxed so far that you're struggling economically to stay afloat he goes yeah he goes I'm actually in line to get handouts right now like he was just obviously joking but you know a 60% income tax is pretty crazy but the people that get tax sixty percent in that country have pretty much everything provided for them via health care or education I mean these people have everything provided so out-of-pocket expenses are little to none and to them that's good you know the the the ease of access to having you know the opportunity to get all these things that we struggle for I mean people struggle to to pay their medical bills here in the United States but 60 percent tax rate very high I do agree but we are the richest country in the world I mean we have as you said 300 million people do all of these people pay income tax know that they do not but are there many people who have an abundance of wealth that literally pay next to nothing and we've talked about this concept to you know libertarians believe that people like Jeff Bezos should you know just kind of philanthropy their way to helping fund society and in a perfect world where everybody was able to you know unconditionally and generously give their their wealth away and help you know repair the communities you know like if everybody in Herkimer New York pitched in their money for a big GoFundMe to fix up Main Street instead of just you know when I knock on their door and ask what what their biggest issue is they say Oh Main Street needs to be cleaned up well do you want to help contribute to that fun oh you know like so my concept and many Democratic Socialist concept is you know we put forth this money for things that are crucial and necessary people to live a happy healthy life and you know for us it's not everything it's just education and healthcare you know I do believe that health care is a human rights I believe that insurance companies right now take massive advantage of humans rights to have healthy happy lives and they do everything they can to make as much profit as they can but the biggest thing is if we want to reduce the income tax of that 60% scare all we have to do is make sure that the rich and wealthy don't do something like Warren Buffett who's a billionaire and can you know write off pretty much all of his taxes and you know somebody like Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon he paid zero in taxes Netflix paid zero in taxes I mean that when we're talking when we're talking money in taxes we're talking hundreds and millions and millions of dollars that are being avoided and this is money that we really could use to help benefit the economy and make it so that we're not forcing the middle class to pay for all these things I mean the problem is the tax code and I know I know that libertarians agree with me on this I know we all kind of agree the tax code is messed up it needs to be reformed now what what do people think a flat tax rate you know maybe but you know the thing is like if somebody's paying 15% as middle class versus somebody who's a billionaire paying 15% it's not really the same thing you know but if you're paying percent your wealth I mean you're paying 50% your well regardless of those are a billion dollars it's still with a billionaire like if a billionaire is paying 15% you know a billionaires wealth is not his own or her own a billionaires wealth is the collective profit of all the people underneath that billionaire and if you're a billionaire what they earn that I mean think Jeff Jeff Bezos he literally built Amazon from like from absolutely nothing he was working like he was like in a random like shop and he basically built a company that was literally just taking people's goods and then using the postal service to distribute it you can say was using the Postal Service Igorot but he could use UPS FEDEX name the company and he built a company from literally nothing to being the quite literally biggest company in the world I mean I don't think that's fair to say they don't deserve or they don't have they have the right to me he does know he deserves his wealth he deserves to be rich and he deserves all the success that Amazon has but the problem is when you look at the people that are working in Amazon you work when you're looking at the people who are starving and and and complain of the garbage conditions of working inside Amazon and even now you know what the the alternative is democratic socialism it's weird for these workers like what's the alternative for the worker let's mean look at that exact example right the alternative there's a reason they're working at that place it's because that place is giving them a steady paycheck for their services if they face it they can take their labor their personal labor and they can go somewhere else that will pay them more because they are the best worker then nobody's stopping them from doing that there's there's a voluntary mutual decision has made in this agreement from Jeff Bezos or let's just say Amazon general Chu the worker saying I will offer you this salary will you take this or I'll offer you this hourly pay will you take this and they say yes nobody's making them do it and that's the difference between but they are unintentionally every because every single company like Amazon you know talking about Walmart talking about you know Target all of these places offer competitive wages similar in the same category I mean Walmart pays the same as Amazon almost Amazon bump their pay up to $15 now or Walmart probably gonna do it but they all stay very like it's it's kind of like the media right like that like the media companies they're all in cahoots like they yep Fox panders to a certain audience CNN panders to a specific audience but they're all on the same side they're all being funded by the pharmaceutical companies in the military and whatnot I mean CNN and Fox News don't exist for the average person they exist to make money and so you know Walmart Amazon they're all in competition but they all employ the workforce that is pretty much the same and so you know if you don't like your pay at Amazon yeah sure you can go somewhere else but no other company is offering competitive wages they're all offering bad wages and that's where we talked about last time in our new corporate welfare you know like we're we good today I think it's a very important point to be addressed so there the difference though is that nobody's forcing the person to stay at the level they are I mean heck you and I are perfect examples I don't work at Walmart or Amazon I work a day job in Telecom and I'm just gonna you know say I make more than somebody who does at you know a entry level Amazon but because I have developed my skills to a point that that's demanded on the job market I I don't see the the comparison you're making because nobody's forcing those people to stay at the level of education the are I mean you have publicly funded libraries which I don't understand you know why we have a publicly funded libraries anymore where the invention of the internet because it is so great is and the information available you can go into YouTube and quite literally learn anything you want to about any topic and you can become very well-versed on that topic to better yourself and then use that newfound skill to make yourself competitive in the job market I just I don't know why we're accepting that these low-skill low-wage jobs are this form of slavery when people have to take some form of responsibility and I would say a lot of them don't because they look at something like a universal healthcare system or a universal basic income and they say well or our welfare or name the the government handout saying well I don't need to get next I'm getting this supplemental income and then companies like Amazon in Walmart can you blame them take advantage of that situation because if you know that your workforce is going to be getting subsidized from the government then why not pay you know what you know the bare minimum and the same things are true in inverse or college I mean think about college right every single college that charges high tuitions do so because they know they're gonna get paid how do you know they're gonna get paid because the federal government has decided that they are going to subsidize the college education industry saying okay for all these students we're going to pay whatever it needs to be at this level so these people can go to college if I'm a college I say well I'm going to get a guaranteed ten thousand dollars to pay for my tuition well guess what now I tuitions twenty thousand dollars so who gets hurt the the taxpayer cuz they're paying the ten thousand dollars to the college through government subsidy and the student because now they're paying an extra $10,000 has been artificially increased because the government has subsidized the problem so I I think the mean the main point I'm trying to make is that it looks like you're trying to it's like you're trying to to you know fix a symptom versus than the actual disease and the actual Aziz's talk about it being a bandaid issue yes I I do agree like the the points that you just raised about college you know colleges are 100% now are more focused on being a business than actually providing education to people I mean they can't like you know you got colleges putting in swimming like like like water parks and putting in all these like lounges and cafes and all these things like to make it like a like a like an actual mall like like like a like a entertainment stop as opposed to an educational opportunity to better yourself and get a job but you know talking about you know the workforce Brian you are an exceptional human being you're smart you're intelligent that is not the majority of our country some people don't have the opportunity to become educated like us some people don't have the opportunity to go to college some people don't even have the opportunity to graduate high side of the need college that I didn't I think a they don't well Tom Academy with YouTube with with all these different resources I just educational system is outdated the everything that we're teaching kids is outdated and if that's a thing educational is run by the government like everything that no no it's not run by government it's the symptoms that we're talking about that I talked about earlier the government though like the DoDEA is no education it's the people in government it's it's the people that we're electing Brian I said this before like it's the people that are overseeing the government there was no people like you and me we know that's the problem we need to revamp the system by getting young people and regular people elected into office and be overseeing these organizations like the education and Park Department should not be run by deaf Betsy Davos it shouldn't be run by George Soros it shouldn't be run by Bernie Sanders it should be run by someone who is literally understanding of what it is like to be middle class and I think once we had government should be of the people by the people for the and it's and it doesn't mean rich people of the rich people by the rich people for the rich people so would be so couldn't be argued that part of the problem you're identifying saying it shouldn't be run by name billionaire or really rich or famous politician is that part of the problem is that the Department of Education which was implemented as a federal program to oversee education across the United States then created these artificial mandates for states for local schools instead of allowing teachers to teach based on their students the curriculum so it's it's again it's almost counterintuitive you're and I'm not saying you I'm saying the overall argument from a lot Democratic socialists is take over the overarching Leviathan government and then make it better versus saying the government itself is the one that's causing all these problems through unintended consequences why not rein back that big government and allow federalism to take place where you have these bastions of experimenting and saying what states are doing it well and what states are doing it wrong what's New York doing that's worse than Texas why is Texas have a budget surplus and New York has a massive budget deficit why are people leaving New York State in literally hundreds of thousands of people per year versus states like Florida who are gaining people in hundreds of thousands of people per year and to be able to look at those objectively and say okay here's why this worked here right now we had this just gigantic government that makes these mandates and somebody in Alaska is now having to respond to all the exact same mandates that someone in Florida is but the two countries are the two states are basically polar opposites I mean doesn't that just seem bizarre – yeah that's the thing – you know but that's the thing – you know we got like in my area we have remington arms and we have obviously wal-mart and whatnot and you know we remington arms is a gun factory and it has provided a lot of jobs throughout decades that it has existed in our area 200 years i believe and people are very worried that remington is gonna move down south where because new york state taxes are so high and because Cuomo has all these anti-gun regulations and etc etc and this is where the federal government's mean to be on like this is where state right it's don't make sense to me if the federal government had a minimum wage of $15 an hour everywhere states could no longer do states are states are in competition with each other and it really shouldn't be that way I mean it is because because if Amazon because Amazon doesn't want to be in New York City now because of what caught what was caused in regards to that whole situation down there with the gentrification risk and the possibility of rent prices going up tenfold for people in the immediate area surrounding Brooklyn and it was because 25,000 jobs were dangled as a shiny like ooh look at this look at these really nice 25,000 dollar jobs that are gonna help the economy but what we want is billions of dollars in tax breaks and nobody's gonna argue and favor the tax breaks on a libertarian program just so I mean but but yeah so the concept of course is what is Amazon gonna do okay they're gonna pull out they're gonna go look somewhere else where they can get a better deal and that's where the federal laws come into play I don't I I don't think that the federal government should be in charge of micromanaging things we are in agreement on that but healthcare is a broad thing that should be that can be successfully implemented as a governmental policy you know right now government is so messed up with the insurance companies and all different kinds of insurance companies and so many different middlemen and that is why the health care system is so incredible sciences okay I mean what the government it remember I learned about way subsidizes the health care insurance companies which again goes back to the whole College thing in that it artificially increases the the cost of care I mean think about you go into a hospital for care and you can't ask the question how much is gonna cost we'll see we're not sure yet wait to see what your insurance company's gonna pay if you say your IV bag actually you know a IV bag that's supposed to cost a dollar they inflate it to a six or seven dollar cost per exam tag but yeah that's not that's not in lieu of government that's because of government that's that's a point I think it's because of I think it's because of government and lobbyists and corruption within the insurance industry and pharmaceutical lobbyists exist is because they know that they can use government and use politicians and manipulate them through lobbying to then make policy that is favorable towards them I mean doesn't yeah I guess is the part I go to percent agreement so that's the thing I did you get this is the per to drive me crazy cuz like we go through these like these these individual examples and we're on the same page but then we apply it to like a larger scale and somehow there's a disconnect in it and I don't know how how that missus like you'd like so for example you mentioned Amazon how if there was a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour let's say and they wouldn't have to move from New York to name the new location where's going to be because it would be universal across the the born okay and you don't you even you're the one who said well cuz New Yorker look and move somewhere else but on a larger scale I mean Amazon is a billion some odd dollar company they could anywhere in the world I mean they could move to Mexico they can move to Africa they can move to India the only that's keep in the United States is because uh well Jeff Bayless is from America and I'm assuming he has the desire to hire American citizens but if no that's not it though it's it's because America has 300 million people we are the richest country in the world geez those would be stupid to move any other country in the world because we have the most economic capital it makes sense to have a warehouse here because the most business that Amazon does yes it's a worldwide business now yes there's a reason he's a billionaire because he's worldwide and that's how billionaires exist because they tap into a market that's now worldwide but the United States is the richest country they get the most money from the United States so therefore Jeff Bezos isn't doing it because he wants to give Americans jobs it's because he knows the money is in America it's mandated a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour no let's say let's you know that's all you say 15 let's say it's a thirty dollar minimum wage right I mean Jeff Bezos has already said he's gonna make it a $15 minimum wage for all Amazon employees but let's say the government tomorrow decides this could be a thirty dollar minimum wage and also the Amazon employees are gonna be paid three dollars per hour and Jeff Bezos looks at the bottom line says I can't justify literally doubling all my employees pay and being able to financially be Suki and well you know what I'm looking overseas I see I could probably move most my operations to name the country here in Africa who has a zero percent corporate tax I can I can essentially write put my entire company over there I can do most the stuff over there or the taxes would take place and then I can cost justify paying for these employees or just getting rid of these employees altogether and just have random warehouses that are stationed throughout the United States and then I agree with conservatives and honestly where I agree with the president that about sanctions you know if you're gonna do that to the American people if and that's the thing Jeff Bezos he's a billionaire Brian like honestly I don't have any sympathy for somebody who's like oh well you know like he he could afford that's an outlandish number by the way $30 an hour jumped up a 15 1/4 the size of the article Manish oh because obviously the the current minimum wage if adjusting for the cost of inflation I think would only be about 18 to 20 dollars an hour so I mean 30 is is grandiose but even for your example Jeff Bezos could pay that he could absolutely pay that and he'd still make billions in profit or maybe not though but still he would okay let's say that you're right okay he looks at that even while I don't want to pay that so you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna automate as much as I can and just get rid of this workforce now don't worry about paying it I mean what would you do then right well that's that's the problem that we're running into and that's where we talked into universal basic income which obviously I know you said oh I don't like that but you know automation and that's the thing that we're talking about low-skilled jobs are something that have always been a necessity for America and we are approaching a point where technology is going to eliminate those jobs you know we've got we've got places that are going to completely automate their systems and there's like I'm talking within the next five ten years we're gonna see ten thousand plus you know hundreds and thousands of jobs gone that we used to you know see and so that runs into the issue of what do we do for all the people that want to become skilled workers in something but have never had the opportunity to do that and don't know what they're going to do is it that they never had the opportunity or they never had the desire because they were basically getting paid at a decent wage to do low skill labor work where they have no real incentive to look for other jobs because the job existed yet you know I think I think it's I think it's a mixture that honestly I think people I don't think people are complacent I don't think people are uneducated I just think that people are comfortable with doodling like you know the the factory position you know even it Remington I mean people get paid pretty good money in Herkimer County to work at Remington Arms like 17 18 bucks an hour and you know they get mad overtime and you know they feed their families like like people enjoy going to work and getting a paycheck and feeding their families and that's what people that's what people like to do and so obviously if automation takes place and destroys that part of the you know job industry where do they go bright and like what are we what what what is your salon mean where and where did the milk carriers go where did the the horse drivers go I mean that's a thing people look and learn new skills that made them competitive on the market I mean that's right we've had where where do we where do we go though Brian like that's my question I guess where do we go as a society when automation takes over all of these jobs that people like like auto factories gun factories I mean you know all these different places that like warehouses like Walmart distribution centers Amazon itself I mean I got a buddy who works in Amazon and he said that Jeff Bezos has sworn that he will never want to pursue automation he always wants humans to work but you know where do we go if all these jobs are automated like what what is the solution to your and your opinion well first and foremost I think it's important to pay people what their value is on the open market in the free market if you have a government mandating a minimum wage that doesn't make sense for the company then it makes sense that the company would look for alternatives that are more cost effective number one but number two it would be a fixed cost versus that variable cost that they wouldn't have to to adjust for based on government edict so I think number one it would be getting rid of the minimum wage and saying companies can pay people what they are worth on the market and that the people that work there then they can learn better skill that can develop themselves professionally and then look for other opportunities that are out there that aren't automated I mean you and I for example we're doing career paths that aren't autumn that are not automatable I mean right they could enjoy a road but yeah but but still I mean even especially in human services I mean good luck trying to get a robot to be able to wipe you know individuals you know been there I understand when they yeah yeah I'm not fine it's hard to describe it's just like I don't see a machine ever being able to do something like that but the same thing goes that's the example that's where I would say the answer is that when you create so and I think this is gonna I want an end with this part here before I go to a rapid-fire question from the audience is there the problem with a lot of the democratic socialist policies is that the the policies that have been acted in from democratic socialists or just progressives in general in the past in this well-intentioned mindset have yielded all these negative consequences so I would argue that the minimum wage has a direct correlation with the increase in automation I would argue that the government subsidies towards health care have led to an increase in an artificial increase in the cost of health care and the cost of insurance I would argue that the increase in government subsidies to people in pursuing college education that has are unintentionally increased the cost of actually going to college so I think it's very important and I may let you respond is that democratic socialists need to get to the point that you start looking at the outcomes of actual policies versus the good intentions right so I I agree with you on that and but I also disagree because there is there is there is no reason that some of these problems can be blamed on democratic socialism but more so capitalism I mean capitalism is why we are the richest country in the world but it's also the reason why you know Bernie Sanders himself talks about the economic gap between the richest people in this country and the poorest people and it is astronomical and you know I'm not saying that we need to do communism and give everybody money because that's the problem – everybody equates socialism with communism and it's like please get a book and educate yourself cuz they're not the same at all and socialism is the same as democratic socialism you know I personally I think that capitalism christ' way now how is how in your mind is socialism epicene democratic socialism so democratic socialism is the idea that you know and I believe it could be called socio capitalism democratic socialism is giving workers the right to work within a company and kind of seize the means of production aka be a part of that company a lot more responsible form than just getting a paycheck and coming to work and doing a piece work and then getting paid for it and then going home at the end of the day I mean be truly being involved in the company but also the massive profit scaling you know people talk about this all the time a company should not be able to make billions and billions of dollars in profit when they are paying their workers money to the point where they're still going to the county office building to get welfare you know corporate welfare and and so you know my my thought process on the whole matter is that democratic socialism can reign in capitalism capitalism is fine but I don't think anybody should be making billions of dollars in profit for a company and not feeding the bottom line that essentially holds them up I mean it's it's a pyramid scheme but you're getting paid to be a part of the scheme and so people don't think it's a scheme but you know if you're if you're going to work and you know you're getting paid 12 bucks an hour but meanwhile you know the CEO of your companies you know raking in millions and millions in bonuses and whatnot clearly you're holding up an entire skin and that's the thing like I said Jeff Bezos he did build that company from ground up but at a point he needed more people to make the company what it is like that that company would not would not survive with Jeff Bezos at the helm all by himself he needs people but as you said he needs to pay people what they're worth is it worth 15 bucks an hour is it worth the minimum wage federally of $7.25 an hour that's the debate and I'd say Lee okay good sorry I didn't know I personally I just personally believe that there there can be a number put on on a minimum wage adjusting for the cost of living how much food cost and area you know here in Herkimer New York my rent is $700 a month now you go to and I have a 3-bedroom 2bath upstairs Downstairs house you know and I pay $700 in rent here and you know you go somewhere else and the economy like California you're paying $1,500 $2,000 I mean man find a man man I mean like that's that's just the basic of economics there's more of a demand this the increase in cost was obvious it can happen I mean that's just like but but and the question is though is it or is it a supply and demand of greed and that's the problem is a lot of these things the supply and demand the free market it's all based upon capitalism and greed as opposed to actually oh well you know we can like they could they could turn a profit charging $1,200 for what they charge $1700 for but they charge 1700 because of supply and demand and I guess I just read sometimes with the greed of how how the richest people in this country operate and what happens I happens when somebody who has a house that they are want to rent they're like you know what no I'm not gonna rent it because I'm not gonna make any money I'm renting it so I'm just gonna sell the house to a random person and I'm gonna have that as an option and now that house isn't available to be rented no I think I think people deserve to make money that's the thing I think that people deserve to make money I think that people deserve to to bask in the benefits of the things that they are pursuing whether it's an entrepreneurial pursuance or if it's something that they're involved with on a greater scale like being a part of like the real estate industry but you know I just don't think that people realize how much how much how much wealth is in the country that could be distributed more evenly if we had better like better sanctions in place on how people you know acquire wealth and how how people acquire the wealth depending on if it's through their own success did they acquire this wealth through their own success like Jeff Bezos did in the beginning or is it Jeff Bezos now making billions a year and he's got a lot of people underneath him that make that success possible why should he not pay them far more than just $15 an hour $15 an hour is what he decided that's great honestly that's what I've been talking about and Bernie Sanders been talking about $15 an hour minimum wage but obviously it's the question can we do better and still have people make money I mean can people still make obscene amounts of money and have massive profit but treat their workers with respect to live a dignified life yes no they're not buying lobster every every week and they're not doing you know going out to eat every night but they're comfortably able to live they here they're able to go to work they're able to save up money to go on trips and whatnot and live a comfortable life that I just honestly I just want people to be happy I just want people to be able to do what they can to survive and I just see so many people struggling and I see solutions and I know you know you say government isn't the solution bigger government isn't solution I agree there's waste in government but I think that there's ways that we can solidify and strengthen government and minimize it to make sure that the government is working for the people just like the Constitution originally said of the people by the people for the people oh that's okay no I I'm gonna be good because I want get to these rapid-fire questions here for my audience sure um but we have to have a another episode here to dig through some awareness because sure and there is so much I want to get teks I really do think that it's it's like this this gigantic house of cards is being built and it's and I'm not critiquing you know just the ideas that you're promoting it just seems like you're picking and choosing different areas that you want to support without acknowledging that a lot of the problems caused are from the the very good intention policies that are promoted in the past so without just rehashing that I'm not just kind of where ya at right now but anyways would you would you agree quickly before we go into rapid fire would you agree that Social Security which was one of the biggest implementations of a socialist socialistic program is one of the most successful things until we started its bankrupt and the reason is bankrupt is because it's it was managed by the government where you have a it you have a group of people in boomers who you're paying into the system and the idea is that you were going to be dying basically at the age of 65 so now people in our age group are paying we're subsidizing through our tax dollars people who are 50 years and we're not going to see a dime of it because that the entire programs can be bankrupt so the better alternative would be allow you just to do that on your own throughout your life say hey I'm gonna pick um you know XYZ 401k and instead of putting 500 ours or like putting $40.00 a month into Social Security I'm gonna put $40 a month into my my 401k and I can almost guarantee that the 401ks they have a lot more value than Social Security as the difference is I have a choice I have a choice to put the money into 401k no I don't and in this Pro the Social Security is forced but you know also I I do we can talk about this next episode but I firmly believe the only reason that program could possibly go bankrupt is because politicians and people dug into that honey pot with their hands and tried to scoop money out and they did they stole money I mean and people live longer than they were supposed to but yes do these rapid-fire questions – if you could try to keep your answers been like a 30-second range or so just because I have a couple questions here I'll get through and there's like I just wanna make sure we can get through most of them so um salvadore ask the question if folks who are Democratic socialists or just people in general can't be responsible with their own money right now that they're currently taking from the state why should Americans give them more despite so for example we spend so much money on education pursued and we're actually the highest paid per student country in America but we have one of the worst education systems in the world so the question is if we if we cannot be responsible with the money that we're currently taking in and we waste why should we be willing to give government more and more – then do it right the next time so two things I agree with him government and education is awful it's garbage especially here in New York State I don't think that we should be giving any extra money to the educational system either via democratic socialism and what not until we revamp the system but in in my view the policies of free college tuition and you know subsidizing what we do in education needs to be revamped before we start allocating resources but I do believe that you know revamping the system is the first step to making education a better opportunity for everybody in America and improving our system and we do need to look to other countries America is not the greatest country in the world in every single category especially education we can look to other countries we can look to see what they're doing and we could probably cut in a plethora of costs and in regards to what we're doing compared to other countries and make it better and then implement some of those democratic socialist policies but I do agree with Salvador what we do right now in education is far too wasteful and we need to revamp that system vets for liberty asks I genuinely want to know why he thinks a government can manage its citizens affairs better than individuals can manage their own so my thought process is individuals have proven time and time again to have a lot of issues with delegating tasks of grand proportions I mean I I personally have seen individuals struggle to manage their own money and as you said with Social Security we should have a choice people should have a choice and I do agree but there are certain things that I don't think we should gamble with people having the right to do their own things and I agree with education and health care being one of the two of those things I think that people need assistance from the government to have a safety net social safety and that's why we say social safety nets but cannot fail and you know I I agree that there are some things that we really do need to stop doing you know like we we have to stop babying people and coddling people but with health care and education I do believe that the government should play a role in helping people to make sure that they have something that they can turn to and have the opportunity to not go into astronomical loads of debt with student loans and with hospital bills and medical bills that we currently have with the two systems that we do have all right next question so we we have a question here this is from Matt he says why does socialism or good intention socialism almost always end up in some type of totalitarian totalitarian dictatorship well full fledged socialism ends and like like obviously the problem is people equivocate socialism to Venezuela and they equivocated to cuba and you know all these other places that that have socialism policies but there's also places like Canada Norway Sweden the Nordic countries that we reference that use socialism and you know I am NOT saying that the United States has to go full socialist I think that capitalism is fine I think it needs to be reined in and I think that socialism is a really good way like I always say socio capitalism and I'm surprised to find out that it's not actually a term but I think socio capitalism is allowing the United States and individuals to pursue profit and be able to you know reap the benefits of what whatever they try to found and pursue and then make sure that the money that they're making is distributed to the people that helped make that reality possible rather than people hoarding wealth so you know I fully think that we can do both and that's why I think that socialism doesn't always lead to totalitarianism I think if we just implement certain policies not full-fledged socialism it'll be fine tchau free libertarian actual name on Twitter they ask as a top 10% earner they them themselves saying that as a top 10% earner that works in the trades when they double being Democratic socialists double or more my taxes why should I continue to do this job when I can no longer afford their lifestyle when he can no longer what what is he the top has a top 10% earner that works in the trades when Democratic Socialist double or more my taxes why should I continue to do this job when I can no longer afford a lifestyle I mean I guess you know this is where I guess I come off as someone who doesn't really have any empathy for someone who's living the really really good life I mean what what does that mean like what what does this guy mean and or gal whoever you know I can't afford to live the lifestyle anymore does that mean that he can't afford to have three homes anymore or you know like only Bernie Sanders can afford to have three homes buddy right right that's a little bit of an inaccuracy there too but we can we can talk about that but I guess I guess I find it really hard to to tell this guy well I don't think you should have to pay double your taxes because you deserve to continue living the the question had it wasn't that so much it was why should he continue the job why should he continue to work if he's gonna have his taxes doubled he can no longer live the life he's been living why do it well if he's a part of this if he's a part of an industry that he enjoys if if you are doing something that you passionately like to do because you're doing it for your passion then the amount of money you get paid for it shouldn't change in regards to if you're gonna pay double in taxes or not and now you know if and I don't think it would be double anyway we've talked about the marginal tax rate of 70 percent for the rich which would mean you know after you earn your first 10 million yes you'd be taxed 70 cents on the dollar and we could talk about that next episode but I really don't see a problem with once you'd make a certain amount of money if you can't live within that lifestyle means while other people struggle to figure out how to live on twenty to forty thousand dollars a year I really don't have the empathy to understand why why you can't foresee yourself being able to just pay a little bit more than you're used to and still maintain a very good lifestyle compared to people who are struggling sorry that was more than 30 seconds apologies okay we got two more questions left here because we are running out of time so the this comes from friend of the show John Chang he goes do you do you think that government or any I'm sorry I'm sorry I says do you keep think that government or any authority is capable of making a cost-effective situation wherein people can gain reward for very little to no risk say that question one more time yep do you think that the government or any other authority is capable of making a cost effective situation where people can gain reward with very little to no risk yes and no currently our government as we've talked about throughout the show not at all representative of the people that it's supposed to serve and I don't think that the government has the best interests of America right now I think we need better people but I do believe at some point the government can do exactly that I feel that if we revamp the governmental system and honestly eliminate certain government waste like reduce government size because I don't think that bigger is always better but I think that we can implement some pretty grand policies that you know like universal health care and education and like like small and up the small of the government we can we can we can shrink the government size and still put these policies into effect and make them low-risk high-reward so the final question from Jake Baldwin is a question I like to ask Keith is a do Democratic socialists really believe that they can regulate and control human thoughts and behaviors or is it just a small extremely loud vocal minority within a larger movement that manages to squeeze their ways into the spotlight like in most other groups of people you know I I see where he's coming from and I've wondered that myself I do think that the the reward of democratic socialism is a much happier Society and yes I do I do agree with him that I do I do agree that there is a very cause for concern with any system that people are not going to be able to people people are not going to be able to be controlled you can't control somebody's thoughts you can't stop somebody I mean that's the same thing with gun laws and whatnot you can't stop people from doing what people are going to do people are have their own free will they're gonna do what they're gonna do but that's also why sometimes you know the concept is we have to force people to do social security because some people are gonna screw up and you know unless unless you know people are saying well people just deserve to to suffer and die if they screw up you know somebody if somebody squanders away their paycheck and you know they they make mistakes then they deserve whatever comes to them National consequences and as much as as much as I think that that's logical I can't I don't have the I don't have the heart to say they'd all deserve to suffer and die you know and that's what I think unfortunately that question kind of insinuates do you do you think that the government should have their hands and everybody's thoughts and one forced people to do things no I don't but there are certain social safety nets I think that people will never be able to handle for themselves it just lifts them up and gives them a safety net so that they don't fail and hurt themselves in a very severe way I said those the last question by likes I'm gonna ask a question now it's kind of a follow-up and I think it kind of chirp encapsulate this entire conversation we've had today in one final question I think this is really the area yeah that I have problems with democratic socialism and this is my question so I my question to you Keith is would you feel comfortable if and a kind of access question already I'm going to ask like directly would you feel comfortable if I libertarians across the world conservatives what have you here in the United States if we all collectively decide not to pay for name the the social welfare program are you comfortable with putting all of us in jail I would I would question why you continued to pay your taxes religiously on this military-industrial complex like what do you have any problem with that have you been paying your taxes with that have you refused to pay your taxes to the military-industrial complex that we have with our federal government taxes have I personally no yeah so I mean that's a thing I don't write I don't like that I don't like the fact that the government takes any of it so my question is ok yeah I know I judge if you're the one in charge right because you're the idea is that you're supposed the the bad people with with young middle aged I'm sorry middle middle class excited people that means that you're now gonna have the the power to say well I am putting these policies in place and now I have to carry out the law so here's the law if you don't follow it are you okay with that you know you know what I you know what I would really hope in an idealistic society is putting forth these proposals and telling you pay into this and wait and see what happens you know I I hate I hate saying that because honestly that's what Nancy Pelosi said with freakin Obamacare and that really bothered me because she's like we have to pass this bill so we can see what's in it but I mean this is different you know like like universal health care like like everybody knows what the pros and the cons are because we've had the conversation many times but like put universal health care under the table pay your taxes for a year into that system and let me know if you utilized it or not kind of deal it's the same thing with the Trump tax plan that went forth I mean I said two years ago when it got passed or a year ago when it got passed I said let's see next year how many people saved money on this two trillion dollar proposal that we decided to put forth and from what I've seen many middle-class families have seen Jack garbage diddly-squat in regards to the amount of money that they got back in their taxes this year some have paid more and so you know I guess that's what I would say to you like I wouldn't just put my foot down and say Brian pay this or else but I would say Brian I would really appreciate if you would pay your taxes like you have for every single other programs nope I know if you don't want you don't to do it know what you can do okay I would like you to understand that you still have access to all of the programs that we're implementing you still going to be able to go to the doctor without a copay well or anything there wait no no no that's not that's voluntary because if that was the case then I would be able to voluntarily pay in that's what right well no it's it's it's still your you still have access to it because it's a federal program and so if you pay your taxes you don't but if you don't pay your taxes I mean the current system is the IRS comes and garnishes your wages so I guess your you know your your paycheck would be garnished and you'd have to you know to have your taxes taken which is now only and so you know we say you're a libertarian circles of that that's a station is that that's right hey what's it Keith you are a great sport and I love talking to you because you're a level-headed democratic socialist which I can't believe that oxymoronic statement but would there's more of us I swear oh I know there's I do I know you see the people online that really are crazy on both ends of the spectrum but I really do I do try to keep a level head Brian because I really do want I really do want people to understand that you know I care about this country I care about people I care about wanting to make this society better and I know that we have disagreements but and I don't want to be too radical but I just feel like like a program a couple programs like universal health care and and fixing education for people to have more opportunities isn't such a terrible thing but we can definitely talk about that again next step so we're definitely gonna have you on again because I think there's a lot more we can dig into it's a couple of questions I'm sorry to some of you folks I didn't get to ask you a question because the conversation is kind of it flows and I don't want to make it rigid and structured to the point that doesn't feel natural I think you and I had a very very lively and I think very thought-provoking conversation today for people on both sides the political aisle I hope if you're a Democratic Socialist you came into this conversation and you were open up your your mind a little bit to libertarianism or just learning more about what we actually believe we don't believe in anarchy well some of us do but but I think you know also what you and I just did is we show that you can have a conversation with someone who you you V manely disagree with on terms of policy there are a lot of things we agree with each other on but it's also a lot we do disagree with but we can still end the conversation as friends there was no yelling there was no screaming there was no calling people names and I think we need to have more of that in today's discourse because quite frankly it really it doesn't exist as much because you have Talking Heads on you you name the the four-letter the four-letter news station you know with debate panels and all kinds of stuff like this is a real conversation right so three letters four letters MSNBC s4 man come on yeah well I was thinking CNN Fox you see ABC I think three three beats four see okay there you go but you you Trump me there all right now listen all right folks listen if you were if you're a fan of Keith I ask you to number one even if you're not a fan of his ideas if you think they Keith's a level-headed guy you can have a rational conversation with them without getting into history onyx I want you to go ahead and support him you follow him on on social media engage with him politely um so with that Keith you could tell my audience where they can find you um both on social media and I rumor is you have a patreon so maybe you can plug that here as well oh sure yeah no I I have a facebook it's Keith a Rubino it's it's it's always been that's always gonna stay that way I am available on Facebook all the time I really enjoy posting about politics on Facebook but sometimes I post cute pictures of my dog sometimes I post pictures of me singing I'm a jack of all trades really and you know like I said I'm I'm a very respectful quote/unquote liberal and slash Democratic Socialist I I do not call people names I do not I try very hard not to speak condescendingly to people and I am very interested in having conversations with anybody who wants to learn more about democratic socialism or maybe have just a spirited debate like Brian and I had and my patreon you know I've been making music videos for politics since 20 2015 you know I made a lot for Bernie but I also made a lot of videos that weren't just for about Bernie but also just about the state of the country how we need to stop listening to the mainstream media because they really don't represent anybody they just represent you know the masses of people who believe you know standing up for the national anthem versus kneeling stuff that really you know doesn't have a whole lot of consequence on your daily life but you think it does because the media tells you enough and drills it in your head so anyway I do all kinds of music videos on my patreon and I would love if anybody would be interested in donating 1 5 $10 anything you want because I'm making all these different videos throughout the election cycle touching on a lot of different issues and I would love support so that is a patreon.com slash young Bernie and I'm guessing that people can kind of figure out maybe why my patreon his name the way it is but no really I do appreciate having the chance to be on here Brian I do hope that people will continue to you know support your show as well as you know come on and follow me on Facebook look and again you know patreon is just something I do because it's a really fun side hobby that gets me through the mundane monotony of day to day life with without politics and also I again I cannot say it enough like how appreciative I am for you coming on the show obviously having polar opposite views and being able to have a conversation like we did we need more of that men honestly so thank you for for doing your part and having the conversation and being you know just being the genuine self that you are so with that folks please go support Keith even if you don't support as patreon if you're a libertarian you're like I can't support this socialist my money I don't care so and going just at least you know support his his Facebook page of his videos or just show you know say hey I heard John Bryan show I think you guys had a great conversation I disagreed vehemently but I think you know you're the example what we need to have more of on the the discourse honestly so with that folks thank you so much if you enjoyed today's episode again share with family and friends and as always follow me on social media at be Nichols Liberty on Facebook and on Twitter and if you want to support my patreon you can find me over at B Nichols Liberty I do my traffic Tuesday's I'll give you some sneak behind behind the scenes sneak peeks as to what's coming up to the shows that week a lot of fun stuff as well um so with that folks thank you thank you for about my heart for being a fan of the Brian Nichols show if you haven't had a chance yet listen to my last two episodes I had with a lily tang Williams and Hillary in Toulouse Engle are talking about hashtag socialism kills sorry man and also the tragedy in Venezuela with a Hillary handle Luis Aguilar some of that folks thank you for joining us today so with that Brian Nichols signing on for Keith Urbino we'll see you next week stea thanks for listening to the Brian Nichols show find more episodes at Brian Nichols show.com

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