5 Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety on Your Own

[Music] If you suffer from social anxiety, you will fear certain situations. This can vary from person to person. Some fear speaking in front of groups of people. Some fear meeting new people. While others fear going to parties or other types of social events. In whichever situation you fear arises, you’ll probably experience sweating, flushing, feeling your heart race, or other symptoms of anxiety. One of the primary symptoms you’ll feel is thinking others will judge you or find you lacking in some way. Not to worry, tho. No matter what your symptoms are or where they hit you, there are things you can do on your own to deal with your social anxiety. Number One: Deep muscle Relaxation. Learning to physically relax is one of the best ways to combat anxiety. It’s impossible to feel both relaxed and anxious. For deep muscle relaxation, you will tense then relax the major muscle groups of your body, beginning with your feet and working your way towards your head and face. Number Two: Slow breathing. Controlling your breathing when you’re anxious is another good way to deal with your emotions. When you’re anxious, your breathing becomes faster and more shallow and as a result, you’ll feel light-headed and dizzy, bringing on more anxiety. Learning to breathe slower and more regularly through your nose will help you calm down. This technique won’t get rid of your anxiety, but it will help you better handle the situation you’re experiencing. Number Three: Visualization. The key to visualization is to remember a place where you felt safe and comfortable. Once you remember this place, get a picture of it in your mind so clearly that you can feel, see, smell and even taste that place. This takes practice and patience Number Four: Control your thoughts. Faulty thinking is a hallmark of social anxiety. Believing that others are judging you and finding you faulty in some way is a majorly detrimental way of thinking that occurs, so it is important to evaluate whether those thoughts are true. Ask yourself for proof. People with social anxiety tend to overestimate how badly others think of them. Keep in mind: your thoughts are only guesses about what others will think or what you will do. How you think is a habit and habits can be changed. Number Five: face your anxiety. Most people with social anxiety want to hide, avoid, or run away from whatever they’re scared of, but by facing your anxiety instead, you’ll find that is usually something tou can tolerate after a few exposures. However, you may want to try this on a situation that brings a relatively low level of anxiety first. When using this method, focus on what’s going on around you instead of what’s going through your mind. That should help you distract yourself from those anxious thoughts. Have you found any of the discribed methods helpful? Do you use other strategies to cope with your social anxiety? Feel free to share in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check our website and other social media, as well as our new Patreon account. And don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching

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  2. BTW when we have a presentaion that includes talent. All of I can think of is singing for the presentation but I sing quitely and I hate long notes I always try to practice and when I'm always on the microphone my voice sounds like a five year old girl and my class mates say they can't hear they think social anxiety switches off!!! NO! it doesn't!! we peoples are not robots that it can just be turned of!!! 😡😡😡

  3. when im exposed to other people i fear that i stink coz puberty is shit with that bo and shit i dont know i thst is enough to be called anxiety tho but its been bothering me since 7th grade

  4. to be completely honest, this doesn’t really help? I mean, saying “control you thoughts!” for me, is like telling a depressed person to just be happy. It doesn’t work.

  5. The worst thing is when you’re supposed to work in a group project and the teacher says “you can pick the groups yourself this time” and I’m like nooooo no one wants to be in the same group as me

  6. 2:50

    Me: (points at anxiety)

    Also me: F*** You!

    Still me: accomplishes something cool

    Me later: no way that worked

  7. My friend is really jokey and I don't want her to laugh at me and before I go to the counsellor I have to tell my teacher wwhy I need to go to her

  8. At school, we have to sit on bleachers in our gym. Now, my friends sit at the very end of the gym which means I have to walk in front of everyone in the school. I REALLY HATE THAT

  9. I just wanted to talk about it.
    I've never thought that I'd have anxiety, but I've been living with it really long now. And I don't feel like I'm scared to go out, I go out go for a walk and then I don't feel that anxious, and I'm just like: fxck off anxiety ;-;
    Cause anxiety destroys my life, and I know it sounds strange but my childhood got destroyed by depression and anxiety.
    Idk I just wanted to share bye xD

  10. DBT skills to help anxiety

    T.I.P.P Temperature (dunk your face in ice cold water) Intense exercise (5-15 min exercise to break out sweating) Paired muscle relaxation (1st tip in video) Paced Breathing (2nd tip in video)

    Distract with wise mind ACCEPTS Activities, Contributing, Comparisons, Emotions, Pushing away thoughts, Sensations

    IMPROVE the moment with Imagery, Meaning, Prayer, Relaxation, One thing in the moment, Vacation, Encouragement of self

    Be willing to practice mindfulness it will save so much suffering xo

  11. Having social anxiety is hard in my school since we have to fill our curriculum marks by being a president club or something, presenting the school in competitions. And I tried to get a form to become the prefect, but I couldn't speak to the teacher when she asked me why I wanted to be a prefect. I didn't get the form…

    do sports without music is helped me A LOT. First I started to running I was like ' why are you running? Do you actually think you're gonna lose weight ? You're just wasting your time. Everyone is better that you. You're so fat that you can't even run 3 meters' yeah but now I do long runs (2 hours) and outdoor runs and firstly I was thought that everyone was judging me but now I still have the thoughts but they doesn't feel real now.

  13. For me only medication can help and actualy confronting the situation.But sometimes i cant do it without medication or i will have panic attack.

  14. I stutter when the anxiety kicks in and i get double anxiety bc now people can see how hard it is for me to just express myself and i feel stupid and vulnerable.

  15. Does anybody awkwardly smile uncontrollably? I do this all the time when I don't know someone. One time I did this with my dentist, I wish I could stop doing that, oh well..

  16. I'm sick and tired of not being able to speak to others. That's why I'm gonna fight through this. For others who are trying to overcome social anxiety i believe in you even if you don't you gotta fight through it. Beat yourself if you have to.

  17. Nice Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you thought about – Mahorrla Execute Shy Method (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one off product for beating social anxiety minus the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate after many years got great success with it.

  18. Currently watching this bc I end up crying when I’m really nervous, I get panic attacks in P.E (a.k.a any team games like rounders or football) and I’m about to go somewhere where we pretty much only do P.E and there’s lots of people. What is my life XD

  19. When I walk to school I think that every single person is looking at me and that they're judging the way I look, walk and behave. It sometimes get so bad that I clench my jaw and cannot relax my face muscles for a while.

  20. I just keep forcing myself to do things that make me REALLY uncomfortable & anxious. I finally decided I refuse to let myself hide anymore.. there’s no secret. I’m terrified every time I do this but I do it anyway to show myself I can and that my fears won’t hold me back from things I wished I had.

  21. Do I have social anxiety?
    What happens to me when I’m presenting stuff:
    -head pressure
    -messing up on my words
    -speak quietly even though I’m told to speak up

    Family gatherings:
    -only talk to cousins around my age
    -not really talk to aunts or uncles

    At school:
    -talk to only friends
    -not start conversations with people who don’t start one with me
    -NEVER raise my hand
    -I don’t ask to hang out with anyone
    -I DESPISE presenting things
    -I try to eat quiet and slowly grab my food because I feel like I’m being stared at and judged
    – if the teacher points me out in front of the whole class I feel like crying, I get a lot of pressure in my head, and I feel really embarrassed

    In general:
    -I never talk to strangers
    -I don’t like to checkout
    -run away if I see a stranger coming towards me
    -I only have 1 friend because I don’t talk to people

    Help me… I hate how I’m like it’s effecting my life and social life and it’s horrible. I have a doctors appointment soon and my mom got a questionnaire a couple months back and she’s gonna hand it in when we go and I think we’re gonna see if I have social anxiety. I have almost no friends because I’m scared of rejection and I never talk to anyone and if my aunt or uncle makes a mean joke I smile but I don’t stand up for myself even though it hurts my feelings even though I know they are joking. Ok thanks for reading this!!!

  22. I hate how I get the feeling that the people around me hate me and want me to leave, even if they don’t. I just get worried that people will judge me and think the worse. In my younger years of school, people hated me for no known reason. They avoided me, made fun of me, etc. One other kid who I think was my brother’s class mate, spat water at my face, just because he didn’t like my brother or something.

    People just judge others too much :’(

  23. I'm scared of going into my classroom when nobody is in there. I'm scared of paying for things. I'm scared of everything

  24. Trying to think of what to say and by the time u do it's already to late the silence is there to stay

  25. sometimes my parents expect me to get over it, I fricking hate it
    whenever people kept looking at me, I try to get away from them

  26. tip for everyone; i used to have super severe social anxiety and i basically don’t get nervous in social situations anymore. basically, just take a deep breath and realize that nothings going to happen if you talk to someone. the only way to stop fearing something is to do it. i know it seems impossible but you can’t let a stupid disorder control your life

  27. Anyone else have social anxiety when going into stores and having to interact with the employee or just around with certain group of people.

  28. I guess im joining a youth group even tho

    I literally feel like crying just thinking about it stresses me out

    I want to have friends I don’t have any friends now

    And im determined to make some

    Even if i end up having a few panic attacks on the road

  29. The last one didn't work for me, even my own environment still makes me shiver and tremble… Hurt

  30. I have social anxiety, I go to high school and I have a lot of difficulty at school. I don't have any friends, and everyone thinks I hate talking. I hate my social anxiety 🙁

  31. i don’t get how you can control your thoughts honestly. i tried to tell my mom i struggle with anxiety and she told me it’s “a lie from the devil” (bc she’s religious) & she also told me to control my thoughts. i don’t get how saying those things will help me but okay.

  32. I strongly think that people including teachers in school think that I’m a very awkward dumbass student in school that just can’t be understood and they don’t wanna help me and most people in school see me as a legit dumbass

    I can go on and on but I rather not because I will end up ranting so ill stop now.

  33. I have a Problem with saying simple Words/sentences or doing simple thing like giving the cashier money.because i think id mess it up… I get so nervous i EVEN MESS IT UP

  34. I fake beeing sick just so i dont have to do my presentation my teacher said i have to present on the first day of school and i dont know how i handle it i just cant i really cant and this son of an bitch teachet fucking knows that i have social anxiety and went to an therapist. Instead of giving me a 6 for Leistungsverweigerunghe insists

  35. "Control your thoughts" is the worst possible advice that is given by people without social anxiety. Example, don't think of a white elephant. What'd you do? Exactly.

  36. i barely cry because most of the time i have to hide how im feeling but when i do cry its like uncontrollable sobbing because its so pent up… this happened at school once when a teacher was trying to force me into getting up in front of the class and no matter how hard i tried to push it down i full on broke out into a sob and i think about it everu day and im terrified to go back to school this year

  37. I'm 14 and anytime I buy something by myself I start crying. I hat it, but I just can't control it. I also cry every time I am confronted, overwhelmed, and I have panic attacks so bad I usually pass out. I wish I could stop it

  38. I had a mental breakdown over just thinking about how I have to go to a new school and while it's back to school time, I'm so scared I won't make any friends and they'll bully me ☹️☹️☹️😭😭😭😰😰

  39. Going to the gym when you expect to be empty,but it’s full of people and you realize they already saw you and you can’t go back and run away,it’s literally hell

  40. Winner of a video, I have been researching "therapy for social anxiety and shyness" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Qanwen Donuke Approach – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got great success with it.

  41. When people look at me, my social anxiety kicks in and I don’t know what to say and it get awarded. I also fear looking people in the eyes. It used to be different I used to have a life with friends and now they are gone mostly. My school work has also suffered because I can’t focus because Everyone around me gives me anxiety. I just want to go back to we’re I was before it all started. It has stressed me out and I now have chronic tensions headaches and I never want to go any where any more. I have no more self confidence in my self or my future. (I’m 17)

  42. Saying my name and couple of things about me in front of others or small talk with strangers can already make my heart beat faster than flash, and there's the word Presentation?!?

  43. I am a shy person..i think it is really hard to meet or talk to new people and make friends with them. I usually just talk to them and then they sometimes just meet other people and dont talk to me. When I am in class, the teachers call on me because i am usually a person who does not raise their hand much..after getting question right, my heart begins racing and has butterflies in my stomach. Even if i get the question wrong, there will be a whole nest of butterflies in my stomach. Right now, i am in a class with a awesome teacher, but the class has a ton of people who are not shy at all! no one in my class is shy. they all can talk normally to the teacher. Except me.

  44. Forest of I thank you for your help!!!!
    But, is there any Drug or Medication of Social anxiety? or fear? Specially for drying of the mouse?
    Thank you.

  45. my hands are sweating rn cuz im thinking how I'm going to talk to my friends or etc it's just so hard to calm myself down ;—-;

  46. I reckon Social anxiety just stems from a lack of self belief. we get anxious cause we’re not confident in ourselves. We choose to think so negatively . we choose to think this way. We are our own worst enemy. That persons opinion of you doesn’t matter unless you let it matter to you. Only the people that are closest to yous’ opinions should matter, and they’re people you feel comfortable with anyway. You should value YOURSELF the most and how YOU think of yourself. NOT anyone else. Fuck everyone else, live for YOU. Because at the end of the day the person that matters most to you in your life is you. But If you want to continue feeling anxious in social situations then just allow these people who at the end of the day won’t mean anything to you, to waste your precious energy worrying about their opinion. Instead of wasting all your energy and time trying to impress others, spend it on trying to make yourself happy. YOU> everyone else

  47. Um. Although good intent and well spoken in regards to how the panic attack feels I’m skeptical about the dialogue when you start bringing up Xanax and can’t even pronounce a medication “clone-a-pin” you were prescribed and described as a life saver? “Claw-nuh-pin” Klonopin or clonazepam isn’t generally prescribed as an as needed benzo in my area. To say you’re cured is bizarre for someone who HAS panic disorder and dealt with them daily. I’m glad meditation works for you. But coping methods and a deep understanding of ways you as an individual can avoid or minimize the potential for these attacks is the farthest anyone with actual panic attack disorder will get. No matter how long they’re dormant. Just saying, avoid “cured”

  48. People may think im rude because i feel awkward having the last word in a conversation so i dont say with welcome at thank you

  49. No offense to this channel but these are all useless when you have very bad social anxiety you don’t have time to stop and control your thoughts or even visualize shit

  50. Being bullied caused my social anxiety (and eating disorder)
    It's hard to overcome it. I can't even see a doctor by myself. My mom has to come too☹️

  51. Tips: Focusing on what's going on around you
    Brain: feel much nerves already trapped my forehead

    So my eye couldn't even staring around me

  52. I love how you explained the role of controlling one's thoughts to help fight social anxiety. Such great explanation. Thanks for sharing!

  53. It’s very difficult to control your anxiety-induced thoughts, because rational thinking doesn’t get rid of the anxiety. At least for me…

    Logical thinking is not an effective solution for a feeling, because feelings aren’t innately logical.

    Analyzing your thoughts only exacerbates the anxiety and leaves you more self-conscious and self-critical.

    A dreary sensation fills my being every time I have to socialize—I’m readily deterred from initiating conversations because of it.

    And this is the fundamental problem: the feeling of dread evoked by social situations.

    This illogical feeling causes a cycle of negative thoughts that cannot be solved by logical thinking.

  54. I'm not super anxious when giving a public speech because they tend to be non personal against the audience or any individuals.

    But when meeting new people and greeting them one on one….. :c

  55. This is why I'm not comfortable facing people at my job at the deli, & also the reason YouTube is currently my only form of social media…

  56. The worst part about social anxiety is sometimes knowing you’re gonna be late for class, and then deciding to skip class entirely just by fear of stigmatization

  57. If any one would she this that would be great;

    I think I have social anxiety:

    At church and stuff
    Like that I’m scared to interact with people and to them cause I’m scared that some one would make fun of me, there are times I want to join a conservation but I’m to scared to talk to them to be made fun of, I want to know because I’m going to high school and I want to know if I need to get help!

    If anybody responds that would make me very happy!

  58. When i do a simple task like go to the store and buy something, when i hand over cash my hand shakes a little. Anyone else get this?

  59. My body forces a smile in awkward positions, or even just when i look at sm2l1, im not normal and never will be

  60. I can't even go to school because of it I don't want to go to the doctor it just make everything worse because I have been through a lot and I'm in 8th grade I don't know what to do should do

  61. Thank you! I have anxiety, not sure which kind, but these really help. I'm trying to find more tips on how to cope because it's been getting bad recently, so thanks!

  62. My social anxiety is a different story… I never had time to spend with any girls, can you smell where it's heading?

    I can't talk to girls now 🙁

  63. I have autism and anxiety so I don't socialize with people because I'm worried about making a bad interaction with someone. Plus bullying is the main reason why I don't socialize and have anxiety. I feel broken and numb. I have anxiety when people talk too loud or if they raise their voice at me.

  64. Sometimes I feel so scared and awful during a presentation that I burst into tears in front of everyone. I end up regretting it even more after for crying and I feel so stupid. How do I stop doing that?

  65. I have useful tips for people suffering with social anxiety like me

    1. Write a journal it works pretty well

    2. When you’re presenting something act like you don’t give a fuck (only use this as a last resort)

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