5 books to enjoy this winter

The holidays are a great time to catch up
on reading. Here are five books that really stood out
to me. These Truths by Jill Lepore A lot of people once you leave school, you never really go through the broad scope
of American history again. She brings this lens of looking backwards. How do we compare to other countries? What was controversial? What hung in the balance? Particularly slavery and gender and immigrants. I think the book is very worth reading. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker I’m a night person, but I’ve been paying
more attention to sleep. This guy is super persuasive about if you want to lose weight, get good sleep. If you want to really learn things, get good
sleep. He literally tells you, if you’re reading this when you should be
sleeping, please close the book. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones This is about a black couple in the south and an injustice that totally reshapes the
lives of the husband and the wife and eventually dooms their marriage. The husband and wife are put into a difficult
position. You wouldn’t call it a happy ending, because
they’ve been through so much. Prepared by Diane Tavenner She asks the right questions about middle
school and high school systems. What she’s done is really amazing. Not many people are brave enough to create
a new school system. You have self-confidence, the ability to learn, the ability to manage your time, a sense of what you want to go and do. Sometimes, kids will get discouraged. You just hope your kid gets curious about
something. Growth by Vaclav Smil Modern civilization has performed all these
miracles, and yet, you do hit limits. We’ve been on various plateaus. When did we figure out how to build certain
big buildings? What was holding us back in terms of doing
that? Why don’t we build them to the sky now? If you said to me “Oh, when you’re young,
you can travel over the speed of sound, but then when you get older, you won’t be
able to travel over the speed of sound,” I would have been like, ‘That’s crazy.’ I found these books to be really clever and
engaging. I hope you find them as intriguing as I did.

  1. I particularly enjoyed the Real Estate Development Matrix by Daniel and Kimberly Kohlepp.
    It's a thorough read on planning ahead the structure of buildings, not only how it looks on the outside, but how it functions on the inside and what it's made of.

    Secrets of The Aether by Dave Thomson is a guide through the smallest parts of the physical universe: the atoms. How they behave, curiosities of their interactions and physics formulas that can help predict results in quantum physics scientific experiments.

    The Alpha Romeo DOHC Engine High Performance manual by Jim Kartalamakis illustrates piece by piece the power and performance of one of the best Alpha Romeo engines. I really had to bring out the Wolfram Calculator for this one they explain the reasons for having a certain type of motor over another based on pressure, temperature of the ignited gasoline at the chamber and why they decided to go for the 46/38mm intake valve for the twin spark.

    Besides that there was Albert Hoffman's The Divine Scientist the story of how this brilliant chemist came up with LSD. What was the actual synthesis process like? Those questions and more answered and a little about his personal life as well.

    Last but not least Fight Like a Physicist by Jason Thalken, PhD. Real formulas of physics on how to maximize damage in physical combat using vortexes, centripetal force, and rotating motion.

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  3. Can we Appreciate the fact that he did not put any ad because he doesnโ€™t need that kind of money because he is already rich ?

  4. Damn. He reads so much. Must be very intelligent.
    Should start a tech company selling computer operating system to start with.

    Might become the richest man in the world!

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  6. I barely read honestly . If I do its usually self teaching myself about different things. I do however like a good story and seems hard to find these days . Thanks Mr Gates for the good reads.

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  10. 1. Jimmy Hoffa, 2. Dexter 3. Philosophy of bruce Lee,4. Falling is flying !!๐Ÿ˜‰ /Jimmy Hoffa was an accountant first!! Dexter had EXTREME DICIPLINED WORK ETHIC ,BRUCE LEE SAW EXTRATERRESTRIALS AND USED DARKNESS TO TRANSFORM HIMSELF INTO IMMORTAL BEING! , Falling is flying , shows how losing is really discovering who you really ARE!๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I noticed he only shares this kind of books.
    As someone who nowadays knows all of them I would love if he also shares young adults,fantasy,science fiction,mistery,horror and other imagined stories (fictional) books.
    I think that it would be amazing because in my opinion we can learn a lot trough these(His) books but those that gives more space to our imagination and creativity are stories.
    I donโ€™t pretend them to be modern but at least not I Promessi Sposi or books similar to Danteโ€™s. Maybe something like Dune.

    I believe we all should read both to be equilibrated.

    Sorry for any mistake,Iโ€™m learning.

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    of course I'm kidding

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  15. I would love you if you can hire me as a software developer at microsoft as my Christmas present….and I have readed some of the books mentioned above…..

  16. Can you write a book about how to find purpose in life? The world seems like it has just become bathed in consumerism. Nothing feels genuine anymore, everything sort of feels fake. Want something, anything? Well all you have to do is pay for it. Even personal relationships revolve around money or lack thereof. Why are people this way? Survival instinct? And we never stop progressing, even though basic needs can be met. Seems like it is encoded in us somehow, to keep on progressing and never stop. Seems like the only true thing in the world is continued technological progress and the coming of AI. Perhaps emotionless, super-conscious AI is what the universe has been working towards since the beginning. Humanity is looking more and more just like a stepping stone to the birth of super-conscious AI.

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