yeah what up y'all thanks for tuning in and no flag radio I'm your host P right is hailing this motherfucker today we talk about current events I know that I see the new look one of the many new looks at all these rags and shitting motherfucking ways to make this shit look man I told you I could do all kind of shit on this channel I mean we're talking about a couple of things what up afro troupe see your brother was good man in fact let me pull up the intro screens here okay there we go thank y'all for tuning in so gonna run a quick current events episode today really want to get a couple things they didn't want to make this as long as I wanted to probably do it but we're gonna cover some real pertinent dirt okay so first we want to talk about the corner of the date chris darden you know y'all know i had to go in on this boy chris dart cuz y'all heard about this fellow jumping off the case of snitchy look he ain't wanna fuck with snitch elope let me see if I got a picture the boy up here somewhere I got some picture somewhere he ain't wanna fuck with snitch Ehlo right and you know he ran off the case so this is a testament to the type of shit I've talked about on this channel before I said about a year ago in a video idea called doing intel on white supremacist terrorists how we need to know where the lawyers live nobody's police live at they'll be doing dirt and killing black people in the street we need to know where these das live at that don't be putting no charges on these police we need to know where these my fucking chiefs of police live at all these different figures and mayors and everybody we know where they live in know what a baby momma live at nobody child go to school that as a part of look man shit it's called consequences out here in life man its consequences in life to the shit you do all right and you know I could give a quick example the biggest example I could give is the KKK y'all know back in the day the KKK you will see him on the street you wouldn't know they was KKK right but the danger was in finding out that a KKK person was you know a judge or something like that then it's like okay now this person is really lethal you know I mean because they're a judge or they're some sort of public official or some shit like that so that's why they would be your everyday work at a white supremacist walking the street back in the day but then they would put on that robe at night as a way to hide because the KKK is the fucking fraternity they will use that robe as a symbol of their fraternity and a way to hide behind a fucking fraternities that's what fucking police do they put on their police uniform as a way to hide behind a fraternity as they do dirty and the danger comes when you know where the fuck they live at and who their mom is where they baby mommas state where they children get their school uniforms from all the little details you understand right so it seems like this boy won't fucking garden Oh afro to Saints what intelligence all of us all intelligence let me one of my favorite word's intelligence and since I'm up here since I'm on let me do this for y'all real quick it's called counterintelligence yeah I figured on that after all truth that is the game okay we got to do it I'm again I don't hear enough of this in black media so I bring it because I don't hear but yeah it's necessary so what it's a life to me is this boy Darden he got a whiff of that you understand from the street street justice we always talk about these police don't fear consequences these different figures don't fear consequences in the street they don't fear being hunted and killed in the street type shit they don't fear that type of shit right so what's fun around with Darden is look look at this client shitty low what what happened to his boat his family a legend give him pop debt getting shot killed his family his brothers killed himself committed suicide from what we hear from a few places right and it's bullets flying around his client understand he don't want none of that is what's happening he don't want none today he don't want his daughter to be caught up in that because he won a coon and he want to hide and be a face of defending somebody who's probably a part of as we all say in the black community this motherfucking snitch is low he's got to be a part of something bigger mechanism in order to be pulling off a Chris Darden Chris Dodd was like man hold up okay now look I know I'm a part of this mechanism to charter railroad the black community again that I'm mad at from motherfucking 90s I'm still mad at the black community from got them 30 years ago still mad but shit I'm finna get killed I'll fuck around and get killed I wasn't trying to get killed I wasn't trying to come out of retirement just to get killed because that's what he's looking at right coming out of retirement just to get his all last kill playing I'm Stan so yeah he up against dad and he smelled it in the air he smelled the gun smoke he smelled the bullets he smelled the lid he smelled the guns he smelt all that shit looks like man I'm finna fuck around get killed playing with this shit fuck finna die and yeah so he jumped his ass off the case that's all I can say so I'm not saying who was putting the pressure to him I'm saying nobody put no pressure to him I'm just saying shit common sense jumped in and sis came into the picture counterintelligence came into the picture court dropped brother afro troop we understand so like I said that is the spoils of doing intelligence on these different outfits these white supremacists collaborators these combs who would hide their hands and throwing stones for white supremacists interest in leanings and operations you feel me so yeah he got his motherfucking ass out of there and I just had to laugh at him he's the corner the motherfucking day he gives no love over here and I'm glad that well you know okay I don't know I'm not wishing bad on but I'm just saying yo nigga you might still be in danger we don't know we don't know don't nobody know nobody in the city of where he around don't nobody know what's to come in his life no nobody know but Joe I had to jump on that to start understand it's just sound like somebody was finally listening when I said we need to start getting that lawyers and DEA and doing all kind of intel on my father that's all I'm gonna say about that now y'all see in the title I named this current events and calling out white supremacists coded language right and there's a reasoning behind that I didn't want to you know make a long ass title but I want to look into a particular thing that had me saying I gotta talk about this within our community because what the fuck man we need to kind of be on code about certain things so there's a content provider by the name of black patriarchy out the black patriarchy how big black patriarchy before any of y'all who came to my channel by way of the video that I did about the immigrant corn buffer class and all that you might have heard me mention black patriarchy there's being one of my inspirations to even making that video that's one of my highest ranking videos to date understand that's one of my highest ranking put up the do this real quick it's on my highest ranking videos to date understand so you know not saying that I owe all that the black pager I mean that's my work right but I'm saying like it was a point of inspiration for me and there was a video that black patriarchy posted a couple days ago that kind of got people kind of feeling some kind of weight and I wanted to say something about it just a lot of hate kind of an assault getting spread in the comments and I'm saying other dislikes came down I don't know if the disliked or a like thing is up I don't think it's up no more but I'm saying different things kind of guy brought to light and this particular video highlighted some things for me so this is a video about you bet Carnell versus dr. Claude Anderson very important intersection in ideology in the black community black patriarchy is wise thinking of this intersection seeing this intersection right and black patriarchy once again I like them period you know people don't say I like somebody period these days they say I like somebody but I mean I like somebody yet alright I'm saying it caught a lot of hate for this video just cuz people saw your bet Carnell in the title and you know some of the things that he brought up was not in favor of your bet Carnell so I can already see that that's um you know I already see that but I hate when people just you know come to videos just to dislike you know I mean some people just behaving in mad with no reason behind it just like you know how the boy Drake always give us a give this as an example with Drake you know I mean when Drake first came out the rapper if y'all know Drake when he came out he was the first motherfucker that I've heard in a long time get up on wax talk about these niggas is doing this and these niggas is doing that and every other word is these niggas is doing something like these niggas is on them these niggas is like okay so all these people are you it's supposed to be you got all this adversarial energy around you right and I'm from you know I mean these niggas means muhfucka when we hear that when I hear that it means name it means gang affiliation it means what your mama I'm looking for I'm thinking about people bases start coming up in my mom when I hear the word these niggas right so for nine eighty always cat like Drake to be kickin it these niggas this and II think it's like nine nigga these niggas you ain't really got that type of adversarial energy around you to be talking like that because during the rap game like before a Drake popped up and you know for like a lot of this new crop popped up it was more what folks were saying your name on wax motherfuck D mother fuck em no X I know is exhibitor RBX my father's was saying a yo dr. here's another proper track and it's mushy I mean it was like that back in the day Mobile to say your name and be like nigga meet me somewhere and let's fight nigga be cool don't like it if you mad or whatever alright and at this time you know when Drake came out damn you know I was fresh on paper you know I'm a I'm a fresh out the street you know I'm saying I needed a permission slip to travel and get around the world type of paper that I was on y'all know little business pieces on my story right so my mom just flip a different weight when I hear these niggas people just talking up almost like what nigga who they could wear it yet nigga understand its how I think right and as far as people just disliking this man or this man or woman I don't I think black patriarchy is to do what I'm sayin it do we still don't know but I'm saying to do but you can disagree with somebody without bypassing the body of a work you understand black patriarchy is not no roody-poo Diaz channel if y'all really check it out and people were saying you know this particular video was a attack on your bed he did a compare and contrast well let me check something real quick okay so yeah we got the stream upstream looking better now yeah yeah I like how you two get a little ticker to get little health of your streams you can see how it is look now it's going on so you know people are saying it was an attack on your bed and he did a comparing contrast of your bet and Claude Anderson in a negative way and he's showing that his team Claude Anderson and shout out to Claude Anderson who speaks on so many things of value to black community he brings up the you know he speaks of his vertical integration see this vertical process of us building from the ground up type of shit i hear that narrative from a lot of the older brothers but people went in on him for going in on your vet Carnell who went in on dr. Claude Anderson sadly shit that's what I was looking right so I want to look at how we can be objective about the points of contention that were being made here as long as our goal is you know within the same will house of black and Powerman I don't care busy your bed Carnell don't anybody as long as we are all about black empowerment at the end of the day then both sides are doing what needed to be done by and large in saying that was one of the comments I put up in the little thread there and that's what I think we're witnessing is me to strike a balance between the two ultimately you understand but your that I got a picture up there you know we know her and her platform as you know she speaks out about systemic sabotage of black community that edges out black community from having money at the most meager base level right so we need to be repaired because of that right dr. Claude Anderson says more of okay we're being sabotage but do for self anyway right and a lot of older brothers kicked their right and we're just gonna go on walk along with it follow me with this so your bet says the sabotage that puts us out of the running for owning businesses that can thrive and we need money to build and support our businesses and we can't currently do that right now due to the sabotage but the Claude Anderson is like well we've got to consolidate ourselves and turn to each other black society and be our own business support approach right we'll be our own business support right this is you know kind of like that that that pre-integration error talk which I'm all for you know integration fucked up our instinct to turn to one another and support black right I hear what he's saying and that overall abroad what he's talking about right your vet goes in on racial sabotage and employment okay we talked about that on this channel as to the high unemployment numbers we see in all these major black cities and that something systematically must be done outside of the reach of black pockets right now to fix the shit all right you know I've spoken on various cities like you know Cleveland where one in four adults is unemployed we've spoken up on Detroit places that have a history of being racially targeted for disinvesting in black vitality by white supremacist infrastructure and how that's been a long-term problem in these predominantly black cities y'all can watch my video on Andrew yang you know they hear what I was kicking on that and dr. Anderson by comparison we know he is still black people need to scrape up every last penny we got every dollar piece we got and pull off our businesses and support them so we can have a product economy to where we don't have to depend on nobody and we can support ourselves scrape up the pennies and do it anyway right again doing it herself from the bottom up don't ask nobody for nothin type shit and I like the conversation it's good to see both sides in my opinion I'm not playing peacemaker here you know if you don't like somebody you don't like them and me and my personal life I've only been successful that you know Commons shit down when I walk into somebody house with a weapon drawn type shit real life baby I mean that's only I've been successful at handling warring factions in my life I mean it's just you always get the weapons fuck it they're not listening there's that so I'm not trying to play peacemaker I'm just looking at both sides right so that's the first argument that's being made between the two is that you know so this reparations argument versus business building but what makes me feel good is that you know we both you know we're looking at two sides both of the sides are trying to get their legs in the conversations like both sides is getting a legs and trying to flex a muscle with it trying to flex they wait right I like that aspect of it let me get to the Chizzy one second here I'm really unfavorable to the childish slander on sister your bet right now yeah okay yeah you know I mean yeah that slanderous things like that I understand how you know that can put people off I see that shit and I mean so again there's some things that both sides could be of one accord on you understand and put all the other shit aside but I understand your headache Apple shoot me I'm saying and I don't put black patriarchy in the category of a motherfucker like at all equally or something broke I mean we think about it man I don't put them in that kind of category I mean that's just a hair as motherfucker on some other shit I don't you know we're not saying like uh fucking schoolyard bickering name-calling type of shit all the way me I saw us all a few ignorant things come up between singing like it's all equally tight shit motherfucker fuck you fuck everybody you know that type of shit I see the bandage that black patriarchy is trying to bring is this sort of a platform of let's have a there's an intersection I want to say there's an intersection of conversation where we can speak up on both sides there's this room and that's what I want to really get in I want to land it at the point that look there's actually room to have a discussion in both regards cuz my channel is obviously about fucking running both ships yeah I mean I'll get into that but you know I see I feel when you're coming from a proto-tool can you talk about childish slander right I get it man I get it I mean but this legs to with that we just want to make sure that we are watching both sides take account of it both sides and wanting to take account of every little hair on the legs of both sides it's like I somebody really just wants some old snarky shit and don't really want to be objective and don't really want to bring it to some sort of agreement right but I feel where you come from I hear what you talking about bro uh-huh that's why me you know I said I just don't holla Atos reparations I just don't holla business I'm looking at a whole picture that's the point of intersections when I'm getting that bro secondly the brother black patriarchy brought up the term socialism and how it has not helped the black community and this is where I think but patriarchy took the conversation down the path that I think deserves some context understand cuz I break a minute you all to black patriarchy until this channel you know I mean it's awful I gotta kind of clarify you know when really sharp points of contention come up so y'all with me like Whoopi P he must think like him nine I don't think like nobody when they good I don't look like nobody in this bitch y'all come to me and I'm gonna tell you what I think I mean I'm I'm my own damn motherfucker with this yeah I'm my own damn person but with socialism because he brought that time up I think we got to clear up some definitions here and you hear a lot of conservative Republican people saying is I wanna say the conservative Republican arm of white supremacy you hear them saying socialism this and socialism is bad because they attribute socialism to welfare programs and government handouts okay that's the spin that white supremacist Society especially the conservative Republican arm of white supremacy plus on this year right you know you don't hear many other Democrats or the democratic arm of white supremacy putting that kind of spin on it but the detail you know can show who they are to if you look at the detail and the overall narratives they push you can kind of see they on the fucker me too which is you know that's that but notice how all of a sudden this Republican wing of white supremacy you know they talk that socialism shit but notice they go mother fuckin tone death when you say that the white woman is the face of all the motherfucking government handouts as far as like public assistance is concerned and all still some shit that's where I differ with black patriarchy to start and I'm a I think black HR could have got a little more just a little bit when he brought that up for all the hate motherfuckers you understand he could have got hit just a little bit more in depth cuz you know he did the little real of black women in the hood I mean waiting on a check type of shit and a little real and people trying to hear that shit you know I'm saying I guess people might mad about that I saw that and I was like I don't know about that you know the white supremacist Society has distorted the socialism term to mean that black folk want something for nothing and they ain't been doing nothing they want something for not having have done nothing which is a false narrative you understand you know these different social programs welfare and I said that's it it's not corn to black people 23% of Medicaid go to white people 18% go to black people these are just numbers instead 36% of food stamps go to white people 25% go to black people so fuck all the over there a bigger population motherfucker they're so great and so wonderful with them be on the shit I don't want to intersect so throwing that on black people and then also saying this is one thing that people kind of was I'm guessing people kind of felt the sting from you know throwing that term on black people throwing socialism on black people right and then also saying oh we don't build businesses because of it that ain't the way and like I said man we need the base of this shit we need the face of welfare so for us to need it at times or whatever when I asked for it that don't make us less of a dynamic people right there's no correlation you see I'm saying and I'll lead into this there's no correlation between welfare and black people being the last hired the first fire regardless of education ragazza qualifications that's race in that picture right there's no correlation between wage discrimination against black people regardless of qualifications or Rawls education that's race right there's an old correlation between welfare and us being racially set upon by the business lending community for all manner of upstart capitalist in stimulus types that's a racist grudge being carried out on us that's at the heart of all of that right and we don't need to compartmentalize it in a way to where we ignore how race operates I don't care if you're black patriarch Claude Anderson anybody I mean we don't need to ignore how race operates in that or ignore how we need to be getting from the system that we undergird it with our ancestral equity right it's not wrong to command for something out of that and mobilize to generate something for us out of that all right oh I see somebody else in the chat who is this Apple to I'm really uh yeah mass mass sounding presidential there's some good people on both sides are you gonna do you like that Apple come on man you know I'm saying I'm pointing at all of the aspects I'm looking at one aspect and I'm looking at the other aspect and I'm looking for the middle because that's obviously where the victory sits in the conversation it is in looking at what's happening in the middle it's not that we're just gonna be building businesses and that shit is just gonna be the totality of it that's why we talk about things like pro-black lobbyism talk about mobilizing our banks to talk about mobilizing buying politicians that's some Claude Anderson shit buying politicians type shit we talk about that shit on my gentlemen I mean we bring all that type of shit then we also bring the conversation of reparative right and putting legs on our community in that way all right so I see what you say good people on both sides gonna be I one for you got a little jokey-joke I look Sookie don't worry worry no sick but like I said it's not wrong for us to command for something out of a setup like what we dealing with is the point I was trying to get it with black patriarchy or a Claude Anderson I mean you understand brother afro – if you do so that's that you know you think about like women's welfare activism women's welfare activism that's how white women Jimmy they way into all these different things like I'm fuckin affirmative action and all that shit and nobody is saying don't help white women it's gonna hurt generations of white families from building up their infrastructure of standing on their own infrastructure if the white women use welfare you see how that sound so that's my point of contention I don't think it's fair to correlate that to us in that way to correlate that idea of us getting and us getting out of a Divya process and mobilizing the Divya process for us I don't think it's fair to correlate that type of process to us in that way as being something negative right society don't say don't help Rachel Dolezal get into black schools just an example now we're looking at race as a part of the conversation and it's that race-based set asides as a part of the conversation and traditionally you know the conversation of socialism the actual definition of socialism this is what I was getting to as far as what the main crux of this post is about talking about coded language right traditionally by definition socialism is the government owning and operating the factors of production and with a very small private sector right basically the government run everything in the private sector is basically Nolan boy that's the actual definition of socialism not the white supremacist spin on the definition that we're kind of getting from black patriarchy right and black KCR gave an example of Venezuela where you know socialism like real socialism by definition of socialism since we're talking about definitions in coded language called ain't no code in the way they doing it they're using the real definition of socialism they got social policies in place where people got money in a pocket like a motherfucker but no goods are being produced right so they're suffering in that regard no product economy right now I turned the corner on black patriarchy getting this way because the way he or she is presenting it presenting socialism as far as how it relates to the black community he's trying to frame it up like some shit that's going on in Venezuela and that that could be us but we're not talking about a whole country like Venezuela yeah I mean so that is where it kind of gets kind of saying it kind of gets disingenuous in the context of how the larger society the larger white supremacist Society pushes the socialism line right okay so you know they're more of a private sector sort of focused group right they hear they say shit like with socialism like I said earlier dumb Negros data they want to take all the aid and all this shit they want something for nothing but you know that's a lie I just debunk that they also be on some shit like this whole privatization thing all right what's gonna happen to my private schools my private prisons my private companies that I can racially discriminate in this is some of the fluff that white supremacy puts around the turn and puts around the term socialism right that's the theater that they put around and they also try to straddle that shit with oh yeah and black folk be on welfare that's socialism all right that's the root of the particular pushback that was coming from the audience on our brother black patriarchs Pope's affirmative action that's socialism goddamnit I'm saying a political process was created to help facilitate just that if you want to be honest so you know to say that politics don't have a place in it you know it depends on what point of insertion that you're talking about dr. Kyle Anderson says that politics has a place but it's after some certain things are in place right he has his five step integration process if y'all was familiar with the work of dr. Claude Anderson he talks about politics y'all don't want anybody in my subscribership to think that you know a lot of the old genes of whatever a lot of the older population when some of them be like you know let politics rest for a little bit that they're not they ain't hip with 80 or West in here well you got to look at it like this with dr. Carson's five point integration thing yo that's it it's not it's not all the way dumb yeah I'm saying they dumped making some dumb shit power dynamics there's a name up let me put up a picture of our brother here man I got a picture of the power I think I got a picture of the book who said tower not mix I'm saying that shit as a model now is it a model that probably would have worked in an earlier time in a non integrated world where black folk had no choice but to spend with us and all that shit yeah I think it does come from that lineage and probably would work and would have worked best during that time but it's not an idea that it's just fluffed and I'm saying that's what I'm saying so I'm not shitting on dr. Claude Anderson I'm not shitting on you know this whole notion of creating an economy and circulating your money because that's what undergirds the political conversation according to dr. Claude Anderson so you know just because somebody fucked with dr. Claude Anderson on some shit it don't mean that he's a slanderer of your event maybe that's something need to be said too goddamn cuz you know I see how people can easily just kind of jump ship in a modern state just by hearing certain concepts and it'll make you throw away all of what somebody else was saying and then you lose the foundation behind they shit and now you are lacking in ways in terms of your thought lineage and your seed of knowledge that you're running with out here because all these other groups they they don't just start at politics so it would be nice to know that there's other things besides the politic game the going to the government game it would be nice to know of structures that mirror that like some state that dr. Clarke interesting be kickin right you talking about creating the economy well through operating businesses where we can dominate our own spending and dollar circulation markets right and circulating our money in places where we have the biggest populations type shit again I talked about I touched on this a couple minutes back right talking about you know brothers who come up in a community where you know where as black folk all black folk you know you get that mentality and it's not to say that that approach is some outdated throw the baby out with the bathwater type shit when it comes to dr. Clarence and that's what I'm saying so I guess this video is kind of like you know saying that Claude Anderson has married as well this ain't no there's good people on both sides like our brother afro-cuban it's not this there's good people on both sides and then both sides have done evil like um now I'm looking at you i protrude like okay so what evil has been done on both sides then I'm like I so your bet doing evil okay where that said we're at it that's how Anderson being evil I read at it or blackface you are doing evil works in the world okay where did it I'm looking at that kind of thing right and we can break that down into its legs but you know just because somebody calls somebody ignorant of something or just because your bed came out and said something about Claude Anderson about his approach it don't mean that what Claude Anderson is to be discounted and just because black patriarch was the deliverer of that it don't mean that black patriarch is on some bullshit right that's what I'm saying so it's kind of extreme to say that oh there's good people on both sides adding that Trump flair trying to put the Trump description on me like you know I mean I don't really appreciate that effort I'm gonna just say that man but we know that Klaus Anderson he came with that bill businesses in places where we dominate then he came up and to build on politics that was the very next step was built on politics the only place that separates it is you know these two schools of thought the you bet school of thought and the called innocence school of thought is pull your money together build businesses circulate money create an economy build businesses where we dominate in population so we can circulate I'm laying amongst our population type shit and create a product economy out of our whatever however meager shit we got is what he on it so I your bet just ain't trying to hear to us putting our meagerness together type shit that's the point of separation right and okay it don't some saying like that's a small s point to try to say Claude Anderson ain't shit and black patriarchy is full of shit and it's also not good to use that as a way to say your bed is ignorant right you know Stan so so again this is what I'm saying this why this is real touchy type shit cuz we got to learn how to disagree but still beyond cold that was the whole point of this whole video as I was like I knew we had to talk about this shit because you know you got to look at both sides and we have to have it on our mind that you know we're gonna have people within the Atos community who are ados who feel differently about how we supposed to get our divvy ups out of society and what's gonna be the source of this net in our communities right and that's okay as long as we stay on coal which is what I started the video out I guess you missed that after – but it's all about us being on coal so one can disagree but as long as we stay on coal that's what everybody else do anyway men so I hope you don't miss that and you still have my Apple to find second off being on my dog know me I saw what it is cool what it does understand but the point I left off on before I you know want to clear that up I mean you say had some time you gotta clear the fucking area I mean some folks can understand that look you name as small as how you putting it it's not as smaller the box that you put it in and it ain't is it means if you you know sometime you're gonna lay out topics in a way where people can see the whole of the picture because sometimes people only see what they see it got a myopic cone of vision a lot of times so you got to help people I'm saying gotta help people have a spectrum right but yeah we're just talking about how mobilizing in a way to where we can be getting out of a system and mobilizing for the divvy up like everybody else do how that's not bad and we are in a system where you know you get a bunch of white supremacist in office a bunch of samples in office that only look out for white interests tap dancing around how black folk need to be getting out of this system and getting special policies doled out just like everybody else get group by group and they try to talk like black folk don't need to be getting out of debt alright and I he's trying to hit a shit right as far as how people try to hypocritically paint socialism right they're painting it with a hypocritical brush that's why they try to that's how they try to attribute socialism and America that's as far as they thought to shit out this society at large so we're looking at you know so this cognitive dissonance of white society then manie's like neoconservatives these bins to peer role was out here constantly running a narrative of black people being the face of socialism and that's why socialism is bad helping out these lazy blacks is why this shit is bad right my knowing the fact that the white woman is the base of the shit if you want to keep your shit of books use the face of affirmative action the face of welfare all this shit and those are some of the facts I think I'll brother black patriarchy skipped out on and but still you know much crazy black page arguments brought me to do my cool bumper class video you understand but this shows me how white strips in society can actually define words for us and create a false perception that's why white supremacy must be this place right there's no greater example than the face of welfare socialism narrative a total shock man you know I deal with a lot of military brothers and sisters and they told me that the United States and they generals and all that shit let me flip this over I don't mean no harm yeah yeah I it's all good man I'm saying shit bro cuz this shit got to be in the clear of everybody out man this shit got to be made clear no matter what we need to be able to handle disagreements and still be able to work together and still be able to be on coal that was the whole point as video so I'm glad that you know you spoke up on how you wanted to speak up and say and put things that you wanted to speaking you know that type of thing that's what it is man I know you don't mean to hurt nothing man I already know man so that was my point man like I fuck with a lot of people brothers and sisters in the military that was an example I'm going to get to real quick just so y'all kind of see I've told y'all about different people that I know who you know who will break it down to me like yo the United States and all day long captains and generals and shit wonderfulness straight up tell people go to this place and when you go to this place on SMAP look at all these people all these people are bad killed men women and children and don't care about what you're doing right and it's easy to kind of sell soldiers on a narrative like that especially with them being under duress or anything like that they desperate for money desperate for money type of soldiers so you know they got to work for somebody's army you can easily muddle up the qualities of a group of people and lie about their actual qualities and these soldiers are go kill for you based off of how hungry they are basically that's the trap that American society puts the soldiers in right you've been killing up a village that your commanding officer is saying is full of bad people when they really just over there just arrived a group of people of their resources or they're there under some auspices of the Carlyle Group or some shit trying to carry out some land grab some resource grab trying to fulfill some weapons ordering contracts I'm shit right and trying to put some weapons that they ordered to use right so we as the people we gotta be smart enough not to be caught up in the labels that white supremacist Society puts on certain things bus you know back in the day Malcolm X's day they was calling people communist and radicals and all of that shit and what communist and radical meant it was just coded language for you are anti being a subordinate to whiteness and you're anti America's foreign policy when America goes other countries and killing people that America say is bad but you don't know the inner workings as to why America is there really you say so looking at how conflict is handled in America that kind of give you a look into the psychology of what they sell to people and how they paint a face of whatever they want to paint on whoever they want to paint and to add a space of negativity around somebody that they want to or add a space of negativity around a policy or a principle that they want to which is why society does this thing with white people where they always get the benefit of normalcy the benefit of good-natured news I talked about that on my Richard Spencer video cheating to win video how white society always gets painted with normalcy and being the normal but everything gets painted as an aberration that's not down with them right so you seem to watch their coded language black patriarch was talking about the negative effects of socialist policies in the black community but it was loosely loosely talking about a socialism in its true definition because very rarely do people use it in this true definition right we already talked about how the racist white supremacist use it they only use it in our racial context to try to mislabel black people we talked about how black patriotic music and a way to mislabel the experience of black people as a whole right I think is I'm not saying this deliver I don't know what its intended role no if they were deliberate and tendons to mislabel the experience of black people has some sort of socialist sort of thing but I gave you our definitions to begin with I gave the definition already but there's more to this shit when you strip away the coded language is what I'm getting at white supremacist Society attaches to no socialist policy in a way that is negative talking about black people and you get multiples like a binge to Pierre all these conservative figures they have got corn with the language they get cornered by the shit right and I don't want us to get cornered by that language that was my point of bringing up this whole thing with black page Europe for those of you anybody that want to get mad at me and say hey you said if I go to all my shit though you already know I'm just trying to beat them all from the you know I said my trying to play peacemaker from the beginning I ain't trying to play peacemaker I always come out with the weapon out anyway so I'm just saying I see a medium I see a middle point that both sides need to kind of will probably be well served to gravitate to anyway all right I just think that with that video with this video of your bet versus black patriarchy and I'll leave it at this that the intent behind it I think it was meant to highlight what he saw was some of the negative results that you know different government interventions produced in the black community type of shit and his eyes but that's not the whole of the conversation like I said there were some things that I think he's skipped over and some things I'm gonna have to disagree with him on me personally you know I don't think hashtag Atos is some grand welfare program where black folk is just gonna sit on our hands once we get it type shit once we get it we ain't been a build nothing and then we just gonna hold some money I I think more of black people than that right my channel is the black sanctuary man you know I mean so it should be obvious that I think more of our people didn't it we're already shown that we can you know take our money and do things with it and I'm gonna go post about a discussion I have with a US Special Forces guy at the gym use all white garments I'll help y'all kind of understand kind of what I'm getting at as well this guy he was a racist Republican old guy but I broke down to him and discussion that you know black folk when we get money and we hold down a bag motherfucker you see what we do with this shit you being a white person y'all set up and watch what we do we got we got it good but I'm gonna break that down in another video y'all would have been very proud of your boy key and I'll put that up in the later pose but that's my current event today I wanted to jump onto that because I seen it out there I was like I what's the haps what's the forth and back about what's the back and forth about and why don't the shit get cleared up why don't wanna fucking just clear this shit up and just find the landing point that says look you know it's this ain't some name-calling fest to sing some this that's not what progresses the thing because if you want to be you know precise about it you know either side I'm gonna get on this Trump shit my buddy say uh there's good people on both sides I'm saying I want to be precise about it both sides would be well-served not to negate the argument part of this conversation on both sides be it to your best side or the Claude Anderson side both sides will be served well nots in the game and just put it in your back pocket put both sides in your back pocket if you want Claude Anderson side go put the a deal west conversation in your back pocket put some shit that really ride on and ride with it if you own the hashtag ATO website you'll put that part about circulating black dollars put that in your back pocket somewhere you may need it is what I'm getting it like that shit may be necessary and we need to use every weapon necessary to fight what this system is brought to us right it's where I'm at with it so yeah y'all see I got my night before Christmas as shit saying this shit flies bitch oh fuck this shit and Nightmare Before Christmas night before Christmas there's a nightmare for kid I'm calling night for Christmas it's Nightmare Before Christmas right Sam flippin different styles guys to flip styles but yeah don't forget to subscribe to my channel don't forget to hit that like button don't forget to hit that notification bell so you know when I'm dropping oh yeah and don't be sleeping on my mom fucking chinks bring that shit make me smile seeing that shit and fuck with your boy we get a job

  1. How come Black people didn't do this to George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin murderer? You all can easily go after another Black person.

  2. Here, we discuss Chris Darden as the Coon of the Day for ditching "Snitchy" Loc's defense. Also, we look at a post from Black Patriarch pitting Team #RunThatBag (#ADOS) against Team #DoForSelfWithWhateverLittleYouHave (Powernomics). Though I roll with #ADOS on my channel, I point out the utility of both stances as presented by Yvette Carnell and Dr. Claude Anderson. As identified by my mod @AfroTroop, YES playground name-calling and slander is a sour point between both defenders of #ADOS and Powernomics (namely Yvette maligning Claude Anderson and Black Patriarch going in on Yvette), so we also look at the value in being able to disagree on parts of an issue and leave out the snarky chatter. Just as I do with non-ADOS blacks (Nigerians, Ethiopians etc.) I encourage both sides to stay ON CODE despite the difference in approach to optimizing black life (I know you hate that phrase "both sides" @Afro Troop LOL!). We also look at how the term "socialism" CANNOT be used to describe the reparatives commanded by #ADOS because colloquially black society uses "socialism" it in its bastardized, racist white supremacist form.

    *Coon of the Day: Chris Darden

    *"Yvette Carnell v.s. Claude Anderson" argument

    *"Socialism" as coded language


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