4th Grade Social Studies

– Now, I want you to feel a little bit
like those people felt so that you can understand why they did
all they had to do to come here. So we cut out the four strings
that are three feet in length. Now, arrange them in a square on the floor.
This will show you that it is approximately the space
a person would have if there were 600 passengers.
So as your group, use each one to make a square
on the floor next to your desk. Tuck in your desk.
No, just tuck it in, and put it on the floor. I said no, just tuck in your chair
and put it on the floor. Now, did you need to sit?
No, make the square. One square out of the four pieces.
One square. This is one side.
Each string is one side. Make it straight. How’d you do?
Done? Don’t cut.
Just leave it. Just leave it. Just leave it.
It’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, now stand around it. All right, listen up. Everyone should have
a square on the floor by now. All right, one at a time,
I want one person to stand in the box. One person in the box. One.
Now, that person that’s in the box, sit down in the box.
That’s how much room you would have with the 600 passengers.
That’s how much room you have. All right, you stand.
Let the next person stand in it and then sit down. Okay, so you feel the space.
All right, switch again. All right, so everyone should have had
a chance to be inside the square. Back to your seats.
Take your four pieces with you. All right, let’s look at step number two.
All right, step number two. Now remember, what we just did is
if there were 600 people in the hold. The next one says
if there were 1,000 passengers, you would have about
two square feet of space. So you’re going to cut your four strings
and take one foot away because we already counted
three on those, right? Now, we need two.
So cut… What are you doing? Use the ruler to measure.
Measure one foot and cut that off and get rid of it.
So each string should be two feet long. All of them, so if you hold them all together
and measure one foot, cut that one foot off. You need two feet. So whether you measure two feet
and cut the one off or measure one and cut that one off,
it’s the same thing. No, you need two feet. Every string has to be two feet now
so the one foot that you cut off, you’re going to throw that away. Keep the two feet long.
The one foot, throw it out. That’s one foot.
Throw it out so you don’t get confused. Those are the two feet ones?
Okay. Watch your hair.
Don’t cut her hair. All right, you guys come to the front
and do your square. You’re done?
Go to the side and do your square. If you’re done,
you can go in the back again. The one foot you have to get rid of.
That’s two. That’s one. You need those two.
– How many of these do we need? – All of them. I’ll take the one and
I’ll throw them out for you. This is two?
Those are two? Here, put them together. Cut. Okay, go make your square. Excuse me.
Thank you. Excuse me. All right, same deal.
Everyone stand. Stand inside the box
and then sit inside the box. You got to keep yourself in the box. Did you sit? Everyone do it?
Stand and then sit. All right, sit down.
Got to sit all the way down. All right, sit. All right, once everyone
has tried sitting, return to your seat. All right, then when you’re done,
okay, sit down. Okay, three, two, one. Okay, so it was a little tighter, right?
– Yes. – The more people they had,
the less space you had to stand or sit in. Now, part three. It says everyone in the class
will place their two feet square together. Now, it says to go on the playground,
but since it rained, it’s wet so we’re not going to go out there. But I measured the carpet in the back
and it’s exactly what we need. It may be a little bit bigger
because we’re missing one student. It’s a little bit bigger than what
it should be so you don’t have to bring your
strips of yarn. What you’re going to do is,
I’m going to give you a snack, okay? You’re going to take your paper,
your pencil, and either a book or a folder so you can write on,
so you have it behind your paper. You’re going to go to the carpet.
Everyone must sit in the carpet. Your feet cannot hang out of the carpet.
Your hand can’t be out of the carpet because then you’ll be swimming
in the ocean with the sharks, okay? And you’re going to feel
what it felt like to be in those holds coming from a different country, okay?
So everyone, take out either a notebook or a folder that you can lean on.
Take your pencil. When I give you your snack,
you head to the carpet. You do not eat it until
everyone is sitting, okay? If you look at number three…
– Shh. – I’m waiting.
– Shh. – Number three says
you’re going to complete your activity. Your activity is going to be eating, okay?
After you finish your cookie, I want you to write on the bottom,
you see the lines on the page, I want you to write what it felt like
to be in that little area with all those people around you.
Was it easy to eat? What happened? Did someone elbow you
because they were lifting their hand to put the cookie in their mouth?
Describe it, okay? So when I give you your cookie,
you’re going to take your paper and book or a notebook, folder and a pencil
and go sit somewhere on the carpet. And make sure when the next person comes,
you keep making room for them. Everyone has to sit on it. This time, you’re not going to go get
the cushions and sit on the floor. Okay, no one can be leaning against
the radiator because then you’re not completely on the carpet. Move in a little.
No one can be hanging off. No one can be hanging off.
Okay, you may eat your cookies. Okay, remember now,
your voyage is about eight days long. You’re in this position for eight days.
Eight days, not eight hours, eight days. Or maybe more.
How are you going to sleep? Right there. If you can,
I don’t know if I can do that. All right, imagine someone getting seasick.
– Ew! – The boats back then were not
like these cruise ships we have now that you don’t feel the water.
You felt every motion, so people got sick, so maybe there was a little bucket there. There you go. That’s where you
have to throw up. That happened. This corner might have been for your bathroom.
– Ew! – How do you pee in front of people? – Okay. Think how lucky you are. Okay, finish up your cookies
and start writing about your experience.

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