1. Bullspit.! No AMERICAN would ever vote for Socialism or a socialist.! 43% ??? Really.??? Who were you asking.? Russian's.? Id seen enough polls once BERNIE beat Hillary…. LMAO.! Well he did .!!! And lol… The fake polls that said Hilarious was our new president…. Lol..

  2. That's all the proof you need to show our education system is garbage thank you Democrats and lazy Republicans

  3. When people talk about socialism they almost always mean a social safety net and social programs to help poor people which has little to do with means of production or private ownership of business.

  4. well when ya live in propaganda world, nothing surprises me. 43% is a lot. politicians best get their heads outta their ass, and quit taking bribes from lobbiest. probably more than 43% percent don't even vote. tired of red and blue poison pills being forced on them. puppets anyway.

  5. I guy I know says, "I don't have to taste asparagus to know that I hate it." You don't have to understand what socialism and capitalism are to know that ORANGE MAN BAD! The Left are hyper-emotional, under-educated children.

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