31 Days of Community Living- Brad Saunders CEO

Hi my name is Brad Saunders and I’m the
chief executive officer at Community Living Toronto, we are pleased once again
to be featuring thirty-one videos throughout the month of May to celebrate
Community Living month and the unique contributions that each of us make
towards building a more inclusive community. The theme for this year’s
videos is advocacy, over the next 31 days you will hear from self-advocates,
parents, volunteers, and staff about what it means to them to be an advocate and
how they embody the values of community living Toronto to champion the rights of
people with disabilities. In 1948, Community Living Toronto was founded by
a group of parent advocates who wanted to challenge the status quo and make a
better life for their children, they wanted to create opportunities for their
family members. Advocacy has always been at the heart of what we do. Today, over 70
years later we continue the work those parents started as a leader and advocate
in fostering inclusion in our communities and neighbourhoods. Over the
last year Community Living Toronto has engaged partners to raise awareness and
understanding of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities. Over the
coming year, we will continue to focus those efforts on important issues facing
people with disabilities and their families so that we can create change
much like those parents did so many years ago. Thank you once again for
joining our 31 Days of Community Living video campaign and for being partners in
advocacy, so that together we can build a community where everyone belongs and
communities where everyone is valued.

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