3 exciting battles between the Communist army and the enemy!Rookie soldier 03

Sir Those Communist troops are hiding in that cave So they’re indeed of success You call them to surrender Yes sir Buddies You’ve been all surrounded Come out to surrender Zhao Chuan, such an asshole Dou Erhu and Zhong Youjin Tian Gua and Lu Jinxiu You’re all from Kuomintang You’re members of us whether you’re alive or not Repent, and the shore is at hand. Long Sihai You’ve been a soldier for many years What the hell you got after experiencing difficulties Army cook Devoting lives to Communist troops is not a good choice You should realize your errors and mend your ways You’re enough The grenade, watching out You son of a bitch Let’s go Dou Erhu give your bullets to Lu Jinxiu Do it Lu Jinxiu Yes sir You leave me only one bullet Also leave me the one Me too Give me the one We’re gonna die together if we have to Chose to do without regret Sir You told us last night All men in the battlefield which looks like moving a man at chess All men are aware of their death, no one can step back Good Holding this thought We’re forever the member of the company even we’re gonna die My whole life I’m nothing to take us into the Jian Dao company If I have the next life I’ll find all of you to take you all to the Jian Dao company Sir They’re against us and even put threats on us Burn wood, to smoke out those guys Hang on Cannons, I wanna some voice Yes sir Cannons, come on Come on, don’t stop, keep going Get down Come on, Communist troops are coming Come on, hold on Come on, don’t go back, hold on Don’t come back, come on Go back Sir, watching out We stand by for the battle Sir, don’t worry, I’ll get you covered Who, who pulled the trigger It’s that guy, Er Pilian, he did it Sir Sir, don’t shoot, there’re Communist troops there Tian Gua, get down Where the hell is Jian Dao company going Where the hell We got nothing It seems Jian Dao Company is just a name Buddies some guys in this place they almost should be guys in the security guard group We cut grass to get them all Get them Fighting Hold on Come on, keep fighting, hold on Come on, hold on Don’t go, come back Hold on You son of a bitch, come here to get me alive Help Get down, get down Stop, don’t move He has no bullets, come on Fighting Keep fighting Sir, sir Enemies are launching an attack with a heavy gunfire And our brothers have got enemies trapped We’re the core in the middle Sir, please repeat, I can’t get your point We’re the core, surrounded by enemies and our brothers are the outer layers, you understood You order us to stay to keep the base safe, that’s ok You wasted time Buddies We stayed here for the whole day it’s our turn to prove ourselves Fighting Keep fighting Fighting Sir We had a whale of a time Have we finished our missions, something we missed? Then we go back to the village The village What kind of missions do we have in the village Well, sir do you feel your head swimming Hu Dabing was heavily beaten by us yesterday then he was heading to the village Well, you wanna fly to the village at that moment Gosh, I almost forget it All men, fall in, go back now


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