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Here are three of the most bizarre, strange,
and, frankly, unbelievable kind of reasons that are being given for prohibiting the sale
and use of drugs. The war on drugs—contrary to what many people
believe—has been going on for a long time. The very first international antidrugs conference
was actually called by no less a person than the czar of Russia, Nicholas II. Maybe that’s
why so many people involved in this campaign want to be called czars. Although, you’d
think they would remember what happened to him—and maybe not be quite so keen to have
that title. Now, over the years a whole number of reasons
have been given for sustaining the war on drugs, for extending drug prohibition, and
the like. Many of these are so preposterous to any sane person’s ideas that you wonder
how on earth they ever got credence. One argument, which was made, for example,
for banning opiates in the United States in the 1890s—and which was also made for banning
the sale of cannabis in the 1930s—was that it would lead to miscegenation. The idea was
that the drugs in question were going to be taken by respectable white girls and turn
them into sex-crazed maniacs who would then want to have sex with Chinese people or Mexicans.
Apparently, nothing could be worse. Another constant theme or noted idea was that
the drug business—the trade in drugs if you will—was part of an international conspiracy,
run by all sorts of nefarious interests. These interests varied from one period to another.
On some occasions it was the international Communist conspiracy; on other occasions it
was the Yellow Peril. On yet other occasions it was a worldwide conspiracy of aliens and
lizards, particularly the British royal family, who as we all know are in fact lizard-shaped
aliens with a bad human disguise. The third kind of popular reason which is
often given is the idea that somehow drugs are going to make their users into idle unproductive
layabouts who want to do nothing else in life except have a good time and, particularly,
again of course, have lots of sex. Now, the argument here, you might say, is
a bit more plausible. Except that you do have to wonder what the assumptions are behind
it. The basic notion is that your life belongs to the government, and that it’s your job
to be productive. It’s your job to be basically the kind of person who never really wants
or tries to have a good time—certainly not a good time involving mood-altering substances.
And so, the notion here is that, in fact, what you should be doing is simply avoiding
any kind of temptation at all possible. And you do wonder in this case why these arguments
are not applied to other kind of areas of life. But let’s not give the people who
make these arguments any more ideas. [End of Transcription 00:03:03]
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  1. wow, can anyone say straw dog? Let look back 100 years and blame racism for drug laws today. That's grasping at straws for justification.

  2. This video is like a 100 years outdated. These reasonings aren't used anymore. Liberty is important, but you can't assure people will use drugs only in their homes. Millions die every year due to car accidents caused by alcohol, half of them not by their fault.

  3. I find it baffling how often conservatives adopt an alarmist tone when they talk about the intended consequences of drug use. For example, those who advocate that i-dosing (see PZcgUEkBIX0) should be banned because kids are using it to get high. Drugs are made illegal because of their positive effects and not their negative side effects. The logic at play is quite often, unabashedly "It's good therefore it's bad."

  4. One good reason FOR prohibition: It takes ordinary law abiding citizens who would never commit a real crime and drags these people through the courts system, leaving them afraid of the power of the State. It's not enough to be in charge, you must be seen to be in charge.

  5. ok i'm seeing way to many comments about this video refering to outdated arguments… can you please rewatch the video. it isn't about absurd arguments that are being used today, it's about absurd arguments against drugs that have been used throughout history. 

  6. There are absurd reasons for banning drugs, but I think there are good reasons for it too. Should all drugs, even prescription drugs, be available to anyone over 18 or 21? Just a question. 

  7. I liked number 2 the best. You're so right. There IS a tacit presumption that our role is to be "good little citizens".

  8. Reminder the war on drugs only serves too fund various Government black budgets/Ops ( mainly CIA and NSA) allows the feds to buy the loyalty of local PDs through drug war funding and too provide large numbers of non violent" criminals" for the prison industrial complex.

    These are the 3 real reasons for the "War on Drugs"

  9. So are there any good reasons for banning drugs or is it that you are just another stupid pot head trying to justify corporations and government making billions from others like you. This vid is propaganda and fucking stupid.

  10. Although I personally don't want to do any kind of hard drug as way to have a good time, I believe that as a Libertarian/Classical Liberal people should be able to do anything they want to so long as its peaceful and doesn't pick any bodies pockets in the process. However what is extremely important is that people are willing to deal with the consequences of their actions. No government bailout for anybody because you made the wrong decision and screwed up your life or business.

  11. You want to beat something don't do a drug war do what they did with tobacco, education works. Scare tactics don't work and never do, I'm not sure why we try to use them so much.

  12. The moral argument I've always heard is that drug addiction takes over a person to the point they commit crimes to ensure they get their next fix.

  13. The MOST absurd reason for making drugs illegal is "to protect the children". You know, because nothing protects children more than throwing them in prison for inhaling smoke from a burning plant.

  14. I think while this video is correct in that there are absurd ideas and justifications for prohibition, people will ignore the legitimate cases against drugs. My argument is for example with marijuana the negative externalities involved, as with drunk driving. It's true that you should be allowed to do whatever to your own body, however if what you do ends up hurting others then that shouldn't be allowed right? Well just like with drunk driving when you smoke pot and drive you're just as incapable whether it be motion wise or judgement wise.

    This can lead to deaths and accidents involving innocent people, hence why I'm not for legalization. I take the stance of decriminalization like with Portugal though I understand a cookie cutter policy isn't the solution, I think something similar to Portugal but more specifically for America is the answer.

  15. Certain people have already jumped well beyond drugs, into regulating or even banning types and quantities of foods, and the ACA will eventually lead to something comparable to the one video circulated where a guy goes to order a pizza and the pizza business knows all of that guy's info, including what his doctor allows him to eat.

  16. Drugs are harmful to the user, but not to others…for that reason alone they should be legal. Same with prostitution. As long as nobody (besides the person voluntarily taking part in the activity) gets hurt, anything should go. 

  17. To be fair the royal family have benefited greatly from the sale of drugs, particularly American and Caribbean tobacco, as well as Indian opium to China. 

  18. Of all historic deaths that are certainly not "too soon" to make light of, I wish LearnLiberty hadn't chosen Nicholas II. He was a good and moral man (beside the typical foibles of Russian aristocracy), and he and his family were slaughtered and their bodies thrown down a mine shaft to usher in the murderous Soviet empire. I can't bring myself to snicker.

  19. I wonder how many people who are for legalizing drugs have loved ones who are addicted to crack, heroin, pain killers, etc, watched helplessly how those family members destroyed themselves and robbed you for drug money, or are taking care of the children of the addict because the addict no longer cares about anything other than getting high. People who say drugs only hurt the user can't possibly have addicts close to them and believe that. They must not have been the 10 year old girl whose mother was letting drug dealers have sex with the little girl in exchange for more crack. Tell the 10 year old girl with genital warts that drugs are only hurting her mother. 

  20. Now let's see-to preserve power structures and the status quo the State should ensure never ending wars. As such the public is cowed into a state of fear so that they're 'saved' from this war (War on Terror etcetc), whilst it also handily allows the State to maintain a large police presence. Rather handy isn't it-a population in fear, and a rather large military presence among civilians (if you don't think the police are military you should go to a protest march-it's an eye opener) that keeps a lid (just about) on most crimes but really comes into it's own when people want to protest against the State itself.
    After all, if all drugs were legal, and so was prostitution-how many police would we really need? How many criminals, that the police are there to 'protect' us from-would simply be out of business?

  21. During Prohibition, law enforcement didn't include civil forfeiture of all personal assets like today. If they had thought of the idea back then, Prohibition would still be in effect today and the bureaucrats in control of redistribution of seized property would be billionaires. That's the reality behind the war on drugs and the war on terror.

  22. drugs should be legal because making them illegal creates a vast criminal enterprise that ends up making them far easier to obtain. Bad drugs introduced to the wrong persons life can ruin them, yes, BUT PROHIBITION DOESN'T WORK!! IT HAS THE EXACT OPPOSITE EFFECT INTENDED PLUS MANY MANY MORE TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES!! US spends billions on the drug war and they can't even keep them out of prisons, its a complete fucking embarrassment

  23. also, in Netherlands, there is legal to get stoned almost everytime you want to and I don't see them as lazy and unproductive as some could argue.

  24. It might be good that your life belongs to the government, and you have to be productive. Even if it seems wrong, it would be too expensive for a country to have a large proportion of its people on for example crack. Crack users wouldn't be happy with their lifes even if they could do it legally. Like children, adults also do bad decisions and need something to give them boundaries. It's the only way we can live without fear.

  25. Who cares why they were banned. Just because they were banned for silly reasons (probably as well as other reasons but you are biased) does not mean we should unban drugs….

  26. The reasons given by the drug warriors may change, but the poor quality of the reasons given by the drug warriors does not change.

  27. This "argument" against drug prohibition is completely irrelevant. Who cares what kinds of stupid arguments have been used to argue a case? That does not make the case more or less feasible.
    Disproving the argument does not disprove the claim. 

  28. Save money by stopping the war on drugs, use the savings to treat addicts, demand dries up no more problems with drug cartels etc.!

  29. Why dont the pro drug lobby come clean and admit they dont care less whether or not children use drugs, as long as they can make money out of it.

  30. Do you
    A. Value your freedom as well as the freedom of others.
    2. Think peoples decisions should be second guessed by you and others like you for there own good.

    As for me I pick A. Now I don't like outside chemical influence on my body and keep my own use of chemicals to what helps me to function. IE. Asprin for a pounding headache. And I will try with reason and respect to get your agreement to not put drugs in your body. But guess what? You are a grown adult and I will not use fource against you.
    Thank you! Love and respect

  31. Reasons to ban drugs- they are dangerous, most drugs are dangerous and have led to millions of deaths either as direct or indirect result of their use.

    They fuel crime- we do actually know for a fact that the international drug trade is a source of funding for international terrorist and criminal organizations (such as the Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorist groups.) as well as smaller local gangs. As well as in an individual sense as addiction drives the addicted person to feed their habit leading eventually to crime as they either lose their job or the salary becomes insufficient to purchase the ever growing amount of drugs needed by the subject to get high.

  32. Is it just me, or were the people who made these reasons up on drugs themselves, or were they people who heard something like this from the 12-year-old kid group here on YouTube?
    It just makes sense.
    (Sorry for the retarded comment, but I had to type it.)

  33. For all the prohibitionists here, google the term "voodoo pharmacology" not the band. This term is the foundation for much of the drug war hysteria that still persists today. 

    The rhetoric has changed but not as much as you would think. Now, prohibs rely on tortured analogies, skewed statistics, and historical revisionism to bolster their shoddy arguments.  

  34. Am I the only person who actually took the time to watch Reefer Madness? There was nothing funny about it and it had nothing to do with sex.

  35. I read quite a few comments but I didn't find one addressing the most obvious point. If I missed it, sorry, go read that post instead of this one. 🙂

    Most drugs are naturally CHEAP!!! All of the worst problems occur from the following chain of events. Someone starts using a drug, becomes addicted, wants to buy more, runs out of money, starts stealing etc. to get the necessary money. The only reason they can't afford to buy the drug is because they are so expensive. The only reason drugs are so expensive is because if you make them and get caught, you will go to prison for an incredibly long time. So people will only provide the drug if they charge a fortune to compensate for the risk. So they get to charge outrageous prices for very little work. Most of the 'work' involved is doing what it takes to avoid the police.

    If drugs were legal the price would drop a thousand-fold and addicts wouldn't have to steal to pay for their fix.

    Make no mistake, it's drug cartels who are against legalization. Suddenly they wouldn't be able to charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for something anyone could grow in a window-sill flower pot for free.

  36. Ban all mind-altering substances! Ban Dopamine! Ban serotonin! Ban epinephrine, testosterone, estrogen and oxytocin! These brain-changing CHEMICALS must be stoooooped! DDDD:  

  37. Please drop the music! I want to hear him talk. If I want music I'll put on my own music in the background.

  38. How about putting out a version with music and one without? I can't see why anyone would choose music behind talking.

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