28-y-o Black Man Agrees Racism Does Not Exist, Red-Pilled by Petersons #WalkAway

J is the first time caller out of Florida J thank you for calling and thanks for holding you're on the air hey Jessie oh man can hear me yes sir loud and clear oh that's amazing I'm so glad I got through I've been waiting to talk to you for a while no not a lot but I would like to talk to you about but first I just want to thank you for your show yeah no thank you for saying all these good things especially as a black man I'm a 28 year old black man myself and basically I'll keep it short cuz there's a lot of stuff won't talk to you about okay um but I do believe that I do believe I do agree with you that racism doesn't exist and honestly I felt that my whole life Jessie yeah my whole life and it's because I've had I'm not gonna say I've had feeling a perfect peace about everything but that's one thing about me somehow my my father raised me and how much you know how my mother raised me and how I was brought up I've never looked at my race as an excuse for anything you have someone even points out and says something about me and never never struck me something about me it was always whenever someone says something or insulted me or anything about her so I always pitied them you know oh yes more like they they're struggling with something within themselves it's not about me not personal that's right how old are you Jay I'm 28 right on man you're my boy my whole life I felt this way yeah and and you know a lot of my white friends actually are out there trying to be allies or you know things like black lives matter and you know I I did come from you know the leftist mentality yes and is actually the other Peter saying that um that sort of red killed me but in in a sense I sort of read told myself because between graduating college and now I've just been working there's been time my head down and worked it wasn't until probably about two years ago that I only needed one job before I had like three four jobs and working all the time and I love to work I love to make money I love to save money and recently I just got a really good job and you know I'm taking care of myself and I don't eat walk but I look up I have a bit more free time and I look up and everybody's complaining and people are rioting and bi people are you know going crazy I mean they always were crazy to me honestly I grew up in the hood I may not sound like I did no no in the hood I grew up in Brooklyn group in bed-stuy and I should get beat up every day because of the way I talked the way I act the way I dress and but it never fazed me because I knew that that was their insecurity about them they were mad because I wasn't um intelligent um you know I'm making something of myself also they know I live next door to them also they hate white people so they think that you're acting white they didn't see that you being a moral young man they saw that they saw black people that are angry like that they see decent black people as acting black be how they have turned away from morality mm-hmm and so basically that I was out with the race no just a comment the other caller did mention something about Jordan Peterson he was the one who I first discovered and it was because of him talking about personal responsibility I resonated with that because I felt like I was being responsible you know and I felt like well no one actually told me specifically to do it I just felt like this is what I was supposed to be doing that's right and you know you just do it but I just wanted to I didn't see your talk I heard that you told the other car that she did have a talk with Jordan Pearson my question was gonna be did you ever talk to Jordan Pearson and what you think of him but I have to go watch that video okay I like him I totally like him he's a smart man I had him on my show and I really like where he's coming from yeah not have to watch that and are you gonna be live on here are you as your show live your own state yeah yeah hold on buddy hold on back in a moment so Jay the the the father state TV is pre-taped so today a pre-taped yeah but have you watched a father state yet oh yeah watched a lot I love the a lot of black lives matter one whatever you're talking about that dude andre saying how he fears for his life when he walks down the street wearing a hoodie looking at the cops you know I'm like why are you why are you looking at the cops do anything wrong no I don't ever have a reason to look at the cops or anything you know well you look at you look conspicuous the only the only time I look at the cops is where I have a register of my insurance or or got my registration is about to expire I get it thank you for reminding me now and so when I looked up in the mirror I'm like oh Lord I got to make a left turn right here I don't want to talk I have a registrar in registry yeah yeah it's good to hear from you man call me again thank you so much thank you so much for answering my call and you're super Chad's awesome I hope you read it but those guys are great at next you yeah stop super chat yeah and thanks for taking my call Jesse you're welcome buddy called me again I wish you well okay you too amazing

  1. lmaoo the both of you are idiots at the finest. go to Florida with your "i love white people" thinking you'll be accepted and watch yourself still get the trayvon martin treatment.

    do i hate/dislike white people?…. no.
    am i cautious?…. yes.

  2. I like how this man touches on a red-pilling by Jordan Peterson. Honestly Jordan Peterson turned me onto God and Jesse Peterson brightens that light.

  3. You've got to understand the rich keep us pitted against each other like this Thruway of the media so they can keep the power. As long as they keep black people angry and white people scared to have a voice we will never be able to unite and make this country what it's supposed to be. Jesse has been able to see through this and is trying to explain it to the black community and gets nothing but hate and return. It's sad to see so many people so easily fooled by the rich media.

  4. I disagree racism is real it's happening everyday everywhere, however I do believe the reason is not always skin color people have so many stereo types about certain races that cloud their judgment and are surprised when they learn it's not true and the possibility for change is there

  5. You claim a color when you are immoral. There is only one race, your tan does not make you money nor does your lack of a tan.

  6. Wait so I don’t get it…there’s no such thing as racism or all racism/hate stems from someone having something wrong within themselves? Those are two very different things.

  7. When Black Americans realize what the communists/democrats have been doing to them, there will no longer be a Democrat party capable of winning elections. Keep waking up, there's a war on and you're in it.

  8. Was just about to leave then seen this damned lie of MW crazyhorse.You are a ignorant ass. Dumb shit Civil means peaceful.AFRICA gave the Caucasians civilization. Dumb ass even the justice system of England and the U.S.A. is copied from ancient KEMET.This and many other things can be proven to be 100% actual historical fact if some of you nut cases would stop running off at the mouth and go to the library and read. You would find what I am stating is historical fact 100%.

  9. Nut case I don't get angry,as I am highly disciplined if not I would not have been chosen hand picked by the Department of defense. I absolutely don't get angry,but I do indeed get turnt up and then go into terminator mode if some stupid person were to address me face to face with ignorant b.s.

  10. Cobb Knobbler you are off point to a certain degree. I am indeed pro.mercenary as when I was in the military I actually was one of the elite MARINE detachment in Wash.D.C. to the P.O.T.U.S.As for dreams of a race war? Simple minded jack ass me and my fellow Marines would smite any ass hole that gave the P.O.T.U.S. an evil eye on our watch.Even if it was D. Trump.If you made so much as a gesture of evil intent your ass would be out in seconds even though I personally don't like him. You are the ignoramus jack ass speculating as if you know me personally or my mindset.Betcha both P.O.T.U.S. whom lives I have defended don't think I am a pathetic man with dreams of a race war. Need to just shut the hell up as you don't factually know me nor what I do indeed stand for. Your gross ignorance is showing ,dumb shit seems it's you that need help !! I will trully state that the spirit of Nat Turner lives in me. If someone is oppressing me or my people I would without a doubt abort the life of that individual regardless of race,creed or color period. Also I do have Caucasians intermarried into my family and have zero issues with it. The real issue is I speak the 100% factual truth and some can't handle the absolute truth. Nuff Said !!!

  11. Jay, Don't let the " crabs in the bucket " mentality hold you down. There is NO shortcut for hard work. Get in there and get it.

  12. Chris Fulgham,To a certain point you are right. But the real truth is originally African royalty gifted to Caucasians whom they had business arrangements with some of their indentured servants.Indentured servants of African royaly had rights and privleges and were for the most part considered to be part of the family.So don't get the historical facts twisted.When the Caucasian discerned that free labor could be profitable it was them that introduced the force of arms(guns agenda).Some tribes had an ultimadum.Help us capture some of the other tribes people that you have conflict and issue with and we will use our guns to help you fight them off,or we will turn our guns on you and make slaves of you instead.In many instances after they complied because of fear they as well were taken into captivity after serving the agenda of the invading Caucasians. Get the factual actual history correct or shut the hell up !!

  13. With all those 200 million plus white devils in the U.S.doing their best to hold this man down with their systematic oppression…he somehow slipped by the racist stranglehold and got a good job…he must be the black panther ….

  14. Sorry but this is complete nonsense lol. I'm a 20 year old black libertarian but to deny racism exists is just foolish. Racism will ALWAYS exist as long as there is tribalism. What we should distinguish between is actions vs thoughts/perspectives. There's a difference between being racist in your thoughts and being racist in your actions. For example, to not hire someone because they're black (thinking they're inferior) vs to think that blacks are stupid but not taking any action against them. Racism is your thoughts is very alive and well and there are even cases of racism in actions. However, racism in actions are pretty rare (because of the societal, economic, and political consequences) but they do exist. Another thing people confuse is racism with prejudice. The lines can seem very blurry at times to alot of people dealing with prejudice, which is why they think "racism" is so prevalent. I grew up in the hood as well and I dealt with alot of prejudice from cops assuming I was a gangbanger, store owners who stalked me around the store, and going to majority white areas where people stared at me watching my every move as If I were trouble. I wouldn't call this "racism" but more so prejudice because I assume they're only judging me based on the problems they have had with other blacks, being from an area where alot of young black men are ghetto and reckless. But to alot of people, they see this as "racist".

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