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to me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you're so gay hey guys hope you're enjoying the not gay –jared origin stories that will be unfolding here for the entire episode listen really quickly for those who are not mug club members watching on youtube for some reason YouTube's decided to no longer notify you or even put these videos in your subscription box if you're not already member lot of credit um slash mug Club or at least bookmark favorite this YouTube channel and go check it that way you can keep one handy so that's good to have you haven't you sound guy by next week glad to be with you it's the sound of the weekend producing to me in video studio as always as Jared who is not gay follow them on twitter at not get here and meet us cry over the comments cuz thought your photo shops I fulfill my legal obligations jarring conclusions are we good we good have to get to it wow necessary contractually @g Morgan Jr simplified wine commies a sommelier what's the one of the day get a little red scooter here voyage and perform like you want to be a red schooner with a guy so we have Gary Sinise Dean deserves more than boom it's kind of a rather became bro that's bra bra bra I don't know when it goes to next the orange in stores now question of the day by the way this is will get to the trick-or-treating socialism Donald Trump jr. tweet JK rowling Stephen Colbert one thing you know obviously people know that you tend to get more conservative as you grow older in sometimes because you have more skin in the game but I want to ask you if you're watching we have a lot of young people in the audience as you've grown old or right after Halloween do you find yourself caring more about merit and less about fairness is that a big part I think that is for me I think when you get out of college everything is about fairness things about equality of outcomes and once you've earned something unique to you something that nobody else can earn also you're going wow I this isn't just a merit this isn't just a trophy everybody gets this this merit thing really means me yes so did you you didn't do this yes you need to do all this thing I either make rent or I don't know right using your own value your own skill sets what you bring to the table so did you feel it as you get older that's a natural progression that is definitely been for me when I was a kid I wanted everything to be fair yeah and I I progressed a little earlier because I just wrump you old main at twelve but what's fair changes a lot too because what's fair when you're younger it's not saying the same thing is cuz me getting what I earned that is fair that that is fairness is Boppity no I think if you wanna look at the surface fairness yeah alright well we'll talk about that more in the news floor living room an Idaho credit union were forced to apologize after this photo of him in blackface surfaced the fact that Gerald laughs right away he's so as Facebook and Halloween by one of the workers at the six poor women who work at the p1 FCU credit union in Lewiston who were apparently dressed as the 1988 Olympic Jamaican bobsled team made famous by that see that so that was how they try to defend it people were attacking and actually matters were made worse when the creator of the costumes clarified we actually weren't the bobsled team just subprime borrowers it's a very first one of the show aim that flare gun right at your face Oh Donna Brazile of course we have to talk about the she's in the news this comes from Mediaite she's been making the top trends everywhere where she was she's issued a scathing report on hillary debbie wasserman the DNC at large essentially she's just gone rogue she's gonna party laughing birdie it's like she's just feeling the Bern it's like way so late like she doesn't realize like it's done it's done basically trying to burn the DNC figure out of course is actually as we know her second stab this week at relevancy after quickly deleting her ill-fated and widely met with skepticism hashtag me to tweet a victim blame Friday the Louisiana Supreme Court actually refused to hear a suspects case today they claimed there was no violation of his rights occurring when he asked for I quote a lawyer dog with the cops claiming he asked for a lawyer dog responds to suspect claiming that his demand for a lawyer should have resulted in the immediate suspension of interrogation Scott Crichton penned a brief opinion concurring with the courts decision not to hear the case he wrote the defendants ambiguous and equivocal reference to a lawyer dog does not constitute the invocation of counsel that warrants immediate termination of the interview and this actually does from salons of course have been cries of racism judicial malpractice with one opposing Disney producer actually claiming there ain't nothing in the rule books that said going retrievers can't practice law black people do have a harder I would like I don't buy in a black you know black guys matter hands up don't shoot but when it man I want a lawyer dog that's why privileges are talking about I get it I'll give you that we put a comma in their lawyer comma dog speaking I know just that's what I mean I retama it burns when I pee I need to cut out Osama bin Laden was a huge gamer and animate things insane so today the CIA publicly released nearly half a million files from his hard drive and it revealed that he actually add a passion for things like Resident Evil I think was Mario and loads of Japanese anime so people have now when you remember Saddam Hussein they found him he loved The Avengers and Raisin Bran from you yes yet he was crazy for Raisin Bran crunch they just they they hate America even the stick yeah it is two totally different cereal from raisin really yeah I thought you were just making the raisin breed you versus raisin bran crunches candy cereal yeah totally God okay but a son belongs parity was also an artist himself as documents reveal he was trying to get his comic series published Tali bond got to kill them all yeah that was no I don't want to take off that one didn't take off and his his venture into the young adult franchise even less so hardcore tear as tentacle pornography just didn't Japanese appreciate straightforward marketing there's no BS thing around the titles no no no that's what market and they appreciate it and they love them for it plan and multiplayer with the sama bin Laden I got you he's gonna clan Taliban number one it was just a stupid name Josh yeah I guess well apparently also pirated a lot of this game I think it was childish thing for terrorists to have why would he like that's ridiculous no it's because the Japanese are also a deeply disturbed dark people there you go well kindred spirits Russian women stripped naked in front of the US Embassy in Russia to show their support for Harvey Weinstein I know I first thought am I reading that right so these are the feminist protists where they have to say they said we came here to support the producer who offered women sex the sex is right six is cool we're here to say that when a man offers women sex it is awesome it means you think we are beautiful and sexy said another girl this comes off on the heels of that girl who is lifting up her skirt yeah a feminist no skirt to protest groping in a Russian train station their feathers are different they're feminists are very different from us and so to that we we say we defect alright let's hunt for red october just then yeah well you weren't it's a comedy don't rest easy we still have a so Donald Trump jr. tweeted something JK Rowling retweeted it and then Stephen Colbert decided to make it a part of his monologue because that's what entertainment is now on television so yeah it is on here but listen soft expectations this let's set it up this is Stephen Colbert responding last night Don junior tweeted a picture of his young daughter holding her candy bucket and said I'm going to take half of her Canada tonight and give it to some kid who sat at home it's never too early to teach her about socialism yes it's never too early to teach kids the danger of sharing yeah well litany of things that are incorrect there the dangers of sharing it's the old its it's the old adage but you know there's nothing compassionate about sharing somebody else's stuff so if that didn't set it up for you where you can hear that the rest of Stephen Colbert's monologue will be mislead if not misleading let's go into clip be on Halloween kids literally go door-to-door to get free candy from the neighbors because the kids don't have it and the neighbors do that socialism no it's not no it's not that what why the kids create or purchase costumes and for an entire evening they walk door-to-door tirelessly and they're rewarded for their activity with candy that's called work yeah the only way this actually works is if that fat kid sits at home does nothing no costume and makes everybody come and bring candy to him yeah it's the only way that's actually socialism stuff looks like a little yeah exactly in that fat kid by the way was Bernie Sanders now then Bernie change he started counting points after his couch we're done next clip no child in the history of child antara Lee missed Halloween I'm worried that kid didn't go out why is he okay is that child caring for a sick parent you know it would be a nice thing to do give him half your Halloween candy so this is the quintessential leftist argument right away they care and you don't right they're compassionate when you're not which statistically let's just skip it couldn't be further from the truth okay Republicans give more to charity they volunteer more of their time and they give more blood not only that Republicans are better tippers yeah which we've written about of course Bernie Sanders never kissed above 18 percent on the dot we wrote about that was 15 I think it was 18% it might have been 15 how the and to its credit yes 15 percent but it's very much like Ebenezer Scrooge with the prisons and poor houses I'm going to give the bare minimum and not a penny more exactly he says no child is willingly ever stayed home on Halloween which this is nothing it completely echoes again the liberal idea of socialism and this is an overarching theme that no one could possibly be in poverty no one would ever four go trick-or-treating right if if it were within their control it's closed off something they wanted to do these are their victim of societal circumstance where do they get this from what let's go to Obama he said the same thing all the time what we've long understood though is that some communities have consistently had been odds stacked against them that's not necessarily the thing that's always why people are poor we also know some kids who didn't do that right we know kids who didn't want to wear a costume or they forgot to make a costume or buy a costume until it was too late and there were always the kids were too clear you're kind of a douche I need to treat it in the college what's the matter with that I trick-or-treat until I was 22 years old necessary joke 22 you just have to get a full body costume and mask and although you like to dress up you just say you have a pituitary disorder now if we get rid of the kid you know who's going through Lukie going through chemo who has leukemia let's get her the extreme examples it's far more likely that a kid isn't out trick-or-treating because he chose not to either because he chose not to through inaction through not being prepared or he just decided he wasn't gonna go trick-or-treating he was gonna rely on somebody else to do it the same can be said for adults benefiting from socialism good example Sweden were only 0.3 percent of refugees work had to get that dig in their research study concluded in the mid 90s the welfare reforms actually could explain about 50 percent of the decline in desire to work among non participants meeting people who are not in the workforce so here's that when you when you just give somebody stuff I know it sounds like a logical reach they just rely on you giving them stuff next clip and it's disturbing we need to be talking about things like universal heath care which would be a lifesaver for working people socialist ideas outlined by the authors of dots capital Karl Mars and Frederick skittles or as you dum-dums like to call them nerds oh my god now we don't call them they called them communist copy this hardcore Karl Marx yes as a positive example you don't want to do that and I was kind of confused to threaten you know Frederick any means fabric angles thank ya okay who's the guy who helped the found Marxist theory like who is this burger guy and I realized oh this is like this is like someone who's really in the know of communist no spread drink well no no it's no but it was bad because skittles like killed Mars you kind of get but skittles but was that great candy bar barbar come on ripped off in the US I can't find them very easily really yeah true story that's replace Emma Snickers always we have a slightly bigger Cadbury egg in Canada so you get the short end of the candy stick but it's crazy to me he uses commas and the fact that then we found out I think he means Frederick angles like look if we ever made a joke about Hitler that seemed to be praising we'd be pretty clear you would realize it this is not satire and the fact that he says you dum-dums in other words you can be dum-dum tonight like the founders of carnies because you dum-dums who don't like chocolate Himmler like you'd be like if someone said Hitler gummy and then starts praising the generals and Hitler he just say Hitler and Himmler I think he sure Stephen Colbert is pro communism was destroyed the world a couple of times over and they never were whose past it please they also never worked no no never get beyond the horrible ideology that resulted in the hundreds of millions of people killed yeah they were the douche who couch surfed who never actually paid taxes or work the job so just on a personal level but Karl could you could you just leave your stiff socks in your own drawer all right would you starch them we know what's happening because when I go to work you have time by yourself I know you're writing your latest novella I mean total losers this is crazy to me that people have skimmed past Karl Marx yes yeah this is what they left us they just want to claim the moral high ground and give people stuff but they fight they consistently fight any policies that would actually help the chronically the perpetually important so they'll fight for 15 yeah you sign up for fight for 15 which anything by the way turns out yeah because they never I tell you where they're gonna be and what they're doing when they get these pictures that's right down the block from down the block yet twelve people and they claim that was 35 I get emails all the time you could tell they reach out for like the really black names to sign off on the letters it's really obvious like it's not really they go out of their way to make them something really sad so the left they'll fight for 15 they'll fight for a bigger welfare state more money for schools health care to fight poverty Michelle Obama wants you to get moving right to be healthy move it but they oppose drug testing for wealth there they opposed working for wealth there and hell if you even live an active healthy lifestyle guess what you're still gonna have to pay the skyrocketing premiums for someone who lives in a diet of Snickers and funnel cakes hashtag no fashion really if you actually look at you want to help people get out of pocket and consistently fight the tools that would do so if we really want to help solve poverty okay which is what the whole Colbert thing is premises you don't care about the poor it's only okay avoiding poverty is pretty simple ben shapiro has talked about this we've talked about this for years finish high school don't do drugs get married and stay married not only will you not be poor but the statistical likelihood of your kids being poor as Nexus the statistical likelihood of your kid finishing school going to college getting a job getting married where the ends up in prison is or mommy and daddy married and his daddy's still in the house okay how dare you make sense that requires a moral judgment people are perpetually poor because rather than tell the truth the left gives a handout yeah yeah the truth is if that kid didn't go out door-to-door again let's disregard the extreme examples right the kid who looks like Charlie Brown progeria okay fine we'll give him anything he wants okay he's gonna get a make-a-wish you're gonna fix ice bars get it but it's gonna be charity you're not gonna steal it for me to give it to him right that's a good volunteer yes but most kids just didn't go door-to-door for that candy okay fact is he doesn't deserve it and your virtue signal a little compassion doesn't change it let's give you two scenarios okay scenario one all right that kid who didn't get the candy right seemingly versus just give them the candy kids bummed that I didn't get any candy and he turns it around for next year scenario one says no I really I really know this was bummed this was a bummer I should I should go door to door it I've missed a lot of fun and candy next year it gets a costume hits the road big year two trash bags full of candy scenario tis that kids bummed that he didn't get his candy okay so he stays home instead a parent steals it from some other kid and gives it to him because compassion and that parent promises him that he'll do the same thing next year and the next year and the year after that what do you think happens to that kid worse what do you think happens to the kid who actually went door to door hit the pavement only to have half of his stuff taken and he knows that you're going to take half that stuff next year and the next year and the next eventually that kid is going to give up and that's this issue this this fake fake victim culture though how about the nice thing is just give the kid the candy it's free this is when I was a kid I remember we were do someone said you know if you want to donate candy for kids who are less fortunate now someone said you want to donate candy to kids in other countries cuz they don't have all the Wayne fine I never was a kid I turned to my father they say you know kids in neighborhoods you are less fortunate I turned to my dad and I said it's free you can go out and get the candy all you have to do is walk you just have to walk even if you if you don't have a costume put a bed sheet over your head not if you're in a really bad neighborhood in Detroit maybe that's a bad idea yeah I'm fine till your dad's clothes dress up as an old man it's really it's free yeah there couldn't be a more perfect example this is a great example when a leftist says well you know what the right thing is just to take it and just share that candy what do you think when they're taking something that's earned for free right and that's they're willing to do it with something that's earned for free what do you think they're willing to do with something that's actually earned that isn't free meaning payment for work your goods or services or your business how far they're willing to go in that instance because when it's free and available to everyone they still feel the need to reassure you think it'd be like okay listen guys all right yeah we'll take this stuff because just go out scribe in a few doors you don't need us to do that for you do yeah they still say the right thing is to steal from this guy and give to you that's what the question of the day do you find that as you get older yeah you were gonna oh and here here's your ex Mia Bella bought this video the most is I get the metaphor of kids kids understand candy they don't understand money they understood wealth I thought my parents have unlimited dollars and cents when I just go is she in fact when they bring up stuff in the grocery store and you bring up one candy but $4 19 and they do bring up another one for and it said don t know I thought I thought this is calculated total like if it still says darn team let's just keep sitting here all day what the hell are we doing right but this is it kids understand candy yeah but I also understand metaphors can break down at some point right to me when I look at this and think okay Colbert went after a tweet from Donald Trump jr. about a metaphor that we all know can break down some point this tells me he really has socialism on the brain and really wanted to get just an opportunities that he's been looking for it hey writers any opportunity to pluck socialism have you got any opportunity is there open door there has presented itself because I really want to get to socialism he's passionate about socialism this just was happened to be as Avenue and really hope when their Halloween specials where I finally get to fit in my love for Karl Marx play coy I don't wanna know I really mean all right we gotta get going Gavin McInnes is coming up next and cousin Dean Cain I think would be good we should leave him his dignity this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen foul mouth homo he said homo he said homo can't you understand English he said Oh No yeah the closet that's Jared's home Garrett Jared oh whoa Jared Oh mom Jared's a homo he's just a home alright that was called that was gonna dance but hopper said he wanted to set head but you know what he did today we took him to the vet to get a bath ah he walked right in I'm not joking picked his leash up in his mouth and walked himself right out the door like a man just walked out walked out he picked it up in his mouth and walked us to make a statement all right come on it hasn't actually that long a probably on more frequently now that he is also done with the Mudd Club members in the CR TV get off my lawn Gavin underscore McGinnis McGuinness on the on the Twitter's how are you Gavin I'm good how are you Steve I don't know what crowder is this your uniform now with this I mean is this like what you wear for the show always yeah I have about seven of these ties and about ten of these shirts and it's my new look it's my new thing dad the decision is this in your mind this is how most dads dress all my decisions happen in my mind that's one of my prerequisites yes they have to involve my mind at some point down the chain do you picture dad's like this ideal dad NASA okay also Michael Douglas I'm falling down but you know these are the kind of dads who I remember my dad I'm actually gonna have them on my podcast tomorrow would just like remember in the 70s dads would do things like reap we book set up a wall with bricks and stuff in the back garden yeah wearing this like they'd have their slacks on maybe an undershirt but still they get cement on their dress shoes yes the only shoes they had but you know actually I've talked about this a lot my grandfather a french-canadian grandfather he used to get suits from the guy who owned the properties he was a super guy was mr. mojo was like a millionaire which is unheard of in Montreal so he'd give hand-me-down suits to my grandfather he'll be walking up three stories with two cans of tar three-piece suit Brylcreem Clark Gable mustache and he'd also be happy to be elbow deep in shape he was doing plumbing in any wood but he would still the three-piece suit he'd keep the vest on and you know we try to find comfortable clothes for traveling so now now dad's can't wait to get into their peepee Jam jams the second they get home the chute comes off like it's Superman in Reverse and no no Superman in normal and then they've got their basketball shorts on their bare feet like they're they're going to their kids game and flip-flops and and some undershirt with their armpit hairs everywhere yes everyone looks like they're in a pajama party these days it's true they look pretty gross by the way do you know who directed falling down with Michael Douglas a lot of people won't get business do you know I believe it was Drew Barrymore's mom what no I just made no surprising because he's never made another good film Joel Schumacher directed that no really rubber nipple Batman Joel Schumacher he directed falling down you lost yourself judge number 23 lost boys super gay undertone to every film but he did falling down and it's and it's great I don't know how I don't it doesn't compute okay wait why no some more juicy gossip yes I do you know who wrote falling down Drew Barrymore's mom strange the strange bald pervert in Portlandia who has an obese wife and they get up to all kinds of of polyamorous lovemaking he's peas portrayed as a hippie pervert in Portlandia old guy can we get a name I guess I can get listen you're a New York guy it almost seems like years ago at this point the New York terrorist attacks in a career area what was that like were you in New York when 9/11 occurred EB Rose Smith EB bees his first system yes I was in I was here for 9/11 I was in the Lower East Side watched it happen live watch the collapse became an Islamophobe that minute right um still passionately phobic to this day but I was also in New York when the other terror attack happened just two days ago now right eight people were killed in 9/11 so did it change your perspective when this happened now that your dad and you're seeing it unfold totally totally because I think a lot of the childless no offense Jared and Stevie but they they have less skin in the game and they tend to sort of go wow this is a bad way or this is a bad month but but if Islam gets to say over 10% of your population you become a Sweden and you become a Luton England and you become a country that has a predilection or an area that has a predilection to terror which is dangerous and horrible and scary and it is even worse for the next generation Mohammed's a number one baby name in England right now because they weren't paying attention to it right and I don't want that for my kids or my grandkids what was it like having to explain this to your to your children because obviously there's a lot of misinformation when it came out how'd you just come out right and say listen Muslim Muslim guy kill people cuz it isn't like people who aren't Muslim there are people out there who just hate you because you don't share their religion and it's evil how do you how do you I don't like I said I don't have kids how do you explain it to them do you I know why don't you have kids what the second you have that kid that dog you have is going to become a stuffed animal I look at my dog and I just think die go ahead and die or don't die I don't care just don't defecate on my rug I feel nothing for him that's private you haven't trained the dog to not defecate on your rug I'm not saying it's up to children a piece of furniture yeah at this point really I mean he's mine positively inert so he's easier to handle but how old are your little ones 10 nine and four okay so here's the deal with you when you have kids you you say how do you explain 9/11 you avoid 9/11 for as much as possible it's like sex it's like Santa it's like race you don't want to discuss that you want the kids to be kids for as long as possible so the only time I bring up any of this stuff is when they get told the opposite by some blabbermouth yeah a church or something like when they were told on Martin Luther King's birthday that he was killed by a gun and if only we could pile up all the guns in the country and have a big bonfire dangerous yeah actually Marty loved guns they were not yeah that is a lot of guns and the general concept of flammability yes start no be a few wooden but stocks but the most part you're just gonna have a lot of hot gun what a hot gun than some melting lateral evita bullet to smithereens as a and it blew up on him yeah with a hammer the hammer one knows a cat's answer so you haven't talked about you haven't talked about this with any of your kids yet because basically the media is a blabbermouth they lie about all of it so the kid shouldn't be reading the New York Post I mean action they go how am I supposed to tell my kids what the president says when he says grab your or whatever and I go don't let your kids hear what the president says don't let them read the paper I hit that I hit the newspaper when we had the terror attack two days ago and today I don't want them seeing that that's folded it facedown on the kitchen table no I'm pretty well either a they can physically reach at the kitchen table they have an iPad that doesn't worry you at all but they just you know open Apple news oh gosh kids don't have a news show on CR TV they're not interested in news of the day they're interested in FG TV my son's interested in the Mets my daughter's interested in making videos on musically and chatting with her friends I mean that we keep politicizing the apolitical and that includes children and it's it's a plague because yeah only the very well-informed should be dabbling in this area it's it's dangerous for the naive to get involved and the naive is heavily involved boy it's true although in Montreal we're just talking with this I took Jared for the first time they remember these two have the the porno tabloids next to the skittles in Montreal he beat a dead body porn and like Ring Pop how lay it out I'll open this and they'd have a stripper with her throat slit just like that on the cover right what's like Mexican tabloids and you walk by it as a kid and go oh I didn't know that an open throat look like that you can really see the esophagus right I'm 31 years old even though I'm 10 as a hyper sexualized City like you'd have that you're KB toys right next to a massage parlor and it's like jeez yeah Lord is really was it was populated by I mean the soldiers went down there to kill all the Indians who killed the Jesuits and then they said all right we won this time the Indians didn't beat us up but now we need chicks so Louie the $0.14 they feed em wah which were all the prostitutes and you end up with a pretty City but it's so and sex-positive that you go to a strip club and there's no seediness it's just like Bonjour I'm a woman who's very libidinous and I like to show my genitalia to strangers and then the strangers are like and I like to look at genitalia so we have a fair exchange and you're like what is this a hippie cult yeah you're supposed to feel dirty in here this is not fun anymore it's a hippie cult where the prerequisite is sounding like Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast apparently yeah okay so this happened is it just me or did the media move on in record time what happened I was enough yeah look at Charlotte's ville or look at Vegas and how it dominated the a hundred percent of the show for at least a week I was supposed to be on Tucker actually when Vegas happened and it delayed us like eight days and then they said ah we've moved on to other things sorry that could have just been an excuse but the point is that that both of those things were seen as week swallowers right this we feel like we're doing ancient history now and it was two days ago yeah cuz Dustin Hoffman grabbed an ass that was a surprise I was stunned to discover that Brett Ratner was a jerk who knew who knew that Kevin Spacey millionaire homosexual in the arts groped buns yes I know that was one I will say it in tandem together hmm we don't know could be a lone wolf when they did know the guy yelled out Allahu Akbar as you said you're nothing good happens after that we don't know combined with Hey breaking news Kevin Spacey's gay as though they didn't know this all along it completely destroyed any shred of integrity I felt if the media had loved I mean you know even Amina Tim everyone knew he was gay I'm gonna get on a plane I'm going to open the window the emergency window I'm gonna get on top of the plane with a bullhorn and I'm going to announce to all of North America the difference between these white lunatics who kill people and Muslims is the Muslims are following a book yeah it says it in the book there's a pattern with one and no pattern with the other under sermon yeah oh Jesus you mean when I'm wiping a nail that town Blazing Saddles challenges it's like that Kim jung-un village put it we made a three from yeah it is it is remarkable I understand it right you're trying to look for a correlation okay mass shooting is there something instead they ultimately come back to an inanimate object we were telling I don't know how else to explain it we talked about this yesterday book says kill gays women are second-class citizens kill non-muslims or treat them as second-class citizens every Muslim country in the history of ever that's what they do case in point why is this still an issue I don't understand it gets so repetitive you wonder if that's why they move on but they don't move on they move on because they want to say hashtag not all Muslims and I want to blow my brains out well they also they hate white people right so they go okay to criticize Islam feels like I'm making fun of brown people I don't like that I want to focus on the Charlottesville the Vegas ones you go okay I get that but the guy who did this was white he was part of when Russia sort of got encroached by Islam and now he have leads all as Zeca stands that have white dudes with big funny beards you can hate him he's all there for the aiding if you still don't care yeah no I don't I don't like it i they always say I've talked to liberals about this now let's go that's not my area of expertise and that's that happens in the other part of the world and I go no it actually happened in the West Side Highway bike paths in lower Manhattan right next to you so what is your issue and then you had you had liberal journalists saying I know I live in New York but the odds of that happening to me are a fraction of a tenth of one percent okay good okay so well wait until the odds are one in three right you're gonna have your heads blown off before we care about Islam and the West I live in Alphabet City I don't go that high I don't know that I'm safe it's also Keys you have to like wait for the wait for Islam to conquer the entire United States and become the man before liberals have a problem with them that's the thing though it's like saying hey listen I really have a problem with Denmark socialized health well what about the what about the people from Denmark I don't care about the most talked about the ones in Denmark let's talk about where they have power in every Muslim country ever they want to talk about sis white patriarchy let's take the most moderate Muslim country in existence they still flog you in and don't need you for dressing you modestly and you're exempt blocking for these alright Gavin where's the best place for people to find you and watch this show we're gonna have a promo here later today as well okay there's a website that called CR tv.com you go on there and you'll see my face I'm the one that has a beard just click on that and then I will come out of your machines shade throne that's at Gavin underscore McGinnis another couple months before we have him back we have Gary Sinise he's a nice man it'll get better on now for barely legal with Bill Richmond sponsored by my club hi I'm bill Richman the half-asian lawyer for louder with Crowder here to help dispel myths and clear up confusion regarding commonly misunderstood legal terms today we have a question about why is it that sometimes a person will be cleared of all criminal charges and yet still face a civil lawsuit aside from the technical differences of differing standards of proof in different remedies perhaps the most common thing is is that despite the fact that johnny is never coming back that family still once those dollar dollar bills for louder Crowder choose this has been barely legal with Bill Richmond sponsored by mug club hey guys go to see our TV comm right now and check out get off my lawn it's a libertarian Family Values show where we talk about free speech on campus the out laugh drugs gun sex and why conservatism is the new punk rock politics is two types of people people want to be left alone people who won't leave us the hell alone if you're part of the first group welcome aboard if you're part of the second group then get off my lawn all right next guests love to have him but we always have we always have some trouble figuring out questions because he's possibly the nicest guy that's a problem met and so usually this show we're dealing with news there's controversy we're like hey could we ask him about oh no he's just gonna he's too nice to ask that question it's like it's like asking a really nice uncle brie like I don't I don't know that he knows about that story because on facebook.com slash Gary Sinise so in case you hadn't guessed who it is yet mr. Sinise how are you sir how are you very nice thank you for the introduction very nice now were you always this kind of a man or did like just did society pummel you into submission that's my question as someone like you born or were you made what do you mean by this kind of man so so nice all I don't think I've ever seen you raise your voice you've always been so welcoming to people who I've seen you interact with fans but that's not typical of everyone I've met in Hollywood so is that just your nature well I've got I've got a lot to be thankful for how things have gone things have gone pretty well we've got a great three kids you know been married to same woman since 1981 you know things have gone well the career has gone well there you know I've been blessed still have both my parents haven't been I haven't had any major tragedies personally in in my life that have you know really taken our family into difficult situations like so many families that I actually work with through my foundation and through the support work that I'm with I'm seeing people constantly that are you know going through some very very difficult challenges so I just feel kind of kind of blessed and thankful for for the good fortune I've had see that's exactly what I'm talking about he looks like he looks like 20 things that he's grateful for and complements to everyone and none of it was like none of it was like the kind of Trump for Hollywood like and I'm the best at that's a question how what only you and Alice Cooper have been married that long of anyone I know in the entertainment industry it is incredibly rare what's the secret to that cuz I've got to imagine even you like get mad every now and then right you're married it happens my wife is very very funny she's got a man eccentric person so even after 40 years I'm baffled at some of the things that that she says and comes up with and they're very very entertaining and very amusing so I think your sense of humor is something that that can carry the day look we like any couple who's been together a long time you've been you've had your challenges and we've certainly had ours but you know I'm blessed we're still together we've had some issues you know she's she's suffered with some terrible spine issues she's had six back surgeries and and survived those and you know we've been through our challenges ourselves but you know what we've out on top we have a faith and and belief and it's it's helped carry us carry us through a lot of good things and a lot of tough things as well well there you hopefully some people listen I don't thinks I need there are many people in the industry who will not but him and it's very similar actually Alice Cooper's answer he said me my wife has a great sense of humor and you know you have to be able to work through these issues he did go through rehab though serious issues and just said to Lina my wife is the ultimate so Alice Cooper of all people you would know is the nicest guy no one has a bad word to say about him look how about this Gary because this week obviously listen your industry has taken kind of a pummeling right it's been in the entertainment industry has been on the radar of a lot of folks just needs to improve in hockey anyone's going Gary in hockey we have some actually you know we have some friends a good friend of our family's for a while with Stu Grimm said he was an enforcer they called him the Grim Reaper nicest guy a lawyer a lot of the time the really most aggressive players would surprise you and be the nicest guys who are some people in the industry who you would most people will be surprised just a great all-around you know family person you're never gonna hear a scandal about them oh I have a lot of good friends I mean one one of my oldest dearest friends is Jeff Perry who's on that show ironically he's on a show called scandal high school together we started Steppenwolf theater together with our buddy Terry Kinney Jeff you know he's the father of Zoe Perry who is now on that new show young Sheldon she plays his mother right and her mother is Laurie Metcalf you know they've been through their challenges and things like that but Jeff is just one of the most wonderful guys who've been been like my brother for for over 40 years going back to the early 70s so wonderful guy you know his head's on right Joe Montana is another great buddy of mine who really is just you know Wonder wonderful guy very charitable giving person very you know these are two guys that grew up in Chicago I mean we all grew up in Chicago together so you know we have a history there how do you avoid the accent though how do you avoid the Chicago sound like did you did you have to work on it when you moved out there I didn't grow up in the city Joe has a little bit more of that because he grew up at Cicero right but Jeff Jeff and I grew up in about 25 miles north of the city in a town called Highland Park jerk which is you know upper-middle class Barry and there's a big Jewish community there you know Barrack you know I didn't know anybody who thought like that you know next to Dennis Farina yeah I got it hey well here's something cuz I know you've worked it Dennis was a good pal of mine yeah I got the note back in the 80s yeah I've heard really good things about it some that surprised me obviously these allegations came out about Dustin Hoffman but when I was reading the journals this lady was talking about not just Dustin but all these things that went on but she talked about she said I am in love with John Malkovich she said I love the way he orders lunch she had it would surprise me because john malkovich is an actor who was kind of known for that subdued rage right and when you see this coming it's a perfect example of I know you've worked him with him would you corroborate super nice guy this lady was in love with him she said he was the just a consummate gentleman yeah John John you know he's very eccentric and funny and I think he plays you know he plays a character a little bit because it's entertaining and people are used to that and they expect him to say bizarre and entertaining things and stuff but John's a very very nice guy we've known each other back since the 70s he's him he's a member Steppenwolf theater going back to the mid-70s yeah I remember that I just finding it's so telling where this lady was running and she went out of her way to say I love the way I could listen to John Malkovich order lunch all day and not a like well I felt awkward because you could have been teen teen mr. sneaks up for like a like know he might be know so but we don't know no John someone who's a stand-up guy sorry go ahead yeah let's talk about John any more otherwise get a phone call Gary I told you never to let my name leave your lips alright he's gonna throw a Coke it you know you work with uh you just got back from your soaring the soaring valor flight I think it is right yeah yeah so you do a lot of work with the troops and go over how when you build these smart houses and if people haven't checked it out you know like I said go follow on Facebook you can see everything so if you fix a lot of concrete real-world problems you don't just do a photo op and he's busy doing good things busy doing really good things when I was a kid and I was a troubled youth a little bit and I went to a counselor he said know if you're busy you don't get into trouble do you think maybe that's a part of it you're busy focusing on helping other people it okay it's it's tougher to get into some get into some riffraff well it's it look services is a great healer I remember you know many times being heartbroken over over different things you know meeting lots of our wounded service members back back in the 90s working with Vietnam veterans in the 80s who had been you know had had been shamed when they came home from war and the feeling very you know compassion for them after September 11th feeling that I needed to do something to reach out to the men and women who were deploying in reaction to that and getting hurt and you know the families who were losing loved ones and everything so I just started to serve and to use this blessing of good you know this good fortune I've had in a movie business and television business to to do some trying to do something positive and it's growing into a full-time ongoing life mission to give back to the men and women who serve our country I get a great reward from being able to do that and I've had some great success you know moving television business not not only the you know the being a well known you know of around the world for CSI New York or whatever it is the the TVs and TV shows and movies but you know the financial rewards have been have been good and I'm able to take some of that do some good with it start a foundation the Gary Sinise foundation do some good and I know I get a lot of a lot of good feeling out of that so I'm spending all my time trying trying to try to do that I know there are people in the business who have made you know it made a good living they've you know and I would recommend you know using some of that good fortune to do something positive for somebody else and it's a it's a good it's a good feeling to be able to do that I feel like I'm about Bill Murray and rush Murrow what's the secret max and I think that's it I'm just talking about it we were talking to off-air going you know it's a lot of actors a lot of people industry just don't age gracefully they're trying to recapture something or be someone or not and I think that's what it is the way to age gracefully in all aspects is just okay this is this is my chapter where I'm going to esteem others first I have the ability to and Gary doesn't that's a Gary Sinise foundation we do have to get going it's facebook.com slash Gary Sinise a lot of guy who did a lot of great work and we'll keep shouting it from the rooftops because Gary often doesn't in quiet so we can do it for you Gary I know you won't say it but thank you so much for being for them I appreciate you have spread in the word is also Gary Sinise foundation.org that's the foundation website we're doing some good on mom leaving next week to go down to Texas we're doing a big concert in Houston to support first responders that were affected by the hurricane there's a hurricane relief fund on the on the website there's all kinds of good things there I mean I just jumped at the Gary Sinise foundation I hate to cut you off but that's the sound of a bump come on Gary Sinise foundation.org we'll be right back after this [Applause] hey there handsome no not not you Oh Lord no I'm talking about that snazzy t-shirt looks like someone's been dropping some coin at louder with grotto shop calm now come near let the world see don't be shy there we go that's what I'm talking about oh no someone's trying to be a sneaky fellow let's go we're that bad boy loud and proud nothing to be ashamed 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face hey our next guest loved him hate him we all wait you you you're almost different but we love him he always makes it work at real Dean Cain Dean Cain how are you sir I am great good morning guys buddy what's up buddy yes good morning for Dean because he lives by night so what we're just on during the break with the Wendy Williams pass out and I know we all feel terrible but oh my god once I find out that she was okay that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen okay first then it's good to laugh yes like if something happens to your friend they're going along and then afterward you can laugh about it but yeah it was there are a lot of moments in that very short period of time yeah there's the initial the wave wait some subs go wrong okay and then she thinks I got it she looked like this the skin when Tom and Jerry when he did when Jay jumped out of his skin okay but it was pretty funny and I would be a liar if I said I didn't watch it at least three times and call people over to look at it what now she is she competitive with the with the Today Show and that time slot we watched on oh I sense I don't think she is she's a little bit later in the afternoon I think no but you know that today shows a juggernaut it is the Today Show's a juggernaut when's the next time are you you're going to be on there people need to know I don't know the last thing I did actually was host a Fox & Friends weekend that was kind of interesting oh did you make any weren't sexually harassed no no no I was waiting for it hoping for your annual bonus in the bonus of it Trump didn't know who you were before he does now there we go well actually I know mr. Trump I the president I know him because I judge the Miss Universe contest years ago that's right we talked about that you should know this I should know these things hey speaking of which do any of these sexual harassment things surprise you right now going on I mean obviously this is the main story like to me that what really bothered me about the news with the Kevin Spacey deal was the media acting as though they were shocked that he was dead but ever learn the industry has known this for years it makes me not trust you know New York Times and like breaking Kevin Spacey's game you just now are not trusting the New York Times blog yeah but you know I had to pick one at that point well yeah it's it's one of those thing I said it's the worst-kept secret in Hollywood that was a that's something that you hear all the time like the Weinstein bit you hear all the time Kevin Spacey being gay was subs you heard you know I've never seen Weinstein do his thing I've never seen Kevin do his thing I did go to a premiere way back 25 years ago and it was a great one I figure where the film was but Kevin Spacey talked to me all night I was like he's the nicest guy in the world am I just like yeah we talked about Kevin no I do want to God touch it touch it play what tell me you love me the guy they would fall prey to that I don't think no I can't we were talking about this before you came on I can't imagine you sexually harassing anyone because you're Dean Cain you can walk into a room say sex with me and six hands will go up immediately three people accused of groping as someone on Fox News on air in a lawsuit which was the most frivolous thing I've ever seen in my life unfortunately it was on air so nothing's ever it's the most ridiculous that's a scary thing can we not say the name because it is on air people know if they run a search it was it was I don't want to throw anyone under the bus but it's very obvious I'm rottens Google search Dean Cain it was okay there was there was a co-host the same bhai he's saying goodbye was this outnumbered well if he missed yes oh by the way first a Fox News sets it up right they're all in the leg Sharma now there's a lot of that that went on at Fox News I'm not defending all of it so I don't want to I don't want to lump everything in the same category here but in this instance Dean said goodbye to one of the outnumbered co-hosts and get really kissing the cheek she reached out and that was it what you do in Europe all the time it's what I've done with that same person 50 times yeah you're not even a thought process but that was called groping by an attorney and I thought that was hysterical about that too that people will because somebody had to think well what about your alleged say I'm like really thank God it's on on-camera so does it I'm not saying that you know anybody who accuse anybody of anything is line imagination but there is – it's a two-way street sometimes and with today's culture it's like you know you're gonna get the public turn on you really quickly and everyone's gonna jump in you've been allegedly accused and that's a scary thing for someone like me that's I was stunned you could have thrown a brick at me I could have passed out on the Wendy Williams Show is lose for her – the girl – because now is now all the angry bitches are bad that she got a kiss from he came all pissed at her and it really is you can go watch it I remember I read it and I'm washing like this is I can't believe that this woman would pick something that was so clear on air just say it happened behind a closed door and people will believe you because that's what happens but it's like this is on air it's a peck on the cheek yeah so that's a concern for me too because Weinstein is everyone kind of new in the industry like I've never seen it but I've known people who've worked them it's pretty well known on the flip side there's the me – campaign we're now it also is trending you're going on a second nine out of ten of these cases now have no evidence so it's different with Weinstein and Spacey and they admitted to it but now it's just like this guy – and and James Woods and he shut that down really quickly but I mean how do you how do you handle it it is a tough balancing act that's a tough one and right now certainly the the current trend is toward you know whoever's you know if your blame for your horrific ly guilty but there are a lot of people there are a tremendous number of people in Hollywood especially vinner that are tremendously guilty people in power been doing this for ever and and there's no about that but I'm glad it's come to the forefront I'm glad there's not these you don't have to see the joke's on South Park and go oh is that the truth and you know you mentioned some of that stuff on South Park and things and they have fun with her or Seth MacFarlane saying at the Oscars and right things we all know and in effect but um but I'm glad it's finally come out it's just shocking but it's you know suddenly now house of cards is canceled and this is that the other thing I'd say but you've known these things this is no surprise that's what bothers me for you now you're rocking the black the v-neck there if someone comes out you see you again just say it wasn't me it was Simon Cowell yeah hordes of men saying the city was a guy who would him look at you and like rub his nipples slowly in the green room or something you know you read the work log but yeah it sounds like something you would do yeah just cut him up – wha-what he's in the trailer yeah it is a one thing we're talking with us yesterday yeah I know you're more conservative fiscally and socially liberal now that being said personally you're not a guy who's like socially no concert note no boundaries I know that about you because Hollywood though is for a long time just just reviled middle America and if so much shows up who is a Christian in the film or is abstinent or is actually you know it is loyal to their wife they're secretly the serial killer right Hollywood has facial themselves always so open minded and sexually progressive I'm going how is this any surprise that this is this is an entire segment of society that prides itself on immorality and chastises those who criticize them like it couldn't go any other way no um you know he's looking real good right about now Mike Pence yeah well not have dinner with it when the woman is not my wife just what I wanted there that you cannot get accused of all the things that he may or someone else may be accused of right and shooting feminist be on board because a they're like no water you can't control himself no but he knows if drinks are had inhibition sometimes I removed there can be other accusations so to remove any liability and to also ensure that there's no scenario in which he could sexually is so even if you think he's a germ he's a germ who's removed any opportunity to act germ like and the guy just now got run through the wringer wait I just want to have their cake and eat it too and by that I mean they they like lots of cake pitches for madly been sexually harassed and gone after a bump but it doesn't I don't go at home at night and cry my pillow and like oh my god okay give us a name now no God the list I mean I mean it goes on it all day no came on this week he was like a Versace yeah it was that's he tried to touch my pecker Versace was that Versace I would imagine that's up no no never had a gay man do it that just wouldn't that probably wouldn't go over so I mean he was sexually harassed by the models he worked with on set he was sexually harassed by females never drive a car again all the slashed tires a part of me wonders this is just this is entirely a hypothesis you can tell me there's something to this now you were a very successful athlete Princeton obviously you just didn't go watch his highlight reel now you compare that someone it's always been a good-looking guy compare that with like someone like Dustin Hoffman the recent accusations came out the reason I use that example is because it's it's pretty in-depth and no one involved has denied any of it thus far or Kevin Spacey so these are people who probably had great difficulty achieving you know attention from members of the opposite sex until they became a part of the cool kids club which was Hollywood and so they come in to it and now all of a sudden they've been given this platform and this this power that they never had and do you think that maybe they're the ones who are more likely to of use it worse for you you've probably had to since college be aware if you're at a party anyone could accuse you because it's like that's Dean Cain on campus you know you get a sexual harassment suit on that guy in you're set for life I would say that's extremely accurate no question about it yeah there's no question so that only doesn't just apply to Hollywood that applies to politicians right I really applies the politicians hungry a lot of those guys Wow my gents would not have a hard time that you know getting any poonanny in indiana if he wanted to so he's had training in saying no just let your head training and saying no where's the other one just going give me give me give me I need I need you know absolute truth and it's men of power for a lot it was you know abused their position and it's women of power it doesn't just happen just men I mean it happens it happens on both ways that's it it's much more prevalent for a man to do it but it certainly haven't seen teachers on time teachers all the time yeah yeah it happens with teachers female teachers a lot and that's a horrible thing that never happened to me I see Steve is like that's a heart I just can't imagine I would imagine every single teacher Dean Cain put an apple on their desk they're like thank you let's talk about it after college every team's trying to put Dean Cain on layaway sort of situation but it's it is pretty damn prevalent and it has touched my family to some degree not myself right but it's been it's an unfortunate thing so that does certainly does exist I do think what's mostly other guys you know it's the guys we talk about the guys who maybe couldn't wouldn't be so certain you know socially popular and wouldn't have maybe the luck with the ladies that that I've seen right people that I know who were in this business and who do that they'll just call it an actress cuz they think she's beautiful she has no chance to get the part they just want to meet her yeah it happened plenty I have seen that happen as well as a matter fact in Montreal there's one who I won't name a name but it wouldn't be that hard for people to figure out and it was it was kind of well-known listen in the realm of actors I'm like I would be like a five in the realm of stand-up comedians I'm beyond a 10 okay on the road and just connect MIDI or pick it see you're out and you know Hackensack New Jersey roof and so this happened a lot when I was in 1819 and I'd be doing stand-up all all the time opportunity was there all the time right you have a giver you have five shows that weekend a room of 200 people okay all the time either trying to follow me to the Hoff in the hotel room is is it right next to the club I had like no listen you know especially if especially when I had a girlfriend now not in the next guy the guy would be the headliner would hey I'm having a party over at my place and invite them into their room and so it was really different this was a guy I remember a guy bald old fat typical comedian unhappy I remember facially again said to be saying hey I had a bit about not being boyfriend route material she wrote me a note on a receipt and said hey I think you're boyfriend material and I thought look it's kind of squeeze like you know what I have I have a girlfriend thank you but then she followed me she was pretty aggressive and she was attractive mind you so it wasn't very easy for me to say no as a 19 year old male at this point and this guy was very creepy and he pursued her I don't think he was successful but I just thought that was like oh wow this guy's never learned how to be no not right now that's that's a muscle you kind of have to exercise self-control no question about it you can get in that awful lot of trouble and you see that with a lot of people um there's no question I I have stayed pretty scot-free and I've certainly dated in my day life for a young man I'm still very young very very young and we'll see you know I I'm sure at some point I mean if I ever run for office I'm sure someone will say I did something awful terrible I cut their hair back in grade school or you know or I did already dated somebody's sister or friend or whatever I'm sure that will all be you know look he's trying to soften or he's actually done psyche what he really means is he slept with someone's sister while his friend was in the house and that's gonna come out and it's gonna like I'm running for Senate and I have to apologize for this I think we're past that though oh they were passives yeah I think my past the era of like I mean everyone guy who's gonna run for president in 15 years is gonna have a you know Yahoo Messenger screen name yeah you know I mean that's just course there's no way around it now oh yeah I kidding people found my Zynga host programs going down great because you're the only non Asian on Jenga Kevin Spacey like sure if someone came out and said yeah Dean Cain had a casting couch they would go and I think Dean Cain needed a cast and could be the reaction alright you say where's the best place for people to find you and follow you at my house oh wait don't do that don't that Hatfield Dean Cain on Twitter I've been most active on Twitter and I have an Instagram account but I almost never use it it's true because all the ladies chasing too much in the Instagram account and then he has to fend them off and say no Weinstein's here no we'll be back after this – there it is again so strong oh you have to go I'll be writing Oh but that's my house yeah I let them die while I made a makeshift snorkel hmm clever here's your lever drowning dance coughs could be gotten arts pass Duquesne always fun really smart guy did you ever watch his highlight reel drill the highlight reel Levine came in Princeton no no I heard he was a good football you never watched it no oh wow I think you for not reading them I think hold up one time and it was it was pretty impressive I don't think I look like an angry little jumping bean not that big plate for Stanford Princeton person it's not I think it wasn't I think it was on the bench for not for like the Raiders or something went on bills for the bills I take it all back you can play for a long time too I think it was kind of like a no but it doesn't matter you get in you're an NFL guy that's a big deal is it yeah Oh doesn't mean I must be at a certain level yeah yeah absolutely ya know everybody else is packing it up and you're keeping going so right let's cool he was also at 511 you know 205 11 make it to the bills yeah not a big guy well not big bills Super Bowls is they always the first couple drafts no people like you know you get the second draft pick but you just said have you ever lost a super Wang four times in a row the bills are you kidding you don't know that souls are stupid well I don't anyway I don't is a good football player so going back to I did not play tight Inferno today thank you very much where's your Teri Hatcher bitch treating and the social isn't like civilizations for ever have known that if you don't work you don't eat all right it's just it's built into us it's like you have to tell a child to say no you don't have to tell them to be selfish you don't have to tell a civilization that people have to work to survive right why are we all of a sudden kind of teams it's like parenting a lot of parents and they're just they're chasing their kids like listen your kids not gonna run into the fireplace unless he's really stupid in which case you should probably run in there anyway I mean like parents like oh yeah I feel like yeah kids inherently parent since the beginning of time they didn't know they didn't just watch their kids every second they their inherent yeah things the kid you learn information I think it's fight two because liberals probably I think I think they see working less and socialism as ever that's that's the evolution right that's the yeah from like work lease are but you don't realize like people had people were dying for they realized he needed to work that was what well you know evolution was looking to eat and I don't want to seem Darwinian at all you know in the sense that like well it's just if you didn't eat because we had villages but we had villages in the sense that it provided some level of protection some level of course of a safety net where you realize there was strength in numbers but if other people were out hunting and foraging and then you you just ate it and sat in your ass all day no there was no Stephen Colbert with a late-night you know T P monologues and berries right no I'll bring up my book of Alec Gong Qin punchline position that sat around and did nothing and survived so we can't but they're committing suicide in an alarming been carrying them like listen let's just let's just be Darwinian and just think about the natural laws but here's the thing conserve as we talk about this a lot when we need to change my mind we believe in not only natural laws but natural rights because natural rights are often found in some form of natural law natural rights mean it's a it's a birthright in constitutionally that means it's recognized by God you may not believe in God but hey thank God your rights aren't given to you by government they're given to you by God and the government's only job is to protect your natural rights so the thing about obviously is a Christian what we believe the morals that we put in place but also the free enterprise system it's a way to guide natural rights to be as effective as it can be that as we recognize that listen people inherently they're gonna they're gonna fend for themselves people who Forge and hunt if if you let them reap what they sow they're gonna go out and they're gonna benefit everyone in the village they're gonna bring back that woolly mammoth they're gonna bring back that bison and everyone else gets to eat he might charge you or he might have you working for him but that guy went out and he led and so the way we create a system the free enterprise system the capitalist system is a way to harness the best of human nature natural laws whereas you look at the left and I do mean today the the regressive left the left like Stephen Colbert who quotes Carl Mars bar really Carl Marx and Frederick angles you look at communism what's the trend is trying to fly in the face of natural law which is why they don't believe in natural rights they don't believe in your god-given right to freedom of speech they don't believe in your natural right your god-given right to self-preservation the Second Amendment and so they don't really have a lot of respect for natural law they said no no we know that every civilization is the beginning of time you eat what you kill so we're gonna change we're gonna change that we're gonna force people to be charitable never has that happen successfully we're going to force people to ensure equal outcomes never has that happened successfully in a way that's benefited the entire village it's maybe benefited the committee's those people forcing now I'm talking about the village but socialism Marxism communism has never benefited the globe as a whole as capitalism free enterprise a constitutional republic of the United States has no society ever has and it really does come down to this is what I was talking about and I hope to see a lot of answer to the question today I'll try and talk with you guys on YouTube about it the idea of merit over fairness because for a long time when you're young you think about fairness of outcomes equality of outcome the left is still stuck there Bernie Sanders who's never worked a day in the private sector in his life that's why he still believes it you're hard-pressed to find a single business owner who believes that anyone out there and then we have some people who watch this show like I just had someone recently was a world powerlifting champion like hey this is what I do I can't really talk about it publicly but yeah I really appreciate the show we have some people who are really elite in their fields anyone who's ever achieved something great in any realm of the human condition whether could be athletic it could be physical it could be emotional it could be spiritual it could be financial anyone who's achieved a level of greatness understands the amount of work that went into it understand that the big difference is the follow through following through if you if you've gotten really good at a sport think of a hobby darts right the big I found in my life where I've been somewhat successful has been alright committing to something and following through that's how you probably get good at guitar that's probably how you get good at golf the thing is people tend to follow through on things that are hobbies because it's fun it's easy to follow through on something that's still fun but following through on something when it's no longer fun well see that's where free prai's actually encourages you to go against against the worst part of the natural human condition yeah natural law is eat what you kill yeah natural law is okay we're on our own but if you follow through if you go that if you innovate if you create something you're going to be rewarded by the village because that's something that they need the big differentiating factor and we don't like to acknowledge this often is the follow-through when things aren't fun running a business creating a cure for polio by finding new treatments for cancer creating the Internet I guarantee you there are points with every great technological advancement medical advancement or every great contribution to American society that we can think of there was a point where it was no longer fun just like your sorry little ass didn't want to get out when you were 12 years old and go trick-or-treating but you realize it was one of your last prime years and you felt bad and you tried to get it back you didn't feel like doing it so you didn't follow through well free enterprise the capitalist system unlike socialism unlike the Karl Marx who Stephen Colbert praises acknowledges and validates and rewards the follow-through which is what makes great people so do it in your personal life look at areas where maybe you put something off maybe I hear they're gonna be do really well at this if I only finished that follow through and I want to be a part of a society that actually rewards the follow-through I want to be a part of the society the United States that has made every other country better for it's like Wayne Gretzky Wayne Gretzky's great skill I'll leave you with this Canadian Wayne Gretzky great skill was he wasn't the best shooter he wasn't the best puck handler he said he wasn't the toughest guy but he made everybody on the ice better for having been on there the United States is the Wayne Gretzky of the globe no country clump comes close every other country has benefited for us being here and finishing the follow-through I want to be a part of that society otherwise we're just Sweden and that sucks see you next week

  1. As you’ve grown older, right after Halloween here, do you find yourself caring less about “fairness” and more about “merit”?

  2. I realize this comment is way late but since candy was a big part of the conversation, I'm a bit saddened by the fact that Coffee Crisp wasn't mentioned. I hope you haven't forgotten your Canadian roots, Steven. But if you have….well more for me, I guess. 🙂

  3. some kid cracked me in the head at 7 years old, took MY whole birthday pinata'. When i came over to his house to get some candy, I GOT ONE HANDFUL.. I now resent that kid to the maximum.

  4. Random: people who work through high school and college in addition to going to school, generally have a more reasonable view of equality of opportunities rather than equality of outcomes from what I have observed.

  5. I know this is an old show… but when my oldest was 5, 6, and 7 (yes for 3 years in a row) she chose to stay home so she could pass out candy rather than collect it. She liked seeing everyone smile.

  6. I watched Dean Cane’s football highlights wow he was quite the player. He’s also a great actor and tv host. All this and he is a conservative and cares for our military.

  7. When I was 18-25 I really thought stuff should be fair… I still had certain feelings of “equal outcomes” however… I always thought you earned your way through but at that time I was “earning” anything but yet didn’t starve, go naked and definitely stayed clean… so I was saying “earn your way” while being assisted… I’m now 33 and am earning my way and see that my thoughts as a “kid” is a lot less plausible than initially thought… I have kids that I’m trying to get to understand as most parents do.. lol.. because our mind sets as teenagers and young adults are so socially constructed I think it would be advantageous for America if the legal voting age was RAISED to 25… at that age most people understand the world a little more than we did at 18… but to your point, I’m 33 and am already pretty far right.. if I go much further I won’t have a left anymore.. lol…

  8. I miss Not Gay Jared. He is an intellectual with a fun way of pointing it out. Great pair with Crowder.

  9. This is one of the funniest episodes of LwC I have seen yet…. the lawyer dog bits had me literally unable to breath!

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