2020 National Grocery Association Best Bagger Time would be with CRESBI Crates

every baggers a best bagger with CRESBI
crates are you ready on your mark get set go awesome
all right just got that first CRESBI crate open notice how easy it is to pack
things squarely because you’re working with a square item CRESBIcrate a
rectangle and it’s easy to set your heavy stuff on the bottom your bigger
stuff is gonna fit too I can put things up right nothing’s
gonna roll around in the car there’s how easy it is to slide things in there you
can see perfectly what you’re doing you’re not fighting with some stupid
reusable bag very gently with the egg she gets them in there and everything
goes in and then she’s ready to go to last one three crates the equivalent of
three reusable bags or three plastic bags whatever you want these are gonna
make a big difference in your life she’s got this down down to the last few items
and one more a.m. all right I believe she beat a time record but now
let’s see what they look like she’s gonna turn on the scale and there we go
the first one weighs in oh I got a 14 okay all right
13 5.5 all right that one’s at 14 exactly we should have one more and that
one’s weighing in at almost 14 all right so there we go
and let’s take a look at how everything looks looks like it would be ready for a
trip home safely and everything is nice and neat in there and that’s that rapid
fire speed packing and this this three pack here is also available in this type
of configuration you’ve got your CRESBI carrier which can also have your stores
logo on the back you can get the three pack comes with a thermal insert if you
want to hold that for a second yep that’s gonna go right inside one of the
crates and that this is the strap this is the strap that can open up the crate
easily go ahead pop it open and that way it’s easy to pop open customers can use
it instead of your convenience baskets so you never have to worry about those
and then if you demonstrate you how that thermal insert
can fit right in there thermal insert gives customers an hour
or two we have two groceries and that also zips up and is very nice so anyway
here we have again CRESBI crates and by the way she’s my
assistant she’s not a bagger that’s right she beat your bagging time and
with very little practice so there you go CRESBI crates call today

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