1. The right response to socialism, or communism, or anarchy, or fascism, or monopoly privilege (i.e., what we too easy refer to as "capitalism") is the found in the writings of Henry George. Remove all monopoly privileges from the systems of law and taxation and the result is cooperative individualism: full equality of opportunity, full individual liberty, within a cooperative social framework.

    Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A., Director
    School of Cooperative Individualism

  2. I presume the uploader added "The Promise and Reality" to each episode himself, as these episodes are from the 26 episode Peoples Century and those words are not included in any of the 6 episodes he's on the playlist from Peoples Century?.

  3. Just so people know YouTube wont allow cut and paste.. fact checking is NOT ALLOWED here. liberals hiding the truth..

  4. The problem of Communism today is not that there are parties or States trying to enforce it in the US, but, rather, that it is a term used to attack policies (in the US and elsewhere) that are against extreme inequality or absence of medical care, things that even Hayek or Milton Freedman thought that were very, VERY bad for a country.

  5. Commies can't explain the 90s and all the ex communist stooge countries started hacking each other up on almost every continent.

  6. Those that try to sell the socialism lie today know damn good and well where it will end up . Their goal is to be one of the few at the top of the heap that make off with the goods . Socialism is nothing but a ponzi scheme .

  7. PBS is communist, i don't want to watch what they've done, i'm watching it in real time. i want to know how PBS became communist, not a PBS documentary on communism. you're retarded, bot?

  8. I don't understand people who are for Bernie. He is the 1%! He owns three homes and makes a million a year. And Alexandria Cortez moved to Rhode island, her father was a architect! Made 160 k a year! She went to private school. Capitalism is why the zip code she was born into did not determine her future forever!!! These people also don't realize that democratic socialism only means you vote on what to take away from people basically. It's frightening how ignorant people are to the systems they are willing to vote for.

  9. Don't you get it? Greedy, selfish humans and cheaters need capitalism! Socialism would make their habits useless!

  10. A few of the Jewish bolsheviks who took over Russia and killed tens of millions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ózef_Unszlicht,,,,,,,,,,,,ózef_Różański,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. Communisme ☭ is the greatest system of all, look at the state of the United Shit of America… The slavery, the racist yankee state… Nearly 60 millions people leaving in poverty and nothing done to help them, on the contrary, the horrible nation of the so called braves and frees are making wars all over the world…

  12. Funny, not one mention of the fact that the majority of the Bolsheviks and the ruling communist elite were jews

  13. The communists were atheists and abolished the churches. In the present time we are living, I've seen the communist flag being waved by antifa and anti-TRUMP protestors. How can these people be so blind. So I can conclude that these are anti-GOD, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom people who represent the left. It's so sad that they have learned nothing from history.

  14. how come slavic people seem "goofy" or not quite all there? In interviews and shit they seem slightly mentally retarded..Or drunk.

  15. No one ever tells of the worst Genocide in the history of the World and it was not Communism it was Imperialistic Capitalist Regime .

    The British Empire which was an Imperialist Capitalist regime in which over 150 Million native people were killed in the British Empire by the British yet the Elite Capitalist societies don't tell you about that awful History only what they want you to hear .

  16. Ironically, Communism ended up becoming the very Opiate of the masses that it accused religion of being. It was an ideology which promised a kind of paradise on earth, In order to justify the horrific human cost of its implementation. The communists told their people to bare the hardships of life now, in order to realise the communist dream later, which of course never came. I bet Karl Marx didn't see that coming.

  17. Russia in 1914 had 170 million people, with a GNP close to Germany and in 1991 it had 143 million people and a GNP below Italy Demographics says the population should have been 225 million. Lenin laughed with joy in 1921 when he heard Orthodox small farmers was eating their children. His death was ugly and his brain turned into stone and his skin black. evil.

  18. Don't think that it's just Stalin who starved the pilgrims. Lenin did the same, though not close as much in the number of people.

  19. Why is this documentary painting communism in a positive light??? Why aren't they mentioning the millions of people murdered during their regimes??? Lenin, Stalin and Mao were ruthless, and treated them like animals.

  20. wish we could get a few islands and do some impartial experiments on all models of society, just to see which ones the best

  21. Большинство из вас не может честно ответить на вопрос: Что такое капитализм?

  22. What a load of horseshit you didn't mention how must of the bolshevicks where jews who came from New york. This documentary is a load of crap

  23. Perhaps every single type of OR WAY of politics is GREAT, HOWEVER, that may only be in a PERFECT world! Humanity is not perfect and that is beautiful! WHY SHOULD IT BE PERFECT? FOR YOU? FOR ME? WHO THE fuck ARE WE? Compassion, some of you would call it love and– take it our of context further more and say that it is a construction of the pompous romantics… yet without this compassion no human can ever have virtue! constant destruction is a waste of time and i can go on and on… but doing so is being very ungrateful and careless for all that of the human's anguish good or bad and their collectives should not be in vain. it is a shame to get rid of humans in those ways too. i could not kill the memory of those already killed… i can not just take everything for granted… i do not know if that is good or bad…

    life is a collaboration not a competition… for example, sperm has to clear a path for if not just one to succeed and procure life formation and continue. it must alkalize this road in an acidic orifice that not one only can ever do!

    again we forget to be thankful!! thank whatever it may be!!! we are here today good or bad but we are [alive…]… ???

  24. "the communists were atheists and sought to remove the challenge by abolishing the church" then cue the dramatic music and scary kaleidoscope imagery…. like it's a bad thing.

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