1997-1004 Evening Program Talk: Materialism, Nature And Balance, Italy, DP-RAW

It has been such a great treat for us,
not only entertainment, but the way for our future – how to move
and what to do. It’s very surprising that this Swiss bank
business has been attracting My attention
all the time. I don’t know much, how they can digest
everything so well. In these modern times, when people are
talking of democracy, talking of very big ideal things and
all that, at the same time how can such a illegal
system exist openly? And for that I have a plan. As Arneau has said I have to expose, I have
a plan to do something about it. As far as the materialism is concerned,
it’s working out. All these countries who were supposed to
be very advanced, developed are suffering; first from recession – and a terrible
recession. That recession is going to give them
a lesson about overproduction of nonsensical goods. Materialism comes because people have
gone mad with their greed. I was searching a house in England – went
round to see houses, and I was surprised that all kinds of plastic things and mixed
things and all that, were piled up in mountains in every house,
mountains! And you pass through a door you will find
two legs of a pant falling on you. But not only in England, same in Paris: I’ve seen people accumulating so much
of nonsense that they don’t know where to put it and
what to do. This madness is on and on and on. Now, I have found out a solution for Sahaja
Yogis, what they should do. They should try to encourage handicrafts. Every country I went to, I bought
handicrafts, whether it was Czechoslovakia or England
or anywhere. I cannot understand – how can you go
and buy this rubbish of plastic, of these useless things? And these handicrafts, when I bought,
I was surprised – I must tell you about Czechoslovakia that
there were small, small, very small shops and they all came, one by one, “Mother,
buy something from us also, Mother buy something from us”. You know,
I was surprised, such beautiful things. They said, “We cannot sell them.” But all
nonsensical things people are buying. So for Sahaja Yogis, they must take a vow that “we’ll only take things which are
handmade”. You need not have many things, you can
have few, but something handmade. Now, supposing you get a dress, there
should be some handmade embroidery or something put it on that, so some labor
is put in into that. It is very difficult to see how people
go in for things which are very cheap and extremely
troublesome. I must tell you one thing, I can’t wear
nylon, I can’t wear anything artificial, really,
I can’t. For a while, if I even wear socks also,
My whole body starts paining. So, it is against you. Handmade things are few, I agree, but use
as far as possible handmade things. From the Mother Earth they make very nice,
say, terracotta. So, I’m a socialist by temperament,
I think. So, I felt a great urge that I should
really export nothing but terracotta. And terracotta is such a beautiful thing. It’s so soothing, it’s so good – it smells
so well. But people think, “No, we should buy
something that is made from America in some machinery thing.”
They go on buying like that. In America also I was surprised that
beautiful things are selling in shops which they call them as outlets,
very good, mostly of silk, or of cotton, and leather –
pure leather. But people will go to big, big markets
and buy all nonsense at a very high price and not from there –
means they have no wisdom. And this is what happens, that the wisdom,
if it is lacking in your sense, then this wisdom corrodes the society. Because wisdom itself shows how dangerous it is to go on buying all
these nonsensical things. Also now you are seeing that people
are taking now more to Ayurveda and to homeopathy. They don’t want to use these horrible
medicines produced by your great country. You know what they do, Swiss? They send
very big offers to doctors from India to come to work
for them. And supposing they have produced one “A”
sample as you’ve shown, then the same one they change a little bit
(and) say “It’s better”. And you know these medicines, most of them
are very dangerous and troublesome. By mistake, My family gave Me these
antibiotics. Since then My legs are very weak and
troublesome – I’ve improved, no doubt. So, you see, why we are now taking
to this – because pollution is there another thing,
which is created by this machinery. Gandhiji was saying: “There is no need
to use so much machinery.” Now, motor cars – we can walk, we can
use trains, but people want to go anywhere by motor
car, even if it is about, say, ten meters, they don’t want to walk.
That’s how our health has gone down. I must tell you when I was studying in the
school, My school was about five miles. And we had a car, and we had also horses,
and what we call is a buggy in our house. But it was compulsory for us to walk
five miles in the morning. Evening time the car used to come, but morning time we all had to walk
five miles to go to our school. And in between there was a small, little
mountain which we had to climb. That is how we learnt about nature. If you
don’t walk, from the car what do you know? At the most you can see some lamppost. What do you see from the car? Nothing,
you cannot see the nature. And this walking system is very much out
of date now for people. People don’t walk. I’m not saying that today we are very
changed, and we are very advanced people. In a way we have gone down because
we cannot walk. God has given these legs to walk, but
we cannot walk. We avoid walking. Now, because of that
so many cars. I know that in some families they have
five cars because 5 family members. Especially in Spain, I was surprised,
so many cars, so many cars and every car has only one person in it
sitting. Now, problem has started with the pollution
and all these things, because we have lost the habits
of depending upon ourselves. Now see what has happened in, say, this Kuala Lumpur and all these places
suffering from what you call, the smoke. Now I have not done it, if you think that
way. And they are praying to Allah, “Give us water”. Why should God give
them water when they are doing all kinds of
nonsensical things? Now, there is smoke going on, why? Because
they have cut the trees. So, why do they want to cut the trees?
Because they want to make money, that’s all. Their wood is coming to India, because in
India also they have cut the trees. If you go on like this – mad, you will have
pollution, means what? Is that, destructive forces will act
and stop it. For that you don’t have to pray to
the Goddess, it will work out. And it’s all working out everywhere. So, whatever you have to have, try to have
something which is handmade. Even your clothes – need not be many,
try to have it which are handmade – is one of the things Sahaja Yogis can do. There need not be to send money to this
Swiss Bank also. This Swiss Bank will be very badly exposed
now, I’m angry with them for one more thing,
that they had promised that they’ll give the money to the Jews and now they are
going like this, they don’t want to give. When they will die are they going
to take it with them? All these sins will be punished and that is
why I’m very happy this he has brought in, because I’ve been
talking about it – even in that conference I went to in China,
I talked openly about this Swiss Bank. I have talked to many magistrates and
to many, what you call them, the head of the law ministry and all that,
and I’ve told them, “Why not we have a conference and say
that this banking is nonsense”. Now, all types of bad people are taking
advantage of this system and are trying to make money, look very
nice or so, I don’t know. So many have lost their money there, I don’t know what was the need to put
all this money there. That when they die, their children do not
get anything. But the problem is this greed, is some sort
of a inner defect in a human being. He becomes greedy, greedy because he has
deviated from dharma. He thinks he can get pleasure out
of things, he cannot. And he goes on accumulating and buying
and this and that. I would say your Mother also does that.
I buy, but I buy things which are handmade. So that tomorrow, if I have to give it
presents, or if I have to sell off things, even the ornaments you have given Me,
I didn’t know what to do, I’m selling them. What will I do with the ornaments – I have
to buy so many ashrams, this, that. My family ornaments also I’m selling, because I spent money on My family things
also. Just think of it, what is all this for,
what pleasure does it give us? I can understand, if you want to give
somebody a present, or somebody you want to give some
happiness, joy – you should do it, but just for yourself go on, go on, how
much can you digest it? You cannot. Joy is much more in giving to others. It’s not, it’s not a thing that gives you
any understanding of the fundamentals, and the fundamentals is that you are
dharma. Within you is that, that is your valency,
and this materialism absolutely against it, because it creates all kinds of people:
mafias, this Swiss bank, cheats – we have communities after communities
who are known to be cheats, who are very materialistic, they have
no spiritual sense. So for Sahaja Yogis, I would say –
of course you have said all the mantras so I’m supposed to do all that.
But what you have to do is not to buy any more anything which is
not handmade. Try it. At least, there should be some embroidery, at least, there should be some work
done on it. I’m surprised that these things are
not very good for us, they are injurious to our health. So Sahaja Yogis must learn that they
have to walk. They must walk and they must see
the nature, what is in the nature. Many of you don’t know what – say, I ask
the name of this flower, how many of you know? It’s a very sweet name, “Kiss Me Quick”,
apart from its botanical name. But it is, you see, what I’m saying,
everything you should know – you should know about small, small things,
from where do this embroidery comes? From where does this sari comes? Our Indian men are the worst, I would say,
they don’t know anything whatsoever. But even western men also have the same
problem. You must take interest in things in which
you have not taken interest. For example, Indians don’t know how
to cook, they don’t know! Once My husband told Me that he knows
how to cook. I said, “What? He said, “I’ll make
chapatis, rotis.” And what he made was nothing –
Australia, America, this, that. But he said, “I give up because I was doing
shipping, but shipping means shipping.” But minute things you can see, what we
call is a subtle vision, subtle eyesight. If you walk, look at the nature, love
the trees, love the animals. You’ll be amazed, there are so many
things to be known than reading newspaper, what is there
to read in the newspaper? For hours together you go on reading
newspaper, next day you forget it. You’ll be amazed that they say that
for Goddess it is said that “Kataksha Kataksha Nirikshana” – every
glance, She knows everything. Any glance She puts on any man, woman
or anything, She knows where it is. And if you are My children you should
also try that, because I always used to run out
into jungles, in the forest, I used to go to all such places and really
enjoy the beautiful Mother, this Mother Earth who has created such
a beautiful thing. Have you noticed just now that the colors
of the background which were made by the Russians and
the colors of this facing thing are just the same, they have used the same
colors. It’s true collectivity. Now, you notice in the nature it’s so
matching, you know. Nothing gross, nothing loud – it’s
so beautiful, this is red but it has green to match it. This Mother Earth knows everything,
She understands everything, She does everything, but what do we do
for Mother Earth? – Is to run after artificial things,
machinery, this thing – and now a new thing has come, is computer. It’s all right if you want to write letters
to someone, but otherwise it’s quite maddening,
you know. And this computer will make our brain
absolutely zero. We’ll be paralyzed, we won’t be able
to think 2 + 2. So, anything that you want to use also,
should have its maryadas, don’t go beyond it. If you take
to swimming, you’ll go on swimming till you get sick. If you are horse-riding, you’ll go on
horse-riding till you fall down. You see, this is also a kind of a life
which has no maryadas – like greed has no maryadas, that’s how
also this kind of nonsense, “I am only fond of this, I am only
fond of this.” You are a human being, you should never
say like that. On the contrary you should say, “I must
learn this, I must know this, what is this all about?”. It is very
important, otherwise your personality will be a dwarf
personality – and ultimately people end up in money.
I don’t understand. I can’t even count 200 notes, can’t even. I don’t know about money, I should say.
But I’m good at mathematics – but I don’t know, whatever money you are
giving goes direct to them and they do it what they like. Now,
if somebody says, “How much You got for this?”
“I don’t know”. “How much for royalties?” “I don’t know”,
because I’m not interested. I’m not interested. What is there to be
so much interested in money? But I get money, all right, no problem,
never a problem. I sold one of My ornaments and I got at least 100 times more
than what I have spent. Maybe you might say it’s vibrations,
whatever you may say. So to get after money means you get
very much in the clutches of money. So what is the solution, to get rid
of this greed? Is to try and give it to others and see
the joy. Give something to others, share and see
the joy you feel by giving something. I must tell you, Gregoire is not her
but I am missing him because once I went to a sari shop
and wanted to buy one sari but I thought “It’s rather expensive, why should I buy such an expensive sari”,
came away. And you’ll be amazed, he gave Me the same
sari on My birthday and I was so filled with joy, because
he bought it next day, went and bought it from that shop, kept it
with him and on My birthday he gave Me. These small, small things can give you
great joy in giving people, other people,
not yourself. I don’t know if I have bought anything
much for Myself in My lifetime, never. Even if I go out shopping, even if
I am thirsty, I won’t even buy one Coca-Cola for Myself. People know that I don’t buy anything
for Myself, practically nothing, but you all give Me
so much, what to do. Now, I have decided that after these
75 years of age, I shouldn’t take anything from you
whatsoever. But to please you maybe, they are asking
that, “Only take a national, international”,
all right. But no more, every country shouldn’t bring. What
after all this national, international – you are all international people, what is
the need to bring any present for Me? I don’t even have time to see them. I’m so very busy with other things, because
there are so many problems in this world. So, I would suggest that, to get over
all these things we should see ourselves, what we are
doing about it. I’m sure none of you have money
in the Swiss Bank, thank God. But never earn more than what you can –
you have, there’s no need. Whatever comes your way is all right.
Of course if you are doing some work of creativity, of creating some designs,
creating something is all right. But don’t buy things, go on buying things
for yourself or putting then money here, hiding, hiding
there, there’s no need. You see, you’ll feel so satisfied and
so happy being honest, being absolutely beyond any problem. Now this mafia business is there, I agree
with you. Now this mafia can be controlled only by the government because they give
such a big tax. Now I mean, for example, an artisan
in this poor country – I will say poor because most of the people
are suffering from tax – you see, he has to pay 265 types of taxes. Italians are known for their art, they make
beautiful things, but they cannot because they have to pay
so much taxation. Only the designers they make the money. Designers make the money befooling
everybody. They befool people so much. Once My husband
went to Cairo and bought one scarf for Me. So, he said, “This is designer’s.” I said, “This looks Indian to me, this is
an Indian thing.” And surprisingly in the corner it was
written “Made in India”. He paid £25 for that, in India you can
get it for £2. So, this is another thing is to run a race
of eliteness. You see this one was bought by
My son-in-law. I said: “What is so special?”
He said, “It’s very great, you know.” I didn’t know what was so special about
those spectacles. So, I went to one shop in America and they all started saying, “Madam,
Madam, Madam …”. I said, “What is so Madam about Me?.
Why are they calling Me ‘Madam’?” “Oh, You don’t know?” – they said – “This
is Cartier.” I said, “Who is this Cartier?” So I’m going to put Kartikeya against him! All such stupid ideas, you see, and then
they bought Me a… [Aside: “What you call that? The watch was…
what was that watch? Ah, Patek Philippe!] – Patek Philippe, that watch they brought
for Me and it would not run in time. I said,
“What is this? Never keeps the time, it’s always
out of time. My vibrations must be trying some tricks”. So I gave it to one of them, I said, “Baba,
show this to the Patek Phillips.” Ah, that day Mathias was here. “This
will hit their ego, Mother, very much”. I said, “Why?” “Because they think
they are the best.” I said, “Whatever it is, tell them you
change it, it doesn’t keep to time.” Then I asked My daughter to have it,
I said, “Baba, I can’t make … I don’t know why, maybe I will have
something simple, it’s better.” That too again turned out to be a,
what you call? ‘Designers’. They are now all – most of these designers
are in jail. And some of them met Me when I was
coming from Russia. They are absolutely useless people,
you know. They take out some idea and sell it
for a high price and if you are a fool you go and buy that.
Did you notice that this is Cartier? For Sahaja Yogis are simple people. Now
this is the thing is that there are, these are also mafias, I tell you, these
are also mafias. And these mafias are exploiting you,
I’ve written it in My book also, if you read it, how these entrepreneurs
are trying to befool you. You wear simple dress, simple from
handmade – will be much better than to wear something that makes you
look like something out of the blue. And there is no need because it is just
satisfying your ego. Some people have a habit – as soon as –
say, I have, supposing some dinner set, may not be good or… – they’ll come and see
the back of the dinner plate. “Ah, from where did You get it?” –
“I don’t know.” “You don’t know?” “No, no, this was, I think, I think somebody
gave Me, I don’t know, I don’t know.” “No, no, You better find out, because
very nice.” Next day they’ll go round the whole place
to find out if they can get the same dinner set. And Sahaja Yoga is just the opposite.
I tell you, you depend on Sahaja Yoga. Once My husband liked one tea set. So
you know London has huge, big stores. Some of them are really horrid.
I went there – baarpre baap – we walked and walked
and walked through so many. They said, “All right, we promise after
6 months.” Another said, “7 months”, another said, “8 months, you give us
the order.” So I gave up the idea. Then C.P. said, “What has happened
to their factories?” I said, “They don’t have anything, they
are exporting.” Then I went to Australia, you’ll be amazed
– and there for a special price, just for propagating, they had put
these tea sets there. Imagine, in Australia, and I got it
for the half price. So, if you don’t have greed you get
what you want just there. Just there you get it. But if you have greed, then God makes
you dance. All right? That is what is so simple as that –
whatever you want you can get it, if you don’t have greed about it. That’s such an enslaving thing within us,
that we have greed. I mean I can give you 1,001 examples
of that, 1,001. That if you don’t ask for anything, if you
don’t desire for anything, you get what you need, whatever you need
you get. But if you go on desiring, then go mad
after it. Go there, get this and get lost. And then the thing also gets lost. That’s why it is said, better try
to develop a detachment. It’s all right, if it is there well and
good, if it is not there, doesn’t matter. Then you’ll be surprised your attention
will be so subtle. Now none of you I think have seen these
beautiful flowers, what are there. The beautiful embroidery that is there.
The way they have done this. Now can you tell Me how many there are,
hands in this work – 14, 28. This side 14, this side 14. I mean, inclusive of all these other
things. So you don’t notice anything and your
attention becomes… “Mahamaya” – they say has been – “it has
been the Mahamaya”. This is no explanation. Your attention if it is clear, is simple,
you can see the thing clearly. And with that attention only, that
attention yourself takes you to the right place where you
have to go, you get the right thing what you want
to buy. Can you tell Me you see these carpets
are from where? They are mostly from Russia. I went to Russia and I saw this carpet
factory. They have no sense of export also. So I told them that, “How much will
a carpet cost?” – Doctor knows – They said, “Only $20.” I said, “Baba,
$20 for a carpet?” So, I told Doctor, “Now what to do,
we have to buy many”. I said, “How much for export?” “$200.” I said, “In India the other way round.
If you have to export something, then the price is less.” I said,
“All right, so I guess we must think of the solution
because I need it.” So I asked about 20 Sahaja Yogis to go
and buy each one. To Russians they give for $20.
I said, “All right, you bring these.” So, you should go in for solutions and not
for problems. Greed is a problem, greed is a problem. How to get rid of the greed is the point. And to get rid of the greed is that
if I buy something – for whom should I buy this one, for whom
should I buy? Ah, this will be all right for another
friend of mine, like that. If you train your mind on these lines,
not for yourself, but for others, then you’ll be amazed this greed will run
away and you’ll have joy. As you want to give Me things, I understand
that, I also want to give you. In the same way, think of all others,
they are all brothers and sisters. From other countries, make friends
with other countries. If giving is there, then this greed goes
away (indistinct) and you get what you want. It’s a very
simple mantra. It’s surprising, so far, with all
the miracles, we don’t understand that whatever
we need also be provided for. But you must need it, not for stupid
collection of things. This was a very, very good thing, acted
very well, I enjoyed it thoroughly, this Swiss Bank laundering. I know
My country suffers from it. Now, the another drama, which was done
by the English, shows – it’s a – “Pilgrim’s Progress” is
an old, quite an old drama, which I have read long time back. But this
is the real pilgrims they have shown, how a seeker goes into wrong ways, methods, and throughout they have very nicely
brought in how even a Sahaja Yogi, while rising, falls into different pits.
So it’s a very good thing for you to know that if you are Sahaja Yogis, you should be
very careful, and you should see that you don’t fall into these pits and
ultimately the ego and superego. In the west the problem is more of ego,
not of superego. And for ego, to accept that you have ego is the only
way; and then it will drop out. If you know there is ego, ego will
drop out. The simple thing is to know that you have
ego. Ego of something. People have ego of any nonsense, you know. There was one lady very proud
and egoistical. So I asked about her, “What is the matter
with her?” “Because she knows how to make dolls” –
Why? That should give you ego or what?
I didn’t understand that part. But this is what it is, even for small
things people have ego, and all this designing and all that
is based on your stupid ego which makes you buy all these things
to show off your ego. So try to be humble – humble and try
to understand that all these worldly things we are not
going to take them with us. They are going to lie down here. I am not
saying you renounce. I’m not saying you take sanyasa, but you
should know that the value of these things is nothing
compared to you. When ego comes, this idiocity comes in. You think by wearing something great
you are very much influencing others. You may, but those who are influenced
are another set of fools, I must say. Once I was wearing a ring and I went
to shopping in one of the places and they were so respectful to Me.
I said, “Suddenly the shopkeepers, they never respect Me because I’m
an Indian – what has happened?” So I had gone to a shop where the lady
was known to Me. She said, “May I ask You, is this real?”
I said, “What do you mean, real?” “Is it a real emerald?” “Yes, yes, very old
from My family.” “Ah, so Your family very rich?” “No, no, it was from My forefathers,
I’m just wearing that.” “Oh my God, if it is real, what will be
the price?” I said, “How will I know, it was bought long time back, I don’t know
the price.” “No, can you get me one?” I said, “Why do you want to have it,
you can have this one if you like.” Like that, you know, a small thing makes
them so…, that you are so great. It’s not. What is the greatest thing in us is
our Spirit, is the Spirit that we have and we should
know that we should be proud of it, that we have got the Spirit within us. And if you become proud, then you will not
do nonsensical things. You are people who are all realized souls. And already, you have crossed over this
pilgrims stage, you are much above that. Now the greatest thing is to know that
we are spiritual people and as spiritual people – you even
dominate Me, in a way. If you all desire for something, I can’t
get over it. I have to accept. I have to keep you
pleased. Many things I’m doing just because
you want it; doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter to Me
because nothing comes over My head. So it’s all right, whatever children want,
let them do. But the one point is this ego has to be
really under control. There’s one little more point I want
to tell you, because tomorrow I may not be able to say, in Navaratri, you see, I am bound by other
things, is this – I wanted to talk to people who are married
in Sahaja Yoga, especially to the ladies. I think some of them are extremely
dominating and stupid. What is marriage? Marriage is honeymoon
as they call it. Honey is the essence and moon is the peace. Now if the women are quarrelsome,
fighting, sarcastic, it is absolutely a hell for man. Instead of that, if woman knows
the essence, the honey, she should know how to please the husband,
to bring peace in the family. Now some of the husbands are drunkards
or anything – not in Sahaja Yoga. What pleases the husband? You see, in a way, it’s a trick. It’s a trick of a realized soul, how
to please others. What do we do to our husbands?
Do we try to please? First of all find out what he likes. My husband, I would say – he’s gone away,
thank God – he used to say, “You shouldn’t wear
any flower in your head.” But in Maharashtra all the married women
are supposed to wear flowers. Since that day I have never worn any flower
in My head. It’s all right, doesn’t matter, he didn’t
know what I was, so he said, “Don’t wear any flowers,
I don’t like.” Then he said, “You must wear bangles” because he comes
from a very traditional family. All My life I have worn bangles. It pleases
him, what’s the matter? Little, little things you do just to please
him, then he also starts thinking, “See, what
should I do for My wife?”. But first it must start from woman,
not from man, because women are responsible
for the society. In the western culture they had not told
what is their job is. Man’s job is economics, politics,
money earning. They have made a mess out of it, I agree
with you. It’s quite a big mess. But your job is to make the society. And to make the society, first you must
know how to keep children pleased, how to keep your husband pleased, how
to help and be close to them (Unclear). On the contrary, if you try all the time
to dominate, that’s not your job to dominate at all. Your job is to make neutralize his
domination by simple, simple things. I’ll give you an example. Thank God
he is not here! He knows, he knows I’m very, I am very
clever in certain things. In his office he had a gentleman. I never
used to interfere with his office. But there was one gentleman, good one, who gave up his organization and joined
another one because it was a private one, he was
getting more money, so he joined that. But there he found it was horrible, so he
wanted to come back to Shipping Corporation. But My husband is very particular about
rules and regulations. He said, “No, no, no, now I won’t have you,
I don’t want to see your face, get out”, this thing, that (thing). So he came to Me.
Normally, I never interfere. He came to Me and he said, “If You tell
him he might listen.” I said, “No, if I tell him he will never
listen. But I know how to do it.” So I told him that this gentleman came
to see Me. “Ha, so he’s come to the right person, now
are you going to trouble me about it?” I said, “No, no, no, not Me, but just think
why he came to Me.” He said, “Why?” “Because he thinks I’m more
generous than you are.” Immediately this competition. And that fellow got the job, he was
a great friend of his, even in London he was helping him a lot. So, when we think that we have to control
our husband, it’s better to do it in a very simple way. Only on fundamentals you can put down
your foot. Otherwise for small, small things, if you go on dominating your husband
I tell you, you will miss the point. You have married for stupidity or
for honeymoon? And in the West, especially in Italy, we
have had very bad experiences of women. English also, I must say. English girls
also have given Me lot of trouble. I mean, they are banned now, because
I can’t help it. One girl from Sri Lanka she was married
to somebody in… [Aside, maybe to a child: “Sit down,
sit down”] – she was married to somebody in USA. Imagine from that horrible Sri Lanka where
there’s everyday at least 30 murders, she got such a good chance to go to USA. Of course, USA’s also not a very great
place – but she started behaving as if she is a childish person and talking
to him in such a manner. He told Me “Mother, she is a sadist.
Whenever I telephone to her she talks to me in such a sarcastic manner and this
and that, that I’m surprised.” I said, “A lady from Sri Lanka? I can’t
believe it!” Then he told Me what she talked to him and
how she talked to him. I was amazed. I mean, no man would be happy to hear
all these things. But she thought she was very friendly, and
she was joking or something like that. This doesn’t work out in marriage. Man doesn’t want a wife to be on the horse
and beating with a whip. Why has he married? For the happiness, for the joy, for
the sweetness of a woman. It’s a very important thing I wanted
to talk because so many of women are thinking
that they are something great. Some of them have some money, some of them
have some jobs, but first job is to keep the society
very happy and to keep your husband happy –
is the first job. If a woman cannot keep the husband happy,
she is no good for us. She is no good Sahaja Yogini. This is
a place, like a man who is working in the office, he has
to keep his boss pleased. If he doesn’t please his boss, he is
useless, he’s thrown out of. In the same way a woman has to think about
the husband, in a very kindly manner, because this is her job, this is why
she is marrying. Otherwise she should not marry, she can do
what she likes. It’s a difficult thing to convince anyone because, you see, men are right-sided,
they are hot-tempered. But I have told you just now how to capture
their anger. I’ve seen also in the films, you see
all romantic scenes going on – it never happens, there’s nobody is
like that, you see, it’s all absurd things you see, so you expect them to be Clark Gable
or somebody, it’s not so. You have to love, you have to take
your husband into your heart first. This is your duty, otherwise what else
are you doing? I was shocked, a girl from Sri Lanka –
and this boy has said, “Mother, you can kill me, but I will not
have that girl here, because she is not joy-giving.”
It’s a fact. So if your wife is like that supposing –
now I am telling men. The trick of the trade is, if your wife
is like that, try to understand why she does it. What is her problem, why is she
dominating you? Or you think she is dominating you. Most
of the times, most of the men who talk, “Oh, wives are like this, wives”… they are
very dominating. Why is she dominating you, what’s wrong
with you, that she is dominating? If you introspect, you’ll find that you
give very little time to her. Now, the other part is, there was one lady,
she wanted to have a divorce. I said, “Why?” “Because he goes to work
all the time and he is not there and this and that.” But I said, “If you divorce, then you will
never be with him. So why do you want to have a divorce?
At least, at least he gives you some time, but if you divorce, then he’ll never be
with you, so why do you ask for divorce?” I can’t understand the logic. I mean women should not be brainless,
isn’t it – to say such a thing. If you want to divorce your husband
for this – it’s absurd. Now, for men it is important that they
should give some time, pay some attention and get some things
that they like. Now, I’ll give you again My own example. My husband never brought any flowers
for Me, you all bring flowers for Me, but he never brought any flowers for Me,
whether it was birthday or anything. Then I realized that this man has no sense
of flowers. He doesn’t know what is a rose or what is
any other flower. And he might bring something which is
horrible, you know. Maybe (a) cactus he might bring. It’s better he doesn’t bring anything,
because that would be insulting, isn’t it? And then one day he admitted, “I don’t know
anything about flowers, now will you tell me – except for roses,
I don’t know anything.” And you’ll be amazed, even roses, he misses
out (for that? Indistinct). So, with such an ignorance of things, if your husband doesn’t do, it shows
consideration. But men should try to know what a woman
likes, what she wants. Moreover, men have their own style
of thinking. Now, to give My own example again,
better (it) is. He buys always very expensive things. So, I’ve told him, “Don’t buy anything
for Me.” So, “You don’t like?” “No, no, I like it, but too much of these
too expensive things, why should you buy?” So, he is very fond of buying these kind
of sweaters from that Scotch House, very expensive they are, £250 each,
you know. I don’t know how many I have, how many
in black, how many, you see. I told him, “I’ll get it from Switzerland,
they are much cheaper there” and all that. Then another is he wants to buy a cashmere
coat for Me, always. I must be having at least 10 of them
hanging, but he likes to give that only – all right. So, I’m passing out them to My daughters,
granddaughters and all that. Then what to do now? You see, men –
he doesn’t mean anything bad, but because he doesn’t know, doesn’t know. First thing he did was to, when in India,
before going to the Puja, he went to buy a sari for Me. The one
of My nephews went with him. So he says, “Give me the most expensive
sari that you have.” So these people thought there’s somebody
has come now. The shopkeepers could understand this
gentleman doesn’t know anything of it. So they brought out a sari, said,
“This is the most expensive, the price is 45,000 rupees” – in those
days this was. “All right, all right, you give me. I have
a card, will you take the card?” “Yes, yes, we’ll take the card.” He bought
the sari for Me. It is so heavy, it is so heavy that it was
something… [Hindi aside] That… what do you call that, arm.. – you
wear… Some yogis: Armor. Shri Mataji: Eh? Some yogis: Armor.
Shri Mataji: Very heavy, you know. I said, “Now what?”
He said, “You must wear for the Puja.” I was walking like a giant, you know. There’s a description of your Mother is
“Ati saumya Ati raudra” – She is extremely soft and extremely
terrible. But, I don’t know with that sari,
how I sat! I sat in one place glued down into that. Now to get up I didn’t know how to get up
with that weight on My body. You see? And then I brought it and put it properly
in a box and this and that. So he said, “When are you wearing that
next?” “Now,” I said, “Please, I’ve kept it nicely for one wedding,
I’ll wear sometime.” I promised him and kept it there, because
he doesn’t understand about saris. I know he doesn’t understand about saris. So if he doesn’t understand, whatever
he buys, I say “All right”. And he spends so much money on those
things, you know, 45,000 rupees for such a sari…
[Hindi words] So he doesn’t understand what is real,
what is unreal, nothing – doesn’t matter. You have to just see his heart, how he
is giving you, with what love he is giving you. He doesn’t
understand. So what can you do, poor man, you know. I always buy suit lengths for him or suits
for him, I always – Myself. Once he said, “All right, I’m going to buy
this time.” I said, “Better buy.” He bought such a horrible one and he went
to the office and everybody said, “Sir, this is not
your taste.” So he threw it away, he said, “I will never
buy now, can you, better go and buy for myself.” See, it’s – but the trouble is if women
take interest and know what sort of color he will like and this
and that. And also public opinion is very important
for men, for example what the public says. Like once I painted My drawing room
with a very nice color, pink and black film mixed – very nice.
Because it’s a sign of warmth. He said, “What is this color you have
put it? You should have done this and that”,
he started shouting. I said, “All right, tomorrow we are having
a party, after that I’ll change it.” Next day the people came in, they said,
“Oh, what a color, what a color, how have you made this color, how did…?”
He started looking at Me. I said, “Should I remove it?”
“No, no, no, no, no, it’s very nice.” Men care for public opinion very much
and you should see that you create a good public opinion
in his presence, so that he’ll appreciate you. All these
are tricks, you see? I tell you, men are very simple, but you
have to understand them. Sometimes they get angry, doesn’t matter. Actually, if they are angry with somebody
else, they will come and put it on you. It’s better, because if they do anything
to others, they’ll beat them. You are not going to beat (them). If you understand few things about men,
it can work out. Of course, some are very miserable
husbands, I know, and some miserable wives – for them we have
divorce allowed in our Sahaja Yoga, we have divorce
for them. So that is the thing I wanted to tell you, that you should make a very good housewife,
a very good Gruha Lakshmi. Now, why I am telling you this, that I am
suffering from Gruha Lakshmi’s chakra, and all the doctors have told Me it is
because in the collective Gruha Lakshmis are not all right, because
they are not good housewives. Like I’ll tell you now we have Swiss women.
They are very good, agreed about that, but very fond of cleanliness. Swiss are
mad after cleanliness, women, women. You can’t talk to them even for five
minutes. If you are sitting there they are picking up this, picking up that,
picking up that, picking all the…, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It’s very
difficult, Swiss women. Now, I was… – Eritrea, Alga told Me that the women of Eritrea
are known to be Swiss women. So, doesn’t matter if the house is little
untidy, if there’s something fallen off. In India no woman will do that. Now, the guests are sitting and she’s
with the Hoover. Like another thing is, like anything
breaks, say, supposing the thermometer breaks –
in India they’ll say, “Very good, now there will be no temperature,
thermometer’s broken.” But I’ve seen in the West, it’s very
surprising, supposing some coffee spills, I’m a guest,
immediately they’ll bring the Hoover, bring something to clean it –
in the presence of the person. Now, if a glass breaks, finished. It’s not important. This is a very subtle
type of materialism, I think, that the person is sitting there, who is
a guest, and why are you trying to do all these
things in her presence or in his presence? But this Western women never understand. Another thing is, now, you go to an Indian
house. Their color scheme is different. If you go to south Indians theirs is
different. Everybody has their own taste. As soon as they will enter –
Western women – “What a color scheme! What a thing you
have bought! Oh my God, this is horrible.” Immediately they will criticize
on the face. So another point is that you must always
consider the feelings of others. Woman is there to give proper understanding
of feelings of others, what they think. Or they go to an Indian house which
will be smelling of their food, “Huh”. They’ll eat the same food, they’ll enjoy
the food, but they’ll try to show, to show that it is
something lower. This is very Western, I must say. If somebody is wearing a dress, immediately
they’ll pass a remark. Very Western idea. You will not find
good Indians doing that, I don’t know about the modern Indians
what sort of things they are. But immediately they’ll say things which
will hurt. This is not the way a woman should look. On the contrary, always praise –
what’s the harm? By praising something you are not losing
your business. By saying, “What a nice thing, what a nice
sari, what nice clothes” – what’s the harm? You’ll enjoy your sweetness, you know?
Really enjoy your sweetness. It’s not telling lies, not to be that
honest also necessary. Because you don’t like something you must
say, “I don’t like it.” This word has to go from Sahaja Yoga.
“I like this and I don’t like that.” If I, say, saying that, how many will
remain in Sahaja Yoga? So it’s very important to drop this
“I like it, I don’t like it.” Who are you to like or not like? What about your Spirit? What about
your heart? So again the same thing comes to,
that women have to have a heart, very large heart, beautiful heart.
And your Guru is a Mother, so you have to be wonderful mothers
and wonderful wives and should have very, very large hearts. So that all this selfishness, even this
bank will collapse if you do that. It is existing because we have small
hearts. If you have large hearts this will
collapse – isn’t it? I have said it, especially because I’ve had
many complaints about the women who are married here, some Indian women
also. That’s why I’m telling you. Best reports are about Russian women
I must say, very, very good reports about them. They are very satisfied souls, they want
very little, they are not greedy. It’s surprising, communism has done
so much good to them. It’s not communism, but the extremities
of communism has thrown them into that area where they don’t have any
sense of possession, they don’t have. Their government said, “All right, you can
have your flats and look after them.” Said, “We don’t want to have, you have it.” Government servants were told that
“you can have your cars”. Said, “No, no, we don’t want, you’d
better have.” Because just to own the car is such
a headache – they know. Let the government have the headache.
They are not, you know, sort of people who are even conscious
of possessiveness. Of course, now, they had some funny people. I’m forgetting his name, who was finance
minister you had, and he was in Geneva, where he learned
all the tricks of the trade and he brought forth lots of reforms,
so-called. So now Leningrad and Moscow have become
very expensive places – thanks to Swiss influence. So this has happened there also, but still
the people are very good, and the ladies who come from there, even
Romanian girls are very much respected, now everybody wants Romanian or Russians, or from Kiev. But this time they didn’t
come, we are sorry they are not here, I’m missing
them all. Lastly, I have to tell you that there’s
a very good book, Arun Apte has written. This is the book. You all should buy it. I don’t know, what is the price you have
put it? [Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi about
the book and its price] Alright. So, those who want to have
this book should apply. There are only five, are here,
very good book. So, you will understand about Indian music. It is said that this music has come
from Omkara. And it is very sort of – sensible music. Now, I think all those musicians who sang
before Me, who were singing western song, was alright. But what is missing in that: melody.
It’s not melodious. You see, is like little bit you sing,
then you sing this, then you shout, then you bring it down,
then do like this. And they think that they have to sing
through their heart. They have to express the feeling
of their heart. Now, supposing somebody is dejected,
so he sings the song of dejection. Then another one who is talking about love,
he starts to sing a song. He may not be, but artificially they want
to produce that effect. There is no need; to sing in parts,
like one word, then one word, there’s no melody in it, there’s no flow
in it. And, while, Russian songs, though they
were folk songs, were very melodious. But don’t worry, Americans are invading
that part also. They are having all this horrible music
there. Now, the music means, it should please you.
It should give you more entertainment; not to make you unhappy, not to make
you sad. If you have all these feelings within you,
then you should try to say like this: “Yes, there is problem, but I’ll get
over it.” Because you are Sahaja Yogis, you have
to show the victory; the victorious nature of yours,
in your music. I’m not talking about others; they go on
crying, weeping and singing. But there is no melody first of all, it is
just part, part, part, part. Even the orchestra, which I was surprised:
it all goes like this “ke, ke, ke, ke, ke”, then it goes
“ke, ke, ke, ke, ke”. But Indian orchestra, you will see,
is melodious. It flows like a river. So, this difference is very bad. So, I would
request all the musicians who are singing, the singing doesn’t mean that you use words
which nobody can understand. Words must be clear-cut and the melody
must be there. Now, in Indian ragas, there is melody
but words are not important. So, you enjoy the tune and everything, whether you know the language or not,
doesn’t matter. So, when you can combine melody
with western music, you will see how different it will be. And this book will teach you. This is
a very good book, which you should have, and which you should
understand that how the music can cure you,
music can give you joy, what is the basic, the essence of music.
And then you can flower it out. I am sure, if Indian musicians take
to western music, will be much better than to western music
as it is. I can’t understand, these people are
so famous and people think they are very well-earning
and all that. In America, anybody can earn like that,
but to make it a proper music, I think you must have the basis
of Indian music. Then you can expand it as you like. Now, please try to buy this book,
to understand Indian music. There’s no price yet given, but it won’t be
much more than normal, so next time, I think for Diwali Puja, they
might bring more. Eh? Ganapatipule. [Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi to know
when the book will be available] Accha. I will try to get more of these, but this
you must really read, because you will know what is the essence
of music, alright? And, lastly, today is the 4th day
of Navaratri and they have given Me – some of them
are names which are really horrid, but they must be people who have suffered
so much and they asked Mother to kill those
horrible rakshasas. Now in a way, it all will kill in its
natural course, I know that. If you people take to sense, because you
are the ones who can do it. If you do not try to acquire things which
you don’t want, unnecessary things. If you try to reduce all these things
and take to something natural and love the Mother Earth, I am sure
it will work out. The Mother Earth herself will work it out. You know this earthquake. Now nobody
is going in the church. But I didn’t do anything. It’s the Mother
Earth. Now nobody goes in the church. What –
I didn’t do anything, I would not. I was sorry for the art-pieces gone, but
see now how the nature is working out. Now Islamic people, these Islamic people
from Indonesia onward, all these people are suffering from
the smoke – I didn’t do that. Because when you try to do something wrong it comes back to you. Action has
a reaction. So, your faces should be Sahaj. You should
be Sahaj. You shouldn’t look like strained people.
I can’t understand. You are Sahaj and be in that Sahaj mood.
I’m sorry I’ve taken so much time, but tomorrow I won’t be able to speak
all these things to you. And you should try to think about it,
that “Our Mother loves me, She wants us to have a good family, She
wants us to look after our children.” So, I have advised all the men, as well
as the women. It’s better to be hen-pecked, there’s
no harm. But hen-pecked doesn’t mean they are
hen-pecked. See, they are – just to please your wife,
what’s the harm? But that doesn’t mean if she dominates you.
That’s not the thing. Like, “Come to my father’s house, I must
go to my mother’s house”. All these kind of things you should not
permit. But women should also understand,
her family is more important than father, mother, even Mataji. Because I’ll be only happy to see a happy
family. So, thank you very much.

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