1977 Communist Car Challenge.

  1. Hey again, sorry if I keep commenting so much but I tried to get the latest LCV3 Patch 5 update by going to the online steam area with all the games. I click on automation, click again on downloads and it shows me this little area where it tells me when there is an update available for automation, and it says no. Even though the developers said that it was released to the public branch of the game! So can you please tell me how to actually update my automation to the very latest like you, and everyone else please?

  2. I'm not going to participate because I have to help my parents open our pool and I'm getting a job next Tuesday an also I know almost nothing about Soviet cars even with the info you put in the video

  3. Hello Bshar, I looked up Automation on steam community, and I found a page called LCV3 Patch 5, so I read the description about the patch. But then I read something that says, "These are our release candidate version for releasing the update to the default public branch of the game! Give it a go and see if there are any bigger issues that need addressing asap Cheers!"

    So based on what that description says does that mean I can finally update my automation to that patch 5 without the troubles of open-beta? Please let me know!

  4. Fiat really loved to work with the communist nations for cars. We had Zastava (Yugoslav cars) and they made Fiat cars badged as Zastava or Yugo (the Yugo version was sold in North America as the Yugo GV)

  5. The tagaz was spaceframe, most soviet cars came with offroad skid tray or none at all, but the rest is correct

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