17 French phrases to do with social media

do you know what a youtuber is in French well in French it is youtuber with a French accent today let's have a look at phrases all based on social media in French obviously you want the support game with this lesson then hit the join button join the club thing below now let's have a look at social media sentences that you may find in all kind of social medias now we who them Lee Media soos you have a look at that Lee Media suits you so for me Rizzo social the Rizzo socio a social network Oh in the pre-roll we say social networks Rezo socio lettuces you Sultan boom onion de gestion contact avec des semi social networks are a good way to stay in touch with friends lee reso socio neighborhood account an account Ludovic lien contacts a day as a seat you must create an account to access this site clay a Namir would want the web Internet Loonette let well the web or the Internet the network is like properly left well done idols by the web for example je trouve total is información necessary web i found all the required information on the net numero cat in patch daiquiri that's a homepage por venir a la pêche daiquiri click a co set a cone to go back to the homepage click on this icon número sank an entire note an Internet user Lissa tell not so noble a consul tastes it many Internet users visit this site números is a lien that's a link solely on the mashup a solely on the function per the link does not work this link does not work work email set only no online do discrete Suva morning avec miss Amy I often chat online with my friends we may have it on direct life a new communication on the racket via nasal sucio Sigonella we communicate live via the social networks it is great we may have enough at twitter or tweto in Twitter's that's the name of a Twitter now we can say and tweet as the none a twit not that in french-canadian twit is called angle Yi really Twitter or Twitter is the verb to tweet believe it on that there is a verb like Twitter sphere is the Twitter sphere so so Twitter public excellent through it selectively select reality act actual I start again so Twitter pew bleeding salon tweet soul actually take you to hell that's better this Twitter publishes excellent tweets on cultural news news that the whole cinema a new Twitter hey Gilliam on this affirmation surely phim larezo we love cinema and we regularly tweet on the most recent films Twitty número this lashena the channel a youtuber in youtubers i came leshan do set youtubers at try popular the channel of this youtuber is very popular navajo almost a nominee or in a bunny that's a follower say chen kun and million de Beaune this channel has 1 million subscribers numero dos sabana to subscribe or to follow zoo mystery a bunny are in excellent chain musical i subscribe to an excellent music channel mimei Hotez and blog a blog and blue girl as the masculine in blue girls as a feminine of a blogger blog a is actually verb now to blog and lab Lucas fairs the blogosphere shadow live Liz articulate blog P bleep as a blogger I love reading the blog articles published by this blogger named Iquitos gem remember like dislike lupus blue the blue thumb set video a beaucoup de gem this video has got lots of likes gem Americans partnership to share G partnership in videos your Facebook I shared a video on Facebook número says Mercy Navarro Yanni thanks for watching merci d'avoir g'day my video thanks for watching my video número de said listen leave or – let me see come on ter leave a comment merci d'avoir again this video let's see and commentary a a Bonneville I'm ashamed au revoir a bientot Bisou Bisou salut

  1. I am very much beginner in French
    I got the list of 25 verbes conjuguent avec être
    It includes naître & mourir
    Alexa, thank you, you make all much easier and simpler that it really is.

  2. Je vous remercie de votre aide pour bien apprendre cette magnifique qu'est le français. Je pense que mon apprentissage se développe de plus en plus. Quel fût mon plaisir quand j'ai découvert une chaîne permettant de parler cette langue. J'ai tout appris grâce à vous et vos vidéos. Vous devriez continuer à aider les personnes voulant parler d'autre langues. Cordialement, quelqu'un admirant votre travail.

    PS: je suis totalement français, et même si je parle déjà cette langue depuis ma naissance (pas tout à fait) votre travail est remarquable et je pense que vous aidez beaucoup de personnes. Continuez comme ça !

  3. Madam i want to learn french language and also want to speak french very frank so please suggest me how i start from basics …

  4. Such a useful video. I hear these words all the time in everyday life, so very important to know them. The first time I told someone I was a blogueur, they asked me to repeat myself, so I politely explained what I do. 🙂

  5. Boujour Alexa. I heard that it was against the law in France to use words little twitter and youtube. Is this correct or no?? I saw it on a "weird things about France" video and I didn't believe it but I don't know, please let me know if it is true or not. Merci beaucoup Alexa for all your help, you make it easier than it has been. Bonne journée!!! AMB…Rose

  6. As much i thank you , is always less for me ..😊😊🙏🙏🙏u do a lot for us & for that all your students will always be indebted..

  7. There are so many to learn in French but it is much easier with your help 😉 thanks for another great video

  8. Dans mon ordinateur portable, j'ai été regardé le vidéo YouTube Learn French With Alexa. Je abonne cette chaîne parce que dois apprendrai plus de mots français. Merci pour votre aide

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