16 HOURS in ECONOMY CLASS | Qatar Airways | Boeing 777-200LR | Doha - Auckland

  1. My longest flight was from London to Perth on Qantas. I was fed constantly and enjoyed every hour of the 16.5 hrs of movie entertainment and food. I will do it again.

  2. Great video.. everything explained in an awesome way.. bro, you had 4 meals which is ample.. I have flown with Qatar Airways once and it was amazing.. I loved and enjoyed every single moment ❤

  3. My longest flight was from Sydney to Beirut via Doha with Qatar Airways. I love them, they are my favourite airline out of all the Middle Eastern ones that fly from Sydney going to Beirut. Strongly recommended.

  4. Only a month ago now I flew Sydney Doha, Doha Paris, then returned all on same route in reverse with Qatar Airlines and in economy. Great flight, great food, plenty of it, excellent cabin crew and an very easy comfortable and enjoyable journey for a broken down old fart of 61 years with severe back problems and a —smoker ! Personally I will travel Qatar any future time I need to travel, they quite simply did –bloody well and I was impressed.

  5. My longest flight was with Qatar Airways – Chicago to Doha. That was awesome. Unfortunately, I’m not able to choose Qatar airways as there are no more flights from the country (neighboring ) where I reside. However, there are other work around, but that would cost me more and not worth it.

  6. Because of the dispute between Qatar and the rest of the Gulf Countries, it is next to impossible to fly with Qatar. But the times that I've flown with them in the past, was very enjoyable. I am now an Emirates guy.

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