15 Celebs Who Were Born FILTHY RICH!

15 Celebs Who Were Born Filthy Rich 15. Bryce Dallas Howard- Best known for starring
in notable movies like the Twilight Saga and Jurassic World, acting and money are in her
genes. Her dad is actor and Oscar-winning director
Ron Howard. With a net worth is estimated at $140 million,
Ron’s children wouldn’t have to work at all. Born into a wealthy and lavish lifestyle,
she was already rich before she broke into Hollywood. But Bryce followed in her father’s footsteps
and landed her first lead role as Ivy in the 2004 thriller The Village. With over 27 years and counting of acting
experience under her belt and an estimated net worth of $15 million, she definitely doesn’t
need to use her dad’s name to get where she is right now. 14. Balthazar Getty- The Ringside band member
is the great grandson of Jean Paul Getty, founder of the Getty Oil Company. At one point, Jean Paul Getty was named by
Guinness World Records as the world’s richest private citizen in the 1960’s. Today the company is valued at over $8 billion
and with such a vast fortune, you could live comfortably for the rest of your life. But Balthazar Getty had a love for acting,
and at fourteen years old, he won the lead for the 1989 movie, Lord of the Flies. With his acting career in full swing, he appeared
in numerous films like Lost Highway, Big City Blues, and Deuces Wild. So even without his grandfather’s large
estate, Balthazar is thriving well in Hollywood. 13. Kate Mara- With a net worth of $10 million
from starring in movies like Brokeback Mountain, and Shooter, it seems like Kate Mara is living
comfortably. Even if the starlet didn’t pursue a career
in Hollywood, she would still be fine either way. The actress and her sister are the daughters
of Timothy Christopher Mara, who is the founder of the New York Giants while her mother’s
family founded the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both families have retained at least partial
ownership of the both NFL teams since their foundings. Her father and paternal uncles have high ranking
positions and are credited for much of the Pittsburgh Steelers success, landing the team
six Super Bowl wins! Put the two teams together, and you have a
combined net worth of $2.32 billion. But the actress Mara has stated that football
is the glue that holds her family together. 12. Paul Giamatti- When your father is the president
of Yale University and the commissioner of Major League Baseball, your life is pretty
much already set! His father A. Bartlett Giamatti was the youngest
Yale president in its history, and even though he passed away shortly after being the new
MLB commissioner, his legacy lives on. But Paul Giamatti didn’t depend on his father’s
fortune to reach his goal. The actor first got his big break back in
the 1990’s and had starred in notable films like The Illusionist, Big Fat Liar, and Straight
Outta Compton. With a net worth of $25 million, I think he’s
doing just fine on his own. 11. Ivanka Trump- Way before her dad even became
the 45th president of the United States, Ivanka was following in the footsteps of her business
tycoon father, Donald Trump. Donald and his ex-wife Ivana has been quite
victorious in their endeavors of activities, and as the first born child, Ivanka is set
to inherit a ton of money. Surprisingly, Ivanka doesn’t display the
type of behavior you’d expect from being raised in a prosperous family. She is a business woman herself and designs
her own collections. In fact, her current net worth is estimated
at $150 million, and I’m sure it’ll grow even more. 10. Armie Hammer- Long before he secured the role
of the Lone Ranger or played both of the Winklevoss twins, Hammer hailed from a long line of greatness. His great grandfather was Armand Hammer, a
chief executive of Occidental Petroleum and his father is an entrepreneur in the film
and publishing production industries. Hammer’s grandfather was regarded as a prominent
figure as he has interests in pharmaceuticals and other ventures. Controversially, during the cold war, his
grandfather continued to trade with the Soviet Union and was involved in the communist and
socialist movements. Also, he was an advocate for cancer research. Back in the 1980’s, Forbes valued his net
worth at $200 million and in 2015, it was the third largest oil producer in Texas and
the sixteenth largest gas producer in the world. As of 2016, it’s revenue is $10.090 billion. 9. Carly Simon- Growing up, I’m sure the name
Simon and Schuster rings a bell. The American Publishing Company publishes
over 2,000 titles yearly, and when your father is Richard L. Simon and the co-founder of
the wealthy empire, there’s no doubt that you would inherit millions. But Carly Simon went down another career path. Instead, she’s a famed musician producing
hit songs like “Let the River Run and “You’re so Vain.” Selling over a million record copies in the
United States, the singer topped charts for weeks. But the singer states she didn’t always
have a healthy relationship with her dad. In her memoir, she also revealed she blew
her inheritance on therapy sessions and took to songwriting and book writing to express
her frustrations which led to good fortune at the end. 8. Psy- With over 2 billion views on Youtube,
the Gangnam Style singer didn’t make his millions from music, but he was actually wealthy
in his own right before he became famous. Hailing from the Gangnam District in Seoul,
South Korea; his father, Park Won-Ho is the executive chairman of DI Corporation, and
his mother owns several restaurants throughout the district. Psy was actually expected to take over his
father’s company and went to Boston University in 1996 to study business. However, when he came to the United States,
he lost interest and dropped out to study at Berklee College of Music. Despite a risky career move, he has achieved
international stardom, and after the release of Gangnam Style, his father’s company doubled
surging to $113.5 billion, so I’m sure there are no hard feelings. 7. Nicole Richie- The reality star was adopted
and raised by Lionel Richie when she was just nine years old. So even though she wasn’t born into wealth,
she still grew up in an affluent family before making herself known through reality television. In fact, shortly after her adoption was complete,
Lionel’s affair with another woman surfaced through the media. Lionel and his wife Brenda went through a
nasty split that was the center of tabloids. As a result, they spoiled Nicole as a way
to keep her happy. She stated in an interview with Vanity Fair
magazine that as a young child she got everything she wanted and a little girl shouldn’t have
been allowed to have that much freedom. 6. Adam Levine- As one of best performers in
today’s music industry, it’s no surprise that the Maroon 5 singer is quite wealthy. Before he even became the band’s lead singer,
he was already living a comfortable life. Born to Fred Levine, his father is the founder
of M. Fredric. The successful retail chain ensured that the
musician lived a pretty lavish life. But in recent years, the singer has built
his own empire; which includes becoming a winning coach on The Voice, creating unisex
fragrances and designing his own clothing line for Walmart. With his net worth, a $60 million and over
30 million albums sold worldwide; I think Adam’s net worth is expected to surpass
his dad’s. 5. Rashida Jones- She is the daughter of The
Mod Squad actress Peggy Lipton and her dad is media executive and record producer Quincy
Jones. With her parents combined estimated net worth
of $313 million, Rashida Jones wouldn’t have to work a day in her life. But as an actress, author, singer, and producer,
she is busy making a name for herself.And it doesn’t stop there; she is also a screenwriter
and co-wrote the screenplay for Disney’s Toy Story 4. With an estimated net worth of 10 million,
the starlet doesn’t need to rely on her parents fortune to get her by. In fact, her net worth might be more, coming
from a family of successful actors. 4. Paris Hilton- Anyone who knows Paris Hilton
might argue that she’s a spoiled heiress, much due in part to her crazy and pointless
antics documented on the reality show, The Simple Life. It’s no secret that her great grandfather
is Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton Hotels and that her inheritance will be a hefty lump
sum. But back in 2007, her grandfather Barron stated
his $2.3 billion fortune would go to housing for the homeless, developing clean water in
countries and assisting other goods. While the remaining three percent would go
to Paris. According to the New York’s Daily News,
she would’ve gotten $100 million but is now looking only to get $5 million. Not to worry as the socialite has her own
estimated net worth of $100 million due to her successful empire of clothing lines, music
singles, and perfumes. 3. Edward Norton- The Fight Club actor’s maternal
grandfather is James Rouse, who was an American real estate developer, urban planner, and
the founder of The Rouse Company. Norton’s grandfather has been widely recognized
for developing the whole new city of Columbia in Maryland, where Norton was born and raised. As of 2003, the company has $1.17 billion
in sales, and with over three thousand employees, the company is always expanding. But thanks to Norton’s big movie earnings,
the actor has a net worth of $70 million he made all on his own. Norton has talked about his grandfather’s
contributions in public and spoke fondly of his actions. 2. Anderson Cooper- The famous CNN news anchor
had no trouble breaking into the world of show business as Cooper is accustomed to a
life of prominence. Coming from a long line of the prestigious
Vanderbilt family, his maternal great-great-great grandfather was Cornelius Vanderbilt. During his lifetime, Cornelius was one of
the richest Americans in history and built his wealth in shipping and railroads. Anderson Cooper’s mother is actress, socialite
and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt. During the 1970’s, she was known for producing
successful fashion lines, household goods, and fragrances. Even though her son would be well off inheriting
her millions, Cooper’s media experience started while he was still in diapers. He began his correspondence work in the early
1990’s and worked for ABC News until he worked his way to become an anchor of his
own show called Anderson Cooper 360. 1. Julia Louis- Dreyfus- She is best known for
portraying Elaine on the hit comedy show Seinfeld. But despite her privileged upbringing, her
dad Gerald Louis-Dreyfus admitted he couldn’t have predicted her success as an actress. Her father, who had an estimated net worth
of $3.6 billion managed Louis Dreyfus Energy Services described his daughter’s childhood
as fun and carefree. It was thought that she would go on to manage
her family’s global merchant company. With over 72 offices and annual gross sales
that exceed over $120 billion, the actress has it lucky. But she made a name for herself and broke
into Hollywood all on her own. She studied theater and improv before joining
Saturday Night Live at 21 years old and eventually landing a lead role in Seinfeld in the 90’s. By 1997, it was reported she was earning around
$600,000 per episode. Aside from acting, she is also a singer and
producer, and she’s still paving her way to the top; having a total of 22 nominations
throughout her career.

  1. What about Susan Lucci who is the daughter of a shipping and lumber magnate. Also Kate Upton who's great grandfather founded Maytag Appliances.
    Anderson Copper's great, great, great grandfather looks like Billy Murray.

  2. Of course lots of these people are creative – the fact that you sit there and know whatever you do you have a huge income for your whole life has absolutely no effect on your out look (?). Just like a struggling actor with no income and managing on sleeping in someone's back room and living off cheap food you are in fact just like the multi millionaire living the same life. Dah – nope!!!! Music, art, acting, all have been 'infected' by the rich who can just wait out you and I who eventually have to give it up as we have no food and no accomodation. I just don't buy this mantra – " they are really talented despite being super rich"

  3. Dad has 100 million. Gives 10 million, then: "This actor, Jenna DonkeyHole doesn need to rely on their parents for his/her living."
    Omg rly?

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  6. And they all hate Trump because they're all immune to the issues that destroyed the middle class in this country.
    Save Ivanka of course.

  7. some information #truth trump cunt ,richie ,and hilton ARE NOR entertainers they are fame whores famous for being reality show famous but they produce nothing they possess no craft of acting or music just idiots born wealthy who want to be looked at . it is an insult to every actor actress and musician to say these idiots are anything but vacuous dipshits . trump fucked her father watch the documentary

  8. These people are not better than you or me, they just had it all when they were born. And it gives them an advantage all through their life. The worst part is, that they live in a bubble, and have no idea how normal people struggle keeping it together in everyday life. And on top of that, we are told, that we can all succeed and make it big, and if we don't, it is because we are not focused enough or we are not believing in success. So in other words, it must be our own fault, we live crappie lives? It is NOT.

  9. You missed Dana Delany . Her grandfather invented and patented the "Delany Flush Valve" that is still used on the majority of toilets today.

  10. PG bought his way into Hollywood.Always wondered how the hell he ever landed an acting gig.He is absolutely awful.

  11. Like Rashida Jones.Very cool.Norton is another one whose money gave him entree into Hollywood.Julia Louis Dreyfus is the only one of the 15 that actually is a talent.Her comedic timing is dead solid perfect.A delight.

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  15. Unless they were left money in a will whilst still in the womb nobody is born rich. It should have been headed celebrities whose parents were rich.

  16. Paris Hilton – one eye is bigger than the other. Wonder if her money has been able to even them out yet? I'm not that shallow – it was just hard to miss on the photo.

  17. Ivanka is not a celebrity, and her family has less than no money since the owe the Russian oligarchs about $3 trillion.

  18. Too many millionaires and billionaires,and I am working 2 jobs my ass and not close to come a millionaires,I am gonna hang myself..

  19. Sigourney Weaver's family was quite wealthy while she was growing up.

    Actresses Berri and Marissa Berenson were very wealthy, well connected and were granddaughters of Elsa Schiapperelli.

    Stockard Channing's mother was an Irish girl from Brooklyn who married a shipping magnate and than an oil millionaire. Before her death the two time widow gave away countless millions and millions to hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, churches, cancer centers, etc, and her foundation still gives away millions each year.

    Actor Noah Emmerich from The Walking Dead and The Americans was the son of a concert pianist and a New York gallery owner and successful art dealer who was unbelievably rich.

    Actor Michael Lang is the son of Eugene Lang, a poor kid from Brooklyn who was a brilliant student, became and engineer and established several businesses including a highly successful corporation that does internet security for credit card companies. Lang has given away more than 200 million dollars to various schools already and continues to give generously. He has said he will not leave any of his money to his children as he does not believe in inherited wealth.

  20. This., video is an obvious attempt to glad hand and brown nose ,in true Hollywood fashion.
    After every intro , she immediately went into discounting ,their parents role in their success and wealth. It's not what you know , it's who you know ,who you blow , and how influential they are.
    I'm pretty sure that many of the people listed , don't have nearly as much as she stated. I'd bet anything that Paris Hilton, isn't worth 10% of that outrageous claim, and if it's attributed to what she's earned of her own doing , it wouldn't be anything. POS , for a human

  21. I liked the video but agree with others.ย  They may have made their own money, but when you don't have to worry about paying rent and buying food, you can try your hand at acting or whatever until you succeed.

  22. I just appreciated that Tempt didn't take nasty digs at Ivanka in the event they didn't support her father. She has done well for herself. But not surprisingly some people couldn't resist trying to be negative and butt hurt.

  23. okay video makers if you are going to produce a video do some research first on how to pronounce names CORRECTLY.

  24. When that old school wealthy generation dies, some of them don't even pass as much as 50 percent down to they own kids. Charities get it.

  25. It's very easy to go after what you want and take risks when your falls/fails are cushioned by a mattress of old family money. When you come from money you go after your dreams with a why not attitude instead of one of desperation.


  27. If I was RICH I would pick 2 low income people to take my place for a week so that they could travel and spend money ..At the end I would buy them 2 a NEW HOME and a VEHICLE…. just saying… I always say if I were to win the Lotto I would definitely buy my siblings a home or condos… vehicles…etc… especially all of my niece's and nephews…

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  33. Paulie G is an outstanding actor. I try to watch everything he's in. He's great, even when playing unsavory characters. My favorite role for him so far is Joe Gould in Cinderella Man.

  34. Many people may not remember Raymond Massey but he came from a very wealthy family in Toronto. Massey Harris, Then Massey Ferguson, was a huge manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Raymond was a well heeled boy who took to acting.

  35. Please…don't try to make it like hard work and talent got them where they are. We all know the truth it is common sense money gets you very very far in life…

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  43. Rich folks acting out talents like they are poor and struggled to get where they are without any help! Such a bunch of bullshit! I have enough knowledge etc. to be a professional chef( my dream job) smart enough to be a nurse, school teacher or even a doctor! At the age of 51, I 'm praying that I can even afford a decent car too at least get me to my dream job with a degree as a licensed chef! The school I need to attend is less than 60 miles round trip! I'm a natural-born citizen of this country!

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