1. A good documentary, but I have a couple of complaints:  

    1. You can barely hear most of the narration above the music, but the sound editors made sure that all of the slurping, gulping, and burping from people eating could be heard clear as day. I'm watching this to learn about history, not to listen to disgusting eating sounds that I hear everyday in my breakroom at work.

    2. The battle scene was poorly filmed as there were simply too many close-ups and you never really got a sense of the geography or the scale of the battle itself.

    Other than those minor nitpicks, this was very interesting and informative.

  2. They always focus on negatives. There would be perks, like you would be healthier from whole foods, no tax, anonymity, do what you want

  3. One of the most difficult things is to bring out the history in present with minute accuracy and detailing. A lot of research goes in this process. Awesome documentries .

  4. Poor research about marriage. Lower class women were totally free to choose. Upper class people didn’t get to choose whom they married.

  5. ….Viking raiders were like 1930s-era gangsters, asking for “protection money”….What a plague.

  6. really he is using a bow in a close combat ……. and second your cant just in the heat of battle switch to the village cuz it reminds me of playing final fantasy where your in a village walking and BOOM random monster attack

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