$100 Honesty Social Experiment In Las Vegas!!!

so tonight I'm in Las Vegas with a fake hundred dollar bill what I will be doing is pulling out my wallet as I pull out this fake hundred drop it and watch what people do they will see me drop that hundred and let's see what they really do know fake social experiment bullshit this is the real deal so so on dishonest all overall good luck I just take my money and go with it you catch that and that ladies and gentlemen shows you how this honest people really are no fake social experiments bullshit like mr. salads leaving Vegas right uh yeah oh my god thank you very much she look guys are so honest and Christian thank you YouTube yeah I only have $100 left for the taxes so I make it home pull the whole I might dress on my drop you see some order oh yeah I met a fad Tuesdays yeah yeah oh my god thank you very much thank you very much ladies to the hesitate at all yeah yeah so gotta see you guys on YouTube yeah in fact yeah Fat Susan in me over there oh my god thank you very much you guys are really honest people I appreciate that unlike all the other scumbags who took my money I always go for it so yeah just come meet me at the there most so as you guys saw this gentleman clearly saw me drop it and just took it just took it just like that yeah oh thank you very much thank you for your honesty thank you that's an honest girl I like that you smart you loyal you're grateful I appreciate that follow him follow him see what he could he knows he saw me drop it I know for a fact I know for a fact he saw me dropping sir I'm 100 did you see me drop it this gentleman saw me drop it ladies and gentlemen he still took it pretending he didn't know but I'll see you are you too sir perfect oh yeah thanks man but fine is it yeah what was the number on it it's like a face right oh what the hell it's mine you just go through the story okay let's go are you gonna say sure well no we all say it's both of ours okay half you got fifty I don't it's too oh please let me have it bro I'm a broke college student man me too what colors you going to UNLV you me and Kelly what boy which one which one Riverside nah no way wait come here we man don't do me like that man really you're gonna do me like that bro please bro please it's fake man so little does that gentleman know that is a fake hundred dollar bill that's what happens people lie look they get trolled trolled oh my god thank you very much so on such an honest girl see that's all societies should be but it's not unfortunately it's not Harris yeah thanks man bitch this business great looking for a nightclub no I drop some money did you find anything no no what you looking for I dropped some money I swear sir Thank You Randi hey if you find some hundred let me know hundreds yeah how do the hook yeah very bankable I don't know I I swear to you drop them is it no I'm just work for the club oh okay close your name Peter appreciate it Peter thank you you're a good guy Peter see our YouTube Peter so our boy Peter obviously saw me drop the $100 bill but obviously that guy is not an honest guy he pocketed that to be real quick so uh we'll be seeing him on YouTube

  1. This is NOT about race, here's a $100 honesty social experiment video I did in 2014 –> http://youtu.be/LW8U96xmcOY 😉

  2. 2:17 was fucked up cause she pretty much homeless so that’s why she would want the money to herself and he just laughed

  3. When me and my dad are in the SM We're buying something lol I dunno and my dad saw a 1Hundred Dollar And I said in my mind take it back dad take it back And Dad Putts on he's pocket and we walk away and I can't talk to him I'm just if dad mads at me and the Random people finding it

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