10 Reasons You Shouldn't Trust Photos On Social Media

if you think that it's hard to be a photographer you're right but don't think that they always need the perfect background or the most incredible special effects what makes them really good is actually their imagination just wait until you see how they find nature in big cities if this is your first time visiting our channel don't forget to subscribe and please give this video a big thumbs up today we're showing you ten reasons you shouldn't trust photos on social media the cliff you've probably seen this picture before people are dangerously standing on a cliff or should we say under it are people really risking their lives for a picture actually some people are really ready to do anything to get a lot of likes that's why we heard the sad news that people really did pass away trying to take a selfie and we would agree that it is absolutely not worth it but that's not the case for everyone as you can find another way to take an incredible picture like that sometimes the clip is not that high and they just use the background to make it look different do you really think that this father would risk the life of his son simply to get more attention on social media and how did that guy even get down there hanging upside down we found the answer to your question in another picture posted by a tourist as you can see this lady probably just went under the fake clip and climbed on it to take a picture the result is really impressive but what we liked even more is the imagination of all the people taking this kind of picture and we think that they should get even more attention than people who are really risking their lives cheating by using a different angle is smarter than doing something dangerous just for likes we can't help but admire their creativity the snow don't you think that this photo looks cute a couple just got married and her new husband is making sure that she stays warm as it starts snowing but if you take a step back you'll realize that it is not romantic at all no the photographer didn't just catch a beautiful moment they're actually posing and it is not snowing outside either an assistant is just spitting water out of his mouth to create that special effect we can't think of anything less romantic than someone's spitting on you at your wedding even though the results look great we bet that it's something they don't want their friends to see on social media and they're not the only ones doing this this time the assistant is using his mouth to produce smoke yes the result looks great but we would be really uncomfortable if we were the model posing for the picture at least the picture looks really pretty no one could get that the smoke was created like that and don't worry there are other ways you can use to produce snow this time the assistant simply used a machine to make it appear like it's snowing in the photo but if you look down you will also see the bare legs of the model we guess that it's not really cold in the studio after all the cars when photographers want to take pictures of the best-looking cars do they really have to buy them even renting them could cost a lot for a simple picture so what do they do to get that beautiful result you just have to look at this picture from a different angle to see how they created it it is really difficult to buy a vintage car but a photographer just bought a tiny one instead then they create a fake street next to a house and use the perfect angle to make it look like a real scene and they're not the only one who had a smart idea this photographer recreated a really impressive picture with a tiny car you might think that they had to travel the world to find the perfect place to do the photo shoot but all they needed was a beautiful sky and some accessories but don't think that makes it easy to be a photographer because it takes a lot of skills to make people believe that what they see is real they also need to be great artists to just look at what this man created it probably took a lot of effort to make it look realistic and we can't believe that this is what he photographed not a lot of people can afford a real car but we think that it is also rare to find someone who has the skill to turn a toy into a work of art the angle as we previously saw you can make people believe in a lot of things simply by using the right angle and we have even more examples to show you this time the photographers are doing weird things to get the perfect picture and when you see the behind the scenes the results are hilarious during this photo shoot the photographer wanted to take a picture of two friends holding hands but the problem is that he had to make it look like we were the guy by doing a POV or a point of view this is why he decided to jump on the guy and take a picture in this weird angle no matter what everyone is smiling so we bet that they had a lot of fun doing this in this other picture you can see that the photographer is about to fall in the water simply because he wants to take the perfect picture if it weren't for his leg keeping him in place the photo shoot would be ruined no matter what the final result looks gorgeous so we think that doing this was worth it and we have one last picture for you this time we don't know what the photographer is looking at but her pose is really funny to look at we think that it is probably more interesting than the picture itself the special effects this time you won't have any doubt that photographers are some of the best artists in the world when you see how they can transform a picture and know this is not something that you can do with a cell phone and a pre editing app online how do you think that this photographer took a picture of a girl in a room full of water don't worry she wasn't really about to drown and they just used a lot of Photoshop if you take a look at the picture before the modifications you can see that the girl is actually lying on many pieces of furniture then the photographer just had to erase the objects add more blue to this picture and add some bubbles don't think that you can do this at home only a professional can do this here's another example of a group of kids working together to make it appear like one of them is falling from the sky you would never guess that this was the original picture another one also wanted to show his friends that he was able to fly by lying on different objects and we have more examples to show you this time we just needed a guy to hold the model to make it look like she was floating they also tried to make her look like she was flying and we don't even understand how the guy is holding her these pictures are just incredible the position you have to suffer to be beautiful and it is also true when you're talking about photography the weirder it feels the better it looks just take a look at this model looking through the window this pose looks really easy doesn't it do you think that anyone could do that if you see her whole body you would understand that she was probably suffering right now just look at how she needs to place her legs to make sure that she was short enough for the picture we think that she's doing a great job at pretending that everything is okay in front of the camera and she is not the only one in a strange position this model is posing in front of the perfect background but unfortunately she is too tall that's why she has to squat to make sure that everything looks the best and just look at her hair stuck in the tree to make it appear like they are blown by the wind it's just weird when you think about it next is a beautiful couple posing together but as you can see the woman has to make herself look shorter when standing next to her partner this girl is spreading her legs too and it looks hilarious and then there's this girl who needs to make herself look taller so she sits on another man they should post the original pictures instead of the final result it makes us smile even more the background we would all love to travel the world and take pictures in the most beautiful places but don't worry if you don't have enough money to buy an airplane ticket you can take amazing pictures in the comfort of your own home how can you do that many people dream of posing in front of the Eiffel Tower and this girl realized her dream simply with a printer she printed one big picture on many pages and created a beautiful background with it when you look at the picture it is just like she traveled to France in a second then there's this girl who spends an afternoon next to beautiful mountains while staying at home she simply used a projector we could easily do this at home with any picture and we think that we'll be trying it tonight this technique is so popular because of its amazing results that people started creating some backgrounds for tourists if you go to Hong Kong you will notice that there is too much pollution for you to see the sky and the city that's why people can simply pose in front of a picture of the city to show their friends that they went on a beautiful vacation it's sad to think that real life doesn't look as good as this fake city but at least tourists can have beautiful souvenirs the modifications we all heard about Photoshop but do you know how far the modifications can go we're not only talking about erasing a pimple or making someone thinner the models can be transported to a whole new world this picture is probably the biggest transformation that we have ever seen a young man surrounded by smoke is posing with a cloth and what seems to be a professional studio but if you look at the original picture it seems like you could take it in anyone's room the cloth was actually a very big bowl there was no smoke at all the man was only wearing underwear and he was just sitting on a bed in a messy room it's maybe not the best picture but we have never seen such incredible Photoshop skills in the next picture the model is simply posing with a piece of plastic and the artist turned it into something really beautiful it's like they're in two different worlds but that's not all you can also see the bride and groom posing in what seems to be a beautiful palette but they were actually just standing in front of a white bed sheet in a really normal room that means you don't have to spend a lot of money if you want to take beautiful pictures on your honeymoon all you need is to find someone to transform the picture with their photoshop skills the water if you want to impress your friends you need to take a picture in the water and for better results the photographer needs to be in the water with you as you can see in this picture at least the photo looks wonderful and we think that getting a little wet was totally worth it but what do you do when you don't live near a lake you can get beautiful results like that in your backyard how can you do this simply by using a kiddie pool when you look at how this photographer managed to take this picture you can understand that not having enough money is never a reason not to take beautiful pictures all you need is a lot of creativity if you don't believe that it is the best thing to do you might be surprised to learn that this is what professional photographers are doing this time the model is just lying down in water and what seems to be an apartment then they added some lights and this is how they got the awesome result however we suggest that you don't try this at home we don't anyone to drop their camera or their light in the kiddie pool well the model is in there so if you want to pose for these kinds of pictures make sure that you hire a professional the nature we all love to see the beauty of nature and it can turn a normal photo into a beautiful one however if you live in a big city it might be difficult to find more than a sad tree on a street corner but don't worry that will probably be enough to take amazing pictures when you look at this picture of a young woman you might think that she spent the afternoon in a field but she was actually just sitting by the side of the road where the photographer found some plans and she's not the only one who tried that in the next picture a photographer just put a random leaf in the face of their model and asked her to lie on the grass surprisingly the results are amazing the assistant also put a branch and leaves just in front of the models face when we see the final result we would think that the photographer was looking at her through a tree but not at all and then there's this girl lying under a bush and the photographer who found a way to turn it into something amazing if you want to see one last photo there was also this guy just facing a potted plant did you ever use any special trick to take a picture and post it on social media don't be shy to tell us what you did in the comments section down below we love to know what you think and that's it for ten reasons you shouldn't trust photos on social media if you want to see more stories like this make sure you watch 10 products you'll never buy again knowing how they're made thanks for watching and see you next time

  1. There's a much more direct way to produce snow. Just take snow out of one picture of snow, and put it over the other picture. A SnowJob, like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebicBtQvHRI
    Pollution in HongKong? No problem. Just remove it. Like the smog was here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyRrFJiQXow&t=39s

  2. Who doesn't love seeing a woman taller than a man? It's sooo annoying that they always get to be the tall ones🙄 (don't tell me guys love short girls cuz I'm not planning on getting into that relationship stuff ever and besides it doesn't even make sense)

  3. Photographers goes through really hard task to take a great photo they put their lives at major risk to take a perfect photo! Great Job guys😥

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