10 Expert Predict When The Imminent Economic Collapse & Stock Market Crash Will Happen

a lot of people believe that you will continue to raise interest rates that incremental levels in the future is that because of your concern about the specter of inflation Senator William so where we are now is we've got unemployment as you know at four point one percent which is sort of a Dornier or even below most estimates so don't believe those phony numbers when you hear four point nine and five percent unemployment the numbers probably twenty eight twenty nine as high as 35 in fact I even heard recently 42 percent and believe me we're in a bubble right now and the only thing that looks good is the stock market but if you raise interest rates even a little bit that's going to come crashing down today's decision to raise the federal funds rate is another step in the process of gradually scaling back monetary policy accommodation as the economic expansion continues is the calm before the storm I mean by that so I think that the the peak in the market happened in February in the US stock market at that point we had a sudden spike up in volatility we had a big drop in the market in a very very short period of time days the Dow was down a thousand points the US dollar in January which was I think part of what prompted the sell-off the US dollar had its worst January in 30 years now last year was the first down year the dollar had in in five years of course when the year began everybody was bullish on the dollar it was the single most crowded trade there was complete consensus of opinion among mainstream thinkers that the dollar had only one way to go and that was up the Fed was gonna keep raising rates the economy was gonna be strong it was kind of a no-brainer and it was a no-brainer because the people who thought that were wrong the dollar was had its biggest decline in 14 years and I said it's gonna be the biggest market downturn in my lifetime I mean that's not so strange to me 2008 we had a problem because of too much debt Stuart as you well know the debt has skyrocketed since 2008 so I say it's gonna be worse than my lifetime there has been recent speculation over when the stock market is expected to crash some financial strategist s– anticipate such a crash could happen in the imminent future even as soon as 2019 according to certain financial experts the Federal Reserve will soon have to raise interest rates in order to keep inflation under control those adding to the threat of recession just when you thought it was safe to be in the market again the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank more than 420 points or just under 2% on the 24th of April by one measure Wall Street hasn't been this scary since the depths of the global financial panic in 2009 you know last year 2017 is whether his historically least appalled to markets we've seen since the mid 60 so it's not too much to say we expect a more volatility in 2018 but what we are seeing we're really in a lot of volatility here's a stat for you 27 days so far this year so you know 1% move either up or down on the S&P 500 only 8 last year if you extrapolate that out a whole year that comes out to just over 100 days with the 1% move you gotta go back to 2009 2008 the last time we saw years with that much volatility so is this the end of the bull market most market watchers say no in fact only 80 percent of money managers surveyed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch believe that stocks have Pete yet the market is historically frothy after a near-record nine-year bull run and if history teaches us anything it's that the key to success in investing is a willingness to go against the grain that's what those ten well-known experts and strategists are known for and their warnings about impending market doom shouldn't go unheeded David Stockman who is a former budget director for the Reagan White House former investment banker with the Salomon Brothers former private equity investor when to expect the worst imminent there is surely a doozy just around the bend his reasoning Stockman expects an epic monetary and fiscal policy collision he told CNBC on the one hand the recent tax cuts enacted by Congress are likely to help push the federal budget deficit to nearly 1 trillion dollars next year at the exact same time the Federal Reserve is starting to unwind its sizeable bond portfolio which it amassed in the aftermath of the financial crisis to keep bond yields lower to juice economy activity the result of the Treasury Department and Fed both selling mountains of US bonds in the open market a momento jump in the market interest rates that will likely spill the historically frothy stock market yet investors seem to be in denial he said adding that the market is whistling past the graveyard Scott Minard global chief investment officer and chairman of investments for Guggenheim Partners when to expect the worst 2019 the markets are potentially on a collision course for disaster his reasoning strong fiscal stimulus at the end of this business cycle at a time when the economy's already at so-called full employment he's likely to force the Federal Reserve to step in and be more aggressive with interest rate hikes to try keep inflation in check minute fears as market rate spike it will be that much harder for financially weak companies to meet their obligations especially after the initial impact from the Trump tax cuts subside short-term rates only need to reach 3% to increase corporate defaults according to minute who expects the Fed to raise rates four times in 2018 probably four times next year that implies short-term rates will hit 2.5 percent to 2.75 percent a year from now and will be three point two five percent to three point five percent a year after that so when you look at the recent inflation data that we've gotten you look at the market expectations for rate increases this year right what do you think we're gonna hear from j-pal well I think jpowel is going to soften us up and and let us get ready for the idea that maybe there's gonna be more than three rate increases you know when you remember that the Fed was raising rates in 1987 and then was confronted with a stock market crash that it will quickly reverse course and cut rates or you look at 1997 when the Fed was raising rates and then we had a crisis in Asia over the Makia equities will probably continue to go up as we have all these stock buybacks and free cash flow minute told CNBC I think for the next year even with the the current tariff tantrum that we're in that equities will probably continue to go up as we have all these stock buybacks and increased free cash flow but ultimately when the chickens come home to roost and we have a recession we're going to see a lot of pressure on equities especially as defaults rise and I think once we reach a peak that we'll probably see a 40 percent retracement in equities Paul Tudor Jones famed hedge fund manager and founder of the Tudor group he is credited of having called the October 1987 market crash when to expect the worst as soon as next year we are replaying an old-age storyline of financial bubbles that has been played many times before his reasoning we have the strongest economy in 40 years at full employment the mood is euphoric but its unsustainable and comes with costs such as bubbles in stocks and credit Jones said in an interview with Goldman Sachs the notoriously media shy hedge fund billionaire believes a recession is coming in the next year or so because the Fed took so long to raise rates to keep the economy from overheating inflation will follow faster than expected Jones told his shareholders in the February letter forcing the Fed to increase rates quicker than stated this market's current temperament feels so much like either Japan in 1989 or the u.s. in 1999 he told clients according to Bloomberg for the record Japanese stock slipped into an epic bear market at the beginning of 1990 and the tech bubble burst in the u.s. in March 2000 the events that have transpired so far this January make me feel more confident than ever of this repeating history Judas said Ray Dalio famed investor and founder of the Bridgewater associates the world's largest hedge fund when to expect the worst by 2020 I think we are in a pre bubble stage that could go into a bubble stage is Riesling the chance of the US economy suffering a recession before the next presidential election is around 70 percent Dalio serrator recent appearance at the Harvard Kennedy school's Institute of Politics the influx of cash into the market both due to Trump's tax codes and future initiatives like an infrastructure bill combines with strong economy will force the Federal Reserve to raise rates to combat inflation that's never an easy task for the Fed the risks of a recession in the next 80 to 24 months are rising wrote Dalio keep in mind though that the stock market's has historically anticipated recessions by 6 to 12 months so the real selling could begin well before that and we're also at a point where 1937 was when the Fed said and that we could tighten monetary policy and they put a slight tightness and monetary policy in my opinion the risks are asymmetric on the downside in other words if you tighten monetary policy certainly by more than is discounted in the market and what's the skin on the market is a very minor rising market that that will reverberate through asset class prices as well as then you could have a situation in terms of the economy so it's similar in that interest rates are close to zero not much room on the downside obligations are large there is a political division there is more populism therefore there's more conflict and therefore we need to be very careful at this moment that's what I'm basically saying John Hussman president Hussman investment trust and well known contrarian investor when to expect the worst it's anyone's guess but when the bed does emerge from hibernation expect a market loss on the order of 60% Hussman has warned about to market Christ for a couple of years now as stocks valuations reach highs not seen since the year 2000 right before the dot-com bubble popped he argues that speculation has driven investors to propel this overpriced markets even higher blind optimism over the tax cuts has led Wall Street analyst to produce a 2019 forward earnings estimate that's 46 percent greater than the most recent 12-month operating earnings for the SMP 500 he said the combination of extreme valuations and extreme earnings expectation creates a situation that's ripe for disappointments roto ceman in a recent blog post on his company's website Hussman adds that the volatility seen in the market is do more to investors becoming a risk-averse fearing a significant drop jim rogers who founded the quantum phone with george soros he's on the record as saying a 68 trillion dollar biblical collapse is poised to wipe out millions of americans you know crashes don't happen in one day the market is gonna go up for a while I'm still optimistic about the US stock market for a while an asian stock markets it'll go up and sometimes later this year and next the decline will start in but it doesn't happen in a day and Stuart when I said it's gonna be the biggest market downturn in my lifetime I mean that's not so strange to me 2008 we had a problem because of too much debt Stuart as you well know the debt has skyrocketed since 2008 so I say it's gonna be worse than my lifetime how could it not be Jerald sillens is a trend forecaster who has a long history of accuracy he can find his work at trends research calm he predicts we're forecasting the economy is not going to rebound with the economic proposals that are in place now the global situation has created an environment for financial panic the financial panic conditions have been in place for quite a while what Trump's victory has done is played its offer a little bit possibly but on the negative side you still have the debts and interest rates going up and the debt that has to be paid on gold we believe right now is near rock-bottom the economy is not going to rebound with the economic proposals that are in place now the global situation has created an environment for a financial panic the financial panic conditions have been in place for quite a while what Trump's victories done is just kind of played it off for a little bit possibly but again on the negative side with the interest rates going up and the debt that has to be paid and so the gold we believe right now is near its bottom James Dale Davidson he's the economists who correctly predicted the collapse of 1999 and 2007 there are three economic indicators screaming sell they don't imply than a 50 percent collapse is looming it's already at our doorstep they don't want you to know the truth they don't want you to know that this economic recovery is a statistical illusion that it is fueled by debt by the printing of trillions of dollars and keeping interest rates at historic lows this is a game of let's pretend that you are not meant to win if everyone found out the economic collapse will unwind the powers that be would rather pretend that this economic monster isn't staring them in the face and breathing down their neck the collapse is a looming resume artisan an economic researcher wrote GDP growth is very likely to support the rates of credit expansion that the Federal Reserve wants or more accurately needs and what will happen if it's indeed doesn't a lot of painful awful things but central among them is a currency crisis and missed the ensuing unpleasantness will be an awakening within today's hyper financialized markets to the huge imbalance now exists in between paper claims and ownership of real things a massive wealth transfer from those with paper wealth stocks bonds dollars to those owing tangible assets the productive value of which can't easily be inflated away will and quickly to Andrew Smithers an economist with an unsettling history of Bing prophetic was quoted in the same article US stocks and now about 80 percent overhauled Smithers backs up his predictions using a ratio which proves that the only time in history stocks were this risky was 1929 and 1999 and we all know what happened next stocks fell by 89 percent and 50 percent respectively what do you think personally I am prepping harder than ever before I've spent too much time research in the collapse of Venezuela to sit idly by and let my family faced the same hunger and desperation that is rampant there right now a few rocks are falling warning of an imminent disaster but if you aren't prepped you still have time if you wait until an avalanche begins it will be unstoppable you'll have waited too long my suggestions are reduce your expenses to the bone the less monthly overheads you have the longer you can live on your savings start building an emergency fund the rainy day may be here sooner than you think stockpile food OTC medications and other necessities get prepared to protect your family when the economy declines crime increases we've been in decline for years our national debts has reached monstrous proportions even if Trump is able to pull off a miracle and turn things around there will have to be drastic cuts to Mister happen painful Wars people will suffer and I'll do everything I can to protect my family before that happens

  1. No need to worry, all FEMA camps are built and just waiting for "customers" who did hit the streets.

  2. The talking heads on CNBC would not steer you wrong. Why would you listen to Jim Rogers a real financial guru??

  3. one world currency and mark of the beast is coming. REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND

  4. Is this a real show or an anti Trump propaganda show ? I don't think I'll waste my time watching this .

  5. First off everybody needs to do the research housing goes down Car Sales goes down the stock market starts falling 600 points here gains 200 drops another 800 you can pretty much guarantee that we're in for another hell of a recession when's it going to happen nobody actually knows but it is coming how's it going to get fixed will the Democrats are going to say bailout the banks you can look at I can't remember what country it was off the top of my head but they do the bankers and the lenders in prison and bailed out the people three and a half months their economy was booming because people cannot hold on the money they want to sell it they want to they want to buy things they have to have whatever mrs. Jones across the road has I'm just saying something's coming and the people of America is going to be screwed again because the same f**** idiots are in Washington the best thing to do is just get rid of all of them and Washington get new people in there let them know that they work for us we do not work for them I just don't understand why people don't do that

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