10 CRAZY Laws That Only Exist In NORTH KOREA

hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and today we’re going to be looking at 10 crazy laws that only exist in North Korea North Korea is one of the most bizarre countries on earth with no other countries or unions around to interfere they can enforce any laws they want on their people and these are the craziest of all of their laws before we start be sure to LIKE the video and subscribe and comment I subscribed and I’ll try to reply so coming in at number 10 that we have crying it’s natural to cry when someone close to you like one of your parents or grandparents passes away but most people probably don’t cry when their nation’s leader passes away in North Korea however this is not an option the leader of North Korea is treated like a god and citizens have to pray to a statue of him every day the current leader of North Korea is the infamous Kim Jong-un however for for 2012 the leader with Kim jong-un’s father Kim jong-il all citizens were forced to attend his funeral service and they all had to cry those who didn’t attend or even did attend such didn’t cry enough was sentenced to six months in a labor camp which many ex-prisoners have compared to Hitler’s concentration camp so there can be no one to manly and tough to cry in North Korea next up we have haircuts when you go to your barber or hair salon you might get a conservative haircut or a more out there haircut it’s nice to have a choice right well in North Korea you don’t have this choice not only do you have to get a conservative haircut you also have to pick from a government-approved selection of just 14 haircuts with women generously being allowed 18 haircut the country really seems to care about hair as in 2004 they released a six-part TV series called a lettuce trim our hair in accordance with a socialist lifestyle the title might not be that catchy but with the lack of TV stations in North Korea the show pulls in a good amount of viewers the government also have surveillance cameras in public places to catch people who don’t have state-approved haircuts to catch and punish any crazy rebels who decide to get their hair cut a centimeter too short next up we have bible in America and many other parts of the world Bibles are everywhere and it wouldn’t be uncommon to see one in a bedroom through all all in a hotel room however in North Korea Bibles and any other religious practices are fan and this includes other text such as the Torah and the Quran the government are worried that people will learn that freedom exists as might even begin to worship religious figures rather from their country’s leader if anyone is found with the Bible even if they’re a tourist is confiscated and they could face punishment if there are system or deportation if there are tourists so if you are a devout Christian then I suggest not going to North Korea next up we have television so many watching TV is a popular pastime whether you like to binge watch trashy TV or keep up with current events well in North Korea’s there’s only two television channels available but it’s not exactly HBO and ABC the channels are owned and strictly controlled by the state and the purpose of both channels its promotes North Korean propaganda one of the channels shows public service announcements of propaganda such as the hair theories that we talked about before the other provides news however the news is often inaccurate and revolves around promoting Kim jong-un and of course criticizing and lying about the United States and its allies next up we have no cars I’m sure you can’t walk outside without seeing a car or two well in North Korea if you walk outside chances are you won’t see any cars at all only certain people such as people working in government are allowed to own a car because they do have a comparable to the American cars of the 1970s as North Korea hasn’t caught up with automobile technology probably because the number of people who have cars in North Korea is so small in fact only one in every 1,000 people own a car to put that into perspective in the United States one in every one point three people own a car in fact there’s such little traffic that people tend to just walk on the roads of rather than on the sidewalk as the chances of being hit by a car are pretty much zero next up we have three times while it’s not good to lounge around all day doing nothing it is nice to relax after a long day’s work however in North Korea there’s no room for free sign everyone must work at least 70 days straight and if they want to take a day off if they have to pay a lot of money the citizens have a six day work week with an extra forced day of volunteer work this means there’s no free time in North Korea this is so the economy is as good as they can make it because North Korea doesn’t trade with other countries if their economy is very weak as North Korea these people as restore is that rather than people so simply use them for labor next up we have no photos if you go on vacation that there’s no doubt you’ll want to take a few holidays labs but if you decide to take a trip to North Korea then it you’re going to come into some trouble if you want to photograph your vacation it’s illegal for tourists to take photos of North Korean citizens if they’re not dressed well it’s also illegal to take any photos of people who are malnourished or poor images that show North Korea as being inefficient and not having enough resources are also not allowed and of course the photos of their military and government buildings are also banned in North Korea and despite the fact that the government spies on their people with cameras all over major towns citizens advance to the most part from owning cameras unless they’re Kim jong-un’s appointed propaganda photography next up we have women soldiers while you might think that a country so stuck in the times witness gives women many of Rights North Korea do allow women in their army and have a whole unit dedicated to them however this doesn’t mean that the female soldiers of North Korea have it easy to become a soldier they have to go to a brainwashing military camp where they learn phrases such as we are killing Americans and when they graduate they have to work for hours and hours every day they’re frequently used in parades to make the country look good and as a result of this they have to have the exact same haircut and wear the same miniskirt uniform there are also often tied together by the neck with wire to keep them all in line and looking good in parades it safe to say that this army is one of the most poorly treated in the world next up we have family punishments if you commit a crime you go to jail and then at you’re released simple well things are very different in North Korea if you commit a crime it’s not just you who suffers the country has a law called three generations of punishment this means if someone commits a crime and not only would they be punished by their parents and their wife and kids will be too regardless of your parents you may be old aged or your kids who may be young or even unborn the whole family of a person who’s broken one of those career strict rules are sentenced to work in labor camps with no food or breaks and sadly most people’s going to make it out and next up we have voting while North Korea is a dictatorship meaning they have no choice over who their leader is it’s the laws that every citizen has to vote otherwise they can be sent to a labor camp you don’t think about the voting system all Korea is so there’s only one candidate Kim jong-un no one else has the money power or voice to run against him and while there have been times when others have been listed on voting ballots as well as Kim these were just fake political leaders that were made up to make North Korea looks more fair North Korea’s official name is the people’s democratic republic course career but it looks like they’re people don’t get much democracy and that just about wraps up this video check out the poll in the top right corner and you guys can boats the craziest law but as always thanks for watching check out some more videos on screen right now leave a like if you enjoyed and if you haven’t already what are you waiting for subscribe you

  1. Bibles are not as popular in this country as they used to be, no more In The services, no more in Hotel rooms, yet the socialists I. This country think that's fine, but then so does North Korea

  2. North korea is not a country!!! North korea is a cult kingdom illegally occupying northern part of korean peninsula. How many times do I have to tepl you this?

  3. 10. Not true
    9. Not true
    8. True
    7. Not true
    6. True
    5. Not true
    4. Not true
    3. True (we are killing americans not true)
    2. True
    1. True

  4. Well, Pakistan rule of law is one of the worst law in the world,but after watching ths video i would like to salute the law😂😂
    And feeling that im in heaven😆

  5. Entirely. Of. This. Commonwealth. Similar. Living. In. Jail. No. Liberty. Or. Freedom. Very. Weird. Rule. Or. Regime. There. Lol. Very. Crucial. For. Human rights. And. Abnormal. Brain. Of. Commie. Regime. On. Earth. There. Lol. Kidding. You. Not.

  6. can`t wait for the day revolution will start…and will much enjoy when hidden Kim jung un see statues of his father and granfather will get destroyed and mausoleys burn to the ground!!! hope his widow will find goodlooking western husband!!

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  9. They trying to kill us cause they ainus and we have way better everythingthean they do there president and government are shit

  10. Ok I’m going to stop watching this cause this is sad and North Korea just needs to get there shit together it’s so stupid like I want to jump of a brige for that place and even being real don’t worry North Korea you don’t havet to kill us you alredy did with how big of a dumasss you are

  11. Who the fuck would ever want to go there ? Ok yea I was gonna go to north Korea in the spring but damn I couldn't bring my camera.

  12. Its crazy and completely sad that an entire country is ruled by one of our fat spoiled kids. We've all seen them. The little boy in the mall who has had way to many Twinkies and his parents obviously give him whatever it takes to shut him up when he started acting a fool in Wal-Mart. Imagine if that kid took over your country tomorrow. That would Definetly change the attitudes of many people I America that take all they have for granted. Just my opinion. God bless you all. Be thankful for what we have.

  13. 1) how lucky the rest of the world have the pleasure of watching anything they like on TV getting brainwashed with advertising, getting hooked up at the trashy reality shows that teach life is all about having no morals and then you have the rest of the programs that one is worse than the other, sex, drugs, alcohol, killings and not to mention YouTube channels with rubbish like this channel.
    2) poor NK people forced to cry when their leader die and how lucky the Thai people had to cry and take part in several events when their King die no long ago. I guess no body cares about Thais as much the word cares about NK people that are forced to cry.
    3) how lucky the rest of the word is, you can be a kid and do any crime, killing, drugs, robberies, terrorise and everything else and you are protected, I guess that makes the rest of the word better than NK, or if you kill someone out side NK then you are a lucky person as you might do some time then let free and 99% once a free person you going to kill somebody else.
    4) this video forgot to say if you are high ranked in NK then you can commit any crime other than going against your leader and you are protected or maybe is not mentioned because this applies to the rest of the word, if you are well connected or have a lot of money then you can have the law on your side.

  14. The president in north korea is like a dick his hair cut is like a cubic hair he makes a law for himself only not for everyone this president is the like a fucking dick i mean his a dick.😡fuck you for the president in north korea

  15. I pray for north korea to become democratic where all people live in their comfort zone laws are not good so bad

  16. another bull shit propaganda,,,, look at 1:50,,, that's China NOT North Korea, you dumbass,,, that's Mao s photo in back ground,,,,,

  17. This is what happens when people have the bad habit of worshipping their leaders. You find this human tendency especially in Asia, where kings (Thailand), emperors (Japan) or other leaders (NK, Cambodja…) were and are revered as gods. The worst ruler of them all probability was Polpot. He executed any one who turned out to be smarter than himsef, doctors, teachers, students.. But in spite of all these examples Asians still keep on revering their leaders as gods… Will they ever learn from their mistakes..?

  18. Wow how do my friend survive this!?!
    She live in Korea ,,
    How how how how how
    Bye iam getting out of this iam only 9
    I live in Vietnam not north phew

  19. I’m so glad I’m Christian, cause I’m SO not going to North Korea. Period. I rather live in the US.

  20. What I know is this , The USA military kills millions of people around the wold and they don’t get any blame for it instead they are considered heroes what a joke , and a country like North Korea which has no real power is thrown to the people like they are real threat for the whole world again what a joke , the real Problem for this world is USA which is a continuation of the British empire , and the Zionists rulers behind the state.

  21. Ok the picture of kim and all the women look at all the women and the girls. They all have the same smile. Also the little girls smiles are way to big. Right?

  22. Why would ANYONE go and visit? I truly feel bad for them…it's like, they are trapped and can NOT leave! WTF?!!!

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  24. According to Wikipedia’s article ‘Religion in North Korea’, this video’s claim that North Korea prohibits the Bible, is a lie and total nonsense.

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  27. Its high time to end this bastard regime. Let the world leaders unite to free this country and its people..

  28. All countries of the world should do something about this King UNO should try to free people from there .

  29. Warning…! merely a glee-ful narration of propaganda does not make it any more dignified….. YVO

  30. Someone should hack into their broadcasting system and have their whole two channels play this video over and over again

  31. In fact only 1 in 2 USA people own cars and it is down to No 25 in the list of car owners per capita in the world. While what this vid says about N. K it is important they make remarks that are true or we have to doubt the other stuff they say. Maybe it is just a US Government sp;onsored propoganda vid?/ WHO KNOWS!

  32. The only thing I agree on this is NOT having a bible!,,,, they have a miserable life already,, if they have the bible it's a DIsaster!

  33. There we go again puting the past in eveyones. Prob. Do i say too jews killed my mother in staten iland hospital come on stopthe bullshit storys now

  34. The cover is from a Chinese TV show called Phoenix Nirvana, in one episode of which the female soldiers are instructed to play soccer against male soldiers wearing masks

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