10 benefits of radical self responsibility | Key secrets for a great life

ten reasons why radical self responsibility will change your life I'm Tilly Tavenner psychotherapist with a passion for unlocking potential now this video is all about how to unlock your potential now self responsibility is one of the key signs the key factors that will assist you however in the main majority of people do not take full responsibility for their lives unconsciously or consciously they give responsibility for their lives to other people to organizations and then sometimes they wake up and they're depressed they're anxious they don't know what's happened to their life and often it's because we've given responsibilities away for our lives to others I make two videos every week designed to inspire thought and encourage you to unlock your potential to get these videos first do consider subscribing to my youtube channel and don't forget to hit the notification bell firstly when we take radical self responsibility for our lives we give our lives purpose and meaning we are not contracting that out to other people and therefore we feel empowered rather than people having power over us secondly when we take radical self responsibility for our lives we are in the driving seat we are in control of our lives and that enables us to feel empowered rather than having the feeling that people have power over us sadly you're not a passenger you're in control so you're not just being dragged around where somebody else decides to take you you take responsibility and that gives you a sense of being empowered when we were a passenger with this and we are waiting for other people to make traces that may benefit us at times it doesn't but if we're given responsibility away then that's the choice that we make people will make decisions on our behalf so we have to be mindful have we consciously or unconsciously given away our power fourthly you are in control and being in control is incredibly good for our self-esteem now at times it can be baffling when you don't know how to make it when you're not sure of the way forward and at times that's why I do understand that we give responsibilities away at times it can be easier but remember only you can have your best interest at heart other people cannot do that for you so when you take control of your life yes it means you have to make Tracie's and sometimes you won't want to make those Tracie's however remember when we choose to not decide we are still making a choice either way so why not take control in order to feel empowered and have a sense of governance over your life the fifth reason why there's benefits from taking radical self responsibility for your life is the glory and the failings are all yours you are responsible and there's no one else who is accountable it is on your shoulders now I said glory and failings yes however in my view there is no failure there is only feedback so either I win or I learn is the psychology that I subscribe to because it enables me to always learn from difficult situations in order to imbibe that new knowledge in the new directions that I take so that's the fifth benefit of taking vertical self responsibility is that you take the glory and when things do go so well you are responsible but that also can be empowering because it means that you can imbibe that knowledge to do things differently the next time around the seat benefit of radical self responsibility is you've got no one to blame it's on your shoulders that may not be helpful for some people some people like to blame and curse everybody else put in that way which means you get off the hook now if you're someone who doesn't like to take responsibility for yourself if you like to blame others then taking full responsibility for your actions will be a challenge however if you want to become your greatest self if you know there is a potential within you and you are not waiting for other people to assist you with that then not blaming others is gonna be beneficial to you because you know that then all the answers lay within the seventh benefit of radical self responsibility is you become self reliance now becoming self-reliant is incredibly important for our self-esteem because we know that sometimes we put ourselves in certain tricky situations and on the same hand it also means that we have the potential to get ourselves out when we become self reliance we are not dependent on other people and their desires and their whims remember sometimes people will say yes and at other times they will not say no humans are inherently selfish and we do things to serve our own ends so when we become self-reliant we are focusing on our own needs and not contracting our responsibilities to other people now in the long run that is good for our self-esteem it may mean that life can be a little bit more tricky you may have more ups and downs however you will live an empowered life rather than someone who has to continuously adapt and shift shape when other people or other organizations change their mind the benefit of radical self responsibility is you develop confidence confidence in yourself as you continuously expose yourself to different situations and opportunities that you wouldn't have done if you were dependent or not taking responsibility for your life as you encounter new experiences and get out of your comfort zone you grow as a human being and your comfort zone expands so you develop new normals and in the long run that develops your confidence and if you ever want to test that out go back to being with people who you used to be with when you weren't taking radical self responsibility for your life now what you'll notice is there'll be anomalies between you as you develop and get access to their mindset you'll begin to see how you've shifted the ninth benefit of radical self responsibility is you'll start to think differently which can be beneficial but also means sometimes there'll be relationship casualties as people won't necessarily like the new you that emerges remember some people benefit from you being dependent upon them and when you start to sever those ties they will be uncomfortable and often demand that you go back to being your old self now this is a potential threat to self responsibility if we have people who leech and drain from us if use for example have a mother thats mothers who doesn't let you grow up and want you to be a mummy's boy for example this radical self responsibility is going to challenge your relationship and the dynamics will change and sometimes we have to be careful because some people want us to mein as our old self so that's the month benefit of taking self-responsibility is you become different you are not your own uniqueness and the new you that emerges whilst that may be great for you there will be relationship casualties as people demand you go back to your old self where you were reliant on other people the tenth benefit from radical self responsibility is you develop an inner pride within yourself no one can take that away from you sometimes our esteem is attached to relationships people sometimes items but when we take radical self responsibility for our lives there is a pride that can develop within and because that comes from within us no one can take it away those are the ten benefits of radical self responsibility I hope there may be of benefit to you if they are do consider sharing I am Keeley Tavenner psychotherapist with a passion for unlocking potential do take care of you because if you don't who will

  1. My very first attempts to take self responsibility were quite harsh and clumsy. This was about 15 years ago. My familiy and friends thought I've lost my mind, and I can not blame them for that. It took me some years to realize that taking self responsibility goes along with taking good care of myself and therefore thinking about my actions before carrying them out.

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