10 Assassinations You Didn’t Realize Changed History

Even though paradigm shifting historical events
are the end product of a multitude of factors, in some cases, a single catalyst can be the
straw that breaks the camel’s back and changes the course of a nation and possibly the world. Assassinations have been used as such a mechanism
and have successfully altered political movements and subsequently changed history. Many assassinations of political leaders have
been overlooked or underappreciated in the context of a nation’s history and said country’s
development. These killings, though, changed the course
of history and you might not have even realized it. 10. Jean Jaurés A great opposition leader in the lead-up to
France’s decision to enter World War I; Jaurés was assassinated in a Parisian café
by Raoul Villain, a 29-year-old French nationalist whose surname was ridiculously on the nose. Before his assassination, Jaurés had helped
merge two different socialist parties forming the French Socialist Party. As the party’s deputy, Jaurés served as
a leading voice of anti-militarism and led the fierce opposition to the implementation
of a three-year draft period. In addition, the socialist leader organized
protests and strikes that hoped to force the government to back down and negotiate and
instead of declaring war. Despite, many Frenchmen seeking to avenge
the loss of Alsace-Lorraine territory – the assassination of Jaurés was still seen as
a necessity before his attendance of an international conference. Three days after the socialist leader was
assassinated; France declared for war and Villain was acquitted of all charges. 9. Patrice Lumumba One of the unstable countries in Sub-Saharan
Africa is unarguably the Congo. A country rich with resources has been victim
of constant bloodshed over control of areas with diamonds, oil, uranium, and gold- the
poverty that riddles the country, as a result, can be traced to the country’s decolonization
and the assassination of the country’s first Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. With the rest of Africa becoming de-colonized,
Belgian reluctantly gave the Congo its freedom. However, the relationship of former colonist
and colonized began on a rocky start with Lumumba giving a fiery speech: “Although this independence of the Congo
is being proclaimed today by agreement with Belgium, an amicable country, with which we
are on equal terms, no Congolese will ever forget that independence was won in struggle,
a persevering and inspired struggle carried on from day to day, a struggle, in which we
were undaunted by privation or suffering and stinted neither strength nor blood.” Soon enough, western nations had re-invaded
the Congo including the United States. Lumumba was eventually tracked by the CIA
and captured and tortured by Belgian forces along with Congolese soldiers supporting a
different Prime Minister. According to the World Bank, the life expectancy
of a Congolese is only 50 years old with 63% of the population living in poverty. 8. Emperor Haile Selassie One of the most underreported periods of mass
killings and persecution came after the death of Emperor Haile Selassie and the period of
Red Terror under Mengestu Haile Mariam. Some would characterize Emperor Haile Selassie,
as a victim of his time, others would say that he was too slow to modernize or reform
his government. Regardless, the Ethiopian Emperor who stood
steadfastly at the League of Nations, and argued for the tenets of collective responsibility
before the outbreak of World War II died under suspicious circumstances in 1975. He was said to have died under respiratory
failure but his doctor denied these accounts. The Derg’s conquest of power led to the
deaths of up to 500,000 people and a brain drain that saw millions of Ethiopians flee
the country. 7. Luis Carlos Galán One of the most compelling cases of power
by a non-state entity is demonstrated by the assassination of Luis Carlos Galán. Never before, has the world seen a drug cartel
as powerful as Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel. And when Galán used his opposition against
the cartels as a foundation of his candidacy he became a target of the cartels. One of the most threatening parts of his candidacy
was his support of extradition of drug dealers to the United States. His rise not only threatened Escobar’s Medellin
Cartel, but other political leaders in Colombia. According to a former hit-man of Escobar,
the decision to kill Galán was made on Escobar’s farm at the behest of liberal political leader
Alberto Santofimio Botero. Luis Carlos Galán was gunned down on August
18, 1989, as he walked onto a stage to give a speech in front of 10,000 people. As a result of Galán’s death, the Medellin
continued to prosper for some time with 70 to 80 tons of cocaine from Colombia to America
per month, and as much as 11 tons in each flight. 6. Salvador Allende One of the most notorious CIA operations that
led to the overthrow of a democratically elected leader, was the coup d’état that saw Salvador
Allende imprisoned and eventually killed under suspicious circumstances. After Allende adopted a policy that would
nationalize prominent industries in Chile, the CIA developed the ouster of the Socialist
President. Augusto Pinochet would take power after Salvador
Allende and would be charged with numerous human rights violations. During Pinochet’s dictatorship estimates
hold that 1,500–2,000 Chileans were killed or disappeared, as well as nearly 29,000 that
were tortured. The death of Allende is still controversial
with some claiming that he was assassinated while others saying that he commited suicide
before the military could take him prisoner. New forensic reports suggest that Allende
killed himself, but the choice of torture and inevitable death versus death by one’s
own hand is no choice at all. 5. Yitzhak Rabin The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and Israel’s
change in leadership may be the most apparent shift in a nation’s history. With Rabin negotiating a peace deal, the Oslo
Accords, with Yasser Araft – Zionists saw his forfeiture of the occupied territories
as heresy. During a rally in support of the peace negotiations,
Yigal Amir, an ultranationalist and zealot, fired three shots at Rabin who was walking
towards his vehicle. Bodyguards quickly grabbed Amir while Rabin
was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. After he was pronounced dead, a blood-stained
sheet of paper with the lyrics to the well-known Israeli song Shir LaShalom, “Song for Peace”,
was found in Rabin’s pocket. The result of his assassination was the election
of Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud right-wing government to power in 1996, and the death
of peace talks. 4. Abd al-Karim Qasim Technically more of an execution than an assassination,
and one that had the CIA’s fingerprints was the overthrow of General Qasim – an
Iraqi Army brigadier who seized power in a 1958 coup d’état, which saw the dismantling
of the monarchy and the establishment of Qasim as Prime Minister. Qasim enacted several reforms that threatened
the interests of Western interests including the seizure of 99% of Iraqi land from the
British-owned Iraq Petroleum Company, and distributed farms to more of the population. The result of the enactment was the expansion
of the Iraqi Middle class, and the fury of Western Powers. Soon after the nationalization, British and
American covert operations began its financial and tactical support to the Ba’ath Party. Qasim was overthrown by the Ba’athist coup
of February 8, 1963, and was killed shortly thereafter. Ironically, the man who would come into power
after him was none other than Saddam Hussein. 3. Oscar Romero The most appalling assassination in a list
that includes heads of state goes to the murder of Bishop Óscar Romero in El Salvador. Soon after Romero was appointed Archbishop
of San Salvador; a good friend and fellow priest was assassinated for his progressive
views. His friend’s death had a profound impact
on Romero who then began to champion the rights of the poor and neglected while also criticizing
the United State’s role in supporting the right-wing government. Óscar Romero was killed on March 24, 1980,
when a lone gunman shot the archbishop down while he was giving mass in his church. The horrible legacy of the Salvordan Civil
War continued long after his death, on the seventh anniversary of his death – 50,000
people had been killed. The murder of the Archbishop also was another
item in a long list of United States atrocities in Latin America actions that led to several
hundred thousand Salvdorans fleeing their country. To date, nearly 1.1 million reside in the
United States of America. 2. Ngô Dình Diem The Pentagon Papers would later reveal that
South Vietnam was the result of United States influence, but nonetheless, at the time of
his death, Diem was the president of a country that would soon provide the battlefield to
one of the most opposed Wars in United States history. At the onset, the legitimacy of Diem came
under question as he became elected with 600,000 votes from an electorate of only 450,000. In addition, Diem was a Catholic in a nation
of Buddhists. Neverthless with the United States’ backing,
Diem managed to consolidate power but had little support amongst the people. However, when it became clear that Diem no
longer could control all the aggrieved parties, the United States backed a coup that led to
his ouster and assassination by other anti-communist generals. Ho-Chi Minh and The North Vietnamese Politburo,
had this to say about Diem’s assassination, “The consequences of the 1 November coup
d’état will be contrary to the calculations of the U.S. imperialists … Diem was one
of the strongest individuals resisting the people and Communism. Everything that could be done in an attempt
to crush the revolution was carried out by Diem. Diem was one of the most competent lackeys
of the U.S. imperialists … Among the anti-Communists in South Vietnam or exiled in other countries,
no one has sufficient political assets and abilities to cause others to obey. Therefore, the lackey administration cannot
be stabilized. The coup d’état on 1 November 1963 will
not be the last.” Ho Chi Minh was right, as South Vietnam had
a series of coups before it was toppled by the North Vietnamese forces and the country
was reunified. 1. Franz Ferdinand This one’s obviously a little more well
known, but no list of world-altering assassinations is complete without it. The origin of the First World War can be traced
back to many issues, but few would argue that the assassination of Franz Ferdinand did not
serve as the catalyst to send the great powers of the world to battlefields. Ferdinand had many titles but was most notably
the Archduke of Austria-Este. The Archduke was assassinated by members of
the Black Hand, a secret military society, which formed with the aim of uniting all territories
with Slavic majority including those annexed by Habsburg Empire. Members of the Black Hand believed that the
assassination may lead to the declaration of war against Serbia, but that Russia would
come to their defense. They did not foresee the outbreak of a World
War that saw over 37 million people dead.

  1. I've noticed a very distinct trend in your lists. I understand these are your opinions but you are very critical of the US and Israel. Now I am not blinded by patriotism by any means and I know my government has engaged in nefarious acts of assassinations but you act as if the US and Israel are the ONLY big bad guys doing evil things. Let's not forget the country who TAUGHT us how to do these things: The UK. Let's also remember that the Romans expelled the Jews from Israel and renamed it Palestine in reprisal for the Jews uprising in the 3rd Century AD, so, who are the TRUE occupiers as you mentioned with Rabin? You blame the CIA for assassinating Kasim, yet, he was nationalizing BP. Who ultimately benefitted from that assassination? Never forget who started a fake WAR in the Suez just to teach Nasser a lesson. A lesson that blew up in the UK and France's face.

  2. You should have included Rasputin.Who's assasination was orcastrated by Britain.He never wanted Russia in WW1 and was influencing the weak Tzar to get out..Thats why he was killed.

  3. Why not October Revolution and murdering the last Russian Tsar (plus his whole family including 5 children who were destined to marry royals around the world)? Would it mean a difference to still be a part of integral world instead of being on par with North Korea? In fact no North Korea, Vietnam, Cold War ever would happen! Well, say thanks to Germany for that. As they were actively financing and supporting any dissident movement (including ill-known Lenin and Bolsheviks) in Russia after Tsar desided to enter WW1 on the Allies (Brits, French…) side. In fact, Lenin was widely known as a German spy among the population at the time. You can read it even in some Soviet books, but they're obviously mocking the fact, as to how dark and misinformed people were.

  4. Gotta love human nature: Americans hold themselves out as the standard bearers of honor, freedom, and integrity; the gold standard of justice and fair play. Then set in play the deaths of uncounted thousands at the hands of dictators installed to protect or promote that thing Americans seem to love most of all: money.

  5. So the moral of the story is that the US likes to overthrow democratically elected leaders and support right wing military dictatorships while peace in Israel and Palestine was thrown away by a right wing Israeli.

  6. Sorry, TenTopz, this was your, probably, poorest video. 9 out of 10 did not change anything. However, this selection unveiled your socialist bias, the last thing I wanted to learn here

  7. Another that might belong on the list is Abraham Lincoln. I think we are still feeling the effects of that one today, though proving it would obviously be difficult. But Lincoln's attitudes and plans for reuniting north and south in a spirit of brotherhood might well have prevented much of the continued division we see today. After his death the hard line Johnson and enraged north were much harsher on the south then Lincoln would have been, stirring resentments that resonate to this day.

  8. I tell ya guys, there was a small time farmer named Bob in the 3rd century who lived in a small farm in South of today's Germany … He had a wife and 3 daughters and 2 sons, but on a raining day, he was assassinated by his neighbor Gary because he had sex with Gary's wife (and frequently at that) … The thing is: If Bob wasn't killed, he and Gary's wife would have had a son and that son would have had a daughter and that daughter would have had 2 sons that would Great Roman Generals that would have prevented Western Roman's fall … but of course nobody cares about small farmers ..

  9. As noted below, some really missed opportunities to look at Alexander II, William of Orange, and Che Guevara. Most folks know about Archduke Ferdinand's assassination and how it started WWI. This video was supposed to be about assassinations you didn't know changed history. Perhaps a companion video on Top Ten Assassinations You Probably Know Changed History is in order.

    Still gave it a thumbs up because it is educational and worth watching. Great channel.

  10. I would argue that the problems in the Congo started when King Leopold of Belgium raped and slaughtered the population much like the rest of Europe who stole all the mineral wealth and resources for themselves leaving the indigenous populations of these colonised countries with next to nothing and that wealth funded the industrial revolution back in Europe because thet could afford to invest in infrastructure and education and the sciences.

  11. Wrong about Saddan Hussain – Saddam was part of a team that botched the initial attempt on Qassims life & went into exile in Egypt – then he worked as Vice President then became President late 70's – just saying, get your "facts" straight; can you see what I did there

  12. The US claims first man on the moon because they were bested by Russia being the first to send an object into space, the first to send a creature into space, the first to send a human to space and the first to launch a satellite into space…but hey, you stuck a flag on the moon that has since turned to dust…or possibly…a white flag of surrender…

  13. All kinds of leaders assassinated by all kinds of People, but the comments are full of reactions to the thumbnail. Watch & learn…

  14. How about the overthrow of the democratically elected moderate Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh by the CIA which gave rise to radical Islam in Iran?

  15. "How many CIA backed assassinations of democratically elected leaders will it take for you to realise socialism doesn't work?"

  16. The assassination of Engelbert Dollfuss by Nazi agents in 1934 was a catalyst which eventually led to the Anchluss, and WWII.

  17. I find it hard to believe that the USA/CIA had anything to do with the deaths of millions throughout the 20th Century, Yeah right!!.

  18. The CIA disabled many democracies and "influenced" the rise in many modern day dictatorships just so the US could reap the benefits of trade with a non democratic country.

  19. Lot of this meddling is the basis of the blowback people like Ron Paul talk about. Thomas Jefferson spoke about “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.” Certainly that is idealistic and not totally realistic, but should be a guiding principle.

  20. How about the assassination of Julius Caesar that led to fratricidal wars in the empire? There is also the assassination of Leon Trotsky. Maybe it didn't change anything, but maybe he would have been a rallying point for opposition to Stalin.

  21. I’d have added Ahmed Shah Massoud – the leader of Northern Alliance in Afghanistan who resisted Taliban rule. He was assassinated by Al Qaeda just 2 days before 9/11. His military leadership of the Northern Alliance would have helped with the invasion of Afghanistan and would have really helped in the early pursuit of Bin Laden in the Tora Bora mountains.

    I’d have maybe added Anwar Sadat also.

  22. Furthermore, you can add to list J.F. Kennedy, isso brother, then Martin Lurtin King Jr., Malcom X, Gandhi, in Guine-Bissau Amilcar Cabral.

  23. It was a no-brainer that Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria was # 1 as the most significant assassination that changed the world. TopTenz is maybe 75% accurate with this presentation. Still, a thumbs up.

  24. I find it odd that you cast blame on a certain group without any proof, just speculation and long ago debunked theories. If you're going to study history then report on it, the least you can do is research it without the baggage of unproven conspiracy theories and Left Wing politics.

  25. another often overlooked assassination that had not just political but popular culture implications is the assassination of Lord Mountbatten by boat bombing on a lake in Ireland on August 27th 1979. This lead to then girlfriend of Prince Charles declining a marriage proposal soon after and that is when Charles became reacquainted with Diana Spencer on that famous hey ride in the fall of 1979 which eventually lead to their marriage within 2 years and Royal Fever over Princess Diana world wide which made her the most popular person in the world for the rest of her life; in essence, the world most likely would have never known Diana Spencer if it wasn't for the brutal assassination of Lord Mountbatten by the hands of the IRA. This also had political implications for the IRA and the way the British and Irish governments dealt with the organization. It was the assassination of Mountbatten by the IRA that prompted Ireland to cut all ties with the organization and the UK to step up their vigor at stopping the organization. This also caused the IRA to become far more militant and extreme in their attacks on British Protestants that would last another 20 years.

  26. Next Simon will outline how the USA saved Britain's butt in WW1 and WW2 and prevented Simon from speaking German.

  27. You should've add that Pinochet ordered the first foreign terrorist (bomb car) attack in U.S. soil; the assassination of Orlando Letelier.

  28. Pinochet IS charged with those deaths, just as any civil war leader would be. But you forgot to mention that thanks to Pinochet, Chile did not become Cuba #2. Also, Chile is the top country in South America and is not consumed by these modern day socialists/communists that plague most of South America today. So, Allende's death DID change history, for the better.

  29. If one dickhead didn’t kill the arch duke hitler would have never came to power. Therefore that one guy is responsible for ww1, ww2, and the Cold War. As well as the vietnam war and afghan war of ‘79 and 2003.

  30. #1. Unreported assasination of Trump. Someone once manage to shot trump's back-head with shotgun. Apparently, nothing important in his head, the doctor said he'll be okay, he'll just become bald.

  31. Actually, while you're kind of right that Franz ferdinand's assasination started world war 1, you kind of overplayed it. No one cared that Franz Ferdinand died in Austria. It was just their political excuse to not be an aggressor when it comes to starting the war.

  32. The Vietnam war was a French thing. They duped us into it. Yes we are to blame for what we did, but it was France not America, who started that war.

  33. 60 seconds of yak before the video starts. Also, this organization is anti Semitic and it’s not appreciated.

  34. No matter how things are before an assassination… it Seems things lean toward even worse after them.

  35. Salvador Allende died fighting the CIA backed Chilean military. The first ever 9-11. The overthrow of a democratically elected government by the US government … now they accuse other countries of terrorism

  36. Allende took his life. He really shouldn't be here. Should replace him with Sylvanus Olympio of Togo whose murder changed Togo for the worse.

    Or even Thomas Sankara whose murder by Blaise Compaoré condemned hundreds of thousands of Burkinabés to years of poverty and suffering

  37. you claim there were only 400k voters in south vietnam , out of a population of 14 million ????? seriously dude, you do talk a lot of bs on your channels ,they are yours after all, but please dont try and make out you're talking fact

  38. Unless you've mentioned it in another video please consider doing a video on the US's infamous 3rd (and not very bright) VP — Aaron, who tried not once, not twice, but (I believe) 3X's to settle a dispute via dual. Let us also not forget the time when he tried to form his own breakaway republic here in the United States. Poor thing he couldn't understand how he got caught much less why his hair-brained idea wouldn't work. Thanks for considerating.

  39. The problems of Congo and the Great Lake countries lie fully at the feet of the Belgian Government, and its Christian Democratic Party. It was the CDP that organised the 1994 Rwanda genocide. It was the Belgian colonial powers who brought in eugenicists to « measure » the heads of the Tutsis and Hutus, who determined that the Tutsis, were the naturally smarter people and should be in charge, wherever they were. But they “betrayed” the Belgians’ high opinion of them, when they worked for independence from them. At that point, the Belgians chose the Hutus to be in charge as their CDP allies, the result has been chaos for the region.

  40. It pains me to say it but your Allende picture is WRONG, which is odd, since the one in the thumbnail is correct.

    Officially Allende killed himself.

    The commander of the assault to the Casa de la Moneda, General Javier Palacios, speaking in private two at least to separate individuals claims to have shot him during the assault.

  41. trump supporters are so anti immigration but have no sense of history of how the united states and its role in many of the social and economic woes of many of the countries that are seeking a better life somewhere else. immigrants but d

  42. Please could you investigate the death of Muritala Mohammed of Nigeria, I believe the CIA also had a hand in it

  43. You should be ashamed to lie so shamelessly. Blaming the CIA for the murders of Lumumba, Allende's suicide, Galán e Rabin's death is little less than delusional, shows "TopTenz as pure and hard anti-Americans. When do you discuss the issue of the 100 million murders of Marxism-Leninism in the twentieth century?

  44. Assassination are messed up. While I do believe in the death penalty for government officials and rich on the take, I believe people should have a trial.

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